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Enterprises need efficient ways to manage their resources, leading to the rise of ERP systems. These systems offer constant, real-time visibility and enhance operational efficiency across an enterprise. Workday, a prominent player in the ERP industry, serves as a comprehensive solution for business process management and systems optimization.

This article focuses on "Workday interview questions," a critical aspect for those seeking opportunities in this field. We've compiled 30 commonly asked Workday interview questions and answers, curated by our experts, to assist applicants. These questions are designed to be easily understandable and cover various aspects, including Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) and technical interview questions. This collection aims to prepare candidates thoroughly for their interviews in the Workday domain.


Most Frequently Asked Workday HCM Interview Questions 

1. What is Workday?

AnsWorkday is a prominent cloud-based software provider specializing in finance, HR, and planning solutions. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Workday has carved a niche in offering diverse services and products, including resource management, planning, student systems, and learning management systems. Its key advantage lies in its cloud-based architecture, ensuring enhanced accessibility of information with integrated analytics capabilities, particularly in handling Big Data.

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2. What are the advantages of Workday?

Ans. Workday's benefits are multifaceted, encompassing:


  • Accessibility from any location at any time
  • No prerequisite for programming knowledge
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Real-time access to data
  • Generation of insightful reports for managerial decision-making
  • Enhanced enterprise efficiency and scalability

3. What are the different modules offered by Workday?

Ans: Workday's suite of services addresses a range of enterprise needs, including:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Analytics
  • Professional Services Automation
  • Student Systems
  • Data-as-a-Service

4. Explain about Workday HCM

Ans: Workday HCM is a comprehensive workforce visibility tool encompassing HR functions like planning and recruiting. It facilitates global workforce management with self-service options for managers and employees and robust analytics on workforce data like talent, labour, and cost.

5. What are the features of Workday Human Capital Management?

Ans: Workday HCM offers an extensive range of features, including:

  • Human resource management
  • Audit and internal controls
  • Global compliance
  • Workforce planning
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Recruiting and Talent management
  • Payroll, Time and Absence management
  • Expense management

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6. How much does Workday HCM cost?

Ans: Workday HCM's pricing models include subscription-based and one-time license options. The cost varies based on the chosen features and requires direct consultation with product sales for precise quotations.

7. How many Workday updates are released per year?

Ans: Workday typically rolls out major feature updates biannually, in March (R1) and September (R2). The latest update at the time of writing was 'Workday 2023 Release 2 (2023R2), in Sept’23.

8. What browsers are supported by Workday?

Ans: Workday is compatible with major internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, ensuring versatile user access.

9. Give the names of post-production and pre-production tenants in Workday

Ans: Pre-production tenants include Implementation, Implementation Preview, and Gold, while post-production tenants are Production, Sandbox, and Sandbox Preview

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10. What are the types of reports that we can generate in Workday?

Ans:  Workday's reporting capability spans three types:

  • Basic: Routine reports on Time Off, Pay, etc., exportable to Excel or PDF.
  • Advanced: Reports involving table joins, row filtering, multi-level sorting, etc.
  • Composite: Complex reports with intricate calculations.

11. What are the ways to access the Workday Delivered report?

Ans: Access to a Workday Delivered report can be achieved through:

  • Browsing by category in the Sitemap
  • Running Workday Standard Reports
  • Searching for the report name in the search bar

12. Define RaaS Report

Ans: Reporting as a Service (RaaS) in Workday allows the creation of custom reports, exposed as web services, with outputs in RSS, XML, or JSON formats.

13. How is Workday reporting different from other SQL ERP systems?

Ans: Unlike SQL ERP systems that use a relational database model, Workday Reporting employs an object-oriented relationship model, necessitating the selection of a primary business source and data model for report creation.

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14. If a report is shared with everyone in an organization, will anyone be able to get the same output with the same input values?

Ans:  No, the report output varies based on the user's data access level. Users with limited data access will only see statistics about their accessible rows.

15. Can anyone in an organization generate a report in Workday?

Ans: Workday report generation depends on the user's access level, which determines their ability to generate or view specific reports.

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16. Explain about organizations in Workday

Ans: An organization is a group of workers that serves a specific purpose. An organization follows a hierarchy that enables a parent-child relationship. Supervisors on top of the hierarchy will be able to track workers and approve business processes.

17. What are security groups in Workday?

Ans: Workday security groups are collections of users requiring access to particular data or actions. These include groups like All Users, All Employees, All Contingent Workers, All Terminees, and All Retirees.

18. What are the Workday security group types?

Ans: Workday's security groups are categorized into:

  • User-based
  • Integration System
  • Role-Based
  • Level-Based
  • Job-Based

19. What is meant by the business process?

Ans:  A business process in Workday refers to a sequence of tasks that users can initiate, act upon, and complete, typically comprising actions, approvals, checklists, etc.

20. What are the business process steps in Workday?

Ans:  A Workday business process involves steps like Entry Conditions, Exit Conditions, Running Conditions, and Validation Conditions.

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21. What are the approval process steps in the Workday business process?

Ans: Approval steps in a Workday business process include:

  • Individual Approval
  • Approval Chain
  • Consolidated Approval
  • Consolidated Approval Chain
  • Mass Approval

22. How can we check and mark a business process action behavior when it is already running?

Ans: Behavioral adjustments to an ongoing business process can be made through actions like cancel, reassign, delegate, or correct.

23. Explain about security policies in Workday

Ans:  Workday incorporates two types of security policies:

  • Business Process Policy: Dictates data view or modification permissions within domains.
  • Domain Policy: Specifies participation eligibility in business processes.

24. What are Workday calculated fields?

Ans: Calculated fields in Workday, denoted as 'Calc fields' or 'CF', function like programming variables or database record buffers utilized in reports and integrations.

25. Can we access Workday HCM through mobile?

Ans: Yes, Workday HCM is accessible via mobile devices with internet connectivity using the Workday tenant URL in a browser.

26. Does Workday support API integration?

Ans:  Currently, Workday does not offer API integration.

27. Name some ERP systems that Workday can integrate to

Ans: Workday can integrate with various ERP systems from vendors like Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow, or PeopleSoft, facilitated by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Connectors.

28. What is the use of XSLT in Workday?

Ans: XSLT in Workday is utilized for data transformation, particularly in scenarios requiring complex logic and sequence of atomic value returns.

29. What type of support does Workday offer?

Ans: Workday provides support through:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Support
  • Phone Support

30. List some customers who use Workday

Ans: Workday's client roster includes prominent entities like Airbnb, Rolls-Royce, Netflix, National Geographic, Bank of America, J.B. Hunt, Sony, and Visa.

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