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Sample Resumes



·         Having Overall *.* Years of Experience on developing integration solution using TIBCO 5.x

·         Experience in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using TIBCO Products.

·         Good working knowledge of user management module and domain monitoring and management using TIBCO Administrator.

·         Extensively worked on TIBCO Active Enterprise Suite - TIBCO/Rendezvous, TIBCO/Business Works, TIBCO/ADB adapter.

·         As a TIBCO developer, involved in various stages of implementation, customization, training and post implementation activity of integration during the project.

·         Zeal to accept work related challenges, dedication towards work. Excellent understanding of project issues, ability to work independently or as a part of a team. Good Analytical & Interpersonal skills with a strong technical background.


 Working as a TIBCO developer in Tata Consultancies Services, Bangalore to till date.


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (E.I.E) from JNTUA University in 2009.


Operating Systems Windows (9x, NT, XP)

EAI Technologies TIBCO Business Works 5.x (BW), TIBCO Administrator 5.x, TIBCO EMS 4.X, TIBCO Rendezvous 7.x (RV).

Adapters Data base Adapter 5.x (ADB),

Messaging Rendezvous 7.x and EMS 4.x, JMS



Title Interpolis Full Surrender Process

Clients Eureko, Netherlands

Environment TIBCO Business Works.

Skill/Tools TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Administrator, MQ plug-in.

Role TIBCO Developer

Duration Jan 11 – May 11


Eureko is a large European insurance company based in the Netherlands. The company grew significantly when Rabobank merged its insurance company, Interpolis, into Eureko company. The new insurance organization will have dedicated business units (LOB’S) for retail customers, small and medium-size enterprises and corporate clients. Within the combined company Eureko will create a dedicated business unit called “Eureko Services” to provide services to clients who bought insurance products.

·         The IT part of the BPM for Eureko Services (Interpolis Full Surrender Process) project will have realized:

·         Functionality of Surrender process;

·         Infrastructure and connectivity to connect to the back office applications(Mainframe System)


·         Installed and Configured TIBCO Products in Windows

·         Developing the Business Processes

·         Creation of complex schemas for mapping with incoming request and outgoing response.

·         Involved in Web Services implementation.

·         Involved in design and error handling for integration.

·         Involved in creating EAR files and deploying it to the server

·         Involved in unit testing and integration.


Title Symantec EAI

Clients Symantec

Environment TIBCO Suite, Unix, and Windows/2000

Skill/Tools Oracle 9i, TIB/Business Works, TIB/Designer, TIB/EMS ,TIB/Admin

Role Team Member

Duration Apr 10 – Nov10


Symantec is a world leader in antivirus products and data storage solutions for today's data-intensive enterprise. Symantec is currently in process of automating of the business workflows & processes using TIBCO middleware products. The middleware integration layer which is designed and implemented using TIBCO business works, enables the data flow between applications like partner Net, CDH (customer data hub), and ERP systems in real-time & batch mode operations. The exception handling mechanism, Auditing and logging was implemented using CUF framework.


With the completion of the merger between Symantec and VERITAS, one of the key foundational steps to achieving an integrated Company is the consolidation of the existing Availability and Security Partner Web applications. In order to do this, all of the various Partner Web Entities must appear as one System to the Partner When a Partner logs into PartnerNet and attempts to access one of the Partner Web Entities, the fact they have left the current website and entered a different site must be transparent. To do this, PartnerNet needs to have a standardized single sign on process, so they will only have to log in once and any other required authentication is done behind the scenes. The Partner Web Entities that are already using SSO with PartnerNet are each using a different method of authentication and will need to update their process to the standardized SSO.


·         Support to more than 120 Client interfaces using TIBCO Products and Implementing TIBCO Business Works and involved in integrating various A2A applications Designed Schemas/Sample XML for the integration.

·         Involved in resolving the maintenance issues and minor enhancements. Involved in design and error handling for integration.

·         Creation of complex schemas for mapping with incoming request and outgoing response.

·         Designing the process definitions using TIBCO Designer

·         Involved in the testing of applications developed.


Title SOM (Sales Order Management)

Clients General Motors, Singapore

Environment TIBCO 5.6, SOAP, XML, JDBC, ADB, RV, WinNT, SAP, Siebel

Skill/Tools Oracle 10g, TIB/Business Works, TIB/Designer, TIB/EMS ,TIB/Admin

Role Team Member

Duration Oct 09 – Mar 10


SOM is an initiative of the General Motors System Integration team for Enhancing the service delivery of the Sales and Marketing team by providing an automated interface for Opening, Closing, Updating and Tracking of Sales order in SAP sales and distribution module .The sales team connect to these Seibel sales console and get interfaced with Sap too. The interface and service layer between the two applications is TIBCO BW.

A Purchase Order comes in by batch or the Web. The order is logged & parsed & then send on for processing. Process Order receives the parsed order; generate a unique order ID, checks credit using a Web service & queries for inventory. The order result is written to the Sales database & files. If it is a web order, the status will be posted back to Operator for viewing queries for recent orders can also come via the Web in which case recent Sales Order are retrieved & posted back to requestor.


·         Extensively worked on understanding the Business requirements, involving frequent client interaction.

·         Developing BW processes using TIBCO Designer.

·         Configure Message services RV, JMS.

·         Configured & Administered TIBCO Business Works.

·         Implemented Web Order processing and Batch Order Processing using ADB services.

·         Implemented Credit Check web service using SOAP based web services.

·         Involved in Validation, Testing, Deployment and troubleshooting.





Email ID: [email protected] Contact No: +91-758*******

DOB : January 19, 1991


 To succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment, building the success of the company while I experience advancement opportunities and enhance my skills.

·         Education Qualification:

·         Masters in Computer Science(2011-2013) from Pune University with 55.00%( aggregate).

·         Bachelor of Computer Science (2008-2011) from North Maharashtra University with 69.50%(aggregate).

·         12th (2007-2008) from State Board,Nasik with 64.50% (aggregate).

·         10th (2005-2006) from State Board,Nasik with 69.06% (aggregate).


Experience Summary:

·         28th March’14 – 28th April 17 : 3 years 1 month working experience as a TIBCO Business Works Developer at Atos India Private Limited, Pune.

·         8th May 17 – till date : 6 month working experience as a TIBCO Business Works Developer at TRIANZ HOLDINGS PVT LTD, Bangalore – 560076.


·         Successfully Completed TIBCO Business Works Training from Atos India Pvt. Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra.

·         Successfully Completed Soft Skills Training, Atos India Pvt. Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra.

Technical Skills:

TIBCO Products

·         Middleware Messaging

·         Monitoring

·         Administrator

·         Workflow

·         Adapters

·         Plug-in

·         EMS & SOAP

·         Hawk

·         Tibco Admin Enterprise Version

·         Business Works (BW).

·         SAP-R3.

·         Tibco SFTP, REST/JSON

·         Database

·         Oracle, MySQL

·         Development Environments and Tools

·         Windows, Eclipse, TIBCO Designer

·         Versioning Tools

·         SVN,Gitlab

·         Programming Languages

·         Java

Project Experience:








SEP 2014 TO DEC 2015

Project Description:

Alstom is a large French multinational conglomerate which holds interests in the power generation and transport markets. Alstom operates in three main business areas: Power Generation, Rail Transport, and transmission (Grid). BEAM (BPM, EAI & MDM) team works under Power domains and responsible for delivering and managing project related to BPM, EAI and MDM. It acts as Center of Excellence for EAI related work of Alstom.

Project Implementation Details:

·         PMX Interfaces : Alstom uses PMX (SAP Implementation) as core business application to manage core IT business data like Purchase Order, Sales Order, WBS, Cost Center, Internal Orders, Payment & EBS (electronic Bank Statement) etc. It is considered as most critical application of Alstom power. As part of our assignment we are required to create interface between PMX (SAP) via R/3 Adapter (IDOC or BAPI) and data consuming applications like MTA, PAGERO, Ulysse, WorkForce, CBS, wallmedien (ePass) etc.

·         MDM (TIBCO CIM) Interfaces: Alstom uses MDM (TIBCO CIM) as SPOT for business data like PowerPlantStructure, Organization (customer, Vendor, Competitor), Projects (internal to Alstom, WBS etc.). As part of BEAM core team we are responsible to manage CIM Implementation and also responsible for creation of interfaces using exposed web services of CIM application. Below are few downstream applications consuming SPOT data using EAI exposed services.

·         PowerSales : Via JMS Transport

·         PowerMax (SAP) : Via BAPI & IDOC

·         PowerSource : Via Web services

·         Core Systems (Cloud application) : via Web Services

Interfaces that I have fully involved described as below.







 Analysis and Creation of Design Documents based on the Business requirements.

·         Development and Unit/Integration/System/User Acceptance Testing.


ALPS Payroll is a HR management portal, being used to maintain the employee data of Alstom. If a new employee is hired by Alstom or any updates of the existing employee (like cost center of employee got changed, passport/status got changed or any employee leave Alstom, these types of information being maintained by ALPS.







Analysis and Creation of Design Documents based on the Business requirements.

Development and Unit/Integration/System/User Acceptance Testing.


eProcurement is a web based order management tool, which being used by EPASS/Wallmedian end users for ordering the Alstom produced products. The project is about the integration of the Wallmedian system to the Alstom core business unit sector.

As Wallmedian is a web-based tool it has the flexibility to send the request using simply http protocol or a web-service. Upon receiving the request from the Wallmedian system it has to be routed to Alstom Powermax and SAP CH systems.


·         Dubai Telecom

·         Client

·         Dubai, UAE

·         Duration

·         JAN 2016 to APR 2017

·         Role

·         Developer

·         Environment

·         TIBCO BW, Oracle DB, TIBCO EMS,Smart Mapper

·         Versioning Tools

·         WinCVS, TFS, SVN



Iincluded development of CR, performing CIT, engaged in TQC and UAT phase Defect Tracking and management, Creation and deployment of EARs/Releases and support to EAI TQC support team. Working on Prod Issues, PDI task.


·         Du is the fastest growing mobile communications and technology provider (

·         mobile provider and internet provider) in UAE.

 Du offers mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services to individuals, homes and businesses. The company also provide carrier services for businesses and satellite up/downlink services for TV broadcasters.




·         Huawei(DU Telecom)


·         MAY 2017 to Till date


·         Developer


·         TIBCO BW, Oracle DB, TIBCO EMS

Versioning Tools

WinCVS, TFS,Gitlab


·         Developed the Tibco Integration environments for CBS using Web services

·         Development of various Business Processes using TIBCO Business Works components as per requirement in Change Request.

·         Involved in UNIT testing using TIBCO Business Works components.

·         Configured SmartMapper to create the cross reference data for the products

·         Create Relationships and Entities in TIBCO SmartMapper for Offer ids for different different domain.

·         Involved in all phases of testing, which includes Unit Testing,&SIT.


Du Telecom currently using ESERV(IN) to maintain prepaid customers information,Now it is migrating to Centralized Billing System(CBS)Huawei product.

Personal Details:

Languages Known : English, Hindi and Marathi

Nationality : Indian

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single




8 years of IT Experience on Business Intelligence Applications with Five years on TIBCO Spotfire Analytics BI Reporting and expertise in designing and implementing Relational Database model.

·         Experience in Installation, Configuration, Group setup, User Administration, Performance monitoring, Trouble shooting issues.

·         Experience in creating Complex Spotfire Dashboards or Reports Using TibcoSpotfire Professional.

·         Developed Reports using TibcoSpotfire Visualizations like cross table, Bar chart, Combination Chart, Pie Chart, Tree map and Scatterplot complex reports which involves Property Controls, Custom Expressions.

·         Created Complex Information Links to pull the data from Oracle 10g/11g, Sqlserver, Flat files and SAS datasets.

·         Developed reports using Spotfire Professional and published the same to Spotfire Server for Business Users use.

·         Designed and deployed reports with Drill Down, Drill Through and Drop down menu option and Parameterized and Linked reports using Spotfire.

·         Experience of creating Groups and then set up Users, Groups and Licenses as Spotfire Administrator and restrict the group members to access only particular folders in the library as Library Administrator.

·         Worked on development of Dashboards for Key Performance Indicators for top management.

·         Created Information Links to pull data and Limit data using Filters.

·         Hands on experience in creating and integrating scripts and functions into applications.

·         Conducted Gap Analysis, created Use Cases, Work flows, screen shots and Power Point presentations for the Web Applications.

·         Expertise in Tracking, Documenting, Capturing, Managing and Communicating the Requirements using Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) which helped in controlling numerous artifacts produced by teams across the deliverables for a project.

·         Experience in Functional Walkthroughs, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and supervised the development of User Manuals for customers.

·         Perform Gap Analysis of the processes to identify and validate requirements.

·         Identified/documented data sources and transformation rules required populating and maintaining data warehouse content.

·         Extensive experience in installation, configuration and migrating of Data in MS SQL Server versions.

·         Extensive experience in T-SQL, SSRS, SSIS, Reporting and Analytics.

·         Excellent in High Level Design of ETL DTS Packages & SSIS Packages for integrating data using OLE DB connection from heterogeneous sources like (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data) by using multiple transformations.

·         Worked with Technical Architects and Database analysts for the Design of Summary tables required for efficient Report Design.

·         Experience in configuration of report server and report manager scheduling, give permissions to different level of users in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

·         Created Parameterized Cross-Tab reports, Drill down reports & Summary reports using SSRS.

·         Designed the functional and technical documents, report templates and reporting standards for the developers to work on the report development.

·         Involved in Query Optimization and Performance Tuning using SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard and stored procedure Debugger.

·         Experience in loading data from SQL Server Database into Hadoop.

·         Excellent experience in designing and developing Reporting System using Business Objects.

·         Daily support of system wide replication tasks including monitoring, alerting, and problem resolution.

·         Responsible for documentation of system related activities.

·         Provides technical documentation of the system.

·         Excellent communication, analytical and inter personal skills and ability to learn new concepts and supported 24/7 on call in production and development environment.

·         Excellent Presentation Skills and Comprehensive problem solving abilities.


BI Tools                    

TibcoSpotfire 7.0/6.X/5.X,Tibco Webpalyer, TibcoSpotfire Professional, Excel, SSRS.

Reporting Tools                   

SSRS, MS Excel, Tableau



Operating System

Windows XP/NT/2000/2003/2008, DOS,UNIX

ETL Tools

DTS, SSIS, BCP, Import/Export Wizard, BI Studio,


OLAP Tools                       

SSAS, MS Excel



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