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Are you a networking professional willing to upgrade your career? Then Wireshark Training is for you. At HKR Trainings we have the best Networking professionals skilled in Wireshark. They provide you with the best training on Wireshark. During this Wireshark Online training, you would get complete guidance from our trainers thro.....ughout the course. They ensure that you would get a clear idea on the concepts of Wireshark. So by the end of this course you would master the concepts of Wireshark. Enroll now for this Wireshark course from the industry experts and move your career to the next level. Read more

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Why Should I Learn Wireshark?

Wireshark is one of the world's fastest-growing network analyzer tools. So there..... are many opportunities for the networking aspirants in Wireshark. Read more

Some of the top companies across the world use Wireshark for tracing the connect.....ions, viewing the suspicious network transactions and identifying bursts of the network traffic. Read more

In India, skilled professionals in Wireshark will earn around ₹16 Lakhs to ₹.....38 Lakhs per annum with an average salary of ₹19 Lakhs per annum. Read more

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Wireshark Training Course Overview

Wireshark is indeed a network protocol analyzer or an application which gets packets from the network connection like from a personal PC of an individual to another computer. It is the most frequently used packet sniffer. Wireframe is responsible for packet Capture, filtering and Visualization.

As Wireshark is a leading network traffic analyzer across the world that is essential for any system administrator or security professional. Our trainer for Wireshark training will provide you complete knowledge on Wireshark from the basics like Overview of Wireshark, Filters, statistics and analysis, Wireshark expert info, Deep conversations analysis, TCPDUMP and Deep Conversation Analysis, Hosts scan detection, Capture filter, DOS, DDOS, etc. So you will get complete knowledge on the concepts of Wireshark. Our trainers will also provide you with complete support to help you learn the concepts clearly. So enroll now in this Wireshark Online training and boost your career to the higher levels.

Wireshark Course Content Download Curriculum

We have designed our Wireshark training course curriculum with the help of well-experienced Wireshark professionals. So you would get complete knowledge on Wireshare as per the current industry needs. Following are the modules that will be covered in this course:

  • Wireshark fundamentals
  • Overview of L2-7
  • Installation of Pcap library
  • Basic capture and filters
  • UDP Specifications and Fragmentation capturing
  • Layers dissection
  • Capture save options
  • Creating filters to capture by MAC/IP/Application
  • Display filter language
  • Using operators, Combine filters
  • bytes values
  • Identifying applications and network protocols
  • Normal UDP & TCP conversation
  • Following streams and reassembling data
  • capture filters
  • Colorize traffic
  • statistics view of Wireshark
  • Most active: IP addresses, endpoints, conversations, wireless statistics
  • HTTP and FTP conversation
  • Detect latency with combined statistics
  • I/O graph
  • TCP latency/duplicates ack/retransmit
  • Ack lost
  • Duplicate ack
  • TCP retransmit
  • Segment not captured
  • Previous segment lost
  • Out of order segment
  • Traffic graph
  • TCP graph sequence numbers and windowing
  • Viewing and Coloring basic I/O graphs
  • Viewing trends by using graphs
  • Special graphs
  • network analysis terms
  • Latency, packet loss, slowness, dead time segment
  • Attack detection
  • detecting client server path delays - complete analysis
  • How to use it
  • Syntax and filters
  • Play with buffers
  • Smart optimization
  • How to save capture les with reduced overhead - tips & tricks
  • HTTP & HTTPS complete session analysis and troubleshooting
  • HTTP payload structure
  • RTP & RTSP complete session analysis and troubleshooting
  • Capture lters and build dissector
  • Security
  • ICMP probe detection
  • Ports scan detection TCP and UDP
  • Scanning and discover it using NMAP and Wireshark
  • Malformed packets
  • Analyzing suspicious traffic
  • Injecting packets to the network and simulating scenario required
  • Syntax of LIBCAP capture filter
  • Filter by payload
  • Filter host, mac
  • Combining filters to match with TCP flags
  • Dissector language
  • Working of dissector
  • Add headers information
  • Dissect new protocol “My Packet”
We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Wireshark Training Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with Wireshark Training Certification course.

Wireshark Training Objectives

Wireshark training is training on Wireshark Concepts. It is designed for professionals interested in developing skills in Wireshark. Wireshark training offered by HKR Trainings will equip you with all the skills that you need to obtain the best job opportunity.

When you complete this Wireshark training,

  • You will be able to Extract information like credentials, malware, images and compromise indicators from packet capture files
  • You would be able to Analyze networks using Wireshark
  • You will be able to Capture network traffic as well as route analysis
  • You can easily capture filters and connection attempts
  • Gain knowledge on traffic and analysis at different protocol layers
  • Knowledge on Wireshark’s Expert system

Anyone interested in learning Wireshark needs to be familiar with the networking concepts like OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, Nmap & protocols like UDP, TCP, IP and ethernet.

Following are some of the professionals who can attend this Wireshark training:

  • Network Engineers
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Administrators
  • IT Administrators
  • Testing professionals
  • Aspiring wireshark professionals

To start with this Wireshark Course, you need to either click on the Enroll Now icon at the top of the screen, or contact us at our customer care number, or just enter your details in the pop-up and submit it. Our Support Team will contact you as soon as possible and give you more information regarding the training process.

When you complete your Wireshark Training along with the assignments and Real-time projects, HKR Trainings will issue you the course completion certificate. This certification will help you to get hired very quickly.

Getting a Wireshark Certification will differentiate you from the non-certified people. It will boost your skills, confidence, and career. It will help you to get a salary hike. It will also help you to obtain better job opportunities with the best package.

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Wireshark Options

We follow four formats for Wiresshark training for the flexibility of our students

Live Online Training

  • » Interact live with industrial experts.
  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

1:1 Live Online Training

  • » Dedicated Trainer for you.
  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.


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  • » Lifetime free Upgrade.

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  • » Live Online/Classroom/Self-paced.
  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.

Wireshark Certification

Wireshark Aspirants can attend Wireshark Certified Network Analyst examination after completing Wireshark training to upgrade their career as a Wireshark professional. This WCNA Certification exam will act as a proof that you have a sound knowledge on the concepts of Wireshark like network traffic Capturing, analysis of results and determining the anomalies, etc.
Following are the details of the WCNA certification exam:

  • Exam Code: WCNA
  • Exam type: True/ False and Multiple-choice
  • Exam cost: $299
  • Exam duration: 120 Minutes
  • Number of questions: 100
  • Exam language: English
  • Passing score: Statistical Analysis (Either pass/Fail)
HKR Trainings Certification

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Wireshark Projects

We believe that the best way for individuals to learn is by doing. This hands-on learning method helps you remember the information better and offers you a valuable hands-on experience making you more equipped to apply your knowledge in your regular work. So, at HKR Training, we provide our learners with real time projects which help them to learn the concepts practically. The real time projects we offer will also help the learners to test themselves on how well they are acquainted with the concepts of Wireshark Training.

When you complete your Wireshark Training, we offer you the following projects:

  • Employee Website monitoring by packet analysis
  • Network intrusion detection using pattern matching
  • Active and passive ftp design and security analysis
  • Brute force attack detection using wireshark

In this project we will be monitoring the website accessed by the employees as per the IP and mac address on the LAN network with the analysis of the suitable packets.

In this project you would develop a program that would detect patterns in the packet payload as well as log, IP address from which packet has started.

In this project you would perform a detailed analysis of two different FTP protocols, Active & Passive.

In this project you would demonstrate a technique that uses brute force attacks on the FTP Servers to be detected by Wireshark analysis.

Wireshark Training Reviews



HKR Trainings is the best place that stands out in Wireshark Training. They have a well-experienced .....trainer who teaches the concepts practically. I was able to upgrade my skills very effectively from this place. They have provided me with excellent guidance throughout my course. Read more



I have completed my Wireshark training at HKR Trainings. I was very impressed with their way of teac.....hing the concepts and their support helping us to learn the concepts clearly and quickly. This will be the best place for any Wireshark aspirant to initiate their career as WCNA. Read more

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar

I am very happy that I was able to find the best institute to learn Wireshark. Wireshark Training of.....fered by HKR Trainings is worth the money we spend. I was able to get a clear idea on all the concepts of Wireshark. The trainer taught us the concept in a very interesting way. Read more

Wireshark FAQ's

Wireshark is an open-source packet Analyzer that is used for troubleshooting network, software, analysis, and communications protocol development and education.

Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer or an application that is used to get packets from the network connection like from a personal PC of an individual to another computer.

Learning Wireshark is very easy when you join HKR Trainings. You would master all the concepts of Wireshark like troubleshooting, network analysis, software and communications protocol development and various other concepts of networking with ease.

Wireshark is used in various sectors like government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, non-profit and small businesses for troubleshooting the network issues. So there is a huge demand for Wireshark professionals in these sectors. Upskilling in Wireshark can enhance the aspirants career.

Every class is recorded. If you have missed your class, you can learn those concepts from the recorded sessions of the missed class. So, No worries!

Yes! Right from the first day of your Wireshark Training, our trainers make sure that you understand all the concepts and provide you with complete guidance to reach your dream job. And when you complete your course, we will also assist you in your resume preparation which will give you the confidence to clear your interview. Moreover, We are also tied up with some corporate companies. So when they have a requirement, we send your profiles to them.

At HKR, we provide a free demo session for training seekers so they can check our quality and method of education before they enroll.

Our trainers for Wireshark Training are professionals with more than ten years of work experience. They will deliver you the Wireshark Training. They have a flair for making learning fun and easy. So you will get the best training on Wireshark.

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