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HKR Trainings provides the best  and industry oriented Prince2 training in Hyderabad with the help of experienced professionals. This Prince2 training course in hyderabad will help you to explore the concepts in depth such as you will learn the general PRINCE2 framework, seven key processes carried out at project intervals, and..... the principles that govern managers during the project lifecycle with a particular emphasis on customising. This training helps to gain hands on experience in project management and also enhance your career in this field. Get the Prince2 certification course in Hyderabad from accredited Prince2 mentors.  Read more

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Why should I learn Prince2?

PRINCE2® Practitioner and Foundation is a world-renowned certification used both the private and public sectors.  Read more

PRINCE2 training enhances your capacity to drive projects in a corporate environ.....ment, reinforcing your skills as a senior project manager. Read more

Certified PRINCE2 practitioners have excellent scope for a long-term career in t.....he high-paying industry. The average annual salary of certified PRINCE2 professionals is around USD 85,800 per year. Read more

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Prince2 Training Hyderabad - Course Overview

PRINCE2 is a method technique for managing projects and will give you the important skills you need to be a successful project manager. It stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments and is used and recognised throughout the world. PRINCE2 is highly configurable and the most recent update of the framework means that it can be more quickly suited to any project you implement.

HKR Trainings Prince2 training in Hyderabad will help the newbies and working professionals to clear the Prince2 certification exam easily. In this PRINCE2® certification training course in Hyderabad, you will learn how to customise projects based on the environment, establish a product-based management strategy for projects, regulate the use of resource base and organise, manage and maintain project risks effectively. our sophisticated learning paradigm helps to increase and sharpen your skills in this competitive field.You will experience good support and real-time project assistance during the training period. Enroll now to make the most of your Prince2 certification training in Hyderabad.

Prince2 Training Hyderabad - Course Content Download Curriculum

Our expert professionals at HKR trainings designed the Prince2 Training in Hyderabad curriculum by covering all the concepts which help you to explore the key fundamentals of the Prince2. For complete information please go through the modules mentioned below.

  • Objectives
  • Organisational Challenges
  • Definition of Project
  • Need for Project Management Methodology
  • Introduction to PRINCE2
  • Six Aspects of Project
  • Structure of PRINCE2
  • Benefits of PRINCE2
  • Objectives
  • Seven Principles of PRINCE2
  • Continued Business Justification
  • Learn From Experience
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage by Stages
  • Manage by Exception
  • Focus on Products
  • Tailor to Suit the Project Environment
  • Objectives
  • Introduction to PRINCE2 Themes
  • Seven PRINCE2 Themes
  • Considerations for Applying PRINCE2 Themes
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Business Case Theme
  • Introduction to Business Case
  • Outputs, Outcomes and Benefits of a Project
  • Relationship between Outputs, Outcomes and Benefits
  • Benefits Review Plan
  • Business Case for Different Types of Projects
  • PRINCE2® Approach to the Business Case
  • Development of Business Case
  • Verify and Maintain Business Case
  • Content of Business Case
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Business Case Theme
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Organisation Theme
  • Programme—Introduction
  • Project—Introduction
  • Three Project Interests
  • Examples of Three Project Interests
  • PRINCE2® Approach to Organisation
  • Levels of Organisation
  • Project Management Team Structure
  • Role of Executive
  • Role of Project Manager
  • Role of Senior User
  • Role of Project Board
  • Role of Senior Supplier
  • Role of Project Assurance
  • Role of Change Authority
  • Role of Team Manager
  • Role of Project Support
  • Working with the Project Team
  • Working with the Corporate Organisation
  • Working with Stakeholders
  • Procedure for Stakeholder Engagement
  • Example of Procedure for Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communication Management Strategy
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Organisation Theme
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Quality Theme
  • Quality Term—Definition
  • Project vs. Quality Assurance
  • PRINCE2® Approach to Quality
  • Quality Planning
  • Customer’s Quality Expectations
  • Considerations in Customer’s Quality Expectations
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Project Product Description
  • Quality Management Strategy
  • Product Descriptions
  • Quality Method
  • Appraisal Method
  • Quality Responsibilities
  • Example of Quality Responsibilities
  • Quality Register
  • Example of Quality Register
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Review Techniques
  • Roles in Review Team
  • Review Preparation
  • Agenda of Review Meeting
  • Review Follow-up
  • Revisiting the Quality Review Technique
  • Benefits of Quality Review Technique
  • Revisiting the Quality Review Roles
  • Quality Records
  • Approval and Acceptance Records
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Quality Theme
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Plans Theme
  • Definitions in Plans Terms
  • Levels of Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Stage Plan
  • Team Plan
  • Exception Plans
  • PRINCE2® Approach to Plans
  • Design the Plan
  • Define and Analyse the Products
  • Identify Activities
  • Identify Dependencies
  • Example of Identify Dependencies
  • Prepare the Estimates
  • Prepare the Schedule
  • Analyse the Risks
  • Document the Plan
  • Benefits of Product-based Planning Technique
  • Scenario for Product-based Planning
  • Example of Product-based Planning
    • Project Product Description
    • Product Breakdown Structure
    • Product Flow Diagram
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Plans Theme
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Risk Theme
  • Definitions of Risk Terms
  • Example of Risk
  • Risk Management
  • PRINCE2® Approach to Risk
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Management Procedure
  • Identify of Risk Management Procedure
  • Risk Identification Techniques
  • Example of Identify
  • Risk Cause, Risk Event and Risk Effect
  • Example of Risk Cause, Risk Event and Risk Effect
  • Assessing Risk Management Procedure
  • Probability Impact Grid
  • Planning Risk Management Procedure
  • Threat and Opportunity Responses
  • Example of Risk Responses
  • Implementing Risk Management Procedure
  • Example of Implement
  • Communication with Risk Management Procedure
  • Risk Budget
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Risk Theme
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Change Theme
  • Definitions of Change Terms
  • Terms Definitions of Change
  • Types of Issues
  • Establishing Controls with PRINCE2® Approach to Change
  • Configuration Management Strategy
  • Example of Configuration Management Strategy
  • Key Terms In Change Theme
  • Example of Key Terms In Change Theme
  • Configuration Management Procedure
  • Issue and Change Control Procedure
  • Decision Making
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Change Theme
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Progress Theme
  • Definition of Progress Terms
  • Six Tolerance Areas by Level
  • PRINCE2® Approach to Progress
  • Delegating Authority
  • Use of Management Stages for Control
  • Number of Stages
  • Length of Stages
  • Technical Stages
  • Event-Driven and Time-Driven Controls
  • Capturing and Reporting Lessons
  • Reporting Progress
  • Raising Exceptions
  • Example of Raising Exceptions
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Progress Theme
  • Objectives
  • Seven PRINCE2® Processes
  • PRINCE2® Journey
    • Pre-project
    • Initiation Stage
    • Subsequent Delivery Stages
    • Final Delivery Stage
  • PRINCE2® Process Model
  • Structure of the Process Chapters
  • Management Products
  • Key to Process Diagrams
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Starting up a Project
  • Objective of Starting up a Project
  • Overview of Starting up a Project
  • Activities in Starting Up a Project
  • Recommendations for Starting Up a Project
  • Project Brief
  • Outline Business Case
  • Exercise: Starting up a Project Process
  • Objectives
  • Project Board: Directing a Project Process
  • Purpose of Directing a Project
  • Objective of Directing A Project
  • Overview of Directing a Project
  • Activities in Directing a Project
  • Authorise Initiation
  • Authorise the Project
  • Authorise a Stage or Exception Plan
  • Give Ad Hoc Direction
  • Authorise a Project Closure
  • Exercise: Directing a Project Process
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Initiating a Project
  • Objective of Initiating a Project
  • Overview of Initiating a Project
  • Activities in Initiating a Project
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Configuration Management Strategy
  • Quality Management Strategy
  • Communication Management Strategy
  • Initiating a Project
    • Strategies
    • Assemble the Pid
    • Exercise
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Controlling a Stage
  • Objective of Controlling a Stage
  • Overview of Controlling a Stage
  • Activities in Controlling a Stage
  • Exercise: Controlling a Stage Process
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Managing Product Delivery
  • Objective of Managing Product Delivery
  • Overview of Managing Product Delivery
  • Activities in Managing Product Delivery
  • Exercise: Managing a Product Delivery Process
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Objective of Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Overview of Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Activities in Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Recommended Actions for Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Produce An Exception Plan
  • Exercise: Managing a Stage Boundary Process
  • Objectives
  • Purpose of Closing a Project
  • Closing a Project
  • Objectives of Closing a Project
  • Overview of Closing a Project
  • Activities in Closing a Project
  • Exercise: Closing a Project
  • Objectives
  • Embedding and Tailoring
  • Approach to Tailoring
  • Applying PRINCE2®
  • Summarizing all the points discussed above.

HKR Trainings provides Prince2 Interview Questions, Prince2 Tutorial, Sample Resume and Community for clear understanding.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Prince2 Training Hyderabad Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with Prince2 Training in Hyderabad Certification course.

Prince2 Training in Hyderabad Objectives

The Prince2 training Certification offered in Hyderabad was designed for professionals with and without work experience in any of the profiles below: 

  • Freshers / Officials from any field. 
  • Software engineers
  • Project managers, team executives,
  • Project engineers,
  • Software developers, etc.

The individual who possesses basic understanding of project management is an added advantage. The aspirants who wish to learn or build their career can take up Prince2 training in Hyderabad..

To commence your Prince2 training course in Hyderabad, people therefore need to check with the perfect institute which really provides information. Before moving ahead with any training, accept advice from the professionals that have already experienced the course. We at HKR in Hyderabad, with a squad of industry experts, are ready to fulfil your future career in order to get a job in the company you want.

Immediately after the successful completion of the course which is accompanied by the real time projects task and assignments, HKR trainings offers you the course completion certificate. This certification differentiates you from the other non-certified peers and also helps to get a job in any company in Hyderabad very quickly.

The Prince2 certified professionals at HKR trainings in Hyderabad deliver the lectures to the individuals to unleash their abilities in this technology.

The benefits you can gain upon the completion of the certification are , you will be given higher preference for competitive jobs related to analytics.

Definitely the experts at HKR trainings provides you with excellent job assistance facilities but not the job. They will guide , support and assist to enhance your future growth. However, your employment will be based on your skills exposed in the interview process and the recruiter requirements.

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Prince2 Training Hyderabad Options

We follow four formats for Prince2 Training Hyderabad for the flexibility of our students

Live Online Training

  • » Interact live with industrial experts.
  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

1:1 Live Online Training

  • » Dedicated Trainer for you.
  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.


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  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.

Prince2 Certification

Certifications play a vital role in showcasing your tech skills and also help to achieve your dream career. Moreover, it shows your talent to connect with real-time projects. Many companies are preferring candidates with certifications as their main priority and also provide substantial salary packages.

PRINCE2 Certifications

The following are the PRINCE2 qualification certifications available for the professionals.

PRINCE 2 Foundation

This exam validates the principles and terminology of the method used in the project environment. The aspirants taking this exam must be able to describe the purpose and major content of all roles, the seven principles, the seven themes and the seven processes, must state which management products are input to, and output from the seven processes, state the main purpose, and key contents, of the major management products, able to state the relationships between processes, deliverables, roles and the management dimensions of a project.

  • Exam Title: PRINCE 2 Foundation Exam
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of questions: 60
  • Passing score: 55%

PRINCE 2 Practitioner

This exam validates whether the aspirants are able to apply and tailor PRINCE2 to address the needs and problems of a given project scenario. It includes, producing the detailed explanations of all principles, themes and processes and worked examples of all PRINCE2 products as they might be applied to address the particular circumstances of a given project scenario, show they understand the relationships between principles, themes and processes and PRINCE2 products and can apply this understanding, demonstrate that they understand the reasons behind the principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2 and that they understand the principles underpinning these elements, demonstrate their ability to tune PRINCE2 to different project circumstances.

  • Exam Title: PRINCE 2 Practitioner Exam
  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Number of questions: 68
  • Passing score: 55%

PRINCE 2 Agile Foundation

This exam validates the skills of the aspirant in understanding how the PRINCE2 works with agile concepts. The aspirants should Understand PRINCE2 governance requirements clearly and comprehensively, gain a broad range of knowledge of agile concepts and techniques including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up and Cynefin. Able to explore the interface between PRINCE2 and agile ways of working.

  • Exam Title: PRINCE 2 Agile Foundation Exam
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Passing score: 55%

PRINCE 2 Agile Practitioner

The exam validates the skills of the aspirant whether they can apply and tailor their knowledge of the PRINCE2 method to projects in an agile context. This includes to Show that they understand the basic concepts of common agile ways of working, show that they understand the purpose and context for combining PRINCE2 and the agile way of working, demonstrate their ability to fix and flex the six aspects of a project in an agile context, demonstrate the ability to tailor the PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes and management products to a project in an agile context.

Exam Title: PRINCE 2 Agile Practitioner Exam

Duration: 150 minutes

Number of questions: 50

Passing score: 60%

We at HKR, help the candidates to achieve certifications through our industry-oriented training. Once, you're done with complete training along with real-time projects then we provide the course completion certificate. It illustrates that you are proficient in the technology to handle various real-time projects. HKR certification is well recognized across all top MNCs and helps you get into a job quickly.

HKR Trainings Certification

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Prince2 Online Training in Hyderabad - Projects

For every course we provide at HKR trainings  in Hyderabad comes with two real time projects implementation. During this section, you can gain practical experience in the subject which will be very helpful during the interviews and moreover you can easily get the official certifications for hassle free.

This project  resource management is a method of pre-planning, scheduling and allocation of resources based on availability, ongoing improvement and thereby enhancing the efficiency of the organization.

The quality management project deeply focuses on delivering  and maintaining  the accurate quality of the project developed.




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