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Propel your career growth by joining our AWS Training in Delhi. We at HKR Trainings aim to give the best training to our learners that can help them to advance their careers. So we have skilled and experienced trainers who not only teach you the concepts of AWS practically but also provide you hands-on experience offering you assignments and real time projects. They will assist you and guide you in every aspect that enables you to learn the concepts very easily through our AWS Online training in Delhi. If you are an individual willing to build your career in AWS, then HKR Trainings will be the best option for you. So enrol now in AWS Certification Training in Delhi and boost your career. . Read more

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As AWS is one of the popular technologies, there is a high scope and demand and quite advantageous for job aspirants. All the AWS certified architects are now making up $125000. Read more

As there are many multinational companies in the IT sector, there is a high tren.....d for this technology in Delhi. Read more

There are a number of job openings which provides an opportunity to the job aspi.....rants if you learn and become a certified professional from a reputed training institute like HKR. Read more

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AWS Training In Delhi - Course Overview

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a complete and evolving cloud computing platform that is offered by Amazon. It consists of a combination of Platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service(IaaS) and Software as a service offering. It allows you to select the programming language, database, operating system, web application platform and other services as per your needs.

Our main objective is to give our learners the best AWS training in Delhi. So we have skilled and experienced trainers who can teach you the concepts of AWS like AWS basics, Secure management in AWS, AWS Objects storage, Amazon EC2, load balancing and autoscaling, networking and monitoring services, database services and analytics, Application services and AWS Lambda, AWS Architectural designs, etc., very well, using real time examples. Our trainers will assist you in every aspect throughout your AWS course in Delhi and guide you to learn the concepts easily. So get AWS Online Training in Delhi by enrolling at HKR Trainings.

AWS Training Delhi - Course Content Download Curriculum

The AWS Training course curriculum is designed by the professionals at HKR who have knowledge and expertise in the subject. They have curated the curriculum into different modules for easy learning and teaching aspects. Below is the representation of different modules in the AWS Training in delhi.

1.1 History of Cloud Computing

1.2 Defining Cloud

1.3 Why do we use the Cloud?

1.4 Which cloud we use and Why?

1.5 Where can we use Cloud?

1.6 Types of Cloud. (Public, Private, Hybrid, Community)

1.7 Deployment Models of Cloud (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS)

2.1 History of AWS Cloud

2.2 AWS Cloud Services 

2.3 Categories of AWS Services

3.1 Introduction to Identity and Access Management

3.2 Comparing Root Account and IAM User

3.3 Users

3.4 Group

3.5 Policies

4.1 Introduction to Simple Storage Service

4.2 Storage Classes

4.3 Lifecycle Management

4.4 Versioning

4.5 Cross-region Replication

4.6 Storage Gateway

5.1 Introduction to Elastic Compute Cloud

5.2 EC2 Instance Types

5.3 Security Group Basics

5.4 EBS

5.5 Volumes and Snapshots

5.6 EC2 Metadata

5.7 Elastic File System

6.1 Introduction to Databases on AWS

6.2 RDS backups, Multi AZs and Read Replicas

6.3 DynamoDB

6.4 Redshift

6.5 Aurora

6.6 ElastiCache

7.1 Introduction to Route53

7.2 Routing Policies

7.3 Simple Routing Policy

7.4 Weighted Routing Policy

7.5 Latency Routing Policy

7.6 Failover Routing Policy

7.7 Geo Proximity Routing Policy (Traffic Flow Only)

7.8 Multivalue Answer

8.1 Introduction to Virtual Private Cloud

8.2 Subnets

8.3 Network Address Translation

8.4 VPC Flow Logs

8.5 VPC Endpoints

8.6 VPC Peering

8.7 Direct Connect

9.1 Introduction to High Available Architecture

9.2 Load Balancer

9.3 Autoscaling Group

9.4 CloudFormation

9.5 Beanstalk

10.1 Comparing Server and Serverless

10.2 Introduction to Serverless

10.3 No Servers Really

10.4 Why Lambda?

11.1 Introduction to CloudWatch

11.2 Monitoring EC2 with Custom metrics

11.3 Monitoring EBS

11.4 Monitoring ELB

11.5 Creating a billing Alarm

11.6 AWS Resource Group and Tagging

11.7 Comparing AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail and Cloudwatch

12.1 Simple Queue Service (SQS)

12.2 Simple Workflow Service (SWS)

12.3 Simple Notification Service (SNS)

12.4 API Gateway

12.5 Kinesis

12.6 Elastic Transcoder

13.1 DevOps in AWS

13.2 Code Pipeline/Code Build

13.3 Code Commit/Code Deploy

14.1 Defining Cloud migration

14.2 Significance of migration 

14.3 Migration process in AWS, the 6 R’s migration strategy

14.4 Virtual machine migration, migrating a local VM onto the AWS cloud

14.5 Migrating databases using Database Migration Service (DMS)

14.6 Migrating a local database to RDS

14.7 Migrating an on-premises database server to RDS using DMS, other migration services.

15.1 Defining AWS Lambda

15.2 How Lambda is different from EC2?

15.3 Benefits and limitations of Lambda

15.4 How does Lambda work

15.5 Use cases of Lambda, Lambda concepts

15.6 Integration S3 with Lambda

15.7 Defining Elastic Beanstalk, Working of Beanstalk, Beanstalk concepts, Beanstalk pricing

15.8 Defining configuration management

15.9 Defining AWS OpsWorks, AWS OpsWorks benefits

15.10 Comparing CloudFormation and OpsWorks, services in OpsWorks, AWS OpsWorks Stacks, OpsWorks pricing.

16.1 Defining FSx

16.2 Types of FSx, FSx for Windows server

16.3 How does FSx for Windows File Server work, FSx for Lustre

16.4 Use cases of FSx

16.5 Automatic failover process

16.6 Supported clients and access methods

16.7 Defining Global Accelerator, Working of Global Accelerator, Listeners and Endpoints

16.8 Defining AWS Organizations, AWS Organization Features, Managing multiple accounts

16.9 Defining ENIs, ENAs, and EFAs, Working with network interfaces

16.10 Enhanced Networking with ENA, EFA with MPI, Monitoring an EFA

At HKR, we provide practice tests at the end of the course along with , AWS Tutorial, AWS interview question and answers and Sample Resumes , etc to crack the interview.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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AWS Training Course Delhi - Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with AWS Training in Delhi Certification course.

AWS Online Training in Delhi - Objectives

Through the AWS Training in Delhi, you will be capable of clearing the AWS Training certification exam without any difficulties. You will be able to apply the skills and knowledge on real-time scenarios and will also gain an idea on the below concepts.

  • Overview of AWS platform
  • AWS architecture and the concepts related to it.
  • How to increase the reliability and flexibility of AWS services
  • How to use the lift and shift technique
  • AWS options for database, computing and security requirements
  • How to make use of the architectural framework to get through the best AWS solution 

Anyone who is interested in improving and advancing their career in AWS can take up the AWS Training in Delhi. However, it would benefit the below list of professionals.

  • Architects
  • Programmers
  • Administrators of networks and systems 

There are no specific prerequisites for taking the AWS Training Online course. However, a basic idea of programming would be an added advantage.

To start with this AWS Course, you need to either click on the Enrol Now icon at the top of the screen, or contact us at our customer care number, or just enter your details in the pop-up and submit it. Our Support Team will contact you as soon as possible and give you more information regarding the training process.

When you complete your AWS training along with the assignments and Real-time projects, HKR Trainings will issue you the course completion certificate. This certification will help you to get hired very quickly.

Our trainers for AWS training are professionals with more than ten years of work experience. They will provide you with AWS Training. They have a flair for making learning fun and easy. So you will get the best Training in AWS..

Getting an AWS Certification will differentiate you from the non-certified people. It will boost your skills, confidence, and career. It will help you to get a salary hike. It will also help you to obtain better job opportunities with the best package.

Yes! Right from the first day of your AWS training, our trainers make sure that you understand all the concepts and provide you with complete guidance to reach your dream job. And when you complete your course, you will also get assistance in resume preparation which gives you the confidence to clear your interview. Moreover, We are also tied up with some corporate companies. So when they have a requirement, we send your profiles to them.

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We follow four formats for AWS Training in Delhi for the flexibility of our students

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  • » Interact live with industrial experts.
  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

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  • » Dedicated Trainer for you.
  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.


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  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.

AWS Certification

Certification plays an important role in achieving your dream job. It demonstrates that you have acquired all essential skills to handle the critical tasks in real-world with little or no assistance from your subordinates. Organizations are preferring to hire candidates with certifications and are offering huge salary packages.

We at HKR training help the learners in achieving appropriate certifications. Moreover, we also provide a course completion certificate for every course we offer. This certification shows that you are trained enough to handle real-time tasks and also sets you apart from the crowd. HKR certification is well recognized across all top MNCs and help you get into a job easily.

HKR Trainings Certification

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AWS Online Training in Delhi - Projects

As informed earlier, HKR training is the pioneer which drives practical knowledge to the trainees and helps them learn new scenarios through live projects. This will help in gaining expertise in the subject and will also help in clearing the certification exam.

Description: The primary goal is to create an application that is capable of recognizing the images that are uploaded on the application.

Description: this project involved creation of a custom VPC which includes the public and private subnets along with the deployment of these instances into each subnet.

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I have been trying to enhance my career to find a better position. I was looking for different caree.....r enhancement opportunities but found AWS as one of the best technologies worldwide. I have then preferred to join HKR trainings as per the recommendation of one of my relatives. I was overwhelmed with the training techniques and amazed with the training guidance provided by the training professionals at HKR. Read more



I am Srinivas, a fresher who is looking for good job roles and trying to step into the IT industry. .....I was not really sure of how my career would go if I chose AWS. But then, I still put forward my trust and hope, searched for the best training and joined HKR. I am surprised with the support and guidance provided by the trainers at HKR. They are so soft and smooth-minded, making us learn things easily. I would like to convey my vote of thanks to the training and management team of HKR in Delhi. Read more



I was feeling down for not being upto the roles in the organization I was working for. I decided to .....improve my skills and looked for an opportunity to improve my skill set. I found AWS appropriate for my expertise and also as AWS is one of the booming technologies, I preferred to join HKR training in Delhi. The course curriculum, teaching techniques, live projects and deep-thinking analytical skills helped me clear the certification and grow in my organization. Read more


Our trainers for AWS training are professionals with more than ten years of work experience. They will provide you with AWS Training. They have a flair for making learning fun and easy. So you will get the best Training in AWS.

You can contact our customer care number if your query does not belong to any of the questions we have addressed in this article. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

HKR Trainings assures that the learners get a quality course from our trainers. You (the learners) will have lifetime access to recorded sessions. So in case of any doubts, you can watch these recorded sessions or even can ask your trainers to clarify them. Moreover, you will also be working on a real-time project which will help you understand the concepts more clearly. So there is no question of not being satisfied.

We are the pioneers in providing AWS Trainings in Delhi. At HKR Trainings, We possess skilled trainers with 10+ years of work experience in the cloud. You would get the best training on AWS. Moreover, we have trained 500+ professionals in AWS, out of which 80% of them are working in top-notch companies. 

Some of the skills you will gain in this AWS Training course are AWS basics, Secure management in AWS, AWS Objects storage, Amazon EC2, load balancing and autoscaling, networking and monitoring services, database services and analytics, and Application services and AWS Lambda, AWS Architectural designs, etc.

Of course, Yes! Any fresh graduate can take this AWS Solution architecture course. The road map for freshers to become an AWS Architect is quite simple. All you need to do is get in-depth knowledge on AWS and take the AWS Associate level certification exam to obtain the best job opportunity.

Coding is not always required when you are using AWS. However, coding is required when you are using Amazon UI manually or programmatically / creating cloud setup instructions.

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