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HKR Trainings provides significant and placement-focused SAP basis training. Our sap-basis course entitles basic to advanced level concepts and is meant to job in a good MNC company as soon as you complete the SAP basis certification training course. Our SAP-based instructors are sap-based accredited experts and accomplished wor.....king professionals with real-time hands on multiple SAP BASIS project knowledge. We engineered our SAP basis core curriculum and syllabus by considering the aspirants needs to achieve their dream career. In our web-based training programme, you will understand SAP Basis, SAP Net Weaver, SAP Buffers, SAP Web Application Server Architecture, Installation, Configuration, Printer Setup, SAP Security, TMS Overview, Database Management, Java, System Management, etc. You will be working on real-time projects to get hands-on experience in this field. Get the industry-oriented SAP Basis course training from the certified mentors by joining HKR. Read more

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This certification is an advantage for candidates to get a great package than in.....dividuals who are not certified.  Read more

You can get a good job in the best companies such as SAP consultant, SAP Data Ad.....ministrator, Network Specialist and others. Read more

Learning SAP Basis will establish a great career growth and future scope as the .....most IT companies rely on it for effective business operations. Read more

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SAP Basis course overview

SAP Basis refers to the management of the SAP system, which covers areas such as configuring, load balancing, and efficiency of SAP applications that run on Java Stack and SAP ABAP. This includes maintenance of various services related to process, operating system, implementation and web servers in the SAP system environment and preventing and beginning the system.

HKR delivers the best industry-oriented SAP Basis course that is in line with the certification exam. Our course structure helps you to become a professional SAP Basis Consultant of SAP System Administrator which includes activities like installation and configuration, load balancing, and performance analysis of SAP applications running on Java stack and SAP ABAP. etc. During the training period, you can get full support and real-time project assistance from experienced professionals. Enrol today at HKR for accepting the new challenges to make the best outcome out of our SAP Basis online training.

SAP Basis Course Content Download Curriculum

This SAP Basis training Course Content's objective is to provide trainees with a thorough understanding of the SAP Basis technology. Our Course Content includes all of the SAP Basis's modern concepts and keeps you up to date with the latest innovations. To improve your SAP Basis skills, take a look at the following course modules.

  • An introduction to ERP
  • An introduction to SAP
  • SAP AG: Evolution & Strategy
  • SAP Product Evolution
  • SAP Services Overview (OSS)
  • An introduction to BASIS
  • An introduction to Operating Systems
  • An introduction to Database Systems
  • Overview of Computer Networks
  • Network types & devices
  • Protocol & IP Address concepts
  • An introduction to Kernel Software
  • Client / Server Solution
  • Overview of 3 layer interface
  • Types of Client / Server Architectures
  • An introduction to R/3
  • The Architecture of SAP R/3
  • Overview of Software Development
  • Overview of SAP Landscape
  • Landscape types
  • Lifecycle Implementation concepts
  • Elements in SAP R/3 installation
  • Installation requirement
  • System sizing
  • Installation File Systems
  • Installation of RDBMS
  • Installation of SAP Inst tools
  • Install central Instance
  • Load Database
  • Installation Database
  • Installation of Presentation Layer
  • Post-installation Activities
  • Start & Stop SAP R/3 Server
  • Directory Structures
  • Overview of SAP BasisC
  • SAP & Oracle Environment Variables
  • SAP Logon Pad configuration
  • Overview of SAP License system
  • Overview of Transaction & Dialog step
  • Overview of user Administration
  • Managing User Master Records
  • Managing User Groups
  • Mass User Management
  • Managing Logged-on Users
  • Central User Administration
  • Overview of System Profiles
  • Overview of Operation Modes
  • Overview of Background jobs
  • Overview of Log-on Load Balancing
  • Overview of Memory Management
  • Overview of workload monitor
  • Overview of Os Collector
  • Overview of Performance Management
  • Overview of alert monitoring
  • SAP system Pro-Active Health checks
  • Overview of Authorization System
  • Maintaining Authorizations
  • Working with Profile Generator
  • Creating Roles
  • Maintaining Org. Levels
  • User Information System
  • Overview of Users & Authorization Tables
  • System Profile Parameters for User
  • Overview of R/3 client
  • Client Copy methods
  • Client copy Requirements & Process
  • Open / Close R/3 Client
  • Overview of RFC
  • Deleting R/3 Client
  • Client Refresh
  • Copying DB Tables among clients 
  • Overview of change Transport System
  • Transport System Concepts
  • System Change Options
  • Working with Change and Transport Organizer
  • Overview of Transport Management System
  • Configuring Systems and Domains
  • Configuring Transport Routes
  • Distributing and Verifying the configuration
  • Overview of tp & R3trans
  • Performing Transports with tp Program
  • Overview of the Complete Process of Transporting
  • Overview of Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons
  • Types of Support Packages
  • Downloading Support Packages
  • Support pack Dependencies and Requirements
  • Applying Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons
  • SAP R/3 Kernel Upgrade
  • Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture
  • Oracle Directory structure for R/3
  • Overview of physical Layer
  • Overview of Logical Layer
  • Introduction to Cost-Based Optimizer
  • Introduction to SAPDBA & BRTOOLS
  • Tablespace Administration
  • Introduction to Database Reorganization
  • Database Backup & Restore
  • Database General Activities
  • SAP Spool system Architecture
  • Introduction to SAP Access Methods
  • Defining R/3 Printer Devices
  • Managing spool Requests
  • The SAPLPD Driver Program
  • TEMSE object Database
  • Troubleshooting printing problems
  • Monitoring SAP Instances
  • Monitoring System Work Process
  • Managing User Sessions
  • Managing Update Records
  • Managing Lock Entries
  • Managing R/3 System Logs
  • Analyzing ABAP Dumps
  • System Tracing Utilities
  • Managing Batch Input Sessions
  • At HKR, we provide practice tests at the end of course , free course materials, tutorials, conduct mock interview sessions, provide CoBasisunity questions and answers, most frequently asked SAP Basis interview questions and answers and help in preparing the sample Resumes, etc to crack the interview.
We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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SAP Basis Training Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with SAP Basis Training Certification course.

SAP Basis online Training Objectives

Upon successful completion of SAP Basis training at HKR, you will learn the following things.

  • You will learn how SAP Basis infrastructure works.
  • Explore what is sap basis, server sizing, maintaining sap jobs, client administration, etc.
  • Learn batch session management, database monitoring  and server profile management, etc.

The SAP Basis course benefits for the following list of professionals.

  • Graduation such as  B.Tech. /M.Tech / MCA / M.S.C IT / MBA OR  PGDM can take up this course.
  • Who had 1-3 years Experience in Networking / DBA
  • Who are aspiring to learn SAP Basis
  • There are no special requirements to take up this course. The one who is interested in enhancing their career and critical skills in SAP Basis can attend the course.
  • Basic knowledge of SAP ERP, Understanding of Windows / Unix / Linux operating systems,Good communication skills is an added advantage.

To start with the SAP Basis course, you need to check with the best institute that delivers the knowledge. Before proceeding to join any training, take suggestions from the experts who had already learned the course. We at HKR, with a team of industry experts, are ready to fulfil your dream career to achieve a job in desired companies.

Once you complete the entire course along with real-time projects and assignments, HKR delivers the course completion certification. This certification helps to get a job in any company very quickly.

Our trainers are highly qualified and certified with many years of industry experience and technology background in SAP Basis.

Certification differentiates you from the non-certified peers, and you can demand the best salary in the leading companies.


We, at HKR, provide complete guidance to reach your dream job. But your job will be based on your performance in the interview panel and the recruiter requirements.

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Certifications play a vital role in showcasing your tech skills and also help to achieve your dream career. Moreover, it shows your talent to connect with real-time projects. Many companies are preferring the candidates with certifications and also provide substantial salary packages.

SAP BASIS Certification demonstrates the candidate's expertise and knowledge of SAP System Administration and the ability to show this understanding at the client's site. The SAP system supports various SAP endorsed database systems such as Oracle DB, MS SQL DB, MAX DB, SAP ASE DB, DB2 and HANA DB.

SAP BASIS Certification tends to fall within the SAP NetWeaver Certification Group and that there are typically two categories, notably:

  • Associate Technology:This is for applicants just looking to start their professional life at SAP BASIS.
  • Professional Technology:This is for qualified people who really want to achieve their goals in SAP BASIS.

Associate SAP BASIS Certification :

This certification is appropriate for junior SAP consultants who have just begun their professional life in SAP and demonstrates the candidate's knowledge of the basics of SAP System Administration. This certification gives the applicant trust in his/her skill level and gives the customer a sense of guarantee that his/her project is in the hands of a certified professional.

C_TADM54_74: SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (SAP ASE DB) with SAP NetWeaver 7.4

Description:This test was based on SAP ASE DB and validates that the applicant is able to deliver any SAP system that runs on SAP ASE DB. This also reinforces the candidate's capacity to achieve efficient SAP System Administration facilities to both project and organisational clients.

C_TADM50_74: SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (Max DB) with SAP NetWeaver 7.4

Description:This certification is distinguished from many others on the premise of the database Max DB upon which SAP ERP economy works. This specifies that the applicant has definitely gained the required organizational skills to be able to provide effective consulting services, either on a project or even during the execution process.

C_TADM51_74: SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (Oracle DB) with SAP NetWeaver 7.4

Description:This accreditation affirms the SAP System Administration understanding and skills of the applicant for the SAP ERP system operating on the Oracle DB. Apart from the understanding and ability to accomplish efficient Operational Management functions on the SAP system, the applicant also needs to have a strong understanding of the Oracle Database as well as how to maintain using the proprietary SAP tools.

C_TADM55_74: SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (SAP HANA as a database) with SAP NetWeaver 7.4

Description:HANA DB by SAP is one of the most potent in-memory databases on the market currently, and SAP is very enthusiastic to implement it to its various suppliers. This competence includes the candidate's skills and experience of SAP System Administration premised on SAP HANA DB. This also demonstrates the candidate's professional competence that provides clients with appropriate consulting services, whether it's on a project and during a project.

C_TADM56_74: SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration “DB2 LUW” with SAP NetWeaver 7.4

Description:This certification demonstrates that the applicant has experienced the appropriate training in SAP System Administration premised on the DB2 LUW database and that he/she has the understanding and skills to instruct clients operating their SAP system on the DB2 LUW database.

Professional SAP Basis certification :

This accreditation is for appropriately qualified SAP Consultants who wish to differentiate themselves and to demonstrate their sophisticated experience and skill in SAP System Administration.This certification shows the applicant to have domain expertise in SAP Consulting and industry experience. The politician will be informed of any particular criteria for a province by discovering out about the SAP Certification Strategy as relevant to the area under examination.

The below mentioned points are applicable to all the certifications mentioned above.

  • Number of questions: 80
  • Passing score: 63%
  • Time Duration: 180 minutes
  • Languages Supported: German, English, Japanese

We at HKR, help the candidates to achieve certifications through our industry-oriented training. Once, you're done with complete training along with real-time projects, and we provide the course completion certificate. It illustrates that you are proficient in the technology to handle real-time projects. HKR certification is well recognized across all top MNCs and helps you get into a job quickly.

HKR Trainings Certification

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SAP Basis Projects

At HKR, we provide academic coaching for SAP Basis training and make you practically competent by enabling you to work with projects and case studies in the real world. Each course we deliver incorporates real-time projects that will make you get through the real-time experience. You will gain practical exposure, strengthening your domain expertise and enabling you to clear the certificates quickly.

This technique demonstrates how to deactivate e-mails in SAP Basis transactions SOST.

A rollout project is one in which centralised processes are established and implemented at a central location.

This project consists of a set of tasks that must be completed in order to achieve the project's aims or objectives.

The major configuration phase of any SAP solution is referred to as this project.

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It's really a good place to enhance your SAP basis skills and achieve your dream job. Our trainers c.....overed all the course curriculum on time and illustrated each and every concepts very clearly so that a non -programmer can even understand the concepts very easily. Read more



100% doubt clarification sessions, provides quality tutorials, course materials at the end of the tr.....aining. Affordable prices that are in alignment with everyone’s budget. Thanks for their support and guidance. Read more

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Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

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