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WinRunner, Mercury Interactive's endeavor functional testing apparatus. It is utilized to rapidly make and operate complex robotized tests on your application.

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What is WinRunner ?

WinRunner, Mercury Interactive's endeavor functional testing apparatus. It is utilized to rapidly make and operate complex robotized tests on your application. Winrunner assists you to mechanize the testing interaction, from test development to execution. You can make versatile and reusable test contents which can challenge the usefulness of your application. Preceding a software discharge, you can run these tests in one overnight run-empowering you to recognize and guarantee prevalent programming quality. This WinRunner tutorial shows you the basics of testing your application with WinRunner. It will acclimate you with the way toward making and executing mechanized tests and investigating the test results. It includes the intended audience, prerequisites, its features, benefits of Automated Testing, Winrunner Testing Process, how does WinRunner Identify GUI Objects, and modes of recording in Winrunner.

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This WinRunner tutorial is planned for software testing specialists who should appreciate the Testing Framework in detail by its composes, systems, and levels. It furnishes essential information to start with the product testing measure from where you can take yourself to more raised measures of capacity. 


You should have a fundamental understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and of software using any programming language.

Features of Winrunner

Win Runner is a widely used Automated Software Testing Tool created by Mercury Interactive. It supports web technologies such as Java, VC++, Delphe, D2K, VB, PowerBuilder, HTML, Cibell (ERP)), and C/s. It’s features include, 

  • Dependent on Windows Platform 
  • Applicable just for Graphical User Interface (GUI) based Application.
  • Record/Playback Tool
  • Functional Regression Testing Tool 
  • Applicable for static content.
  • Oriented on Object Oriented Technology (OOT) concept

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Benefits of Automated Testing

Manual testing is a tedious and dreary interaction that demands a weighty interest in HR. To top it all off, time limitations regularly make it difficult to physically test and retest each element before the software is delivered. This leaves you puzzling over whether genuine errors have left undetected. Robotized testing with WinRunner drastically accelerates the testing interaction. You can make test scripts which analyze all parts of your application, and afterward function these tests on each new form. As WinRunner executes tests, it recreates a human client by moving the mouse cursor over the application, clicking GUI items, and entering console input, however WinRunner does this quicker than any human client. Using WinRunner you can save time by executing clump tests for the time being. You just begin the batch run before you go home at night, and audit the results when you return the next day Comprehensive: You can create a suite of tests which hides every facility in your application. 

  • Fast: WinRunner operates tests much quicker than human users. 
  • Reusable: You could reuse tests on various versions of an app, even if the UI alters.
  • Programmable: You can easily program intricate tests which reveals hidden data from the application. 
  • Reliable: Tests execute mainly the similar operations every time they are functioned, thus reducing human error. 
  • Repeatable: You could test if the software reacts under repeated performances.
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Modes of Recording in Winrunner 

Context-Sensitive Recording records the activities you execute on your application by distinguishing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects. WinRunner recognizes all the items in your window you have chosen like menus, windows, records, buttons and the kind of task you perform, for example, move, enable, select, and so on. Analog Recording records mouse clicks, console input, and the exact x-and y coordinates went by the mouse pointer across the screen, i.e WinRunner records accurate coordinates covered by mouse.

Winrunner Testing Process

The six steps are as follows:

  • Running the RapidTest Script wizard on your application: You can operate the RapidTest Script wizard on your application to show WinRunner the actual depiction of each GUI object the application includes. The wizard consequently creates a progression of tests which you can quickly execute on your application. 
  • Creating extra tests contents which can test your application's usefulness WinRunner puts down contents naturally when you account activities on your script, or you can execute it straightforwardly in Mercury Interactive's Test Script Language (TSL). 
  • Debugging the tests: You investigate the tests to watch that they work easily and without interference. 
  • Running the tests on another version of the application: You execute the tests on another variant of the application to confirm the application's conduct.  
  • Examining the test results:You analyze the results of the test to pinpoint errors and defects in the application.
  • Reporting defects: In the event that you have the Web Defect Manager or the Remote Defect Reporter, you can report any deformities to a database. The Remote Defect Reporter and the Web Defect Manager are based inside Mercury Interactive's software test management device and TestDirector.

How does WinRunner Identify GUI Objects? 

GUI applications are GUI products, for example, windows, records, buttons and menus. Before you start making and executing tests on an application, you should utilize the RapidTest Script wizard that studies the depiction of all the GUI products your application includes. The wizard opens windows, inspects their GUI articles, and saves the item depiction in a GUI map record. Afterward, when you execute tests, WinRunner utilizes this document to distinguish and find objects.

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This article gives you a comprehensive understanding of WinRunner, its benefits of automated testing and the features which will aid you in how to operate and utilize it properly.


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