VB.Net Interview Questions

Last updated on Nov 07, 2023

Boost your IT career with HKR’s frequently designed Vb.net interview questions and answers. As we know that VB.Net is one of the popular framework tools and designed by one of the top software companies in the world that is Microsoft Corporations. Vb. Net is multi-paradigm, multi-lingual, and object-oriented programming. HKR's Vb.net frequently asked interview questions and the answer article is designed to help those who want to begin their career in the .net framework profession. So your wait is over, let's start your journey with Vb.net frequently asked interview question article.

Most Frequently Asked Vb.net Interview Questions

1. What is the Vb.Net framework?

Ans: The Vb.Net framework is a platform-independent and language-independent tool developed by the leading software company Microsoft. This tool supports multiple programming languages such as C#, Visual Basic script, J Script, C++ codes, and many more. Vb.net also allows user to run their codes on multiple platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows XP, and UNIX. This programming tool also contains various libraries that help in faster application development, cheaper, and easy to use.

2. What are the entry methods used in Vb.net frameworks?

Ans:  The command Sub Main() specifies the entry point of the VB.Net program.

3. Define CTS in the Vb.Net framework?

Ans: CTS in the Vb.net framework represents the common type of system. This is also considered as a subset of the common language specification. CTS also helps the user to keep consistency while developing codes. Microsoft later added that the Common type system is designed to keep equality and relatively within the multiple languages within the same .net Programming frameworks.

4. What is CLR in the .net framework?

Ans: The CLR is the Vb.net framework that represents the common Language runtime. It is one of the very important components of the .net framework. This also manages and executes the code written in .net software architecture and similar to Java Virtual machine. The latest software version of .net is a CLR version.

5. What are the shared methods used in the Vb.Net framework?

Ans: The shared methods or Static methods can be invoked without generating any object for the class.

6. What is the public access modifier in Vb.Net?

Ans: The public keyword in the Vb.net can be declared as a statement that specifies the elements can be accessed from different codes anywhere. These elements can be accessed from the same project from any other project references and also from any assembly built from different projects.

7. What are the shared variables in Vb.Net?

Ans: Shared in Vb.Net declared as Shared variables, which are not associated with any specific instances of a structure or class, rather these variables are available to all the instances of the class or structure.

8. List the controls used in the Windows form to select the data from Vb.Net?

Ans: The following are the controls that can be used in Vb.Net;

1. Combo Box

2. Checked List Box

3. Domain Up Down

4. List Box

5. List View

9. How to create constant variables in Vb.Net?

Ans: Example:

Const maximum As Long = 1000

Const naturalLogBase As Object = C Dec (2.718288182824).

10. What is the default size of the integer data types in Vb.net?

Ans: The default size of the integer data type is 32 bits in Vb.Net.

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11. What is the shadow variable in .net framework?

Ans: The shadow variable indicates the variable re-declares and hides any identical name elements or set of overloaded elements in any base class.

12. Explain the Hello word program in Vb.Net?

Ans: The program is as follows;

Module Helloword1

Sub Main ()

Console.writeline (“Hello word1”)

End sub

End module

13. What is the function of the ANSI keyword in VB.net?

Ans: The ANSI keyword in Vb.Net specifies the visual basic strings to Marshall Declaration. ANSI is nothing but an American national standards institute that is responsible to name the external procedure being declared.

14. What is the object-oriented programming approach in the .net framework?

Ans: The object-oriented program offers a way to modularizing by creating a partitioned functional memory area. And also can be used as a data template for creating copies of such functional memory area. Object-oriented programming allows the decomposition of the problems into numerous data entities they called Objects. Then they built numerous data and functions around the objects.

15. What is a static variable in the .net framework?

Ans: A static variable is a variable assigned statically, which is helpful in defining constants. Further, these variables are declared using a static keyword.

16. Explain the Garbage collection?

Ans: Garbage collection in Vb.Net is primarily used for memory management. They are also used to allocate and release memory to your applications. This garbage collector checks for the data objects in the heap management where they are no longer being used by the user application when it performs garbage collection operation.

17. What is the purpose of the assembly keyword in the Vb.Net framework?

Ans: The assembly keyword in the Vb.Net framework specifies the attributes at the beginning of a source file which applies to the entire functional assembly.

18. What is a friend access modifier in the Vb.Net Framework?

Ans: The friend keyword is used to declare the statement which specifies the elements within the same functional assembly.

An example is as follows;

Protected Friend DemoString As String1

Then it can be used only at the class level but not at the source file level or any Namespace or inside within Interfaces, Module, Structure, or Procedure.

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19. Explain the types of ByRef Keyword statement in Vb.Net?

Ans: The ByRef in Vb.Net specifies the arguments which are passed by references. In brief, we can call them a procedure that can change the value of the data variable in the calling code methods. This is also used under the context of the following statement:

  • Declare statements
  • Functional statements
  • Sub statements

20. List the features of C# not appear in Vb.net?

Ans: Some of the important features which can find them in C#, not in Vb.net frameworks such as;

  1. C# only supports unsafe code functional blocks to improve the overall performance.
  2. C# also provides multi-line data comments and static data classes.
  3. Helps user to handle anonymous methods and partial method interfaces.

21. Explain the important keywords used in the Vb.Net framework?

Ans: The following are the important keywords used in Vb.Net framework;

  1. ANSI keywords
  2. Assembly keyword
  3. Async keyword
  4. Auto keyword
  5. ByRef keyword
  6. ByVal keyword
  7. Default keyword
  8. Friend keyword
  9. Iterator keyword
  10. Narrowing keyword

22. Explain Framework?

Ans: A framework is nothing but a layered structure that indicates the programming type that can or should be built. Also explains how they will inter-relate and also includes the actual programs, specifies the computer programming interfaces. The framework also contains tools that are used by the user during the time of developing codes. This is also considered as a conceptual structure or a scheme with an intension to support the development of some data structures.

23. What is MSIL?

Ans: The MSIL in Vb.Net represents the Microsoft Intermediate languages. This is similar to Java byte code. The main aim of using MSIL is to form an independent platform for Independent code. Before executing the source code, MSIL should be converted into a CPU-Specific code in the Time compiler.

24. Define assembly Manifest in .net?

Ans: Every assembly in Vb.Net contains an Assembly manifest techniques. It includes the following features such as;

  1. The assembly’s Identity (Both name and version details)
  2. Contains a file table which describes the other files details where they can be used for assembly creation.
  3. Assembly reference list in MSIL contains the information about the data external dependencies.
  4. Holds Global Data Objects.

25. What are the constructors used in Vb.Net frameworks?

Ans: A constructor in Vb.Net is a special member data function or a method whose task is mainly to initialize the objects of the class. The constructor's name is the same as its class name. The name is given as a constructor because it constructs the values for the data members function in a class. The user invokes the constructor when the object of the associated class is created.

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26. What is a class in Vb.Net?

Ans: The class holds the entire data set and code of an object which can be made user-defined data types. Objects are the variables of Class type. Once you define the class, you can create the numerous data objects of its class type. A class is simply a collection of data objects of similar data types.

27. What is an array list in Vb.Net?

Ans: Array list in Vb.Net represents the ordered collection of an object which can be indexed individually. This is an alternative to the array. Unlike an array, the user can add or remove the data items from a list at the specified position using the Index and the array resize. This also allows allocates the dynamic memory allocation, adding, searching, and sorting the items in the data list.

28. Name the types of data validation?

Ans: There are 4 types of data validation available in Vb.Net;

  1. Code checking
  2. Complex validation
  3. Data type validation
  4. Range checking

29. What are the main differences between functions and subroutines?

Ans: The functions in Vb.Net can help the function to send information back to where it has been called from. This Function return method can be used to perform a comparison in C++ or Java. The only difference with Sub Routines is that it cannot return values.

30. Explain the dialog boxes used in the Windows form of Vb.Net?

Ans: There are 6 different types of dialog boxes used in Windows forms such as;

  1. Color Dialog
  2. Font dialog
  3. Open File dialog
  4. Print Dialog
  5. Print preview dialog
  6. Save File dialog


31. What is meant by Namespace?

Ans: Namespace is referred to as an organized way to represent classes, structures, and interfaces inside the .Net language that are hierarchically indexed and available to various .Net languages.

32. What is meant by Hashtable?

Ans: Hashtable refers to a group of items containing value and key pairs. Here, keys are the indexes, and they help you execute searching for values quickly.

33. Which Namespace is helpful to access data?

Ans. System. Data namespace is helpful to access and manage data easily from the requisite data source.

34. Define the uses of the New Keyword.

Ans: A new keyword is used along with the constructor, where it can be used as an operator or a modifier. While using it as an operator, it will be efficient in building an object to call on constructors. But if you use it as a modifier, then it hides the inherited member from the base class.

35. Define the various types of Assembly.

Ans: An assembly has two types in VB.Net: Private and Public.

  1. Private Assembly - It is generally used by a single application and is stored within the app's directory.
  2. Public Assembly - This type of Assembly is stored inside the Global Assembly Cache (or GAC) and is shareable by many apps.

36. What is meant by a Jagged Array?

Ans: The term "Jagged Array" is an array of arrays where each array entry is considered another array that is able to hold any number of items.

37. What are the types of Authentication?

Ans: The following are the various types of Authentication:

  • Single-factor
  • Two-factor
  • Multi-factor

38. Define TRACE in VB.Net?

Ans: TRACE in VB.Net enables the user to see the execution of the code in detail. Further, it explains the workings of the code.

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