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Selenium Training in Mumbai - Course Overview

Selenium is a popular web-automation testing framework for testing web-based applications throughout different browsers and platforms. Become a master in Selenium automation testing tools by learning the Selenium suite, including WebDriver, IDE, Grid, TestNG, etc.

HKR Trainings offers you the best Selenium Training in Mumbai, where you will get a real-time learning experience. Get a practical approach with real-time projects and case studies under the mentorship of highly skilled and experienced trainers. Moreover, you will get in-depth knowledge of various concepts of Selenium automation frameworks such as Data-driven framework, BDD framework, mobile testing, etc. After completing the Selenium online training with assignments, projects, etc., you will be eligible for the Selenium Certification. It will prove your ability to work with this tool's expertise in automation testing. So get trained and certified by expert mentors to get your dream job.


To apply for the Selenium Training in Mumbai, you need to either:

  • Basic understanding of Software development life cycle, agile methodologies, software testing and project management.
  • Basic understanding of quality assurance principles
  • Programming basics

Selenium Training in Mumbai Objectives

Following are the topics that will be covered during your Selenium training:

  • Benefits of selenium automation testing
  • Deployment of Selenium IDE functions and commands
  • Selenium RC
  • JUnit, Sikuli and TestNG plugin in Eclipse
  • Maven and Object repository
  • Overview of Selenium WebDriver
  • Training programs of Selenium WebDriver such as checkbox, Textbox and multiple windows
  • Use of Selenium Grid to test software automation, etc

Selenium certification gives you access to a number of jobs in the market. When you complete this course, you can work as

  • Selenium Automation Engineer, 
  • Quality automation engineer, 
  • Selenium tester, 
  • selenium test analyst, 
  • software development test engineer, etc.

Basic knowledge of C/Java programming language is beneficial but not compulsory to attend this Selenium certification course.

Selenium Training in Mumbai - Course Content

Our main objective of this Selenium training in Mumbai is to provide you with the best course. So we have designed the course curriculum with the help of Selenium experts with work experience. Following are the module that you will come across in your Selenium Course:

  • Introduction to selenium tool
  • Use of selenium tool in automation
  • Features of selenium tool
  • Differences between selenium and other Tools
  • What is automation testing
  • Types of testing?
  • When to go for automation
  • Different Automation Tools (vendor & open source tools)
  • Advantages of Selenium Automation Testing
  • Criteria for Automation
  • Difference between Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing process

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Web Driver 3
  • Selenium Grid

  • Recording the scripts in IDE 
  • Understanding of the objects identification (id,name) 
  • Difference between Test case and test suit 
  • Language supported while recording 
  • Synchronization in selenium IDE(Wait commands) 
  • When to use Selenium IDE 
  • How to put validations 9assert,verify) 
  • How to read text/values from webpage (store commands) 
  • How to handle mouse ,keyboard events 

Limitations of IDE 

  • We can Run the Recording scripts against other browsers by using selenium Web driver 
  • Writing java program and running 

  • How to create new java project
  • How to create a new java class
  • Running java class
  • Viewing the results of java program

  • If condition
  • If else condition
  • If else if condition (nested if)
  • Switch case statement
  • Examples for all the above conditions
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Selenium Online Training Mumbai - Projects

Selenium Training in Mumbai FAQ's

Selenium is a test-automation framework widely used for testing web applications across different browsers and platforms. It's a popular open-source automation testing tool. Here you will create various test scripts that require coding language skills like Java, Python, C++, etc. Selenium Software is a suite of various tools helpful in serving various testing needs of an organization. It includes testing tools like Selenium WebDriver, Grid, IDE, and RC.

Selenium is a popular web automation testing suite having various tools that help with different testing needs of any organization. Learning Selenium will highly benefit your career as the importance of web applications is rising across industries. It is also rising in the test automation market trends and is the most sought-after skill existing software developers prefer. Also, there are trending Selenium jobs with high pay scales.

Selenium is a popularly used web browser testing tool that helps in automation testing. It also supports multiple browsers, operating systems, and coding languages like Java, Python, C++, PHP, etc. Also, it allows recording and playback for web app tests that help to perform tests across different browsers.

After getting certified in Selenium Training, you can get placement in the following companies:-

  • Google
  • Oracle
  • ValueLabs
  • TechMahindra
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant

HKR Trainings offers the best Selenium Training Course in Mumbai with a real-time learning experience.

Today, many organizations use Selenium to automate their testing needs, saving much time and cost. It reduces manual testing costs and repetitive work. Moreover, it creates demand for Selenium-certified professionals across the globe. Also, many developers, including giant MNCs like Google, IBM, Dell, etc., prefer to use the Selenium tool.

No, it's not much difficult to learn Selenium if you enroll with an institute and get trained under an expert trainer. However, HKR Trainings offers you the best Selenium Training with the best faculty having industry experience.

A certified Selenium tester has multiple responsibilities, including developing, managing, designing, and implementing various test scripts. The tester is also responsible for various activities, such as developing and deploying test automation scripts, debugging test cases, etc. 

  • It is a highly popular and widely used automation testing tool.
  • It's an open-source platform.
  • Selenium supports multiple platforms (browsers) and operating systems.
  • It also supports various programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, C#, etc.

The following are a few of the various job roles that one can get after completing Selenium training.:-

  • Selenium Tester
  • Selenium Automation Engineer
  • QA Engineer - Selenium
  • Software Development Test Engineer
  • Selenium Test Analyst
  • Mobile Testing Lead
  • Automation Test Engineer

HKR Trainings designed the Selenium training course in such a way so that a beginner can learn easily. The course is designed from the recommendations of industry experts who hold vast skills and platform experience. They will guide you from basics to advanced levels in a step-by-step manner and in detail.

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