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Automation is very important for any software or application because it reduces the manpower, time saving, effectively performing the most repetitive tasks, reduces costs imposed, and increases the output, etc. In this winautomation tutorial we are going to learn about an important automation tool i.e winautomation, various supported by this tool, installation, features , in detail.

What is Winautomation?

WinAutomation is an effective and user-friendly Windows-based application tool for developing Software Robots. These Software Robots will completely automate all of your desktop and web-based tasks.On a Windows machine, this tool is used to automate processes.This tool can develop an excel file, read data from the file, and write data to almost the same file. This can create files, delete copies, and so on on its own on a Windows machine. It can even completely run the Windows environment by itself.

Why Winautomation?

  • WinAutomation extends the advantages of robotic process automation to your desktop. 
  • It provides the much more potent, flexible, and user-friendly Windows-based software for automating highly repetitive tasks. 
  • WinAutomation assists users in lowering costs while improving the potential performance and quality of enterprise applications.

The winautomation tool mainly automates the web and windows applications.It supports the following list of client and server operating systems in order to run the applications. They are:Windows 7, windows 8, windows vista, windows 10, windows 2012, windows 208, windows 2016, etc.
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Editions of the Winautomation Tool

Winautomation supports three types of editions mainly:

  • Basic edition,
  • Professional edition and 
  • Professional plus edition

Basic edition:

In the basic edition less number of features are offered and also the basic functionalities like basic actions and basic triggers are given to the users.

Professional edition:

The professional edition adds some extra features when compared with the basic edition such as autologin, error handling,secure screen feature, maximum running time, and robot omplier, etc.

Professional plus edition:

In the professional plus edition, some attractive features are presented to the users along with the features in professional and basic editions.

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Installation guide of the Winautomation Tool:

Step1: one cannot directly download the winautomation software from the website, first you need to download the free trial version for 30 days. 

Step2: Now download the winautomation free trial software from the official website.You will be taken to a page where there is a download button available click on it.

Step3: Immediately after clicking you will be notified with a confirmation email and with download link as well.

Step4:After clicking on the above link you will ask to save the winautomaiton.exe and then click on the vae option.

Step5:Now double click on the winautomaiton.exe, click on the next button , tick the check box and click on the next option until you find the finish button.

Step7: The tool is successfully installed and now open the winautomation console window in order to know the tool's prominent features.

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Features of Winautomation

Winautomation comes with distinctive features such as:

  • It supports several data types and variables.
  • One can monsito the real time eperformance of the robots.
  • Helps in performing dynamic debugging.
  • Just schedule tasks and they are done on time.

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In the winautomation tutorial, all the concepts are covered in detail and helps the aspirants to get full details as well. Most preferably every organization needs the winautomation software for th eprocessing making the tasks easier and simpler.If you find any doubts please go ahead of the comment section and drop your message there. We will definitely resolve your queries.

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