Salesforce Vlocity Interview Questions

Last updated on Nov 23, 2023

Salesforce Vlocity, a native extension of the Salesforce Platform, specializes in delivering industry-specific solutions and mobile applications. One of Vlocity's key features is its intuitive drag-and-drop tool, which enables users to create customized business flows without extensive coding. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked Salesforce Vlocity interview questions and answers.

With its growing influence, Salesforce Vlocity is creating a wealth of job opportunities for newcomers and seasoned tech industry professionals. This article sheds light on the kind of questions technical consultants, irrespective of their experience level, might encounter in Salesforce Vlocity interviews.

Most Frequently Asked Salesforce Vlocity Interview Questions

1. What is OmniStudio?

AnsOmniStudio is a comprehensive suite of tools and components for creating cloud applications in various industries and organizations. It allows multiple guided interactions, leveraging data from Salesforce and other sources. Its primary goal is to streamline complex processes and enhance the user experience with faster, more personalized, and responsive service interactions.

2. What are OmniScript basics?

Ans. OmniScript is a fundamental tool within OmniStudio, offering solutions such as guiding customer support for onboarding new clients, assisting insurance agents in plan modifications, and facilitating self-service operations like troubleshooting. OmniScript is instrumental in simplifying complex processes, significantly speeding up service delivery, and ensuring personalized and responsive interactions.

3. What can you create using OmniStudio?

Ans. With OmniStudio, you can create a variety of components, including:

  • OmniScripts for scripted, guided interactions
  • DataRaptors for data management
  • Integration Procedures for handling complex data processes
  • Flex Cards for displaying contextual information

4. What is Flex Card?

Ans. A Flex Card in OmniStudio is a modular element that displays relevant information and links within a specific context. For instance, an account card might show data like status, priority, service level agreements, and creation date.

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5. What is Flex Card Designer?

Ans. The Flex Card Designer is a tool for configuring, previewing, and debugging Flex Cards. It allows for a wide range of functionalities, including a drag-and-drop interface, resizing UI elements, and formatting components such as text, buttons, images, and charts. It also enables creating actions to launch OmniScripts, navigate web pages, or update field values.

6. What is DataRaptor?

Ans. DataRaptor is a specialized tool developed by Deloitte for extracting and transforming data from client systems. In OmniStudio, DataRaptors are used to read or write Salesforce object data and perform data transformations. They can interact with various data types in a multi-step process, often enabling single-step data transformations for efficiency.

7. Can I communicate with OmniScript from a lightning web component?

Ans. Yes, communication between OmniScript and a lightning web component is feasible. This interaction involves sending data from OmniScript actions and steps to other components using the Pub/Sub model.

8. What is DataRaptor Extract Action?

Ans. DataRaptor Extract Action is a feature that retrieves data from Salesforce, reads the data and returns results in formats like JSON or XML. This action can access data from multiple Salesforce objects, allowing for complex field mappings and formulas.

9. What is present in OmniScript designer highlights?

Ans. The OmniScript Designer includes several key features:

  • Header and Navigation Panel for easy access
  • Canvas for script building
  • Build, Properties, and Setup Panels for configuration
  • Tools for Preview and Debugging

10. How to create a Script Structure?

AnsAn ordered framework of activities and measures is built to build a script structure. It involves setting up actions that manage data reception, submission, evaluation, and transformation. Actions can include various elements such as blocks, inputs, displays, and specific functions.

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11. Why set up OmniScript to work with Salesforce?

Ans. Setting up OmniScript with Salesforce enables users to access and display Salesforce knowledge articles directly within OmniScript. This integration facilitates efficient querying and utilization of Salesforce resources.

12. How to launch knowledge base articles outside of OmniScript?

AnsTo launch knowledge base articles outside of OmniScript, use the Vlocity OmniScript knowledge base component on a community or lightning page. This component can display knowledge base articles alongside or independently from an OmniScript.

13. How to Seed data into an OmniScript?

Ans. To seed data into an OmniScript, use the seed data JSON feature in the OmniScript's setup section. This feature is handy for pre-filling fields with fixed values during the initial loading of the OmniScript.

14. What does SEO OmniScripts mean?

AnsSEO OmniScripts refers to enabling OmniScripts in communities to be discoverable in online searches. This process involves optimizing OmniScripts for search engines to increase visibility and accessibility.

15. Explain the messaging framework in Salesforce?

Ans.The messaging framework in Salesforce facilitates communication between components like OmniScript, windows, and Lightning web components. It uses various methods like window post messages, session storage messages, and pub-sub messaging.

16. What is Stateful OmniScripts?

AnsStateful OmniScripts maintain the state of an OmniScript in the URL. This feature enables the storage of the active step in the URL, allowing for more dynamic script interactions.

17. What is the function of the common Action element?

Ans. The common Action element in OmniScript is a versatile tool for navigating between steps or actions. It can be set as a button to redirect users to subsequent stages or return them to the source step.

18. When to use the Integration procedure in Vlocity?

AnsThe Integration procedure in Vlocity is used when complex data transformations are needed, when reading from and writing to Salesforce objects is required, when dealing with unrelated Salesforce objects, or when executing advanced operations like REST API calls.

19. How can I create OmniScript?

Ans. Creating an OmniScript is a user-friendly process involving drag-and-drop actions, adding formulas, and configuring steps. It allows for various functionalities like making functions, adding input fields, refining displays, and creating dynamic branches.

20. Define Delete Action properties?

Ans. The Delete Action in OmniScript has several properties, including a path to ID, all-or-none functionality, messages for deletion status, confirmation dialogues, and labels for confirm and cancel actions.

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21. What is Navigate Action?

Ans. Navigate Action in OmniScript is a feature that facilitates navigation through various Salesforce knowledge resources. It can be configured as a clickable button or an automatic trigger between steps.

22. What does Navigate to an App mean?

Ans. Navigating to an app in OmniScript refers to directing users to different applications or pages within an app using the navigate action's app page reference type.

23. What are Navigate Action Properties?

Ans. Navigate Action in OmniScript includes properties like button variant, icon name, page reference type, component name, target parameters, and various settings for customizing the navigation experience.

24. What is the use of Remote Action?

Ans. Remote Action in OmniScript is used for calling Apex classes from the script. It is beneficial in troubleshooting, as it can contact external systems to verify information like asset warranties.

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25. What are Remote Action properties?

Ans. Remote Action properties include remote class, method, extra payload, invoke mode, and settings for toast notifications and continuation usage.

26. What are Set Errors Properties?

Ans. Set Errors in OmniScript has functionalities for merging fields, assigning values, concentrating values, and setting expressions linking options.

27. How can I launch the OS?

Ans. Launching the operating system from various platforms like LWC, lightning, or external systems involves using a specific URL obtained from the OS page, enabling the OS to be launched from any location.

28. Why Navigate to a community Login or Logout?

Ans. Navigating to a community login or logout in OmniScript is essential for user authentication and previewing the script within a community setting.

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29. How can I navigate to a Record Page?

Ans. To navigate to a Record Page in OmniScript, set the page reference type and enter the necessary record ID, then select the desired action to invoke

30. Explain Email Action?

Ans. The Email Action in OmniScript utilizes Salesforce's Email API to send emails using templates or custom-defined content. It is designed to address various email communication needs within the OmniScript environment.


In conclusion, this blog has delved into the standard interview questions faced during Salesforce Vlocity interviews. Aspiring candidates aiming for roles such as Salesforce Vlocity Developers or similar positions will find these insights particularly beneficial. Understanding the theoretical and fundamental concepts is crucial for beginners when applying for roles in Vlocity. However, for those with more experience, a grasp of both practical and applied concepts becomes essential.

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