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In today's world, we can see that there are huge differences in business methodologies when compares to the past. Enterprises are always focusing on finding new ways to fulfill their customer needs with their advanced and innovative technologies. Many top companies are investing their time and cost to build the technology that serves 24/7. This supports them to engage with their customers and also enables them to expand their business internationally. Where NetSuite Sandbox helps the organizations to find innovative ways to expand their business and deliver the services. So let's get started with the NetSuite Sandbox blog, this blog helps you learn its features and capabilities.

What is NetSuite?

What is NetSuite

NetSuite is an American Cloud computing company established in 1998, and headquarters is in Sar Marto California. NetSuite offers software and services to manage the finances, business operations, and customer relations. NetSuite is the no.1 cloud ERP system on the market. It is cloud-based ERP software that helps businesses run more effectively and cost-effectively. The NetSuite unified business suite offers an end-to-end business system that includes the following areas and more. Areas included are Enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management, and accounting customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce inventory, and warehouse management. Whereas NetSuite eliminates the need for separate applications for critical business functions and seamlessly connects information across the business in one unified source. More than 50,000 organizations running on NetSuite applications. NetSuite is 10 times larger than the next larger competitor in the ERP market. A broad range of functionalities with industry-specific. NetSuite works with your unique business requirements and real-time dashboards provide engaging graphical reports, insight into forecasting, profit, inventory, and more customizable functionalities. 

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What is Sandbox?

What is SandboxA Sandbox is a full testing environment in which we can test the entire system or any program before offering it for the live production process. Sandbox application environment helps the user in finding the errors, issues, or loopholes associated during the development of business applications. Sandbox acts as a testing tool for testing live applications without affecting the original product. A sandbox environment provides an operational system, so we can perform operations like execution, implementation, and testing of a process without affecting the original program in the system. Sandbox method is mainly used to provide the accuracy of information to make sure that file with no malicious codes or to analyze the suspicious software tools. 

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NetSuite Architecture

NetSuite Architecture will explain the work and nature of the application. So let’s learn the Architecture of NetSuite.

NetSuite Architecture

NetSuite is a full two-tier ERP strategy kit, where two-tier ERP is nothing but a business and technology strategy that helps the organizations to keep their cost or investment in existing ERP systems. ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle at the corporate level services, such as empowering subsidiaries and many divisions to innovate with an ERP system that gives more agility and better ownership. For the customers, NetSuite is the first and only-on demand two-tier ERP system to deliver real-time financial consolidation, and global business management, customization, and full integration with SAP or Oracle. NetSuite testifies the two-tier ERP as a practical and proven solution to provide driving quantifiable business benefits. 

Sandbox Architecture

Sandbox Architecture

Sandbox is a finite model of an application and a formal property; it enables us to systematically check whether the property holds for the model, by model checking. This can also be applied to apps, for instance, we could check whether an app complies with as agreed communication protocol. An integration and active contribution to related open source model-based developments and verification tools are planned accordingly. Using the deployment too chain and app store, we ensure that only such checked code is running on the CPS service. This means, similar to mobile platforms which have software repositories known as app stores, manufacturers of smart applications.

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What is Sandbox Account in NetSuite?

As I said earlier, NetSuite provides a product called Sandbox to the business customers, and it just acts as a copy of the current company database that will be stored on a separate server. Once the company buys the process then the next step will come is to request access for the newly created sandbox account.

Refresh can be done with the following navigation-> create a copy of the database server -> this process will take 1 to 2 business working days to finish the task. In the NetSuite application, we will get a limited number of Refresh options if you need extra options you need to take a premium option.

The sandbox is a good facility offered to the customers helps the customer to customize the applications, scripting of Java modes by using Suite Script, performing workflow using the Suite Flow, or any type of NetSuite system.  With the help of Sandbox, companies can train their employees without affecting the original production process.

Types of NetSuite Sandbox accounts

There are two different types of NetSuite Sandbox accounts available to offer the best services to their customers. I would like to name them;

1. Development account

2. Premium account 

NetSuite Sandbox development account: 

This sandbox development account comes with the same advanced features as what the company's production account holds, but one thing is that it doesn't contain any production data or customized data applications. This account type is useful to outsource the services or companies let outsiders develop something for them and allow them to access the system production environments.

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NetSuite Sandbox premium sandbox:

Where standard sandbox is best suitable for the limited operations of any company or only for end-to-end testing purposes. But when it comes to customizing the multiple projects, huge complexity for these instances we need a Sandbox premium account. 

This type of NetSuite sandbox premium account for the customers, whose project's data volume is high and complexity levels are huge. The main purpose of using a premium account to automate the performance testing, configurations, and also enable you to replace the data at any time.

Types of NetSuite Sandbox accounts

  • The premium Sandbox account is suitable for the company’s clients or customers whose data transactions are huge and high-level complexity.
  • This will also pay very close attention to the production performance profiles and also acts as a tester.
  • The premium sandbox account is best suitable to test the whole process of process customizations, and allowing the data flow in the isolated environments.
  • This also provides us an isolated environment for testing the company's long-running personalization, and users can bundle them and move to the production process with the help of a tool called SuiteBundler.
  • Sandbox's premium account allows the organization to provide a functional environment for training their employees and teams. This also offers a permit to test existing and new projects. 
  • The premium account features and data of the production team are the same as testing.
NetSuite Sandbox sub-account types

The sandbox accounts purchases have come up with three different sub-account types used for many purposes. There are three types of Sub-accounts available,

Development account:

      • With this sub-account premium, user can perform many activities such as,
      • SuiteFlow building customization, 
      • Performing Suite Script, 
      • And testing where no need to provide customer data.

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Single sandbox Account:

It is well suited for those who want to develop customized products with SuitScript or SuitFlow.

Multiple Sandboxes:

This account is suitable for organizations, where they need to work on larger and complex projects. For example, building multiple customized pages with SuiteScript parallel application. One more thing is that multiple sandboxes will enable the developers to work with spreadsheet data sets and testing the customized data on their own.

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How to grant the Sandbox access to the individual user?

Below are the very simple steps needed to access the Sandbox to the individual users, or any person who wants to offer access to the NetSuite Sandbox,

Navigation is as follows, 

      • First login to NetSuite sandbox account -> in the administrator role by clicking the below link,
      • Then go to lists -> select employees -> employees and chose the employee records on the NetSuite Sandbox 
      • In the employee record tab on the Sandbox -> click on access button -> chose the grant access -> provide the specific information.
      • Once you are done with the tasks, click on the save changes -> now you company employee or individual authorized person -> whom you have granted the permission now, they can access the account.

How to grant the Sandbox access to the individual user

How to remove Sandbox access from individual users?

The following are the steps involved to remove the Sandbox access;

Navigation is as follows;

      • First login to NetSuite sandbox account -> which is available in the administrator role -> by using the below link,
      • Go to lists -> select employee -> in the employee section -> click the employee records on the NetSuite sandbox.
      • In the employee record tab -> click on the access button -> select the clear button to clear all the grant access box data 
      • Once you finish the task -> save changes. Now the company employee or any authorized person that whom you have removed them from the NetSuite sandbox can no longer log in to it. 

How to remove Sandbox access from individual users?

Steps to refresh the Sandbox account:

      • When you have decided to refresh the NetSuite sandbox account, firstly sandbox will create the production account during the time of execution. 
      • Henceforth all the customization and configuration details that you have used during the production time will be saved. 
      • Click the refresh button; it will clear the entire data in the sandbox.
      • If you wish to have a customization in between the refresh cycles,-> select the SuiteCloud to develop a framework or any SuiteBuilder-> now you can copy the database from Sandbox.

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Advantages of NetSuite

The following are the very important advantages of NetSuite:

  • NetSuite is easily integrated with CRM systems. This allows companies to unite fragmented data and share it with every department.
  • NetSuite is a cloud-based system. Instead of hiring additional IT employees, the daily system maintenance like backups and server updates are outsourced.
  • NetSuite houses all of the financial information in a single database. Instead of tracking and supporting multiple software products and databases, NetSuite provides users with access to key performance metrics in real-time.
  • NetSuite offers dashboard and other business intelligence tools updated in real-time. With more visibility and better access to data, management is able to recognize and seize opportunities quicker.                                                                                                             

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Advantages of Sandbox

The following are the very important advantages of Sandbox technology:

  • Control risk: sale space with great flexibility and leniency of some rules. And also limits the effects of failed experiments on consumers and financial stability.
  • Deliver innovative productions: Allow companies to work on product enhancement to deliver relevant low-cost products.
  • Offers better solutions: efficiently tailor their solutions and meet the needs of their consumers. And businesses can easily identify issues and resolve them with reduced risks and costs. 
  • Options for business exit: allows cessation of business, transition to an official business entity, and authorized withdraws of data.

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As is said earlier, NetSuite sandbox is essential for all companies to produce innovative technologies and deliver services. This also helps them to expand the market and increase the customers globally. NetSuite Sandbox is a cloud-based one-stop solution to all the problems related to business. NetSuite sandbox tool has come up with advanced features and capabilities to helps organizations in training and testing the employees. This also cost-effective, saves time, and fewer errors production process. Users can also work on a new project without changing nay modification with the existing projects. I hope this blog may help a few of the social community forums and NetSuite organizations to learn and grow. 

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