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Enroll now into HKR SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) training to become professional in data integration and workflow applications. In this SSIS course, you will learn the process to transform the data among heterogeneous sources such as Oracle, text files, Access, ODBC, XML and OLE DB. And you will also learn the process securely manage data across multiple platforms. To gain practical exposure you will be working with real-time projects. Our experienced professionals will assist you in the interview & certification preparation process. Enroll now to get certified in the SSIS certification course.  Read more

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Why should I learn microsoft SSIS?

This SSIS is a powerful integration tool and capable enough to work with massive..... databases.  Read more

Importance of data usage and business intelligence tools have created a huge dem.....and for the data integration tool like SSIS.  Read more

According to the latest salary statics submitted by Ziprecruiter shows that the .....average salary received by an SSIS developer amounts to $104,725 per annum.  Read more

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SSIS Course Overview

HKR Trainings offers industry-oriented SSIS training to make aspirants experts in data integration and Workflow management. Our experienced trainers will make you understand each concept with detailed explanations. In this SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) course, you will gain deep knowledge of concepts such as SSIS basics, data flow, data sources, data flow transformation, data flow destinations, advanced data flow, control flow, SSIS Package development, etc. Learn from the real-time experts by joining HKR’s SSIS certification course.

SSIS Course Content Download Curriculum

To make the learner’s industry-ready professionals we follow the Latest updated SSIS course content. The SSIS course content has been designed by industry experts to match the current requirements. Our SSIS training syllabus in-line with the SSIS certification exam syllabus which makes your certification path hassle-free. Following are the SSIS syllabus sections that we are going to cover in this training. 

This will be the very first section you will come across in this training and you will gain an overview of core concepts of SQL Server Integration Services.

Topics covered:

  • SSIS Architecture Overview
  • Basic ETL Entities in SSIS
  • Overview of SSIS & Data Warehouse
  • Data management tools in SSIS 
  • The Import and Export Wizard 

Data flow plays a vital role in the functioning of the control flow. It is a construct where you can read data from multiple sources into the memory of a machine that executes SSIS package. You can also perform multiple transformations even when the data is in-memory. 

Topics covered:

  • Overview of Data Flow
  • Data Destinations
  • Data Sources
  • Data Viewers
  • Data Flow Transformations

In this section, you will be learning various data sources from where an SSIS can source data. The data sources are defined as the places where SSIS can read/write data. 

Topics covered:

  • Flat File Source
  • XML Source
  • OLE DB Source
  • Excel Source

In SSIS data flow transformation is a process of converting data or making adjustments to data to make it into the desired format. In SSIS we have multiple ways to transform data. In this section, you are going to learn Data flow transformation and its associated concepts.  

Topics covered: 

  • Aggregate Transformation
  • Character Map Transformation
  • Copy Column Transformation
  • Script component Transformation
  • Multicast Transformation
  • Percentage Sampling Transformation
  • Sort Transformation
  • Audit Transformation
  • Copy Column Transformation
  • Audit Transformation
  • Conditional Split Transformation
  • Derived Column Transformation
  • Data Conversion Transformation
  • OLE DB Command Transformation
  • Row Count Transformation
  • Union All Transformation
  • Character Map Transformation
  • Data Mining Query Transformation

In this section, you will come across various advanced data flow concepts and their usefulness. 

Topics Covered:

  • Lookup Transformation
  • Merge Join Transformation
  • Pivot Transformation
  • Import Transformation
  • Term Extraction Transformation
  • Fuzzy Lookup Transformation
  • Merge Transformation
  • Export Transformation
  • Unpivot Transformation
  • Term Lookup Transformation
  • Fuzzy Grouping Transformation
  • Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation

The Data Flow destination component is an SSIS component that exposes data from a data flow to the data source component. 

Topics covered:

  • DataReader Destination
  • Flat File Destination
  • OLE DB Destination
  • Flat File Destination

Control flow is a SQL server workflow engine which comes with various control elements. In an SSIS package contains a minimum one control flow task,  and one or more data flows.  

Topics covered: 

  • Control Flow Overview
  • The Execute SQL TaskThe File System Task
  • The Send Mail Task
  • Data Flow Task
  • Execute Process Task
  • XML Task
  • Analysis Services Processing Task
  • Precedence Constraints
  • The Bulk Insert Task
  • The FTP Task
  • Bulk Insert Task
  • Execute Package Task
  • Web Service Task
  • Backup database Task
  • WMI Event Watcher Task

In this section, you will learn the advanced control flow concepts of SSIS. 

Topics covered:

  • For Loop Container
  • Sequence Container
  • For Each Loop Container

In this section, you will be learning variable concepts and configurations.  

Topics covered:

  • Variables Overview
  • SSIS system variables
  • Using variables in a data flow
  • Configuration Overview
  • Configuration discipline
  • Variable scope
  • Using variables in control flow
  • Property expressions
  • Configuration options

This section has been designed to teach you the fundamental knowledge of handling, debugging and logging concepts in SSIS. 

Topics covered: 

  • SSIS debugging overview
  • Data Flow: Error data flow
  • Control Flow: On Error event handler
  • Breakpoints in SSIS
  • Built-in log providers
  • Configuring Package Logging

This process has been designed to teach you the customization process in SSIS using various elements. 

Topics covered:

  • SSIS Customizations with .NET
  • Overview of SSIS scripting
  • The SSIS object model
  • The SSIS script editor
  • A script in Data flow: The Script Component
  • A script in Control flow: The Script Task 
  • SSIS component development

In this section, you are going to learn the configuration and deployment process of SSIS packages. 

Topics covered:

  • Configurations and implementation
  • Deployment options
We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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SSIS online training Objectives

This SSIS course has been designed to make you expert in SQL Server Integration Services. It involves various functionalities such as data extraction, integration and transformation according to the business needs. In this SSIS training, you will master the skills needed to extract data from sources such as XML, flat files, and data sources.  

In this SSIS certification course you will learn the below skills:

  • Data integration process
  • Introduction to data warehousing and ETL concepts 
  • The process of data cleansing and profiling to make data better 
  • Using connection managers to connect to a data source
  • PIVOT transformation, UNPIVOT transformation and data transformation 
  • Event handlers and constraints
  • Package configuration and constructing event handlers in SSIS
  • Characteristics of various SCD types
  • Automation process of the SSIS object model

Below mentioned professional can get benefited from learning this course:

  • Business Intelligence professionals
  • ETL and Software developers
  • Data Warehousing and database professionals 

As such there are no prerequisites to learn this SSIS course 

  • This SSIS is a powerful integration tool and capable enough to work with massive databases. 
  • Importance of data usage and business intelligence tools have created a huge demand for the data integration tool like SSIS. 
  • According to the latest salary statics submitted by Ziprecruiter shows that the average salary received by an SSIS developer amounts to $104,725 per annum. 

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The SQL Server Integration Server (SSIS) certification depicts that you are exceptionally skilled in the areas like Designing and implementation of a data warehouse, Extract and transformation of data, loading data, configure & build SSIS solutions, and in building data quality solutions. Companies out there are preferring to hire SSIS certified candidates to manage their data integration process. 

Our experienced certified trainers will provide you with complete assistance required to clear your SSIS certification exam. Upon the successful completion of  SSIS training from HKR training, you will receive a course completion certificate and that is recognizable across big MNCs.  

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SSIS projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

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One thing i like about HKR Trainings is the support they offer for the doubts and questions we have...... They immediately take it up and try to provide the answer within short time. SSIS course is also structured and in depth. The instructor have good knowledge of the subject. Read more

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