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Sample Resumes

Team Lead (Mean stack and blockchain )

can join in 15 days

Gurgaon, Haryana

·         1 years 11 months experience as a MEAN stack Developer in IT industry.

·         Team player with good communication skills and innovative ideas to make attractive designs.

·         Team lead with good management

Work Experience

Team Lead (Mean stack and blockchain )

Pennybase Technologies

March 2018 to Present

Language: Node-js, multichain.
Team Size: 5.
Venue: Pennybase Technologies.

2) bitwire exchange

Mean stack(Team lead)

Pannybase Technical Services Pvt Limited - Gurgaon, Haryana

December 2017 to Present

Team Lead (Mean stack and blockchain )

Pennybase Technologies

December 2017 to February 2018

Language: Node-Js
Team Size: 1.
Venue: Pennybase Technologies.
Project description: The cryptocurrency and blockchain space was blooming and ripe for adoption by the majority of our society. We set out to build a user-friendly exchange that connects social with trading, enabling people to effortlessly trade cryptocurrency and help them adopt the new digital economy. We called our company and platform Bitwire Exchange, providing everyone access to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

3) Lawcunae website and app URL:
Role in Project:Schema design, collection design, setup relationship between collections, creating apis, parsing data, handling 4 databases.

Mobiloitte Technologies

October 2017 to December 2017

Project description: This website is for law students and all the peoples related to law, all the related documents, files, cases are on this website as well as user can suggest annotations, comments, likes see all related cases and documents etc.

4) ELBUSO website and app
Role in Project:Schema design, collection design, setup relationship between collections, creating apis, work as shadow in front end.

Mobiloittle technologies - Delhi, Delhi

January 2017 to December 2017

Role: Mean stack

Mobiloitte Technologies

June 2017 to September 2017

·         Language: Node-Js, Angularjs.
Team Size: 1.
Venue: Mobiloitte Technologies.
Project description: Elbuso is a norway client project which is a ecommerce site and a android app.
This site provides you categories of product 1.Deals 2.Auction Deals are similar to the other websites deals like flipkart, amazon etc with the time duration.

·         Auctions are the speciality of this website in which the Auction is created by the Admin with the acceptance of the Action form by supplier and when the Auction complete, user can collect his/her product from shop.


5) BeanThere IOS app

Admin Panel

Mobiloitte Technologies

April 2017 to May 2017

Project description: BeanThere is an IOS app which finds you the best restaurant near by you and connect people as per restaurant or feedback or your friend circles. Bean there app notify you, if you are close to the restaurant in your favourites.

6) CMeal Deal- Description - Meal Deal application where a Chef prepare meal and diner can buy meals.It's carry a lots of features like future order, order according to preference, custom order, online chat diner and chef using, Payment gateway.

·         IOS App - ls=1 HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8" HYPERLINK " ls=1 HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8"& HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8"mt=8" HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8"& HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8" HYPERLINK " ls=1 HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8"& HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8"mt=8" HYPERLINK " ls=1&mt=8"mt=8 Role- Partial Work to create web services using Node and Express js for IOS app.

7) 247Mytutor- Description -Online Welcome to Global Language Exchange and Tutors Application 247MyTutor which rewards user for all their language activities by exchanging their languages and sharing their cultures in diverse activities such as chats, audio calls, videos, and many more.
Website link-
Admin Panel-
Android App Url- q=247Mytutor HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"c=apps HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"c=apps HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"c=apps HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"c=apps HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"c=apps HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"& HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"hl=en" HYPERLINK " q=247Mytutor&c=apps&hl=en"hl=en
Role- Partial work to create web services for website, admin panel, android app and IOS app as a backend developer using Node js, Express js.



January 2010


ANGULARJS (Less than 1 year), POSTGRESQL (Less than 1 year), GUI (Less than 1 year), HTML (Less than 1 year), MONGODB (Less than 1 year), multichain (Less than 1 year), nodejs (Less than 1 year)


Additional Information

Languages&frameworks: Nodejs, Angularjs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ElasticSearch, Multichain, Javascript(6,7,8),, Express, Sails js, html(basic), jquery(basic).
Databases: Mongodb, Postgresql, Neo4j.
GUI Development Tools: Atom, Sublime Text, Note+.
Operating System: Ubuntu, Mac, Windows 10, Windows 8.
Other: Payement gateways, Third party apis, AWS services, scrapping, crawling etc.




·         A PROBLEM SOLVER and TECHNOLOGY ENTHUSIAST is how I can be described the best. With almost 3.5

·         years of experience in Blockchain Domain, I have worked with various of the use-cases in it and have

·         delivered a number of enterprise grade products. Having an unconventional career graph, I believe that

·         'SkillSet' and 'Talent' should always be the key factors to look for in an individual.


Work Experience


June 2017 to May 2018

BIT EXCHANGE - a crypto exchange

1. BIT EXCHANGE - a Crypto Exchange

Bit Exchange was one of the in-house projects for CSI Ltd. It was supposed to enable users trade their crypto
currencies using a simple user interface. To start off with the initial phase, three coins needed to be
integrated into it, namely - Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and one of the in-house coin of the company known as
BCCH coin. The project specifications:

Use Case: multi currency crypto exchange
Actors: buyers and sellers (users), admin
Team Size: 4
Technology Used: BitGO APIs for ETH, BTC Node.js PHP
Role: Integrated BTC, ETH and and an in-house coin BCCH into the Exchange. Achieved this using BitGO
APIs, integrated them using node.js at the backend.

2. CRYPTOFISH -- a cr 721 gaming Platform

CryptoFish was a client project that involved developing a decentralised gaming platform. Every CryptoFish
was unique in its characteristics. ERC 721 tokens were used to make the crypto fishes. Being non-fungible
tokens, the ERC721 tokens allowed distinguishing between each fish easily. The platform involved breeding,
mating and trading/exchanging of fishes among the users. CryptoFishes were divided based on the generation of fishes they belong to, some pre-formed fishes being the Gen1 fishes. Users were allowed to
buy or sell the fishes using ETH. The project specifications:

Use Case: gaming platform over ethereum blockhain using ERC 721
Actors: users, admin, cryptofishes (tokens)
Team Size: 4
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain ERC 721 Node.js Angular.js
Role: Created an online gaming platform involving Breeding, Mating and Trading of Cryptofishes. Each
fish was made using an ERC721 token that is a non-fungible token, hence, each fish is unique. Smart
contracts for token creation and trading were used along with the backend made using node.js.
BIT EXCHANGE - Decentralised Lottery


Fire Lottery was a project that attempted to get the Gambling Industry decentralised. It aimed at bringing
transparency and immutability in the conventional lottery procedures. The platform allowed users to buy and play lottery using their cryptocurrencies. For the PoC, only ETH was used as a mode of buying lottery
credits for the user. Metamask was also used to accept ETH. Using the lottery credits, the user was then
allowed to buy the lottery tickets and get started with the play. The records were kept on the blockchain to be made immutable. The lottery time was fixed by the admin and at the time of the play, smart contracts
were used to pick up the winner. The other specifications are:

Use Case: using blockchain in the gambling industry
Actors: admin, users
Team Size: 3
Technology Used: Quorum Blockchain Web3.js Node.js Angular.js
Role: Created an online crypto lottery system that accepted payments in ETH and had a random
number generator and selector for lottery procedure. User was given game credits for the ETH amount
he spends. Credits were then being used to buy lottery tickets. The lottery results were stored on the quorum blockchain.



January 2017 to June 2017

GOLD LINK - gold crypto cryptocurrency

1. BIT EXCHANGE - a backed exchange

Gold link was a project by a client based out of UAE. The project aimed at bringing a
crypto-currency in the market that is backed up by Gold. The client wanted to get the technical workflows of the idea and the
inclusion of Quorum Blockchain in it. The tech workflows and architecture was developed as the initial
milestone. Then the ERC20 token and the ICO smart contracts were developed for carrying out an ICO. The
other specifications are:

Use Case: gold backed cryptocurrency
Actors: users, gold vendors, electronic gadget vendors, government body
Team Size: 2
Technology Used: Quorum Blockchain ERC20
Role: Created the architectural flows for the project idea by including the need for Quorum into it and also created the GOLD TOKEN using ERC20.
BIGBANG TOKENS crypto development

2. BIT EXCHANGE - a - walletexchange

BIGBANG was an online gambling platform for the users. BB Tokens (BigBang Tokens) were developed for the same platform to facilitate crypto payments into it. As part of the project, the token was developed along with the BB Wallet for holding the tokens. The specifications are:

Use Case: token and wallet development
Actors: users, admin
Team Size: 1
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain Web3.js library Node.js
Role: BB Tokens were made to be used for an online crypto gambling platform. Here, created an
Ethereum wallet for holding BB TOKENS and ETH into the inhouse platform of the client.

3. COALI CHAIN - decentralised voting

Coali chain was a SaaS project aimed at developing a decentralised platform for online voting. Users were
able to vote online and the count of votes per person was restricted to one in order to remove any
discrepancy. The platform enabled much needed transparency in the voting process. The specifications are: - Use Case: decentralised voting over Blockchains
Actors: users, smart contract
Team Size: 3
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts Web3.js Node.js
Role: This was a decentralised Voting Platform to reduce redundancy in votes and bring in transparency. Wrote smart contracts for the Voting system and made the API collection using web3.js,
express.js and Node.js



April 2016 to December 2016


1. NIMBUS - pharmaceutical supply chain

Nimbus was an in-house product of the company that was based on the supply chain use case. It was aimed to target US Healthcare and Pharmaceutical market. This enabled tracking the life cycle of the medicine from the production to the destruction. The state of the medicine throughout was updated by the actors
involved through the application interface and was updated on the blockchain which can then be tracked down easily by the consumer. The technical specifications are:

Use Case: pharmaceutical supply chain
Actors: consumer, manufacturer, wholeseller, transporter, retailer
Team Size: 4-5
Technology Used: Quorum Blockchain Express.js Node.js
Role: Nimbus was an in-house product of the company. It was a supply chain for the US pharmaceutical
market to track down the life cycle of medicinal drugs from its production till its consumption. The
entire chain was made over Quorum. Various actors (manufacturer, wholeseller, transporter, retailer,
consumer, etc) were involved.
ENTERCOIN - ICO crypto exchange

2. BIT EXCHANGE - aSmart Contracts

Entercoin was a client project based out of UAE. The client wanted to carry out an ICO for raising the funds.
As part of the project, the architectural workflows were made and the ICO smart contracts were written.
The project specification are:

Use Case: ICO start contracts- token, crowdsale and Airdrop
Team Size: 1
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain ERC 20
Role: Created the architectural flows for the project idea by including the need for Ethereum
Blockchain into it. Also, created the smart contracts for ENTERCOIN (using ERC20), ICO, Crowdsale and



December 2015 to May 2016

BLOCKRIGHT - - a crypto authenticity using Proof of Time
1. BIT EXCHANGE document exchange

Blockright was a SaaS made over blockchains. It aimed at providing document authenticity and privacy based on the concept of Proof of Time. The documents were being updated on the blockchain with the timestamp in order to remove copyrighting issues. The user can upload the personal official documents and get it
timestamped. Then these documents can be verified over blockchain. The project was initially developed over Ethereum blockchain and then migrated to Quorum blockchain. The specifications are:

Use Case: document authentication over Blockchains
 Actors: users, admin, third party companies
Team Size: 3
Technology Used: Quorum Blockchain Web3.js Node.js Angular.js
Role: Created a platform where users can upload any document and get it copyrighted on the basis of
Proof of Time (involved timestamping the document on the Blockchain) . Developed the smart contracts and the APIs using express.js and web3.js libraries.

2. BIT EXCHANGE - a crypto exchange
BOOK MARKETPLACE - copyright protection

BookMarketplace was a decentralised platform for P2P selling, buying and trading of books. The platform
enabled copyright protection for book authors as well. Users were able to sell, buy and trade books directly through the platform without the need of any mediator. P2P payments using ETH was also enabled for quick
transactions through the platform. The technical specifications are:

Use Case: decentralised marketplace for books
 Actors: users, admin
Team Size: 2-3
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain Web3.js Node.js
Role: Created a platform that acted as a decentralised marketplace for books. It involved copyright
protection of the books, crypto payments and peer to peer transactions, i.e, buyer and seller are in direct communication without the need for any intermediary party. An escrow service was also made
unless the book selling is done successfully. Wrote the contracts and made the backend structure for the platform.



August 2015 to January 2016


1. BIT EXCHANGE - a crypto exchange
EDURIGHT - university degree authentication


This project was based on the educational use case for generating, verifying and authenticating university
degrees. It involved three major actors - university, college, student. The university generates online degree on blockchain which is verified by the college and student. Hence, shrinking down the long procedure into no time at all. The Technical specifications are:

Use Case: educational use case
Actors: students, college, university, external user
Team Size: 2
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain Web3.js Node.js
Role: an online platform for generation, verification and validation of degree by the university for the students. The actors were University, Colleges, Students and external corporates incase they need to
verify the authenticity. Developed the Blockchain backend for the platform.

2. BIT EXCHANGE - a crypto- exchange insurance claim procedure

Insurance Automater was a SaaS built to automate the process of insurance claim management. It aimed in reducing the insurance claim frauds by bringing blockchain at the backend. The death of an individual
triggers updates to the other actors and hence automated the claim releasing process. The specifications

Use Case: insurance use case
Actors: user, hospital, insurance company, government body
Team Size: 1
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain Web3.js Node.js
Role: This was a platform for automating the insurance claim procedures. The actors included were
Hospital, Government Body, insurance company and the User. The process of claim filing, processing and dispensing was done over the blockchain for automation. Smart Contracts and the Node.js backend was
done as a part of this project.



June 2015 to August 2015


1. BIT EXCHANGE - a crypto exchange

This project was done as a PoC for a client. The process of doing KYC for a customer usually is resource
consuming, involving time and money to be invested. This project aimed at doing a shared KYC for the consumers so that the redundant time and resources aren't
wasted for doing it repeatedly. The technical
specifications are:

Use Case: KYC over Blockchains
Actors: user, business group (banks), government authority
Team Size: 1
Technology Used: Ethereum Blockchain Web3.js Node.js
Role: This was done for a US based Client. The conventional KYC process was brought over blockchain to increase efficiency, transparency and decrease the processing time. Smart contract was written for storing, verifying and validating the user's records over the blockchains. Backend was done using
web3.js, express.js and node.js.


B.Tech in Information Technology


January 2014 to January 2018


January 2012



ANDROID (Less than 1 year), AWS (Less than 1 year), BOOTSTRAP (Less than 1 year), C++(Less than 1 year), CSS (Less than 1 year)



Additional Information

Technical Skill Set


Blockchain Platforms Ethereum, Quorum, Corda (ongoing)

Languages Solidity, Java, C/C++

Web Node.js, Express.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Network Terminal Putty

Mobile Android

Frameworks Bootstrap

Cloud Platforms AWS, Google Compute Engine



Lead Blockchain Engineer
Lead Blockchain developer
Hyderabad, Telangana


Work Experience

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Cougar tech Inc - San Francisco Bay Area, CA

July 2013 to Present

·         Around 10 years of IT experience with emphasis on Business Requirements Analysis, Application Design, Development, testing, implementation and maintenance of client/server Data Warehouse and Data Mart systems.

·         Experience in working in Banking, Finance, Retail and pharma domains.

·         Experienced in developing POCs and MVPs on Blockchains with experience in various blockchain platforms (Ethereum/Hyperledger/solidity/integrations with IPFS)
Deploying experience in cryptography & encryption to create private blockchain via Multichain

·         Deployment of GETH with Ethereum node and Hyperledger business network

·         Deployment with IBM IBP

·         Having experience in building DApp using Ethereum Blockchain (private network).

·         Developed DApps for different industry customers like Pharma, Supply chain, Finance etc.

·         Experienced in smart contracts development using Solidity and with Chaincode Golang.

·         Hands on experience with various file systems (IPFS, COBAL) and databases like Oracle, NoSQL, MongoDB, Teradata etc.

·          Well versed experience with framework tools like Docker, Web3/Ethereum EVM, IPFS, Git, AWS/Azure, Hyperledger

·         Deploying experience in smart contracts using truffle/Metamask

·         Good understanding on Chaincode smart contracts with hyper-ledger fabric

·         Involved in all phases of SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) from analysis and planning to development and deployment.

·         Solid experience in all phases of application development life cycle involved in design, development, testing and not limited to production support.

·         Involved in writing various scripts in Python and JS for writing automated scripts for scheduled queue process commands.

Associate Consultant

Capgemini India Private Limited - Frankfurt

April 2011 to April 2013

·         Environment Setup & Documentation

·         Created detailed functional specs, requirement traceability matrices, work-flow diagrams & other documentation

·         Independently sourcing Blockchain codes from various vendors/open source sites for locally setting up the environment

·         Designing & building Blockchain framework & accelerators and documented development artefacts and best practices

·         Stakeholders/Client Relationship Management

·         Liaising with multiple stakeholders to customize the open source codebase in accordance with client requirements

·         Brainstorming applications for new technologies & conducting technical reviews as part of the development process

·         Integrating Blockchain technology with the client's legacy platforms and loT gateways

·         Conducting user review sessions & applying thought leadership in stakeholder meetings for leading the transformation


B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics

JNTU Hyderabad Hyderabad, Telangana

August 2004 to May 2008


solidity (Less than 1 year), Google Analytics (Less than 1 year), metamask (Less than 1 year), Ethereum (Less than 1 year), truffle (Less than year), hyperledger (Less than 1 year), go lang (Less than 1 year)



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