AutoCAD Interview Questions

Last updated on Nov 07, 2023

If you are aspiring to start your career as an AutoCAD developer, then you are in the right place. If you're from an architectural industry or IT industry, AutoCAD is a perfect CAD tool that meets your requirements. More than a million companies use AutoDesk, which means endless opportunities are available.In this tutorial, we present to you the top 30 AutoCAD interview questions. Our AutoCAD experts have carefully prepared these AutoCAD interview questions online. Go through the below frequently asked AutoCAD interview questions and answers that help you in preparing for your dream job interview.

Most Frequently Asked AutoCAD Interview Questions

1) What is AutoCAD?

Ans: AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software application developed by Autodesk. It is used to design 2D and 3D drawings. It provides several commands and features for building high-quality designs. We can create blueprints for buildings, computer chips, aeronautical designs, bridges, logos, maps, and many more.

2) What are the uses of AutoCAD?


  • AutoCAD makes it possible to design the products that you want to create.
  • It is very flexible, easy to learn and use.
  • We can compare the past drawings with the present one.
  • It provides easy customization options.
  • We can share the created drawings with others.

3) In what fields AutoCAD is mostly used?

Ans: AutoCAD is mostly used by architects, engineers, and builders for creating high-quality blueprints for buildings.

4) What are the file formats used for design?

Ans: The file format used for design in AutoCAD is .dwg. It can also be an interchangeable format. The interchangeable file format has the extension of DXF. 

5) What is DrawSpace?

Ans: The DrawSpace is the first thing you see when you open the AutoCAD application. That is where we design all our drawings.

6) Name some commands provided by AutoCAD

Ans: AutoCAD provides a rich set of 150 commands.

  • Eclipse - to create an eclipse with the major and minor axis.
  • Pol - to create a polygon with a minimum of 3 sides and a maximum of 1024 sides.
  • Rec - to create a rectangle.
  • Co - to copy objects.
  • Cha - to create slant edges to the sharp corners.
  • F - to add round corners to the sharp edges.
  • St - to open the text style window.
  • I - to insert an existing block.

7) What operating systems does AutoCAD support?

Ans: AutoCAD provides support for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

8) How can we build a user interface using AutoCAD?

Ans: We can create a user interface with the help of command prompts to draw plots. We can view the dialog boxes by using plot command and the external database commands (ASE). Set CMDDIA to 1 to run the dialog boxes. The command line is required to display the entire file to make it easy for editing and customizing.

9) How can we draw a line more than one time and save it automatically?

Ans: When we create a new line, the process creates a new file in the session to write the file. AutoCAD saves multiple drawings in each session. These files are saved with the .dwg file extension, which we can modify using a browser.

10) Explain the measures that allow the drag and drop functionality in AutoCAD

Ans: AutoCAD offers the drag and drop functionality for elements with the use of Noun and Verb in a dialog box. It allows the object to move from one place to another. To remove or edit an element, we can use Move and Erase.  

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11) Explain about vertical integration in AutoCAD

Ans: In AutoCAD, a vertical integration program enhances the architectural designing of 3D objects. It includes elements along with objects like lines and circles. It is programmed in such a way that it represents architectural products and the extracted files.

12) Describe the use of variant in AutoCAD

Ans: Variants help in creating, visualizing, and rendering of the 3D models. It increases the variations for the applications or a package used in a particular program. With variants, we can use different functionalities of the function in the application.

13) Why is AutoCAD WS more popular among mobile developers?


  • We can create mobile apps (iOS) in AutoCAD through options for view, edit, and share.  
  • We can share the applications easily, which makes application creation easy.
  • We can download and install applications from many places.
  • We can save the file in any way, and the application will be able to run it.
  • We can share the information on the cloud. 

14) plain the process of copying the dimension styles from one drawing to another in AutoCAD

Ans: If we want to replicate the dimension styles, we have to set up a specific dimension style. This new dimension style should be saved to a blank document. The style will be created using the document as a Drawing template. The template will contain system variables like layer styles, units, and blocks. We can browse through the styles and replicate it by copying the styles.

15) How can we remove empty layers?

Ans: To remove a layer, it should not contain any objects in it. We can only remove a layer when it is empty. If the layer is frozen on a viewpoint or referenced by an object in a block definition, we might not remove it. We can use export to remove the layer from drawing. This creates a DXF file that we can edit in the text editor.

16) How can we set up the default drawing directory

Ans: A default drawing directory has subdirectories that contain the information of windows commands. AutoCAD provides travel paths to navigate through the directories and creates shortcuts for each of them. We can drag and drop an application and place it in the directory.

17) Can we copy a closed drawing in AutoCAD?

Ans: Yes, we can copy a closed drawing with the help of the toolbar in the designer center of the AutoCAD. There will be an option called 'Tree View' which allows copying a closed drawing. The drawing includes all the drawing elements.

18) What is the 'setvar' command used for?

Ans: AutoCAD uses the 'setvar' command to change the values of the system variables.

19) Explain about grips in AutoCAD

Ans: Every object in an AutoCAD drawing includes grips. They appear as small boxes at key points when an object is selected. We can use it to move or edit an object by dragging it.

20) What should we do when 'Enter Attributes' dialogue doesn’t display?

Ans: ATTREQ and ATTDIA are the two variables that control the 'Enter Attributes' dialogue display. Make sure that both the variables are set to 1.  

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21) What are the features corrected by AutoCAD?

Ans: When AutoCAD identifies a problem, it corrects it by removing the corruption with the drawing parts. It adds vertices to the poly-lines with a provision to add additional vertices. The poly-line provisions using only one vertex, and we can add it to run. We can correct the corruption by finding out the exact location of the poly-line that has zero vertices. Corruption can be neglected, or the objects can be deleted. 

22) How does a command prompt appear instead of a dialog box?

Ans: A command prompt appears instead of a dialog box when a file command is imported from a script or AutoLISP/ ObjectARX/ ADSRX. 

23) How can we draw a spring, spiral, or screw thread?

Ans: We can use an AutoLISP routine, such as spiral.1sp, to create a spiral path. We can then use the Extrude command with a reference object with the spiral as a path. We also draw a spiral by using augmented lines as a path with Mechanical Desktop (MDT) or Autosurf.

24) Can we assign keyboard characters or function keys to AutoCAD commands?

Ans: Yes, we can assign keyboard characters or function keys to AutoCAD commands by editing the Accelerators section of the Autocad menu.

25) How many entity colors does AutoCAD support?

Ans: AutoCAD supports 255 entity colors.

26) What is a prototype or a drawing template?

Ans: A drawing template is a drawing file saved with a .dwt extension. It specifies the styles, settings, and layouts in a drawing. It is like setting an environment for the new drawings.

27) What is the maximum number of commands that we can undo using the undo command?

Ans: We can undo all the commands performed since the drawing is loaded into the DrawSpace.

28) What happens if the ‘Qtext’ is being on?

Ans: When the 'QText' is on, the drawing regeneration speeds up by replacing text with rectangles.

29) What is the AutoCAD font for mathematical symbols?

Ans: 'MATHC' is the AutoCAD font for mathematical symbols.

30) What is the special character string that causes text to be underlined?

Ans: We can use '%%u' to underline a text.

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