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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all your content and business processes to be automated and taken care of with no hassles? I am sure it would be. One solution to this can be the use of Filenet technology developed by IBM. Today we present to you an IBM filenet tutorial. This filenet IBM tutorial will walk you through the main concepts of the filenet technology and the other nuances attached to the topic. Stay tuned and learn as we walk you through this IBM tutorial for beginners.

What is FileNet Technology? 

FileNet is a company that was acquired by IBM. The company developed software that was utilized by the companies to effectively manage all their content requirements as well as their business process needs.

FileNet P8 rendition of the software is the most recent adaptation of FileNet framework and is the most popular version that is used by the companies. It offers content management for high volumes of data and a security rich access to maintain the integrity of the content and the business processes.


IBM FileNet® Content Manager gives venture content administration, empowering you to deal with your association's substance and reports. The adaptable programming offers lifecycle the board, value-based substance handling, report the executives, content combination, content based application advancement, and consistency and administration. It encourages you to increase secure, versatile, whenever access over your substance stores and supports your business forms. 

FileNet Content Manager is a far reaching ECM arrangement that interestingly joins content administration with out-of-the-crate work process procedures to assist associations with overseeing complex archives and control, share, and rapidly get to basic business data. It initiates your organization's substance by conveying the correct substance to the perfect spot at the opportune time – to help the dynamic procedure at any degree of an association. FileNet Content Manager's safe and profoundly adaptable condition coordinates legitimately with work area and business applications so business clients can without much of a stretch team up on the creation and the board of substance.

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Content Manager improves business readiness and authoritative proficiency by: 

managing the substance lifecycle, from creation to distribution to chronicle 

  • supporting ideal dynamic all through an association 
  • streamlining report work processes and substance distributing process durations 
  • making the most significant data accessible any place and at whatever point it's required 
  • Content Manager depends on the FileNet P8 design, which offers endeavor level versatility and adaptability to deal with the most requesting content difficulties, the most mind boggling business procedures, and combination to all your current frameworks. FileNet P8 effectively coordinates with other venture applications and gives a versatile system to practical extension for overseeing endeavor substance and Web distributing difficulties, and gives more prominent procedure control and consistency over your undertaking. 

Artificial intelligence business setting motor 

Influence current AI devices to disentangle and mechanize the way toward creating insightful data extraction ventures. Utilizing AI, customers can robotize assignments like making list fields and substance types that will be utilized for naturally and accurately ordering and removing data from put away reports and substances. 

Low-code engineer devices and GraphQL APIs 

IBM FileNet® Content Manager gives a blend of low-code engineer instruments and current APIs to lessen the time and exertion required to assemble and coordinate substance administrations into business applications. Low-code engineer instruments empower a more extensive arrangement of clients, for example, business examiners and non-software engineers, to quickly model and construct applications that implant FileNet administrations. Present day GraphQL APIs give increasingly proficient and natural access to FileNet administrations to rearrange how engineers coordinate those capacities into different business applications like CRM and ERP frameworks. 

Cloud-local, upgraded the board and arrangement 

FileNet Content Manager has been completely overhauled, remade and streamlined for cloud-local arrangement, empowering customers to convey content applications quicker on any cloud, with a holder stage that disentangles and quickens arrangement organization and the board. It is completely coordinated as the substance establishment for IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation. 

Salesforce reconciliation 

IBM FileNet Content Manager Connector for Salesforce permits clients to deal with the lifecycle of reports in IBM FileNet Content Manager with consistent access from Salesforce. Transfer, file, alter, work together, and oversee basic deals or administration content resources like value cites, customer messages, contracts, case documents and more without expecting clients to switch between applications. With FileNet's joining into back-end satisfaction, contracting and onboarding frameworks, undertakings gain the capacity to computerize the consideration and treatment of customer reports that begin through Salesforce, lessening the chance to-income, and expanding in general responsiveness. 

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Endeavor video spilling 

IBM FileNet Content Manager Connector for IBM Enterprise Video Streaming empowers smoothed out ingestion of the executives and transcoding of video resources, alongside streamlined playback. Clients can deal with the lifecycle of video content close by different business resources while utilizing IBM Enterprise Video Streaming administrations for advanced on-request playback dependent on gadget structure factor and transfer speed without downloading video documents. Ventures can utilize this new FileNet mix to give reliable administration and bind together secure access to video resources in a solitary substance framework. Furthermore, shut subtitling and watchword search abilities make video content simpler to find and give important utilization experiences. IBM Enterprise Video Streaming is accessible as a membership administration. 

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Versatile substance catch 

IBM Automation Mobile Capture expands the compass and estimation of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, with out-of-the-case incorporation to FileNet and IBM Datacap. This arrangement is accessible as a natural versatile application or a SDK for iOS and Android stages. It gives productive and exact change of appropriated, unstructured substance into noteworthy organized data. On-gadget abilities computerize undertakings for normalizing, removing and approving information how, when and where clients work best. 

Exhaustive undertaking reports the board and administration 

Influence the demonstrated unified substance administration capacities of FileNet Content Manager to all the more safely, reliably and insightfully oversee content from all archives and record imparts to a solitary, extensive and versatile arrangement. 

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Job based redaction 

Naturally redact reports dependent on the job of the requester, shutting out data as indicated by the client's details. Get quicker reaction time with FileNet Content Manager, which can encourage prompt access to the correct data. Addition smoothed out security and diminished stockpiling and reported the board costs, as FileNet Content Manager keeps just the first archive of record.


FileNet Content Management gives all the substance the board abilities that an undertaking is ever prone to require. FileNet Content Manager takes into account fine-grained content administration with full oversight over lifecycle the executives including exceptionally adaptable substance stockpiling the board. FileNet Content Manager gives demonstrated and hearty full lifecycle the executives to make, alter, distribute, search, empower, and record deals with the entirety of your substance. FileNet Content Manager additionally furnishes consistent and totally incorporated interoperability with FileNet P8, tenderizing you best of breed, extension capacities that are best in class. 

  • FileNet Content Manager can ingest, order, and procedure empower any advanced substance type. FileNet Content Manager gives a solitary spot to deal with a substance fundamental. 
    Decreased multifaceted nature, improved substance stockpiling and recovery. 
  • Considers definite command over how, why, and when substance is associated with the business 
  • Makes Active Content conceivable; permits both fixed and dynamic substance to be dynamic members in your business instead of aloof overhead 
  • Permits substance to be seen naturally and overseen star effectively; empowers implementation of ECM principles and technique, while all the while empowering danger and data inactivity decrease 

FileNet Content Manager is completely SOA empowered, both as a member in SOA engineering just as having the option to fill in as Hub for Enterprises simply leaving on a SOA methodology. FileNet Content Manager, taking a shot at the show with FileNet P8, is incredibly well prepared to be the Enterprise clearing house for both substance and procedure the executive’s exercises all through the Enterprise. 

  • Permits clients to keep on working in apparatuses that are recognizable to them; lessens preparing and bolster costs 
  • Permits you to expand order and control later on; jam your decision in different answers for use and how interoperability is given 
  • Permits you to actualize an exceptionally adaptable ECM procedure paying little mind to the substance type and it likewise Allows you to pick the capacity technique that works best for you, not for the capacity seller 
  • FileNet Content Manager accompanies a profound and consistent mix with the remainder of FileNet's P8 stage and applications. Best of breed process, coordinated effort, web distributing, imaging, records the executives and different abilities will work out-of-the box. 

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Pros of FileNet:

  • Clients like the security and furthermore the design. It is anything but difficult to arrange and the greater part of our business use cases have everything just with the setup itself. 
    The application, as far as sturdiness, has had the option to withstand the utilization, given that it was introduced in 2003 it's despite everything working. 
  • One of the most significant highlights is FileNet's capacity to catch things from the stack, from email, to examining Excel and Word. FileNet can likewise change over numerous kinds of documents to PDFs without any problem. 
  • FileNet has the capacities to meet consistency and administrative necessities. It is exceptionally secure. 
  • FileNet is very easy to understand... We have business clients utilizing it and it is very benevolent for them. 
  • The most important element is get to control. 

It additionally assists with consistency and administration issues since it's an information store that isn't modifiable, and you can ensure that. You can't ensure that with an envelope based document structure, where different individuals approach. 
The most significant highlights are versatility and usability. These highlights are significant on the grounds that the client where we have conveyed it has a great many archives... Furthermore, in the course of the most recent five years, the volume of the archives has been expanding. It's taking care of every one of them and with no blunders.

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Cons of FileNet:

  • Engineers like a redesigned interface. The interface doesn't work in the process that we have today. It hangs and isn't easy to use. 
  • The customer feels FileNet doesn't give them content accessibility. They feel it's bulky. They're just utilizing Metadata. In the event that the Metadata isn't all around populated, it turns into an issue to recover a record. 
  • Be that as it may, the design takes quite a while. Each organization needs its own setup structure. It relies upon what number of users are associated with FileNet. It can require some investment, contingent upon the application check. 
  • There is some disarray with the FileNet work process. It's not so much going into the following level. They are most likely supplanting it with BPM's work process. So there's an issue of clearness, the vision for going ahead. 
  • Users might want to see it ready to catch NLP in a propelled search. It would likewise be acceptable in the event that it could catch pictures and isolate them in classes inside a range of seconds. 
  • The FileNet API appears as though it is extremely troublesome and not straightforward. 
  • The territory of relocations to new forms must be made simpler. It's very acceptable that they have now started to improve the API zone, to modernize the interfaces, yet there's consistently a major venture engaged with moving starting with one form then into the next. That denies turning out new functionalities to clients. It's not all that easy.... Around there, they truly should improve. 
  • There is an opportunity to get better in the document the board. It's unpredictable.

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FileNet P8 Architecture 

The principle segments that assemble the FileNet P8 center items are the accompanying motors: 

  • Content Engine 
  • Process Engine 
  • Application Engine 

Every motor comprises an assortment of administrations and applications that perform very much characterized sets of administrations and undertakings. 

The accompanying figure delineates the FileNet P8 design and how every motor cooperates with one another and databases.


Content Engine 

Utilizing FileNet P8 set-up of items the substance of each archive is put away and overseen by the Content Engine server. The Content Engine is actualized as a J2EE application; thus it runs inside a J2EE application server. The Content Engine bolsters WebSphere®, WebLogic, and JBoss application servers. The properties related with each archive involve the report's metadata. Run of the mill metadata properties include: maker of the report, creation time of the archive, and the sort of the record. The metadata is put away in a database that is known as the archive index. Content Engine underpins DB2®, Oracle, and SQL Server databases. Looking for a specific record comprises of questioning the Content Engine database, and afterward recovering the substance comparing to the coordinating archives 

More than one bit of substance, which is known as a substance component, can be related with a solitary record. The substance components can be put away in any of the accompanying areas: 

  • Database 
  • Conventional document framework 
  • Fixed-content gadget 
  • Procedure Engine 

The Process Engine is a C++ based application that gives an endeavor wide procedure the executives stage on which to construct and convey venture applications. The Process Engine permits you to make, alter, and oversee mechanized business forms. The Process Engine gives programming administrations, for example, process execution and directing, incorporation of outside principles motors, process examination, and procedure re-enactment. These procedures can be performed by applications, endeavor clients, or outside clients, for example, accomplices and customers. Procedures run within a segregated district that goes about as an individual handling space. The Process Engine utilizes the Process Engine database in which all procedure related information is put away. 

To utilize the Process Engine you should have arrangement one of following sorts of databases: 

  • DB2 
  • Oracle 
  • SQL 

Procedure Engine utilizes Content Engine for client verification, again streamlining its establishment and organization. It additionally utilizes TCP/IP to convey correspondence utilizing the IIOP correspondence convention. 

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Application Engine 

The Application Engine has the Workplace Web application, Workplace Java™ applets, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It is the introduction level for both substance and procedure. The Application Engine likewise handles client validation against the index administration. An Application Engine comprises an application server with at least one sent application. 

Customers of Application Engine are Web programs. They utilize the HTTP or HTTPS conventions in interfacing with Application Engine. As a customer of Content Engine and Process Engine, Application Engine utilizes their customer conventions to interface with them.


FileNet is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution product suite from IBM. Enterprises use FileNet to manage their content and business processes. FileNet P8 platform, the latest version of FileNet system, provides a framework for developing custom enterprise systems, offering much functionality out of the box and capable of being customized to manage a specific business process.

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