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Last updated on Nov 07, 2023

In this article, you can go through the set of SharePoint interview questions most frequently asked in the interview panel. And these questions will help you crack the interview as the topmost industry experts curate these at HKR training.

Most Frequently Asked SharePoint Interview Questions

1.What is meant by Sharepoint? List the features of Sharepoint?

Ans:SharePoint is a platform provided by Microsoft; it helps in browser-based collaboration and document management. The Microsoft SharePoint helps create the website, allow access to the workspaces documents, and any other host defined applications such as wikis and blogs. Microsoft SharePoint is a secure place for performing all the operations related to the data like storing, sharing, organizing, and accessing any device's information. The following are the features of SharePoint. They are Sites, content, social, search, insights.

2. What is LINQ and give a brief idea about its importance in SharePoint?

Ans: LINQ refers to language integrated query. The language integrated query uses the SQL like query syntax to frame the query expression in an object language way to fetch the data from the database through SharePoint.

3.What is the difference between SharePoint Online and Office365?

Ans: The following are the differences between SharePoint Online and Office 365: 

SharePoint Online: 

1. SharePoint online is a collection of the web and cloud-based Technologies. 

2. It is the component of cloud-based what is available as a standalone product. 

3. The collaboration is complex in SharePoint online.

4. The complex security provisions are required for certain types of content. 

Office 365: 

1. Only limited access to the multiple functionalities 

2. The collaborations are not that complicated. 

3. It provides its support to the client-side object and application models. 

4. It is flexible to share the server with various tenants or any other App subscribers.

4. Can you explain the difference between Site template and site definition?

Ans: Site templates: Site templates are defined as the free built functions are designed based on the particular business needs. Their site templates are useful for creating the SharePoint site along with customization. 

Site definition: A site definition is a combination of XML and ASPX files. These files contain the necessary information about the components. It is also flexible to store the libraries' information, navigation bars, features, and web files to be included in the site.

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5.Give a brief idea on Module and SSS in Sharepoint?

Ans: Module: A Module in SharePoint is referred to as a file or a group of five senses that help define the files' location during the size variation and implement the part page. 

SSS: SSS in SharePoint stands for secure Store service, which helps store the credentials; it is a database that is used for storing the credentials of the application IDs.

6.Elucidate the difference between a Site and MySites?

Ans: Site: A site in SharePoint refers to the web pages and several assets, such as lists. 

MySite: MySite is the personalized and targeted SharePoint for every user.

7. What are the three editions for SharePoint 2010? What is a.ddf file, and why is it used in SharePoint solution creation?

Ans: There are three editions in the SharePoint 2010 server standard, server Enterprise, foundation. A .ddf file in SharePoint is a data directive file used to specify the source files and the destination locations.

8. How to create a Task Notifications Workflow in SharePoint?

Ans: The following are the steps to be followed to create the task notifications for in SharePoint. 

1. Create a new task list workflow 

2. You will need to set up the condition to " if the current item priority is high. " 

3. You need to set up the action to "send email." 

4. Define that email should be sent to the email of "assigned to." 

5. Enter the subject of the email with the lookup item to the current task name. 

6. Add a link to the ID of the current task and task list edit form in the email body. 

7. Publish the workflow.

9. Explain how to create a list in SharePoint 2013?

Ans: The following are the steps to be followed to create a list in SharePoint 2013. 

1. Go to the settings menu and tap on the add an app link to add the custom list. 

2. The application section under site contents will be opened up. 

3. Click on the custom list under your apps. 

4. Add a description and the name of the lists to create a list in SharePoint

10. List some of the SharePoint online PowerShell commands? List out some SharePoint site monitoring tools?

Ans: Some of the online PowerShell commands are listed below. 

1. Set - sposite 

2. get - sposite 

3. Get-spouser 

4. Set-spouser 

5. remove-spouser 

Some of the SharePoint site monitoring tools are: 

1. OfficeMon 

2. Appdynamics

3. SCOM 

4. Application insights

11. What does the Request Management service feature actually do in Sharepoint?

Ans: The request management feature in SharePoint 2013 provides extensive support in handling the incoming request by evaluating the logic rules to help us understand and determine the action that has to be taken, and also which machine has to be in the form should handle the incoming requests.

12. Give a brief idea about Secure Store Services (SSS) and the site columns?

Ans: SSS: Secure Store Services is a secured database that helps store the respective application IDs' conditions. 

Site columns: Side columns are referred to as predefined data that are re-used in several content types.

13. Why is Sharepoint used in most of the organizations?

Ans: Sharepoint is used by most of the organizations for the following reasons. 

1. Collaboration: It allows the users to collect the data from various resources through SharePoint. 

2. Share documents: The BI tool allows to store and share the documents with various members within and outside the team. 

3. Document management: SharePoint helps you to manage your documents with high security and authenticity. You are authorized to give access permissions to the persons you think are the actions to be provided. 

4. Business intelligence: It helps organise the data and make precise decisions based on the different queries and data insights available.

14. What do you understand by the terms WSP and FBA authentication?

Ans: WSP: WSP refers to Wen Solution Package. It refers to the file that consists of the information about site definitions, images, resources, and other features that are mixed with the site.

FBA authentication: FBA authentication is a process that allows the user to fill in the credentials represented in a custom HTML Language. The user gets the access only if the credentials are entered as per the web application.

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15. What are the steps to be followed to remove a user from the SharePoint site collection and user profile list?

Ans: The following are the steps to remove the user from the SharePoint collection.

  • You will need to navigate to Site Settings > People & Groups
  • Edit the URL and the "MembershipGroupId=" to "MembershipGroupId=0"
  • Select the radio box and click Actions > Delete Users from Site Collection

The following are the steps to be performed to remove the user profile list.

  • Start the SharePoint Online management shell.
  • Run: Connect-SpoService
  • Sign-in with a global administrator account.
  • Check the user account you want to remove by running: Get-SPOExternalUser -Filter.
  • Run: $user = Get-SPOExternalUser -Filter
  • Run: Remove-SPOExternalUser -UniqueIDs @($user.UniqueId)

16. What is a timer job? What is the maximum limit for a content database per farm?

Ans: Timer job: The timer job is the job that is executed periodically. For example, it sends emails after regular intervals, data updation every day, creating reports every week, etc. 

The maximum limit for a content database per farm is 500.

17. List out some of the commands in the Teams module?

Ans: The following are the commands in the Teams module.:

New-Team channel
Set-Team channel
Disconnect-Microsoft Teams

18. What is Alternate Access Mapping in SharePoint?

 Ans: Alternate Access Mapping: Alternate access mapping in Sharepoint is the platform that provides the different URLS for the same SharePoint site. This concept is implemented due to some scenarios where the URL of a web request received by IIS differs from the URL typed by the user.

19.What do you understand by MOSS?. What are the tools used to get back up of a SharePoint 2010 environment?

Ans: MOSS refers to the Microsoft Office Sharepoint server. MOSS is a complete version of a portal-based platform that helps create, collaborate, manage, share the documents and web services. The following are the tools that are used to get back up of a Sharepoint 2010 environment.

SQL server
Sharepoint farm backup and recovery.

20. Which command is used to take backup and restore the SharePoint site?

Ans: Command used for Backup:

stsadm -o backup -url http://moss:4002/ -filename c:bkupsite.bak

Command to restore :

stsadm -o restore -url http://moss:4004/ -filename c:bkupsite.bak

21. What does the content database handle in SharePoint?

Ans: The content database handle in Sharepoint does the following:

  1. Reporting of models.
  2. Published reports
  3. Shared data sources
  4. Resources
  5. Permissions
  6. Properties

22. What is impersonation in SharePoint?

Ans: Impersonation in Sharepoint is a functionality where something is executed in the context of a different identity, like giving anonymous access to users for the account.

23.What are the software and hardware requirements of SharePoint 2010?

Ans: Software requirements:

  • 64-bit edition of Windows server 2008 with SP2

Hardware requirements:

  • Processor 64-bit, four-core, 2.5 GHz minimum per core
  • 4 GB RAM for evaluation use, 8 GB for single and multiple server farm installation 
  • The hard disk of 80 GB for production use and additional space for daily operation

24. What is STSADM, and why is it used?

Ans: STSADM is a command-line tool that is an add-on in Sharepoint in 2010. It exists in the 14HIVE>BIN folder and helps in creating a new site collection.

25. List out the different input forms to create a workflow in SharePoint?

Ans: There are different input forms to create a workflow in SharePoint.

  1. Task edit form
  2. Modification form
  3. Initiation form
  4. Association form

26. What is SharePoint Sandbox, and why is it used?

Ans: Sharepoint Sandbox: Sandbox runs is an isolation area, while SharePoint's normal functions operate as usual. It provides stability to the SharePoint farm by restricting the actions that can cause security, performance, and other related issues. 

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27. What are the benefits a company would be getting after switching to SharePoint 2013?

Ans: The following are the benefits that the company would be getting after switching to Sharepoint 2013.

  • Integrated search
  • Improved workflow
  • Improved business intelligence
  • Ease of storage management
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Social media friendly
  • Enhanced publishing, designing, and metadata management
  • Copy-paste option for content authors
  • Ease of customizing error pages

28.What is the difference between BCS and BDC?

Ans: BCS stands for Business Connectivity Services. BCS is used to perform read and write into the external database. BDC refers to Business Data Connectivity, and it is used to perform read operation from the external database.

29. What is a hybrid search in SharePoint?

Ans: Hybrid search: Hybrid search in Sharepoint allows the user to search files and documents across Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint server simultaneously.

30. List out some of the commands in the Powerapps module?

Ans: The following are the commands in the Powerapps module.

  1. Get-Flow
  2. Enable-Flow
  3. Get-Flow Environment
  4. Get-Power app Environment
  5. Disable-Flow


Sharepoint is one of the platforms that is highly utilized by most of the organizations. Most business organizations are looking for skilled individuals who would efficiently drive the business with their skills and knowledge. I hope the above information is helpful to you. I would recommend getting trained and certified in Sharepoint, which would help you attain a prosperous career.

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