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Last updated on Nov 18, 2023

Looking up to upgrade ATG skills? Then you are in the right place to explore your Oracle ATG skills. HKR’s ATG interview question and Answers article help both fresher and experienced professionals. If you are familiar with basic oracle concepts then it will be very easy to crack any Oracle ATG interviews. Oracle ATG is a widely used technology in various companies with the highest paying salary. HKR’s Oracle ATG article will help you to gain more knowledge in ATG concepts. Let’s start our journey.

Most Frequently asked Oracle ATG Interview Questions

What do you mean by the ATG repository?

Ans: An ATG repository is nothing but a data access layer which explains the generic data store representation. This is considered a simple storage and data retrieval method. ATG repository is also used to manipulate the data. ATG is used by application developers to access the data with the help of interfaces called Repository and RepositoryItem. An application developer can create, remove, modify, and query the repository items. ATG repository is also known as Java bean.

There are two types of ATG repository used:

  • SQL repository
  • Versioned repository

What is ATG dynamo? And also define the ATG framework?

Ans: ATG dynamo or Dynamo Application Server (DAS) is nothing but a J2EE application server designed by Art technology group.

ATG framework is a type of web application framework used to build web applications. ATG dynamo application is used to implement the ATG framework. This type of ATG framework is mainly used in J2EE application servers.

What is the scope of ATG dynamo components?

Ans: There are three types of ATG dynamo component available such as;

1. Request method

2. Session

3. Global method.

Here Global is the default scope available ATG dynamo component.

What is the Nucleus?

Ans: The nucleus is an ATG open object application framework and it is a component-centric development platform. In the nucleus, each service of ATG is stored as a java bean or java bean set. The nucleus is also responsible for configuring the components and also manages the component namespace. The nucleus is the core of the entire ATG system application. This is used to create and configure hierarchical namespace components.

What is ATG Pipeline?

Ans: ATG pipeline is also a variant of java servlet pipelines, and this is the sequence of programs will be executed in a queue. Some of the important ATG pipelines are as follows;






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What do you mean by the ATG tag library?

Ans: ATG tag library is a variant type used in JSP standard libraries. ATG tag consists of its own set of tag libraries such as DSP, displ, and core.

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What is ATG DPS? What are its elements?

Ans: ATG DPS is also known as the ATG dynamo personalization system. This is carried by user profile data and many business rules to offer the right content to the user.

The main key elements of ATG DPS are as follows such as;

1. User profile management system

2. Content targeting system

3. targeted e-mail system.

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What are ATG forms Handlers?

Ans: ATG forms handlers are the intermediate class that consists of JSP values and class values. Here you need to validate any form of data before it is submitted (write or read the data from a database table or repository database and transfer these data to the different pages, also depends on the result of form submission).

What is the class hierarchy for ATG form handlers? How to create a form Handler?

Ans: At the top-level hierarchy ATG form handlers, you will find DropletFormHandlerInterface. Then you will find the different classes provided by ATG dynamo which will extend the interfaces. The below are the three different ATG form handlers you will find such as;

  • Atg.droplet.EmptyFormHandler: this is the simplest form used during the time of implementation. And also implements the DropletFormHandler interface and defines the empty body implementation of the method in the interface.
  • GenericFormHandler: this type of formhanlder will extend the empty or NullFormHandler. This defines the simple implementation of the DropletFormHanlder interface methods and also basic error handling logics.
  • Atg.droplet.TransactionalFormHandler: The transactionFormHandler just extends the generic form handler; this forms the process operations of all the transaction which are being performed by ATG dynamo.  

. Difference between item cache and Query cache?

Ans: To perform each item descriptor, an SQL repository, ATG maintains two types of caches such as;

  • ItemCache
  • QueryCache

Item Cache: Item cache consists of the value of repository items, then indexed by using repository IDs. This type of item cache can be used explicitly and enabled item descriptor.

Query cache: this query cache value holds the repository ATG IDs of items that match the given queries. The below output you will see when performing Query cache such as;

  • The output of the query cache stores the repository IDs.
  • The item cache stores the corresponding repository items.


. What are different modes caching?

Ans: Caching modes are nothing but a set of descriptor item levels, which is possible through the tag’s cache-mode attribute. The default level of caching mode is simple caching. To set the different types of modes caching go to the descriptor -> set the cache mode to any of the following values such as;

  • Simple
  • Locked
  • Distributed or distributed TCP caching
  • Distributed JMS or distributed JMS caching
  • Distribute Hybrid (distributed hybrid caching).
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. What are Handle X methods in ATG?

Ans: Handle X methods consists of an actual function to be performed this is called a method. The methods used are;



. What are the price lists in ATG?

Ans: The price list in ATG allows users to target the different sets of prices to various groups of customers. This type of price list is managed by a single interface in the Account.

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. Mention the differences between express checkout and checkout?


  • Express checkout is used to check the user login information has stored
  • Checkout is nothing but we enter all the details like shipping details, or the billing and this information is not saved.

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. What is Bcc?

Ans: The business Control center is a UI business user that is used to upload the contents and create promotions.

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