IBM BPM Tutorial

IBM is a broad platform of BPM, which helps our business processes by providing insights and the visibility. IBM BPM is used to enable the processes of deployment, which span the rules, aims, applications and systems to interact among them. It provides the support for the businesses of both short and long running processes, the monitoring of business is more supporting for IBM BPM. In this IBM BPM tutorial we had included all the necessary information that is required for the users to know better about the process requirement, modelling and creation , implementation of the processes. Moreover IBM BPM tutorial for beginners helps to gain good knowledge about the IBM BPM processes. Now let's start discussing one after the other in detail:

Introduction to IBM BPM: 

Process requirements

The process which envelops the procedure of job filling, through approval, routing and the submission of requisitions for jobs to the department of HR, that helps for job candidates search. The process is named as standard HR open new position. 

The process needs the given requirements

  • The manager of hiring required to take new role or replacing the role of existing
  • He needs to identify the needs of that position and design the requisitions offer to the department of HR

New role requires the given details 

  • Job requisitions ID
  • Hiring managers name
  • Positions title
  • Department name which needs job requisition 
  • Time and place for the process

The existing role requires the given details

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Supervisor
  • Pay grade 
  • Classification 

Model the process

Our aim is to utilize the needs of process for the model of standard HR new position, and later perform the play back namely playback zero. While the process is going on we can open new needs and rate the procedure through the stakeholders of business.

After the completion of this modules process we are able to understand the given topics 

Applications process designing

  • BPD creation
  • Lanes addition of model teams and BPD teams assigning
  • Addition of BPD gateways, their events and activities
  • Activities connection for sequence flow
  • BPD intermediates timer 
  • Process variables designing
  • Playback zeros running

1. Create the process application

  • We need to design the process application previous to the creation of the standard HR open new position, which is keeped in the respiratory center process

Create the process application

  • Designing the process application
  • First we need to begin the process designer, then required to login by using the user name and the password of our username.

process application

  • Then the page of process apps exposed the process applications list which are presented in the process center.
  • Later on the process centers right panel select the link create new process app

Gave the given information

1. Name of process app

2. Its acronym

3. Ita description

  • When we click the option create, the process application appears into our process apps list.
  • Finally for the process application sample choose the option open in the designer, then it opens by exposing process app settings.

process app

2. Create the business process definition

We are required to design the business process definition for my hiring sample process application  model creation. 

  • First we need to conform weather MHS is open or not in the process designer
  • Then need to choose the option plus sign in the library of designer, which is next to process and click on definition of business process

Create the business process definition

  • Finally we need to choose the finish option by typing standard hr open new position, late the result of the process games like shown below.

process games

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3. Model teams 

In this the teams are modeled which takes place in the process of standard HR open new position, according to the needs of the process we required to design a separate team for each role of user. Those roles are like manager of human resource, general manager, hiring manager, etc. For this process we join the lanes for BPD, each of them contains the associated teams activities.

4. Add activities and events

In this process we attach the events and the activities for the lane of BPDs standard HR open new position, which helps to build the flow of correct flow. Following are the requirements for this process, we need to follow them 

  • We required to make sure that the activities constitute the works logical units which are allocated for the process participate
  • Turn various steps of concurrent workflow, which designates the role into the task
  • For the activities of the label by using verb noun like requisition of submit job
  • Finally made it simple for reading through appealing the left to right and top to bottom flow for our BPD

5. Add sequence flows

For this process we need to follow the given steps

  • First confirm that the opening of the standard HR open new position process and then select the option diagram tab
  • In the palette choose the tool of sequence flow
  • Then we need to progress our mouse position to the event of start, and choose the arrow for beginning
  • Select the submit job requisition point and select it again
  • Later connect its activity for job candidates identifying and to accept the activity of requisition
  • Attach the activities of job candidates finding for the event of end 
  • Associate the activity of requisition, which helps to inform activity of the hiring manager and connect it to the event of end.
  • In the palette choose the option selection tool
  • Finally save the work

6. Add event gateways

In this process we create 2 gateways of events for points modelling in the process execution of standard HR new open position. We already added sequence flow for the path of potential which is from an activity, when our sequence flow is modeled individually then we need to check each line's condition of the flow. 

This process indicates the process execution branch point that is based on issues which have already occurred and follow the single one from various flows. For this proceducedure of event gateways we need the given gateways

  • GM approval: the requisition dispels from the hiring manager for the position of existing, the requisition. dispels from the general manager for a new one.
  • GM approved: It maintains and changes the requisition, it is dispel from hr manager when requisition is approved, it is dispel from hiring manager when requisition is rejected.

7. Add timer intermediate event

In the very first step we need to confirm that the standard open new position is open or not and the diagram is selected or not. 
Move the event of intermediate from palette to requisition boundary of lower left and then gave the name as overdue

Claims and complaints process

  • If the documentation is not provided by the client within a certain period, the claim will be filed.

Claim and complaints process

  • Click the implementation in the tab of properties, choose the timer in the event of boundaries and continue repeatability.

Initiate X

  • Attach the activity of send escalation, move the palettes activity for the lane of system, provide the name for the notice of send escalation
  • Provide the name for the line of sequence flow
  • Attach the end event with the end of sequence flow

sequence flow

  • Then attach the notice to send an escalation with the event of end escalation.
  • Finally save the work

8. Create process variable

In this process of  implementing a logic gateway we design the variables of the process, we require 2 variables for the implementation of 2 gateways. 

  • Requisition
  • Current position

We choose private variables as those are used by BPD only and then transfer to the BPDs link

We design and allocate the variables type namely placeholders, which is temporary. If our process is implemented then current position and requisition variables are associated with the help of objectives of business. We need to follow the given requirements while variables are creating

  • Design the names of variables those begin with letters of lower case
  • Advocate the variables first letter 
  • Design the word with lowercase letters when its name is only single word
  • The first letter must be capitalized when the name is with more than one word
  • Recollect the sensitive names of variables

9. Conduct playback zero

To start this process first check whether the process of standard HR open new position is open or not and also choose the diagram tab.
Analyse the model of the process through examining the which matches the image of the given 

Conduct playback zero

  • Go through the playback simulation process, describing our model for a colleague
  • Build on the needs of new process for the BPD of standard HR open new position
  • Design our process applications snapchat

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Implement the process

In this process we execute the BPDs standard HR open process which was authorized in playback zero. When we complete this modules process, we will come to know that the concept and the process of the given tasks

  • Design the objectives of custom business, which helps to arrange particular data of our process.
  • The events of intermediate timer
  • Gateways implementation 
  • Inspectors run playback

1. Create business objectives

  • First we need to design the objective of persons business 
  • Choose the objective of business by selecting plus sign which is presented next to data in library of designer
  • Later for the objective of business enter the name of person and select the finish option
  • Then select the add in the section of parameters

Create business objectives

  • We need to save our work
  • Design the objective of business position

Business Object

  • Again save our work
  • Design the objective of business requisition

business requisition

  • Repeat the work saving
  • Choose the back arrow till we came back to the process of standard HR open new position
  • Select the tap of variable in crucial canvas for the process of standard HR open new position
  • By choosing the options select and position turn the variables of current position from placeholder onto the requisition

placeholder onto the requisition

  • Continue the process of work saving
  • Select the diagram for the diagram of standard HR open new position

2. Implement the timer intermediate event

  • Conform and maintain the process of standard HR open new position as open, and the tab of diagram as selected.
  • Select the incident of the intermediate timer, which we fix the requisitions activities boundaries. 
  • Click the implementation in the tab of properties 
  • Conform the selection of repeatable and maintain the activity of interrupt as un select
  • Identify the given values in the properties section of timer

                  Trigger on: For the activity this process of selection became helpful by leading the events triggering after the date of due

                  After/before difference: this process of selection takes place after the date of due

  • Finally save our work

3. Implement gateways

In this process the exclusive gateways are implemented in which BPDs standard HR open new position is modeled. We may exclusively implement the gateways namely GM approved and GM approval, through the variables of process which we design.

After the identification of gateways implementation, we need to describe the condition which maintains the process of running

4. Conduct playback one

In this process we perform the playback one with the help of various paths validation, and the process snapshots. While the process of playback is going on for the stakeholders of the business, customers and its development are exposed in phase of development for the creation of process aims. it helps to develop and accept the model of process continuously, while the process is happening the following are the results.

  • Playback zero: process modeling review
  • Playback one: paths are validated during the process from gateways decision
  • Playback two: observing the human services of individual
  • Playback three: making sure the running of services
  • Final playback: keep the process one instance in portals princess

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Create the user interface

In this process we design the interface of the customer which helps for the interaction of the general manager and the hiring manager. The interface of the customer is the coaches set in the services of humans, the BPDs activities implementation helps customers for system interaction. When we complete this module we are able to perform the tasks given below

  • Coach view creation
  • Human service creation
  • Designing human services flow 

1. Plan the user interface

In this process requirements of the process used for us in identifying the elements of the customer interface, which we require and also can reuse. 
In this process hiring managers need to create requisitions of jobs, he provides the common information for both existing and new positions, which maintains the requisition information.

Then the manager moves to requisitions next page, he doesn't need to give data for the new position, as it already has the data from the first page. He needs to submit the request from the previous page when the information is wrong.When it comes to an existing position he just needs to provide the person's data who presently holds it. The general managers reviews and comments about the requisition.

2. Create the coach view for job requisition data

  • First we need to maintain the application of my hiring sample process as open in the designer process
  • Select the plus sign from library which is presented at next to user interface then click the coach view
  • Gave it a name as requisition cv and then select the finish option, and we may edit its view.
  • Add the coach view with the objectives of requisition business, through designing variables and allot its type of requisition.
  • We can adjust the coach view by adding the options of configuration 
  • Attach the layout of the horizontal section, in the palate section choose the tab of layout, we may also design the information of columns side by side.
  • Design the column of requester
  • Design the position column of job which is requested
  • Plan the location, time and place of the column
  • Finally save the view of coach

3. Create the coach view for position data

In this process we design the view of the coach which exposes the positions data like name and type of the position. This process covers the objective of business position, its column includes control of two stocks that are also views of coach.

  • Design the view of coach
  • Provide the name for view of positions cv
  • Combine the business data with the view of coach
  • Attach the configuration options with the positionlist1, we may convert the service type and define the service in the services of create ajax.
  • In the palate section choose the layout tab, and rename it by attaching layout with vertical section
  • Combine the business objective position with the vertical section
  • Join the vertical section with control
  • Click the position type and select the properties of configuration for items selection
  • Finally save the view of coach

4. Create the coach view for person data

In this process we design the coach view, which exposes the person's data like pay level and the last name. This process used to combine the business objective of a person with a coach view. We need to follow the given steps to create the person data coach view.

  • Design the coach view
  • Provide the name for new view
  • Attach the business data with view 
  • Choose the layout tab from palette section, and rename the person data
  • Stick the business objective of person with vertical section
  • Finally save the coach view

5. Create the Submit Requisition HS human service

  • Design the human services of job requisition 
  • Attach the input and output data through human services
  • Maintain the elements of human services for flow designing
  • Choose the sequence flow in the palettes section, helps to make the connections
  • Describe the decision branches of process requirements, based on new or existing positions. Then the hiring manager evaluates the job requisitions for decision control and the split paths implementation.
  • Finally save the human services. 

6. Complete the flow for the Submit Requisition HS human service

This process is to enable the hiring manager for job requisitions return, which is editable by attaching a back button. We may design the coaches for requisition submission. 

  • Click the tab of the diagram from the requisition submission of human service.
  • Click the icon sequence flow in palette section 
  • Finally save the human services

7. Create the GM Approval HS human service

In this process we design the human services, which helps the general manager for job requisitions review. This process offers the interface of users, and maintains the requisition. 

  • To maintain the activities of job requisition we need to design the human services. Through the human services maintain the input and output data. 
  • Keep the human services elements for flow creation
  • Click the icon of sequence flow in the palate section 
  • Prepare the approval coach of requisition, when we require the help these steps help us for coaches creation in requisition submission of human service.
    Click the coach view of requisition cv
  • Fix the property visibility for the coach view of position cv.

8. Conduct Playback Two

This is the process for playback two conducting through maintaining the individual working of human services which exposes the exact coaches. We need to complete the tasks given below. The requisitions submission of human services by using the coach requisitions designing, Check and confirm the coaches details of the existing position, General manager accepts the human services with the help of coach approvals requisition.

Integrate the process with services

With the help of this module the process is integrated through the components of service, which offers the data of process. It implements the cloud access applications and various components of service, the services implementation based on its components which access the functionality of the application. After this process completion, we are able to know the concepts like service designing the process components. We need to finish the following tasks 

  • Process model
  • Process implementation
  • Designing of customer interfaces

1. Create Ajax services

  • Before starting the process, maintain the process application of my hiring sample as opened in the designer process.
  • Select the plus icon from library of designer for ajax service selection
  • Select the finish option by providing name as populate department list which helps for ajax service edit
  • Fix the services of input and output 
  • Prepare the service flow
  • Use the services of ajax through the departmental configuration of stock control
  • Design the ajax services

2. Add validation to the Create Requisition Coach

  • Conform that weather the process application of my hiring sample is open or not 
  • Choose the plus sign in library section of designer 
  • Select the finish option by giving name as requisition cv validation
  • Fix the services of input and output
  • Design the service flow
  • Attach the decorator needs for user inputs control
  • Validation is inserted for requisition submission of human services.

3. Conduct Playback Three

  • First we need to click on the populate department list in ajax services
  • Select the icon of debug
  • Start the designer process
  • Select the yes to on the view of inspector
  • Maintain the debugger browser and inspector on our screen side by side
  • Choose the step tab in web browser
  • Test the ajax services in the similar process
  • Run the requisition of human services
  • Select the tab next 
  • Collect the process application snapshot
  • Finally return back to playback one

4. Conduct the final playback

In this process we create the final playback, for the requisition of a new job which helps to take the final snapshot from starting to end. 


This blog post helps you to get an idea of ibm bpm, this is the best place for those who even have no basic knowledge of ibm bpm, our hkr trainings provides you the required topics in this ibm bpm tutorial. Many of the users choose ibm bpm to design the applications of new and flexible which maintains the processes of business, it is based on model of single shared and have the special architecture of  model. International business machines keep up the business process management.

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