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The world has witnessed many disasters due to the failure of technology. There was once a time when testing was the last step of project development but not anymore. Today, testing is done at every phase of the software development lifecycle. To speed up the process of testing, many automation testing tools like Ranorex, Selenium, etc. Ranorex is an open-source software testing tool that is widely used across the globe for automation testing. Today, we have brought to you a small Ranorex Tutorial. This Ranorex tutorial will walk you through the concepts of Ranorex such as the main components, the benefits of Ranorex, the main features of Ranorex, and much more. Let's begin your Ranorex journey with this Ranorex tutorial.

What is Ranorex?

Ranorex is a testing tool used for automation of tests which is significantly utilized for automation of GUI testing. Ranorex is a complete end-to-end testing apparatus which is widely used for automation testing processes. Even though there are numerous testing instruments accessible in the market, what makes it stand apart from them is that this device doesn't require contemplating a scripting language since it is written in a pure .Net code. When you will evaluate it from the customer’s viewpoint, you will see that it makes the testing less complex. We can utilize any of these three dialects C#, VB.net, and IronPython. Ranorex depends on XPath. This is how finding your necessary parts gets simpler in an electronic application and doesn't miss anything. For the most part associates with the working of Ranorex, there emerges an issue with things such as
  • record, and 
  • playback techniques 

This happens since tests are joined to the code. These techniques are reliant on the skill to build up the tests to test all the segments. Ranorex depends on the marvel of Image-based acknowledgment. It gives an adaptable test mechanization interface and makes taking a shot at it simpler. This UI takes into account overseeing experiments and mixes. Likewise, the utilization of information factors is permitted. Even though Ranorex is practical yet its help is limited to just organizations, and consequently it is proposed for delayed activities.

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Image of Ranorex’s Market Share

Image of Ranorex’s Market Share

Ranorex can record, and playback trials with the least amount of coding. The processes of backup, storage and maintenance is very easy due to magnificent help and broad documentation available. It has same-day efficiency and a completely computerized IDE. While it is anything but difficult to use for learners, this test automation device is the genuine article in the possession of specialists. It bolsters C# and VB.net dialects alongside Selenium Web Driver combination in Ranorex studio 7 and above. Thus, Ranorex likewise underpins test execution in Selenium upheld programs. It joins information-driven testing, definition, and detailing in a solitary test automation suite. JUnit perfect Reports can without much of a stretch coordinate with the CI procedure (Jenkins) and ALM instruments. Ranorex additionally bolsters order line support (CLI) for remote test execution and contains an upgraded WPF module to perceive objects.


Countries with the largest number of Ranorex Users

Best Features of Ranorex

Easy to use

With the passage of time the testers have realized the extreme pressure that is posed by manual and multi-stage regression testing, it might appear to be difficult to get a test automation venture off the ground. Numerous automation devices require propelled coding abilities, are constrained to just certain stages, or require complex mixes to mechanize your UI. Ranorex Studio settles these difficulties with simple-to-use devices for codeless test automation, alongside a brisk beginning instructional exercise and far-reaching client direct for same-day efficiency. The code testers with almost no involvement with programming can utilize Ranorex Studio's catch and replay usefulness to fabricate dependable mechanized experiments without composing a solitary line of code. The inherent system improves methodologies, for example, information-driven testing, catchphrase driven testing, and test execution dependent on conditions. Test computerization specialists can quickly mechanize tests in C# or VB.NET utilizing Ranorex Studio's full mechanization IDE.

Reliable Object Identification

You can smartly assess your application with Ranorex Spy, distinguish components with RanoreXPath and keep up them in the item storehouse. It’s a well-known fact that solid distinguishing proof of the components in your application's UI is the way to stable computerized tests. Ranorex Studio has the most grounded object acknowledgment in the business. In a split second track and break down UI components of your work area, web, or portable application with the implicit Ranorex Spy instrument. Naturally handle a wide range of articles, including dynamic UI components. Get point by point control data on each UI component for use in approval, just as the component's one of a kind RanoreXPath – an incredible and adaptable item recognizable proof language structure.

Broad technology support

With Ranorex, you can get wide-scale help or advancement advances in the test mechanization industry. Ranorex Studio handles everything from work area applications created in C#, Java, or Delphi to HTML5 web applications, just as local iOS and Android applications. See every upheld innovation.

Easily maintainable repository

Add distinguished UI components to the repository for storing the main items. From that point, you can utilize archive things in your account, activity table, or code-based test module. 

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Simple Code Creation 

Since the Ranorex library depends on the Microsoft .NET structure, you don't need to get familiar with an exclusive scripting language to computerize tests. You can legitimately use the Ranorex API and make powerful test mechanization extends altogether in C# or VB.NET. Broaden your code with Ranorex Automation Helpers, an assortment of little modules and strategies to deal with difficulties, for example, popup windows and hanging tight for occasions. 

Top-notch client service 

As indicated by client surveys, Ranorex client support is proficient, useful, and speedy to answer. The audits show that 10 out of 48 clients notice the ideal help and complete reaction gave by faculty through the Ranorex gathering. 

In any case, a few clients guarantee that the help gives just standard answers and the best way to determine complex issues is to permit the Ranorex bolster group to interface straightforwardly to the client's machine. This might be taboo by corporate information assurance approaches.

Benefits of Ranorex Testing


Cross Browser Testing

Site tests recorded on Ranorex can run on every single significant program, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

No Programming Skills Required

Even though code modules can be made with Ranorex, no programming abilities are required to become familiar with the Ranorex apparatus and begin utilizing it effectively. A QA Consultant can utilize Ranorex to configuration, make, run, and keep up robotized tests, without composing a line of code. This has the upside of empowering talented and experienced programming analyzers, without a programming foundation, to begin automating their tests.

Reuse of Recording and Code Modules

Code and recorded modules made with Ranorex can be reused in various diverse experiments and test situations. This altogether improves the productivity and viability of your robotized testing venture.


The developers can yield Ranorex created adaptable reports for all trials and test cases. The capacity to change over these reports to email, PDF, or HTML design permits sharing test reports with QA, improvement, and supervisory groups.

Cross-Platform Testing 

Ranorex can be utilized to test site, versatile, and work area applications. This makes it an astounding mechanized apparatus of decision, for the expanding number of site and programming applications that require testing on a differing scope of gadgets and stages. 

Information-Driven Testing 

Ranorex can interface with straightforward information tables, CSV documents, SQL databases, and spreadsheets as hotspots for information-driven testing. This permits similar tests to be run, for various informational indexes and variable qualities. 

UI Repository 

The arrangement of a User Interface (UI) Repository empowers Ranorex to isolate the area of UI components, from test activity steps. Hence, the client can access and re-utilize a current vault thing, without the need to record or compose another test. 

JUnit perfect reports 

Because of the as good as ever test suite structure, reports in Ranorex Studio are presently JUnit perfect, so you can without much of a stretch coordinate your test execution and revealing into persistent mix frameworks and ALM instruments! 

More slender test suite structure 

Complex test situations can be fairly hard to sort out. We've presently amended the test suite structure, making it less fatty and effectively decipherable. Keen envelopes supplant conventional envelopes and add heaps of new users to their sorting out nature. That is the reason you are currently ready to effortlessly tie information sources and set cycles without the need for settling experiments.

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Module free web testing over every single significant stage and programs 

Selenium is famous for its unmatched stage and program support. By moving up to Ranorex 7.0, you can at long last run your Ranorex tests on all Selenium-upheld programs and working frameworks, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

Extraordinary highlights 

Contrasted with other well-known test mechanization devices on G2 Crowd, an audit stage, Ranorex beats in 4 out of 7 classes: convenience, nature of help, simplicity of working with, and item bearing.

Main Components In Ranorex

Ranorex Recorder: 

With this device, one can record the experiments by recording and playing back a client's activities while exploring through the application during the testing procedure. In the chronicle mode, while the client peruses the application, the recorder records the client activities in the activity table, which can be adjusted physically later on. The recorded client activities and the related UI components are spared as individual things and consequently can be effortlessly gotten to and altered. 

The Ranorex Recorder permits you to record the console and mouse activities important for a UI test. These activities show up in the Recorder's activity table, where you can alter them or include more. Along these lines, you can make accounts to suit your testing needs. The Ranorex Recorder is accessible as a coordinated device in Ranorex Studio and as an independent representation. 

Ranorex Spy: 

This apparatus lets the client get the UI components of an application through the scanner. It is an inquiry language that permits the analyzer to approve the application to distinguish and sift through different UI components without any problem. This apparatus gives the mapping data of these GUI testing components to change the Xpath. 

One of the prime boundaries that characterize how great a mechanization device is based its article acknowledgment property and how well it collaborates with the item under test. For a similar reason, this device is having has Ranorex Spy which perceives the UI components of the item under test. It gives a various leveled portrayal of the component. 

Ranorex Repository: 

UI components of the application that are being dissected can be found under the Ranorex Repository. It is a piece of Ranorex Studio, the test improvement condition, and is additionally coordinated with Ranorex Spy and Ranorex Recorder. This vault can be utilized to make legitimate mapping of these UI components which will eventually help in overseeing test succession activities and component distinguishing pieces of proof. 

A storehouse contains portrayals of (UI) components utilized in a test, called "archive things." Repository things are composed in a tree-like structure. Everything has a RanoreXPath that extraordinarily distinguishes it and permits Ranorex to interface the thing with the comparing UI component of the AUT. 

For each test venture, a storehouse (.rxrep) document is made. Various storehouses can be made for various experiments. Storehouse components are mapped to the 'Vault Element' segment in the Action table. 

Ranorex Test Suite Runner 

The Ranorex Test Suite Runner permits you to run the test suite freely from Ranorex Studio that should be possible with just a runtime drifting permit. Each run of a test suite creates a test report. Tests can likewise be run from the order line if you need to coordinate them with different devices like test the board devices (HP Quality Center, and so on.) or nonstop joining servers (TeamCity, Jenkins, and so forth).

Ranorex Installation and Download

  • The first step is to go to the official site page of Ranorex for the free preliminary: https://www.ranorex.com/free-preliminary/

Ranorex Installation and Download

  • The first step is to go to the official site page of Ranorex for the free preliminary: https://www.ranorex.com/free-preliminary/ 
  • In the subsequent advance, give you name, email address (business ID), Company Name, and so on as appeared in the screen capture. When you have included every single compulsory certification, click the "Download Now" button at long last. 
  • Thereafter check your Inbox. On you business address, you will then receive a business link
  • Lastly choose the link to begin the downloading procedure.

Ranorex Studio Wizard Setup

  • Once the apparatus is downloaded effectively, start the arrangement and begin adhering to directions individually. 
  • Don't neglect to acknowledge the permit understanding. 
  • Keep as a top priority that does not deselect any element when provoked.

Ranorex Studio Wizard Setup

Finish the Ranorex Studio Installation

  • Keep an eye on the establishment progress.
  • You can see a message on the screen that the establishment is effective.
  • Click Finish to leave the arrangement wizard and dispatch the Ranorex Studio.

Finish the Ranorex Studio Installation

Trail vs. Paid License

  • Choose and enter the permit data for the Ranorex Studio Wizard. 
  • You will get a full-highlighted Ranorex wizard for 30 days and a while later, you need to buy a permit to keep utilizing this device

Trail vs. Paid License
Launch the Ranorex Studio

The Ranorex Studio will dispatch up naturally when the establishment is finished. Here are the means to dispatch this wizard physically: 

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  • Open the Start Menu of Windows. 
  • Search for the Ranorex Studio Program and snap it. An easy route is accessible in the work area when the establishment is finished.

Launch the Ranorex Studio

  • At the time you are opening the wizard just because, or there are no tasks accessible in it then it will take you to the beginning page of the Wizard.

Launch the Ranorex Studio

  • Select one of these choices and the RocketStart arrangement wizard will direct you through the way toward making an answer for the predetermined testing objective. 
  • Click to close the RocketStart arrangement wizard and show the Ranorex Studio start page.

Launch the Ranorex Studio

Ranorex vs Selenium


Ranorex Studio is positioned eleventh in Functional Testing Tools with 3 surveys while Selenium HQ is positioned seventh in Functional Testing Tools with 6 audits. Ranorex Studio is evaluated 8.0, while Selenium HQ is appraised 7.6. 

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Installing and arranging Selenium WebDriver is an unpredictable procedure. The Selenium IDE, created as a quick prototyping instrument and program add-on for Firefox, is not, at this point upheld as of Firefox variant 55 or more. In this way, to utilize Selenium WebDriver, you should choose a programming language to use with WebDriver, set up an IDE for it, and download and design the right language ties. Designing endpoints for WebDriver is a different procedure. With Ranorex Studio, you get a straightforward establishment and arrangement process that incorporates all that you have to lead web testing. Moreover, Ranorex Studio gives a top tier catch and-replay device to help you quickly automate the experiments that you wish to conduct. The best part is that you can do this without composing any code. In the Ranorex environment, the testers can effectively perform complex approvals, set up information tables, or marvel records for information-driven testing, perform restrictive testing, and much more. Ranorex Studio makes it easy to produce pictures and perform programmed picture based correlation testing. Ranorex Studio's straightforward inherent report can be seen directly in the Studio interface, spared as a PDF, or sent as an email connection. Ranorex Studio likewise incorporates a full IDE for test improvement in C# or VB.NET, with devices for troubleshooting and refactoring, prescient code finishing, and computerization aides. 


A Selenium Grid disperses web application tests from a focal center point over various physical or virtual servers. Every server can be designed with an alternate arrangement of abilities, including O/S rendition and program form. In any case, Selenium doesn't give an instrument to execute conveyed tests in equal. Ranorex Studio incorporates the Ranorex Parallel Runner, which supports running tests over various ability sets on a Selenium Grid through WebDriver endpoints in equal. 

Built-in Platform Support 

Selenium WebDriver was created as a helpful instrument to computerize internet browsers, however, it was never expected as an answer for testing work area or versatile applications. As a total testing system, Ranorex Studio remembers worked for help for testing work areas, web, and portable applications. Furthermore, some web applications incorporate non-HTML/HTML5 parts like Flash, inserted Java, and MS Silverlight controls, which Selenium will most likely be unable to perceive. Ranorex bolsters these innovations, in any event, when these advancements are blended in with standard HTML pages.


Ranorex is a great automation tool. The fact that it does not need any coding knowledge makes it even better. This particular element makes it more popular than its competitors in the market. This Ranorex tutorial has been written to guide you concerning the main aspects of Ranorex. You can begin your Ranorex learning with this tutorial. In case you have any doubts or queries, do get back to us and we will resolve your queries at the earliest.

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