AutoCAD Interview Questions

Last updated on Jan 06, 2024

Are you preparing for the AutoCAD Developer interview? Here are the expert-developed AutoCAD interview questions for you to prepare and clear for the interview. AutoCAD is a popular computer-aided design solution that fits your needs if you work in the IT or architecture industries. Today, millions of businesses use AutoDesk. Therefore, there are endless offers available across industries. The following article presents the most frequently asked interview questions related to AutoCAD. Our AutoCAD professionals have developed these online AutoCAD interview questions. Let us discuss the frequently asked questions and answers for AutoCAD interviews listed below to help you prepare for your ideal job interview.

Frequently Asked AutoCAD Interview Questions

1) What is AutoCAD?

Ans: AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software application developed by Autodesk. It is used to design 2D and 3D drawings. It provides several commands and features for building high-quality designs. We can create blueprints for buildings, computer chips, aeronautical designs, bridges, logos, maps, and many more.

2) What are the uses of AutoCAD?

Ans: The following are the various uses of AutoCAD:

  • Using AutoCAD, you may design the things you want to make.
  • It is incredibly adaptable and simple to use.
  • It offers simple customizing choices.
  • It allows us to share our designs with others.
  • AutoCAD will enable us to compare the existing drawing with the previous one.

3) In what fields AutoCAD is mostly used?

Ans: AutoCAD is primarily helpful for Architects, Engineers, Builders, etc., to produce high-quality building plans.

4) What are the file formats used for design?

Ans: The.dwg file format is primarily used for AutoCAD design files. Additionally, the form may be replaceable. The DXF extension is used for the replaceable or interchangeable file format.

5) What is DrawSpace?

Ans: It is the foremost thing you see when using the AutoCAD application. We create all of our designs and drawings there.

6) Name some commands provided by AutoCAD

Ans: In AutoCAD, there is a vast array of 150 functions available.

  • Eclipse: It is helpful to build the major and minor axes to produce an eclipse.
  • Pol: To construct a polygon with up to 1024 sides and a minimum of 3.
  • Rec: To draw a rectangular shape.
  • Co: It helps to copy various objects.
  • Cha: It is helpful to provide the sharp corner's slant edges.
  • F: It helps to soften the harsh edges with rounded corners.
  • St: To access the text style window.
  • I: To add a block that already exists.z

7) What operating systems does AutoCAD support?

Ans: The answer is that AutoCAD is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

8) How can we build a user interface using AutoCAD?

Ans: We can utilize command prompts to construct charts and build a user interface. Plot and external database commands (ASE) allow us to see the dialogue boxes. For the dialog windows to appear, set CMDDIA to 1. The entire file must be displayed via the command line to simplify editing and customization.

9) How can we draw a line more than a single time and automatically save it?

Ans: The process builds a latest file in the session to write the file whenever we produce a new line. Multiple drawings are saved in a session using AutoCAD. We may use a browser to alter these files, saved with the extension called “.dwg” file.

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10) Explain the measures that allow the drag and drop functionality in AutoCAD

Ans: Drag and drop features for items using Noun and Verb within a dialog box are provided by AutoCAD. It makes it possible for the thing to move about. Move and Erase can add, remove, or modify an element.

11) Explain about vertical integration in AutoCAD.

Ans: A vertical integration application in AutoCAD helps with 3D object architecture design. It has items like circles and lines as well as components. Its programming shows architectural products and the files that are extracted.

12) Describe the use of variants in AutoCAD.

Ans: Variants support the 3D model's creation, visualization, and rendering processes. It expands the options for a package or programs in a specific software. We can use many functions in the program by using variations.

13) Why is AutoCAD WS more popular among mobile developers?


  • With AutoCAD's view, edit, and share options, we can build iOS mobile apps.
  • The ease with which we can distribute the apps contributes to their ease of creation.
  • Multiple sources offer applications for us to download and install.
  • The application can run the file regardless of how we save it.
  • On the cloud, we can exchange the data.

14) Explain the process of copying the dimension styles from one drawing to another in AutoCAD.

Ans: We need to create a specific dimension style if we wish to duplicate the dimension styles. You should save this new dimension style to an empty document. The document will be used as a Drawing template to build the type. System variables like layer styles, units, and blocks will be included in the template. We can browse through the techniques and use the styles to copy and duplicate them.

15) How can we remove empty layers?

Ans: A layer must be empty of objects to be removed. A layer can only be eliminated when it is empty. We might be unable to remove a layer if it is locked on a perspective or referenced by an object in a block definition. To remove the layer from the drawing, we can utilize export. As a result, a DXF file is created that the text editor can edit. 

16) How can we set up the default drawing directory?

Ans: The complete information about Windows commands can be found in subdirectories within the default drawing directory. AutoCAD generates shortcuts for each directory and offers travel routes for navigating among them. An application can be dropped into the directory by dragging and dropping it.

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17) Can we copy a closed drawing within AutoCAD?

Ans: Yes, we may use the toolbar located in the AutoCAD designer center to duplicate a closed drawing. One feature enabling a closed design copying is 'Tree View'. Every drawing element is present in the drawing.

18) What is the 'setvar' command used for?

Ans:  AutoCAD's ' setvar' command is useful to modify the system variable values.

19) Explain about grips in AutoCAD.

Ans: The grip is a feature of every object within an AutoCAD drawing. When an object is selected, they appear as little boxes in strategic locations. It allows us to drag an object to move or alter it.

20) What should we do when the 'Enter Attributes' dialogue doesn't display?

Ans:  The two variables that manage the dialogue display for "Enter Attributes" are ATTREQ and ATTDIA. Verify that the values of the two variables are set to 1.

21) What are the features corrected by AutoCAD?

Ans: When AutoCAD detects an issue, it uses the drawing components to eliminate the corruption and fix the problem. The option to add more vertices helps to add various vertices to the polylines. We can add the poly-line provisions to run as they only use one vertex. We can fix the issue by locating the precise area of the poly-line with zero vertices. One can choose to ignore corruption or remove the offending objects.

22) How does a command prompt appear rather than a dialog box?

Ans: When we import a file command from a script or AutoLISP/ObjectARX/ADSRX, a dialog box is replaced with a command prompt.

23) How can we draw a screw, spiral, or spring thread?

Ans: We can utilize an AutoLISP routine like spiral.1sp to generate a spiral path. The spiral can then be used as a path when we use the command “Extrude” using a reference object. We additionally create a spiral using MDT-Mechanical Desktop or Autosurf by utilizing increased lines similar to path.

24) Can we assign keyboard characters or function keys to AutoCAD commands?

Ans: By modifying the Accelerators part of the Autocad menu, we may map keyboard characters or function keys to the commands of AutoCAD.

25) How many entity colors does AutoCAD support?

Ans:  In AutoCAD, 255 entity colors are supported.

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26) What is a prototype or a drawing template?

Ans: A drawing file saved under the.dwt extension is referred to as a drawing template. It describes the layouts, styles, and settings in a drawing. It resembles preparing the scene for the freshly drawn scenes.

27) What is the maximum number of commands that we can undo using the undo command?

Ans: Since the drawing has been loaded into DrawSpace, we can reverse every command that has been executed.

28) What happens if the 'Qtext' is being on?

Ans: The drawing regeneration accelerates when the 'QText' is enabled, substituting rectangles for text.

29) What is the AutoCAD font for mathematical symbols?

Ans: A font called “MATHC” is used for mathematical symbols with AutoCAD.

30) What is the special character string that causes text to be underlined?

Ans: To underline a text, use '%%u'.


We hope you got an overall idea of the top AutoCAD interview questions and answers in any interviews related to AutoCAD. If you are an aspirant looking to speed up your IT career with advanced skills, you can prepare with us. We offer multiple technology courses, including interview questions, which you can explore through our website.

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