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Last updated on Jan 09, 2024

Quicken your SonicWALL Firewall professional career with the help of HKR’s recently designed SonicWALL interview questions and answers article. SonicWALL technology is suited for those who are having knowledge of LAN networking, CCNA, Networking, MPLS, IP routing, CISCO routers, router configurations, and IP addressing. SonicWALL is mainly used to protect your organization and also offers Cyber security solutions. This technology also offers a wide range of internet appliances. From this article, you will be Enrich your SonicWALL skill sets and crack any interviews. Let’s start our journey;

Most Frequently Asked Sonicwall Interview Questions

What do you mean by SonicWALL?

Ans: SonicWALL is a Dell product and offers firewall solutions to any organization. This type of security firewall will not only detects any breaches but also prevents any breach problems. SonicWALL is an award winning cybersecurity solution for organizations. Dell SonicWALL also offers many internet appliances and helps to block the ransomware virus, encrypt the threats, and detects any security threats. SonicWALL can be used for both wireless and mobile device networks.

What are the features of SonicWALL?

Ans: Below are the key features of SonicWALL;

  • SonicWALL uses internet connections which detect the hackers who hack any financial or personal information.
  • This SonicWALL establishes the bridge between computer networks and the internet.
  • When you are using an internet connection to send and receive any type of information, which can be hacked easily.
  • This is an award-winning cyber security solution system.

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How SonicWALL helps network administrators?

Ans: SonicWALL consists of many advanced features. SonicWALL with network administrators is used to obtain information like site hardware and cross-platform details, VPN functionality, firewall cases, VOIP support, comprehensive routing capabilities, and zonal security support. The features included are zonal, branch office details, reporting, protecting perimeters, subscription services, load balancing, and integrated network details.

What is a SonicWALL VPN?

Ans: SonicWALL helps to know whether VPN connections are used to access remote devices and connect any two SonicWALL office gateway devices. SonicWALL VPN also contains the IP address and domain name details.

What is SonicWALL TZ 100 and its function?

Ans: SonicWALL TZ 100 is a popular type of business workhouse. This is available in the form of a router and offers widespread encrypted capabilities, Security compatibility, UTM unified threat management, and subscription services. This fits only for remote and branch offices, this is also the best option for small business organizations.

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What do you mean SonicWALL mobile connect?

Ans: This SonicWALL mobile connect is a free application, all required is a user license and a SonicWALL router application solution to work properly. The version that we are using is SonicWALL mobile access 100 series or SRA appliances 7.5.

Mention the complex issue of SonicWALL?

Ans: The following are the different issues of SonicWALL such as;

  • Complex router configuration and deployment.
  • If you get any error you need an extraordinary person to resolve the issue and set up the device.
  • This SonicWALL generation consists of complex functionalities and firewall competencies.
  • Business in SonicWALL requires assistance, remote startup details, and configuration service information.

What do you mean by Nextender DELL?

Ans: The Nextender DELL SonicWALL provides accessing secured remote devices (SRA) such as 4600 and 1600. This also adds centralized security management to the company network and custom application devices. Nextender also acts as an SSL VPN security window patron for Windows, MAC, and LINUX.

Explain the steps involved in configuring the SonicWALL firewall?

Ans: The steps included are;

1. Go online to check the SonicWALL firewall tool.

2. Then click on the Firewall button

3. Now click on the matrix-> drop down packing containers -> view the style radio button.

4. Follow the details via clicking perfect zone (WAN or LAN).

5. Lastly click on the add button -> which appears at the bottom of the menu.

. How can we access the SonicWALL management interface?

Ans: Firstly you need to run the setup tool to find the SonicWALL management IP address. Now you need to ping the LAN interface IP address and SonicWALL upstream IP. Now it’s time to use the SonicWALL command-line interface. Lastly, you need to reset the settings.

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. Is it possible to configure the various NAT policies concurrently?

Ans: A NAT policy in SonicWALL enables us to govern networking address translation which can be done on the base of a mixture of source IP address and destination IP address. The policy primarily uses the NAT service to set off various distinctive IP addresses.

. Mention the types of NAT configuration?

Ans: There are various types of NAT configuration used are;

  • Many to one NAT policy
  • Many to Many NAT policy
  • one to One NAT policy used for inbound traffic which is reflexive
  • One to many NAT load balancing
  • Inbound port address transaction detail via one to one NAT policy
  • Inbound Port Address translation via WAN IP address

. What is the difference between Gateway and Firewall within a network?

Ans: A networking gateway is used to connect any two networking systems collectively, whereas a Firewall acts as a defender to detect any unauthorized entries (it can be incoming or outgoing). Firewalls can be installed within a networking community like hardware gadgets or also like software programs.

. What do you mean by stateful inspection?

Ans: Stateful inspection is also called a dynamic packet filter. This is a firewall era used to supervise active connections and analyses the network statistics to identify which networking packets will be allowed through the firewall. This stateful inspection also analyses the data packets within the utility layer.

. How do you check the status of the tunnel phase 1 and 2?

Ans: Below are the types of status available;

In phase 1: this shows the Crypto isakmp and state includes is MM_ACTIVE

In phase 2: shows the crypto IPsec SA.

. What are the advantages of GRE tunnels?

Ans: The following are the advantages of using GRE tunnels;

  • The GRE tunnel helps to connect any discontinuous sub networks.
  • This tunnel also allows VPNs across various WANs regions.
  • GRE tunnel supplies a couple of protocols over unmatched protocol backbones.
  • This will also enable us to provide workarounds for restricted hop networks.

Final Words:

If you are a network engineer, or if you have a dream to start your career as a SonicWALL expert, then you might be searching for topmost SonicWALL interview questions and answers. This article consists of all the concepts related to SonicWALL technology. Also, this article also helps both fresher as well as experienced professionals to pursue their dream career as a SonicWALL engineer.

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