SAP Hana Training Certification

SAP Hana Training Certification

Course Duration : 30 Hours
Certification : Yes
Assignments : Yes
Interview Questions : Yes
Resume Preparation : Yes

HKR Trainings gives the Best SAP Hana Training Certification by our expert trainers. This training will give you a good grasp of Hana features and learn to deploy real-time analysis. In this course will learn SAP Hana Studio, modeling, security features, and various other aspects.

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Training Content


Basics, Features, architecture and Terminology of Sap Hana Working on hana studio modelers and gaining expertise in modeling
Learning auto documentation process
Manage sap hana client interface, client, and connectivity
Learn all the process for configuring, reporting, and monitoring
Make help to manage real time hana projects


Who Should Attend

• Data analyst professionals • Database architects • Project managers


Prerequisites For SAP Hana Training Certification

• Someone who has the basic knowledge of computer and IT skills • Someone who is looking for career in SAP HANA • Someone who is looking to start career in the SAP focusing on HANA skills

Curriculum for SAP Hana Training Certification

Introduction to the SAP HANA SAP In-Memory Strategy
HANA contrast to BWA

In-Memory Computing Studio Administration view
Navigator View
System Monitor
Information Modeler

Architecture Overview IMCE and Surroundings
Row Store
Column Store
Loading data into HANA
Data Modelling
Persistent Layer
Backup & Recovery

Method 1 - Data provisioning utilize FLAT FILES Method 2 - Data provisioning using BODS 4.2 (ETL Based Approach – Building AGILE Data Marts)
a. Characteristics of the SAP Data Services solution for SAP HANA
b. Process of loading data from ECC to the SAP HANA using the ETL method
Method 3 - Data provisioning utilize SLT
a. SAP Landscape Replication server for HANA
b. Key advantages of SLT replication server
c. Key advantages of Trigger-Based Approach
d. Architecture for the SAP source replication
e. Architecture for the Non-SAP source replication
f. monitoring Dashboard and Configuration
g. Designing new Configuration for the SAP Sources
h. Designing New Configuration for the Non-SAP sources
i. Result of the Creating new Configuration
j. Opening Data provisioning UI in HANA studio
k. Start Load/Replication
l. Stop/Suspend replication
m. Status Monitoring in the HANA Studio
n. SLT based transformation topic
o. Advanced Start Load settings
p. Change of table structuring and partitioning
q. Refreshing and selective data replication
Method 4 - Data provisioning utilize Direct Extractor Connection (DCX)
a. Utilizing the SAP provided Business Content Extractor
b. ABAP Data Flows for the Table and Pool clusters
Method 5 – SAP HANA Smart Data Access
Method 6 – Remote DATA Sync
a. Smart Data Streaming

Purpose of Data Modeler Stages of Modelling in SAP HANA
Attribute Views
Analytic Views
Calculation Views
Explaining Predictive Modelling
SAP HANA Live Discovering
Designing Advanced Calculation Views using GUI and SCRIPT methods
Designing Attribute Views, Analytical Views, Calculation Views for FI scenarios, COPA scenarios, Sales
Scenarios, Purchasing Scenarios and Marketing Scenarios
Designing Calcuation Views with Dimension, Cube and STAR-Join
Designing Decision Tables and Analytic Previleges
Utilize Hierarchies (Level Based and Parent-Child Hierarchies)
Designing Restricted and Calculated Measures
Using Filter Operations and Defining
Utilize Variables, input parameters
Explaining new aggregation function for the measures
SAP HANA SQL Introduction
SQL Script and Procedures
Using Currency Conversions
Creating Hyperlinks
Persistency Considerations
SAP HANA Engine Overview
Selecting Views for HANA
Using SAP HANA Information Composer for the Modelling
Processing Information Models
Validating Models
Comparing Versions of Information Objects
Checking Model References
Generate Auto Documentation
Understand Virtual Data Model
Discovering and consuming HANA Live views
Constricting a Virtual Data Model with CDS Views
Connecting Tables
Managing Modeling Content
a. Manage Schemas b. Import and Export data Models c. Copy Information Objects

HANA, Reporting Layer Connectivity options
SAP Business Objects BI 4.1
Creating Complex Universes in IDT based on HANA Tables and HANA Views
WEBi 4.0 on HANA
Crystal Report for Enterprise with HANA
Creating the Dashboards using Query Browser on HANA Universes using Dashboard Design 4.0
SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 Explorer
Creating Information Space based on SAP HANA Information Model using BO Explorer 4.1
Exploring the Data using BO 4.1 explorer based on the Information Spaces created on HANA
Designing Analysis Views using Analysis edition for OLAP (HANA OLAP connection)
Analysis edition for the Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point
SAP Visual Intelligence on HANA
Crystal Reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections
Others & MS Excel 2010

Understanding and Creation of Users Creation of the Roles and Privileges
Creation of the Role Hierarchy
Generating SAP HANA Live Privileges
Assignment of the Users to Roles

User Management and Security Different types of Privileges
Template Roles

BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA In-memory optimized Infocubes
In-memory optimized DSO’s
Migration topics of BW 7.0 on traditional Database to BW 7.4 on SAP HANA
Migrating standard Info cubes to in memory optimized Info cubes utilizing migration Tool
Migrating standard DSO’s to In-memory optimized DSO’s utilizing migration Tool

Implementing Full Text Search and Text analysis Defining Data Types and Full Text Indexes
Utilize Full Text Search
Developing Predictive Models

SAP HANA Smart Data Access SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library
SAP HANA Client Interfaces
SAP HANA XS Advanced Development
SAP HANA Modelling (New and Changed)
SAP Web IDE for the SAP HANA and the SAP HANA Runtime Tools
SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) for XS Advanced

Modes of Training

Self Paced
Self Paced
Get previous live recorded training videos access and learn.
Fast Track
Fast Track
Start and Complete training in fast mode and implement.
Get training only on weekends as per your convenient.
Instructor LED Live Training.
Instructor LED Live Training
Get live training with real time expert.
Corporate Training
Corporate Training
Get training for your employees for new skills.
One-One Training
One-One Training
Don’t like to get training in a batch get specialised 1-1 training.

Trainings Features

Instructor LED Sessions
Instructor LED Sessions
Get Live Instructor LED interactive Sessions.
Total training will be followed by practical assignments for practical understanding.
Lifetime access
Lifetime access
We give a life time access to the recorded videos of your training.
After Completion of training you will receive a course completion certificate from HKR Trainings.
Convenient Timing
Convenient Timing
3Select convenient timing to get trained.
Real time Examples
Real time Examples
While training in progress get real time scenarios with examples for clear understanding.


Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

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Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

Our trainers are real time experts who are presently working on particular platform on which they are providing training.

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Certification Process

After Completion of training you will receive a course completion certificate from HKR Trainings which adds a value to your carrier and this is the entry to build a carrier with this certificate.