Can some one explain more briefing Partial vs Full Selector?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Can some one explain more briefing Partial vs Full Selector?

Also, Please provide the examples if any. Please tell what are the activities comes under Full Selectors and what comes in for Partial Selector?



The primary difference between full and partial selectors is the partial selector generated by the basic recorder and will include all the elements that are required to identify a UI element along with the top-level window. Full Selectors reply or recommended when there is a switching between multiple Windows. The attributes that are available are editable along with the top-level window. 

With respect to the partial selectors, they are generated by the desktop recording and will not contain any source of information about the top level window. The activities present in the partial selectors are presented are comprised in a container that contains a full selector of the top-level window. These partial selectors recommended when you need to perform the multiple actions on the same window.


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