Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

Last updated on Nov 07, 2023

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has made incredible progress. However, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding AI. In this article, we will attempt to shed some light on the subject by providing a list of common AI interview questions and answers. Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the technology and its potential.

Most Frequently Asked Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

1. What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean To You?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science focusing on building intelligent machines that imitate human behavior. The definition of intelligent machines in this context is a machine that can act and think like a human and is also capable of making decisions.

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2. Why Is Artificial Intelligence Necessary?

The creation of intelligent devices that can emulate human behavior is the aim of artificial intelligence. Today's world needs AI to resolve complex problems, better our living by automating regular operations, save personnel, and perform various other duties.

3. How Is Deep Learning Used In Practical Settings?

Deep learning is a sort of computer learning that mimics how the human brain works. It is modeled after the neurons created in the mind and uses neural networks to handle the challenging real-time issues.

4. What Does “Q-LEARNING” Mean?

A well-liked algorithm for reinforcement learning is Q-learning. The Bellman equation is its foundation. In this method, the agent seeks to discover the rules that can offer the optimal courses of action for maximizing rewards under specific conditions.

5. Where Are Intelligent Agents Utilized, And What Do They Do In AI?

An intelligent agent is an autonomous entity that employs sensors to learn about its environment and actuators to take appropriate action.

Repetitive Information Access and Navigational Methods, such as Search Engine Activities Chatbots, domain experts, etc.

6. How Is AI Connected To Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subfield or subset of artificial intelligence. It is a way to acquire AI. The relationship between these two notions might be expressed as follows: "AI leverages many machine learning principles and techniques to handle challenging problems.

7. The Markov Decision Process: What is It?

The Markov decision process, often known as MDP, can be used to solve a reinforcement learning problem. As a result, the RL problem is formalized using MDP. It could be described as a mathematical solution to a reinforcement learning issue. The fundamental goal of this procedure is to maximize positive outcomes by selecting the best course of action.

8. What Does “ Reward Maximization” Mean To You?

In reinforcement learning, the term "reward maximization" is employed, and this describes one of the objectives of the reinforcement learning agent. In real life, a reward is a constructive comment received after performing an activity to change one state into another. The agent gets a reward for excellent actions when using optimal policies, and a premium is taken away for poor actions.

9. What Does The Term “ Hyperparameter” Mean to you?

Hyperparameters in machine learning are the variables that decide and regulate the entire training process. These parameters are learning rate, secret units, hidden layers, secret activation functions, etc. These variables are independent of the model. An algorithm is better when good hyperparameters are chosen.

10. The Hidden Markov Model; Explain?

The probability distributions across a series of observations are represented by a statistical model called the hidden Markov model. In the Markov model, hidden specifies a property that assumes a process formed at a specific moment has a state concealed from the observer. Markov stipulates that it takes the approach that meets the Markov property.

11. Strong AI: What Is It?

Strong AI: Strong AI is the artificial creation of actual intelligence, i.e., intelligence created by humans with feelings, self-awareness, and emotions similar to those of humans. The idea of creating AI beings with human-like thinking, reasoning, and decision-making ability is currently just an assumption

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12. Overfitting Is What?

Overfitting in the model happens when the machine learning algorithm tries to include all data points, resulting in noise. This overfitting problem causes the algorithm to display low bias but significant output variance. Overfitting is among machine learning's major issues.

13. Describe a Method To Prevent Overfitting In Neural Networks.

Dropout Method: The dropout strategy is one of the most used methods for preventing overfitting in neural network models. It is the regularization technique in which the randomly chosen neurons during training are discarded.

14. Describe a Method To Prevent Overfitting In Neural Networks.

Dropout Method: The dropout strategy is one of the most used methods for preventing overfitting in neural network models. It is the regularization technique in which the randomly chosen neurons during training are discarded.

15. What Function Does Computer Vision Serve In AI?

Through the use of artificial intelligence, a field known as computer vision, it is possible to teach computers to comprehend and extract information from the visual environment, such as images. Consequently, computer vision applies AI to tackle challenging issues like picture processing and object detection.

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16. Describe Game Theory.

The logical and scientific field of study known as "game theory" creates a model of potential interactions between two or more rational players. Here, the term "rational" refers to a player's belief that other players share their sense of reason and comprehension. In a multi-agent setting, where players must make decisions from a set of possibilities, the game theory says that each player's decision impacts the other players' decisions.

17. What Are Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues?

The two central ideas in linear algebra are eigenvectors and eigenvalues.

Vectors with a unit magnitude of 1.0 are known as eigenvectors.

The coefficients applied to the eigenvectors, also known as the scale factors, are known as eigenvalues.

18. An Artificial Neural Network Is What?

Artificial neural networks are statistical constructs that are modeled after how neurons in the human brain behave. Numerous AI techniques, including deep learning and machine learning, are used in these neural networks. Several layers make up an artificial neural network, or ANN, including the input, output, and hidden layers.

19. A Chatbot Is What?

A chatbot is an artificially intelligent piece of software or agent that mimics human communication using natural language processing. Through a website, application, or messaging app, you can chat. These chatbots, often called digital assistants, can speak audibly and through text with users.

20. How does AI represent Knowledge?

The area of artificial intelligence that is concerned with how AI agents think is known as knowledge representation. It provides real-world knowledge to AI agents so they may comprehend and use it when tackling challenging AI challenges.

21. Reinforcement Learning: What is It?

A subset of machine learning is reinforcement learning. In this, an agent creates behaviors to interact with its surroundings and learn from feedback. The agent receives input in the form of rewards; for example, he gets a positive reward for each excellent activity and a negative reward for each lousy action.

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22. Why Are People Being Rational, and Why Is That?

A rational agent consistently takes the proper course of action, has specific desires, and can model uncertainty. A rational agent can choose the optimum course of action in any circumstance. Being intelligent and reasonable with a sound sense of judgment is the state of being rational.

23. How Is Tensor Flow Employed In Artificial Intelligence?

The Google Brain team's open-source library framework is called Tensor Flow. It is a math library that is applied in various machine learning applications. Tensor flow makes it simple to deploy and train machine learning models in the cloud.

24. An Explanation Of The Market-Basket Analysis?

The market-basket analysis is a standard method for determining the relationships between the items. Large retailers frequently employ it to maximize profit. We must identify sets of goods usually purchased together to use this strategy.

25. Why Is The Inference Engine Employed In AI, And What Does It Do?

The inference engine is the component of an artificially intelligent system that extracts new knowledge from the knowledge base by applying some logical principles.

It primarily functions in two modes:

Backward Chaining: This method starts with the end in mind and works backward to determine the supporting information.

Forward Chaining: This method claims new facts after stating previously known ones.

26. What Does “Fuzzy Logic” Mean to You?

Artificial intelligence uses fuzzy logic, thinking that is similar to human reasoning. The term "fuzzy" in this context refers to things that are unclear and circumstances in which it is challenging to determine whether a state is True or False. It includes every scenario between "yes" and "no."

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27. What Does Artificial Intelligence mean To You?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science focusing on building intelligent machines that imitate human behavior. The definition of intelligent machines in this context is a machine that can act and think like a human and is also capable of making decisions. "Artificial intelligence" is a compound word for "man-made thinking ability."

28. What Kind Of Programming Language Does AI Use?

Following is a list of the top five programming languages used most commonly to develop artificial intelligence:


Python is the most popular language among the five mentioned above for developing AI since it is straightforward and has access to many libraries, including Numpy and Pandas.

29. What Exactly Do Parametric and Non-Paramertic Model Mean?

A fixed number of parameters are used in parametric models to build machine learning (ML) models. Strong data assumptions are taken into account. Linear regression, logistic regression, naive Bayes, perceptrons, etc., are some examples of parametric models.

The non-parametric model employs variable numbers of parameters. It takes into account a few data-related presumptions. These models work well with larger datasets and are entirely unknown.

30. What Exactly Is a Heuristic Function, And When Would You Utilize One?

Informed Search employs the heuristic function, which identifies the most promising route. It estimates how far the agent is from the goal based on the agent's current state as an input. The heuristic method, however, ensured that a good solution would be found in a reasonable amount of time, even though it might not always provide the optimal option.


AI is still in its early developmental stages. However, it has great potential to change the world as we know it. With the proper research and development, AI could be used to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

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