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Professional and Experience Summary

Having 6 Months of experience in the IT industry which includes experience in ETL testing & Manual testing

·         Main areas of expertise are testing the Data warehousing projects.

·         Extensively working Experience in preparation of Test cases and Defect reports.

·         Good Knowledge of Data Warehousing concepts like Star Schema, Dimensions and Fact tables.

·         Used ETL process to Extract, Transform and Load the data into the stage area and data warehouse.

·         Experience in using QC 9.2 as a Test management tool.

·         Skilled in understanding Business requirements and Designed documents.

·         Extensively Good Working Knowledge on Oracle.

·         Extensively Good Working Knowledge on Unix.

·         Exposure to all stages of Software Development and Software Testing Life Cycles.

·         Exposure to all stages of Test Defect Life Cycle.

·         High degree of flexibility and ability to adapt to change in direction.

·         Excellent interpersonal, communication and documentation skills.

·         Excellent problem solving skills with strong technical background and ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.


Currently working for xxxxxx Infotech, Bangalore as Test Engineer from May 2012 to till date.

Academic Profile

B.Tech. (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) from xxxxx University, 2012.

Technical Skills

Software Testing: ETL Testing & Manual Testing
Management Tools: Quality Centre 9.2
Languages: SQL, C
ETL Tool: Informatica 8.6
Operating System: Windows-XP & Unix
Database: Oracle 9i/10g
Application Tools: TOAD

Projects in Detail

Project # 1
Project Title
: New Scheduling System
Client: xxxxxx's, UK
Environment: Informatica 8.6, Quality Centre, Unix and Windows XP
Database: Oracle 10g
Role: Test Engineer

Project Description

·         xxxxxxxx is currently scheduled using an in-house DS system (static slot matrix).

·         The existing system is constrained by the static slot matrix and otherwise difficult to maintain as it is tightly coupled with the Delivery Scheduling (DS) consumer sites such as Grocery, Non-food etc.

·         The objective of this project is to replace the existing DS system with Oracle Real time Scheduler.

·         This system will enable Sainsbury to offer slots until full capacity is reached, should increase the number of orders Sainsbury can accept by removing the limits imposed by static slot matrix and will be easier to manage and maintain.

·         Understanding database design schemas for different sources and targets and end user business requirements.

·         Running the Jobs/Workflows for ETL process.

·         Preparing SQL queries to verify the data.

·         Verifying the ETL data in target database.

·         Column Mapping between source and the target databases.

·         Preparing test data.

·         Interactions with BA & Development teams to resolve the issues.

·         Reporting daily, testing status.

·         Designed test cases and Executed Test cases.

·         Defect Analyzing and Reporting in QC.

·         Workflow monitoring to ensure error free loading of facts and dimensions.


Project # 2
Project Title
: xxxxxx Management Services
Client: xxxxxxxxxx Holding Inc.,
Environment: Informatica 8.6, Quality Centre, Unix and Windows XP
Database: Oracle 10g
Role: Test Engineer

Project Description

·         xxxxxxxxxx Holdings Inc. is the world's biggest MTSO providing medical coding and medical claims to more than 50% of the hospitals, clinics, universities, etc., in the USA.

·         Its vendors are scattered throughout the world who work round the clock with a TAT of 6 hours to 24 hours.

·         The company needs various reports based on its requirement like quality control report, quality complaints report, TAT compliance report, allocation of work report, billing report for clients and vendors, and various other reports 6 hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly for its smooth functioning and better client satisfaction and business growth.



·         Understanding the customer requirements.

·         Designed High level test scenarios and test cases.

·         Executed test cases in QC.

·         Run the Informatica Workflows for ETL Process.

·         Validated data in Target database according to business rules.

·         Prepared SQL queries and executed to validate the ETL processed data in the target database.

·         Verifying the column mapping between source and target databases.

·         Worked closely with Development team.




  Professional Summary:


·         3  years  of  experience  in  Data  Warehousing.  Sound  technical

 Over  background  and  hands-on  development  experience  in  Data  Warehousing

 platforms like ETL .

·         Presently working extensively in ETL phase of Data  Warehousing  using

·         Informatica 8.x, Informatica 7.x.

·         Used Client Tools  Designer,  Workflow  Manager,  Workflow  Monitor  in

  Informatica Power Center.

·         Extensively  used  Expression,  aggregator,  Lookup,  Update  Strategy,

  sequence Generator, Router, Unions, Joins .

·         Implemented Various Performance Tuning techniques on Mappings.

·         know the Partition PointsOverview, CheckInn's&CheckOut's. Involved in Unit Testing .

·         Worked on extracting  data  from  Oracle,  Flat  Files,  transform  and

 loading into data warehouse.

·         Experienced in working on developing  Oracle  PL/SQL  to  write  stored

·         procedures, oracle functions, packages and triggers.

·         Experienced  in  writing  shell  scripts  for  multiple  tasks  to  be performed.

·         Strong communication and Inter-personal skills with the ability to work

 in  fast  paced  team  environment  and  quickly  learn  new   software



Technical Skills:

  Business Intelligence: Informatica 8.x, Informatica 7.1

 RDBMS                     : Oracle -9i/10g.

  Operating System     : Windows XP / 2000,and UNIX

  Languages                :  C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL

  OLAP Tool's              :   Cognos 8.4


·         B.Sc (Computer Science) From AacharyaNagarjuna University (2002-2005)  with an average of 74%.

·         M.C.A from BharathiDasanUniversity,Trichy(2005-08) with an average of 80%.

 Work Experience:

·          Working as Software Engineer for Prodapt, Bangalore from Oct 2009  to


·         Worked as Developer for Tavant Technologies,  Bangalore from June 2008

  To Sept 2009.

Project # 1

Title               Banking and Finance services Data Collection

  Client            Old National Bank, Evansville (Indiana)

  Role               ETL Developer

Duration        Aug 2010 to tilldate.



Old National Bank is a  multi-billion    dollar,  multi-state    Financial    Services     company Headquartered   in    Evansville, Indiana.   As   the   largest   Independent   banking   company   Based   in Indiana,  It is providing  to customers  with  a   comprehensive   range  of financial  Products   and  services,   including   Commercial   and   Retail Banking,   Credit  Card  Services,  Electronic   Banking,  Trust  and  Asset Management, Brokerage and Insurance Services.


This bank involved  in  amounts  for  various  purposes like Personal Loan, Vehicle Loan,  Housing  Loan,  Consumer  Durable  Loans, etc. The  company  requires  different  level  of  analysis  regarding  loan amount, type of  customers'  type  of  payment  schedules,  interest  rates, defaulters  list  and  the  penal  interest  calculations,  etc.  The   data warehouse, basically it is a Data Mart as it covers only one domain  of  the business and captures data from their Historical Database.


This system is required to  extract,  transform,  and load  data  from  the  different  client  system  into  a  relational  table environment that can be accessible for reporting purposes. A set of  reports will be developed against the relational tables to deliver  the  information to its customers in the form of PDF  files.  The  data  from  the  different systems will be extracted into a set of text-based and Graphical reports.




·         V  Extraction,  Transformation  and  Loading  (ETL)  of  data  by  using

·          Informatica Power Center.

·         V Extracted source data from flat files, Oracle and loaded to an Oracle.

·         V Developed mappings in Informatica Power Center Designer to  load  data

·          from staging environment to warehouse.

·         V Created  mappings  using  the  transformations  such  as  the  Source

·          qualifier, Aggregator, Expression, Router, Filter, Sequence Generator,

·          and Update Strategy.

·         V Created and Monitored Informatica sessions.

·         V Checked and tuned the performance of Informatica Mappings.

·         V Involved in Creating Sessions, Workflows Using Workflow Manager

·         V Involved in testing the mappings (UNIT testing).

·         Environment: Windows NT, Informatica Power Center 8.6.1, Oracle 9i, UNIX.

 Project #2:

Title             :        Telecom Services Information Systems

 Client           :        Vertech Telecom Services Inc., Texas

 Role             :       ETL Developer

 Duration             Nov 2009 to Aug 2010.

Description :


The main purpose is to develop high-performance data warehouse infrastructure that integrates data from a variety of source systems and provide client with information. The main process that is performed is Extraction, Transformation and Loading. The reporting tools provide on- demand reports to business users who use the information to study service usage patterns, design more competitive, cost-effective services, and improve customer service.



·         Created  mappings  using  the  transformations  such  as  the  Source

·         V Involved in requirements study and understanding the functionalities   

  V Used heterogeneous data sources like flat files and Oracle.

·         V  fier, Aggregator,  Expression,  Router,  Filter,  Rank,  Sequence Generator, and Update Strategy.

·         V Created and Monitored Informatica sessions.

·         V Checked and tuned the performance of Informatica Mappings.

·          V Identified and created different source definitions to extract data from input    sources and load into relational tables using Informatica

·         Power Center.

·         V Analyzed Mappings and Sessions for better performance.

·         Environment:   Informatica Power Center 7.1, Windows, Flat Files, Oracle8i .

Project # 3

Project Name  :        DWH for Motor Insurance

Role                 :        ETL Developer

Duration           :        June 2008 to Sept 2009

Client                :        Abbey National, UK

Project Description:

Abbey National is UK based Insurance Company, is  one  of the largest insurance providers for Home insurance, Motor insurance,  Travel insurance and Card insurance. This project involves building of   data  ware housing for Motor insurance.


The source data, which includes

·         V Types of policies

·         V Information about policy holder

·         V Policy covered item details

·         V Premium Payment details V Types of claims like fast claim payments, fast repairs claim



·         V Analysing Source System data and Information.

·         V Worked on Informatica - Source Analyzer, Warehouse  Designer,  Mapping

Designer, Mapplet and Transformations.

·         V Involved in the development of Source to Target Mappings.

·         V Developed data Mappings between source systems and warehouse

components using Mapping Designer

·         V Used most of the Transformations such as Source Qualifier, Aggregator,

Lookups, Filters, Sequence generator, Update strategy etc.,



 Professional Summary:

·   8+ years of IT experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which includes requirement gathering, designing, implementing and testing.

·   5+ years of Technical and Functional experience in Decision Support Systems – Data warehousing implementing ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) using Informatica Power Center 8.6/7.1.3/6.2

·   Solid understanding of ETL design principles and good practical knowledge of performing ETL design processes through Informatica. 
·   Extensively worked on Power Center Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, Transformation developer Warehouse Designer, Workflow Manager, Repository Manager and Workflow Monitor 
·   Well acquainted with Performance Tuning of sources, targets, mapping and sessions to overcome the bottlenecks in mappings. 
·   Sound Understanding of Data warehousing concepts and Dimensional modeling (Star schema and Snowflake schema) 
·   Strong analytical and conceptual skills in database design and implementation of RDBMS concepts. 
·   Experienced in Oracle database development using PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions and Packages. 
·   Good knowledge in interacting with Informatica Data Explorer (IDE), and Informatica Data Quality (IDQ). 
·   Experience in UNIX shell scripting (file validations, file downloads, workflow executions). 
·   Developmental experience on Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP, UNIX platforms. 
·   Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
·   Good understanding of Star and Snowflake Schema, Dimensional Modeling, Relational Data Modeling and Slowly Changing Dimensions.

·   Expertise in OLTP/OLAP System Study, Analysis and E-R modeling, developing Database Schemas like Star schema and Snowflake schemas.

·   Resourceful, creative problem-solver with proven aptitude to analyze and translate complex customer requirements and business problems and design/implement innovative custom solutions. 
·   Exceptional problem solving and sound decision making capabilities, recognized by associates for quality of data, alternative solutions, and confident, accurate, decision making.Technical Skills: 

ETL Tools

Informatica Power Center 8.6/7.1.3/ 6.2

Operating Environment

Unix(solaris) 9.0, AIX 5.2,MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP


TOAD 7.x/8.5


Oracle 10g/9i/8i, DB2, SQL server 2000




Unix shell scripting


MS-visio 2007.

Education/Technical Certifications: 
·   Master’s in computer science, Bachelor in Arts in India 


Professional Experience  

Goodyear Inc., OH Mar 2009-till date 
Sr.ETL Developer 
Description: World Services Data warehouse

Goodyear is the world’s largest tire company. It operates more than 2,000 tire and auto service center outlets. The high-level scope of this project is to extract data from collection computers from the plants, transform it to fulfill the business rules and load to EDW tables. Once the data is available in the EDW tables, generate BI reports against the EDW for the Business Users. By collecting barcode data from the plants into a standard database and integrating it with production, transportation, registration, and adjustment data, Goodyear would have visibility to the tire’s life cycle.Responsibilities: 
·   Assisted Business Analyst with drafting the requirements, implementing design and development of various components of ETL for various applications. 
·   Worked exclusively on performing the ETL to Level 1 as is staging, Level 2 staging, DW load based on the business rules and transformation specifications. 
·   Extensively used Transformation Language functions in the mappings to produce the desired results. 
·   Used session logs, workflow logs and debugger to debug the session and analyze the problem associated with the mappings and generic scripts. 
·   Analyzed requirements from the users and created, reviewed the specifications for the ETL. 
·   Designed Incremental strategy, Created Reusable Transformations, Mapplets, Mappings/Sessions/Workflows etc. 
·   Used Session parameters, Mapping variable/parameters and created Parameter files for imparting flexible runs of workflows based on changing variable values. 
·   Created Complex ETL Mappings to load data using transformations like Source Qualifier, Sorter, Aggregator, Expression, Joiner, Dynamic Lookup, and Connected and unconnected lookups, Filters, Sequence, Router and Update Strategy 
·   Identified the bottlenecks in the sources, targets, mappings, sessions and resolved the problems. 
·   Implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD, Both Type 1 & 2). 
·   Worked with complex mapping using transformations such as Expression, Router, Lookup, Filter, Joiner, SQ, Stored Procedures and Aggregator. 
·   Worked on existing mapping for the performance tuning to reduce the total ETL process time. 

EnvironmentInformatica Power Center 8.6, Oracle 10g, Windows NT, Flat files (fixed width/delimited), MS-Excel, UNIX shell scripting.

Centene corporation, St.Louis MO Mar 2008 – Feb 2009 
ETL Developer 
Claims processing (Medicare/Medicaid)The client is a leading multi-line healthcare enterprise that provides programs and related services to individuals receiving benefits under Medicaid, including the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), as well as Aged, Blind, or Disabled (ABD), Foster Care, Long-Term Care and Medicare (Special Needs Plans). 
Working as a Technical analyst, I was responsible for handling diverse technical activities that included managing the ETL processes, analyzing and documenting the technical specifications, reverse engineering process flows and deducing the corresponding business rules and process rules, maintenance of the User acceptance Test (UAT) manual.


·   Analyzed, inspected and laid the framework for Claims process Engine, a process designed and customized by external vendors for the client. 
·   Comprehensively analyzed and systematically documented the end-to-end flow of the Inbound and Outbound claims file (834 HIPAA). Informatica B2B 
·   Extensively Worked in Processing Structured and Unstructured data. 
·   Informatica B2B Data Transformation supports transformations and mappings, via XML, of 
most healthcare industry standards including HIPAA 275,277. 
·   Resolved the anomalies arising in the file processing across individual stages of data flow. 
·   Deduced the business rules and process rules from the stored procedures that were an active part of the MEMBER’S load reporting layer. 
·   Designed, Developed and unit tested the ETL process for loading the Medicaid/Medicare records across STAGE, LOAD and ACCESS schemas. 
·   Accomplished the Provider directory load (a five step sequential process) using informatica for the states of AZ and FL. 
·   Extended the functionalities of existing ETL process of Medicaid for Medicare. 
·   Extensively worked on the transformations like Source Qualifier, Filter, Joiner, Aggregator, Expression and Lookup. 
·   Used session logs, workflow logs and debugger to debug the session and analyze the problem associated with the mappings and generic scripts. 
·   Maintained documents for Design reviews, Engineering Reviews, ETL Technical specifications, Unit test plans, Migration checklists and Schedule plans. 
·   Worked with HIPPA 5010 for reduces risk and provides flexibility and complete bi-directional transaction crosswalk transactions. 

EnvironmentInformatica Power Center 8.1/7.1.3, HIPPA5010, SQL server 2000, DTS, Oracle 10g, Windows NT,      VB, Flat files (fixed width/delimited), MS-Excel, UNIX shell scripting.

Circuit City Stores Inc, Richmond,VA Nov 2006 – Feb 2008. 
ETL Developer/Analyst 
Floor and Space Planning (FSP)Circuit City is a Fortune 200 company and the third largest consumer electronics retailer in the United States with over $11 billion USD in sales. Working as a ETL Designer, I was primarily involved in designing, developing and testing the mappings meant for processing Floor and Space related data using informatica. The FSP application team generates the source data using JDA tool which in turn is staged and transformed in EDW and subsequently stored in EDM for reporting. The sources and targets were ORACLE, DB2 and Flat Files respectively. 


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