How do I undo something in Power BI?

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Hey, so I've recently started using power bi and i've made a mistake. I was wondering how to undo a report. As far as I remember its ctr+z but not sure. I know its probably a dumb question but I'm a noob at it as of now.

Also can I edit the data that i'm using to make the report before loading it onto power BI?



You can undo the action performed or the last few actions by pressing CTRL+Z.

You will need to click on the data option that is available on the top left, which provides you a drop-down menu, select the type of the data that you are using. It could be excel or anything. Once the data is selected you are allowed to edit the data before you load the same on to Power BI. It is good practice to edit the data by using the filter options or filtered data.


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