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Last updated on Jun 12, 2024

Are you looking to accelerate your career with Netsuite skills? Then, you can explore the following NetSuite interview questions to gain expert skills. The industry experts at HKR Trainings compile these interview questions and answers to help you understand NetSuite technology. NetSuite is a leading cloud computing technology that effectively serves businesses in overall activities with ERP solutions. Many companies are adopting this technology to streamline their processes and fulfill customer needs. Therefore, the demand for skilled NetSuite professionals across the industry has seen good growth and will continue. 
Let us explore the most frequently asked NetSuite Interview Questions and Answers in detail.

Most Frequently Asked Netsuite Technical Interview Questions

1. What is NetSuite?

Ans: NetSuite is a popular cloud-based ERP solutions provider headquartered in California. It offers multiple services to business entities to manage financials, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, and other operations. Moreover, NetSuite is a top cloud-based ERP leader in the market, with many cost-effective, popular services. It provides end-to-end ERP and financial services solutions, including warehouse management. Using this platform, businesses can streamline their various activities easily and quickly. 

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2. Mention the major advantages of NetSuite technology?

Ans. The principal benefits of NetSuite technology are as follows:

  • CRM systems can be seamlessly linked with NetSuite. Companies can now combine disparate data sets and distribute them to all departments.
  • NetSuite is a popular digital platform. It outsources daily system maintenance, including server updates and backups, rather than hiring more IT staff.
  • All of the financial data is kept in one database by NetSuite. 
  • By giving users instant access to critical performance actions, NetSuite reduces the need to keep and maintain multiple apps and databases. 
  • It allows users to identify and take advantage of multiple opportunities more quickly.

3. Explain what lead and process of how leads are captured in NetSuite is?

Ans. From a specialized perspective, a business chief is simply someone excited about obtaining whatever labor and products an organization offers. A lead is a generally involved standard item in NetSuite innovation that might be utilized to record numerous bits of information that are then placed in data fields.

4. Explain the process of the lead generation process?

Ans. Many companies primarily aim to develop products that are highly in demand in the market. The process of lead generation begins when these products and services are market-ready. However, the lead generation process in NetSuite technology. Includes planning marketing efforts based on these products and services. It is followed by presenting these products and services to the customers on a trial-and-error basis to get feedback. In this way, the entire lead generation process works.  

5. What are the procedures followed for lead conversion in NetSuite?


Here are the steps taken to convert leads in NetSuite:

  • Let me go through these two primary ways that NetSuite technology offers for converting leads, one at a time. These are:
  • The first approach would be primarily utilized for opportunities, sales transactions, determining the crucial estimates, and turning every lead into a sale.

The following actions can be taken to implement the second method in the process explicitly:

1) select the "Convert option" button on the Lead tab first.

This procedure is frequently applied throughout the lead conversion phase in any company.

6. List the process used to pay in NetSuite?

Essential procedures utilized in NetSuite for payment include the following:

  • Making use of purchase order input
  • Methods for order approval
  • Obtaining materials
  • The procedure of matching
  • Procedure for approving bills

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7. Explain the step by step process of lead generation to cash process in NetSuite?

The procedures listed below are utilized to produce leads for the cash process;

  • Lead Generation
  • Finding Opportunity 
  • Quote Creation
  • Order Receipt
  • Invoice Issuance
  • Delivery of Order
  • Billing Process and Payments

8. What do you mean by Suite script in NetSuite?

Ans. The term Suite Script in NetSuite is a JavaScript-based platform and Java-based API. It lets customers personalize and automate a range of business functions. Also, it makes the latest version of NetSuite available to developers. Additionally, the team has access to leverage the primary business data through Suite Script's APIs.

9. What is the purchase order cycle in NetSuite?

Ans. The few significant NetSuite Purchase order cycles are listed here;

  • Receiving
  • Billing methods entry
  • Stock updation
  • Revise the Payment Process 
  • Maintaining Record of the accounts
  • Recording the accounts

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10. How to run the Suite Script in NetSuite?

Ans. The Suite script in NetSuite requires the following essential steps to be done;

  • To run the Suite script, you have to build the JavaScript file.
  • Submitting the suite script file within NetSuite is the next stage in the process.
  • Create the NetSuite script now.
  • For the script pages, you must set up the scripts during the run-time process.

11. What is Client Script?

Ans. The client script is clarified in the following points, such as: 

  • The NetSuite scripts run in an environment at the client level.
  • These client scripts can be attached to and executed in any form.
  • Every Record in NetSuite will be subject to the client script management.

12. Define what is Scheduled Script?

Ans. As the name suggests, a specific collection of scripts is run at certain times. These scripts are operated in real-time conditions and are used to carry out requests. This scheduled Script is essential to the batch record process.

13. On which platform NetSuite works?

Ans. NetSuite primarily works on the Oracle platform. 

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14. Explain the products and services offered by NetSuite?

Ans. A vast array of NetSuite services and solutions are available with NetSuite technology;

  • ERP solutions are primarily offered by NetSuite.
  • In addition, it provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.
  • NetSuite also boosts the automation of professional services (PSA).
  • It also helps in the management of enterprise performance (EPM).

15. What are the various types of Scripts available in NetSuite?

Ans. Five different kinds of scripts are accessible in NetSuite, including:

  • Customer scripts
  • User-written scripts
  • Scheduled scripts
  • Action scripts for workflows
  • Portals Scripts
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16. Within NetSuite, what does the non-integrated shipping feature mean?

Ans: NetSuite can carry out the following tasks with the aid of non-integrated features:

  • Using this NetSuite, you may engage with several carrier jobs.
  • Users can create personalized labels for shipment with this non-integrated NetSuite.
  • Non-integrated NetSuite will help with tasks like tracking the customer number and shipment weights.
  • Users can also print labels for products using this.

17. Name some of the event types in the client script?

Ans. Client scripts in NetSuite support the following event-types, including:

  • Page Initialization process - PageInit
  • Document Saving - Save records
  • Field Verification - Validate fields
  • Field Shifting-
  • Line Init (initialization)
  • Post-Sourcing Events
  • Line Validation
  • Recalculation Events - Recalc

18. What is the difference between xedit and edit user event types?

Ans: The contents of the inline edit are executed using the Xedit event type parameter, which will be a mass update connected to this.

  • The Edit event type option is used to modify the data fields across all scenarios. It is not the process of Xedit or Inline.

19. What is a portlet script?

Ans. All that portlet script is a kind of Script that can be utilized to create any dashboard portlet.

The usage of portlets is illustrated in the example that follows:

  • Users can utilize the Suite script, which generates the portlets and allows the organization to share communications.

20. What is NetSuite Sandbox?

Ans. A restricted version of an application with a particular formal property, the NetSuite Sandbox enables methodical model-checking validation of this property. With projected tools integration, this technique can also be used in apps, and it is a vital component of ongoing contributions to related open-source initiatives in model-based development and verification.

21. Name the types of NetSuite Sandbox accounts?

Ans. To provide their clients with the best services possible, NetSuite Sandbox accounts come in two distinct forms.

  • Account Sandbox for Development
  • Premium Sandbox membership

22. What do you mean by Suite Let?

Ans. Content for dynamic web applications is created using SuiteLet. Both front-end and back-end solutions can be tailored with this. Further, NetSuite Looking pages can also be created by users using NetSuite APIs.

23. Mention the advantages of NetSuite Sandbox?

Ans. The following are some of NetSuite Sandbox's key benefits, including:

  • It supports risk control of any kind.
  • Also, it helps in the production of creative goods.
  • One way to provide a better solution is with the NetSuite Sandbox.
  • Users can deliver business exit choices in the NetSuite sandbox.

24. Explain what is workflow action script?

Ans. In NetSuite, a workflow action enables users to design user-defined custom actions that are then specified as workflows for individual records.

25. What is a Mass update script?

Ans. The user can execute bespoke access mass update script digitally and update fields that are not typically available for any bulk update with the aid of a mass update script. The mass update script can be used to carry out extensive computations.

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26. Which of the Suite Script API has maximum governor limits?

Ans. The following are essential Suite Script APIs that have optimum governor limits;

  • nlapisetRecoveryPoint
  • nlapiSubmitCSVImport
  • nlobJobManagerSubmit

27. Explain how a client script can be deployed in NetSuite?

Ans. To deploy the NetSuite, there are primarily two kinds of client scripts: 

  • One type allows for Record-label distribution.
  • Form-level deployment is possible.

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28. How to grant the sandbox access to the individual user?

Ans. The simple methods to grant access to the NetSuite sandbox to individual users or anyone else are listed below.

You can follow these steps as well:

  • Log in to your NetSuite Sandbox account as the admin using the URL below.
  • Next, navigate to lists -> choose employees -> employees and then pick the NetSuite sandbox employee record.
  • Click the access button on the employee record tab of the Sandbox, select "Grant Access," and then enter the required data.
  • After completing the tasks, click "Save Changes." At this point, any authorized individual or employee of your firm to whom you have granted access can access the account.

29. Explain the types of NetSuite Sandbox account types?

Ans. There are two kinds of NetSuite sandbox account types accessible, as previously stated. Let me go through each one individually, for example:

1) NetSuite Sandbox Development Account: 

This sandbox development account has all of the advanced capabilities found in the company's production account, except that it lacks any customized data applications or production data. This account is helpful when businesses outsource services or let outsiders create content for them and grant them access to the system's production space.


2) Premium account for NetSuite Sandbox: 

The regular Sandbox is best suited for small-scale business operations or end-to-end testing. However, a sandbox premium membership is required for such scenarios due to the intricacy of setting up multiple projects.

30. What would be the governor limit that is allowed for the restless?

Ans. The limit would be 5000 for the governor's allotted maximum for the restless.


You may learn some key NetSuite and Sandbox ideas from this article. A cloud-based one-stop shop for all business-related issues is called NetSuite. You can ace any difficult interview asked by leading IT companies by using our regularly created NetSuite interview questions and answers. For additional information about NetSuite and its design, see HKR's NetSuite Sandbox article.

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