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Snowflake Training in Bangalore - Course Overview

Get updated and hands-on knowledge on cloud-based data warehousing platforms by enrolling in the best Snowflake Training in Bangalore. By getting trained in data warehousing and its related aspects, you can explore multiple career opportunities in this field. Our trainers at Snowflake are highly skilled and certified individuals who will teach you well and help you gain expertise. Also, you will get complete support and relevant resources from the trainers so that you can clear the certification exam. So, join today in the best Snowflake Course in Bangalore. 


To apply for the Snowflake Training in Bangalore, you need to either:

  • Aspirants interested in learning Snowflake can attend this course.
  • However, it will be an added advantage if you have the basic skills in SQL and Data Warehousing concepts, but optional.

Snowflake Training in Bangalore - Course Content

The curriculum of our Snowflake Training in Bangalore is designed with all the relevant industry standards. It includes all the key skills that make you a skilled Snowflake expert. So, explore the various modules of Snowflake training below. 

  • Snowflake Object Hierarchy
  • SF Account Creation
  • Connecting to SF
  • SF System Architecture
  • SF Pricing & Billing

  • Creating & Managing SF Databases, SF Tables, Schema
  • SF Objects
  • Accounts, Databases, Schemas & Tables Best Practices

  • Virtual Warehouse Optimization
  • Constraints in SF Databases
  • Automatic Data Clustering 
  • Micro – Partitions & Pruning
  • Search Optimization Service
  • Snowflake Caching
  • Query Profiler & Query Optimization
  • Query Tagging

  • Infrastructure Security
  • Data Encryption – At Rest & In Transit
  • Snowflake Zero – Copy Cloning & Data Sampling
  • Snowflake Time Travel 
  • Snowflake Fail-Safe 
  • Intro to Disaster Recovery – Database Replication & Failover/Failback

  • Stages, File Formats, Integration Objects & Copy Command
  • Bulk Data Loading 
  • Continuous Data Loading Pipelines
  • Loading/Ingest & Querying/Parsing of Semi–Structured Data
  • Data Lakes in Snowflake
  • Insights on working with Unstructured Data

  • SQL Concepts 
  • Snowflake Builtin Functions
  • User-Defined Functions (SQL & Javascript)
  • Stored Procedures in SF
  • Snowflake Connector for Python, Spark
  • External Functions
  • Snowpark introduction

  • Intro to Secure Data Sharing
  • Data Provider & Data Consumer Accounts 
  • SF Secure Direct Share
  • SF Data Marketplace
  • Data Exchange

  • Snowflake Authentication Types
  • Snowflake Network Access Control
  • Snowflake Data Access Control
  • Column Level Security
  • Row Level Security

  • SF User Management
  • SF Auditing
  • SF Metadata Management
  • Object Tagging
  • Resource Monitoring & SF Object Monitoring
  • SnowAlert Introduction

  • Integration with BI Tools
  • Loading Data into BI Tools
  • Sample Reports on Loaded Data

  • Working with ELT Tools like Matillion, ADF, Talend & Airflow

Snowflake Online Training Bangalore - Projects


How Do You Use Snowflake To Automate Data Loading?

Description: This Snowflake project teaches you all you need to know about automating Snowflake data loading using Amazon. You'll .....learn how to load data and the factors to consider, as well as storage integrations. Read more


You Must Perform Analysis And Data Migration From PostgreSQL To Snowflake As A Snowflake Specialist.

Description: This Snowflake cloud data warehouse project will lead you through the steps of moving data from PostgreSQL to You'll learn how to connect to a PostgreSQL database, configure Snowflake, and so much more. Read more

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  • Expert's Guidance
  • Industry-ready skills
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Weekend 27-Apr - 27-May 11:30 AM IST
Weekday 1-May - 31-May 01:30 PM IST


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  • Personalized curriculum
  • Hands-on sessions
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snowflake bangalore Learners

Mounika Reddy

Mounika Reddy

Technology Analyst

I wanted to upskill myself and enrolled at HKR Trainings for Snowflake training. The trainer kumar for the Snowflake course was very friendly and delivered the sessions in an interesting and innovative approach. Moreover the course was up to date with the current market needs. I felt this course was very helpful for moving ahead in my career.
Dharma Kaveli

Dharma Kaveli

Sr Datastage/Talend ETL developer and admin

I have attended Snowflake Training at HKR Trainings. It helped me a lot in learning all the concepts I need to build my career in Snowflake. I thank everyone there who supported me during this program. The course was designed well to help the beginners in obtaining all the skills in Snowflake. Moreover the course fee was very economical and the training they provided was highly interactive with easy to understand examples and use cases.

Snowflake Training In Bangalore - Objectives

  • At the end of this course, you will become acquainted with:
  • Data loading, data transformation
  • Snowflake Cloud Data Platform's distinct and differentiated architecture.
  • Review query constructs and DDL & DML operations.
  • Outline the way you can easily handle user and app access.
  • Check out Snowflakes SQL support for data analysis.
  • Explore and interact with the numerous methods of connection to the Snowflake platform.
  • Use data sharing to deliver data to clients and partners in real-time.
  • Show how you can work with semi-structured data with the help of best practices.
  • Explore the way Snowflake adopts a unique approach to caching.
  • To ensure continued data security, use the Snowflake technique.

Following are the professionals who can benefit from Snowflake Training:

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Any professional who wants to build their career in a data warehousing platform can also attend this course. 

To take up Snowflake training, you need to have some basic understanding of databases and data warehousing concepts. Knowledge of SQL is an added advantage.

Our expert trainers of the Snowflake Course in Bangalore will ensure that you understand all the concepts from day one of the training. They will make you interview-ready with good skills in the Snowflake data warehousing platform. Real-time projects, tasks, and practical learning will help you become skilled and reach your dream career. 

Trainers for Snowflake training in Bangalore are well-experienced professionals on Snowflake. They have around 8 to 10 years of work experience. So they know the actual industry requirements. So they train you as per the industry requirements.

To start your training, you need to visit our website and enroll in the Snowflake training. Then our customer support team will reach out and let you know more details on the snowflake training.

Once you complete the Snowflake Course with all the requirements, HKR Trainings will issue the course completion certificate to you. You can add this certificate to your online profile and explore more career opportunities.

Our Snowflake online training will set you apart from the non-certified and non-trained individuals. Also, it will help you gain expert skills in cloud data warehouses in real time to get high-paying jobs with good salaries.

Snowflake Training is an online training program designed to deliver industry-oriented skills with real-time examples. Learners will get practical skills in Snowflake so that they become skilled data warehouse experts.


Snowflake is a fully managed SaaS (software as a service) that provides a single platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and secure sharing and consumption of real-time / shared data.

Snowflake is entirely based on SQL. Individuals having the basic knowledge of SQL feel it is easy to learn, while others think it is quite difficult. But when you get an overview of what Snowflake brings, it's hard to return to the traditional way of storing data.

Generally, it takes 25-30 hours to learn Snowflake. Along with the live sessions, we offer you complimentary exercises, assignments, and real-time projects that need some extra time, helping you understand the concepts very easily.

If you are looking for a simple approach for data warehousing, then Snowflake will be the best choice. Snowflake offers faster, easier to use, and much more flexible data storage, processing, and analytics solutions compared to traditional offerings. 

Snowflake supports programming languages like C, Java, GoLang, Python, .Net, Node.js, etc. So, basic knowledge of any of these Programming languages will be helpful. And for general users, Snowflake provides full support for the ANSI SQL language for managing daily operations.

Snowflake provides data storage, processing, and analytical solutions that are quicker, easy to use, and much more flexible than traditional offerings.

Snowflake serves various technology areas like data integration, business intelligence, security & governance, and Advanced analytics. Moreover, it supports programming languages like Golang, Python, C, Java, .Net, etc. 

Snowflake is used across various sectors by the top companies like Jollibee Food Corporation, Schneider National, Petroliam Nasional Berhad, Autodesk, etc.

Snowflake architecture makes it possible to store and compute at an independent scale to enable customers to use and pay separately for the storage and computation. And the sharing feature enables organizations to share fast, managed, and secure data in real-time.

You will get a recording of the class which you missed during the Snowflake Training in Bangalore. It will help you revise the previous classes and clear your doubts, if any, in the next training session.

If you have additional queries that are not addressed on this page after completing the Snowflake Course, you can talk to our customer support representative for more details.

Most learners and aspirants who enrolled in our technology courses earlier were satisfied with the training they took. Our practical and industry-oriented training with expert guidance will help you get skilled in real time. Also, we provide real-time projects and assignments to solve to make you master the concepts well. So you can reach your dream career soon. Thus, after getting these skills, there is no chance of getting dissatisfied with the Snowflake Training.

Our Snowflake online course trainers are highly skilled and domain-certified, with many years of industry experience. They deliver the course content professionally and make the learning interactive for learners.

Yes, you can start learning Snowfalke in other cities such as; 

  • Snowflake Training in Chennai
  • Snowflake Training in Hyderabad

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