Method Does Not Exist Or Incorrect Signature


<p>How to resolve the method does not exist or incorrect signature salesforce?</p> <p><strong> </strong>I have a code as below</p> <p>public class TestClass { </p> <p>Public TestClass { } </p> <p>public long[] callerSub(string keya, String keyb){ </p> <p>long[] datalr = new long[] {0,0}; </p> <p>datalr[0] = 5; </p> <p>datalr[1] = 7; </p> <p>return datalr; } } which is showing the error <strong>method does not exist or incorrect signature </strong>can anyone help me please</p> <p> </p>



The main interruption is that you are working to call that function as if it is  a static function, however, you need to know that it is an instance function. All you need to fix it is either modifying the function declaration either to get it static or by making the changes to the way that you call the function.


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