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Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool that helps analysts in data visualization to convey valuable business insights in creative presentation modes - charts, graphs, bars, maps, live dashboards, interactive reports and other visual representations. We at HKR Trainings conduct Power BI training in Pune for interested..... individuals. Our online Power BI courses help aspirants customize classes to their convenient time at an affordable cost. Enroll now with our Power BI online training in Pune to start your route to success. Read more

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Why should I learn Power BI?

Power BI is a tool designed specifically for businesses and enterprises.

A significant boost in new startups and expanding businesses have increased the .....demand for business analysts and data analysts. Read more

You can analyze data and provide valuable insights by freelancing for a multitud.....e of companies. Read more

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Power BI Training Pune - Course Overview

Our Power BI online training course in Pune guarantees students a comprehensive knowledge of visualization concepts, data modeling, report generation, JSON data server, and SQL. 

Our instructors are professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field. They are well-versed with the industrial challenges and guide students accordingly to clear interviews with confidence.

Our goal is to make learning easy and exciting for curious individuals with a penchant for storytelling.

Power BI Training Pune - Course Content Download Curriculum

The Online Power BI training program entails the following concepts: an introduction to Power BI and its working, Power BI Desktop app and its features, understanding query editor, DAX (Data Analysis Expression), relationships & calculations, creating visuals, report generation, Power BI Mobile, sharing, JSON, SQL, PowerApp, interview training and lastly, mock interview sessions*. 

Our syllabus is in consistence with the Microsoft DA-100 and PL-300 Exams. 

Note: No prior coding knowledge is required, but an idea about JSON, SQL, DAX and Microsoft Excel is always an advantage.

In this Power BI training course module, you'll learn how to navigate this easy application and gain a thorough understanding of Power BI's data, model, and report. You'll learn how to load multiple data sets, construct an interactive visualization, and build a data model.

  • What is Power BI Tools?
  • Installation of Power BI & Data Connection
  • The "Locale" used in the curriculum
  • Working with the query Editor
  • Working with the data model and creating a visualization

This Power BI training module will teach you what Power BI Desktop is, how it works, and how to use it to create robust data models and interactive reports that could help you boost your business intelligence.

  • Workflow overview in power bi desktop
  • Introduction to various data model views
  • Examining the query editor's Interface in detail
  • Settings for Power BI that are required

Power BI's Query Editor allows you to modify and load data, while DAX allows you to create data models with functions and formulas. Through hands-on labs and lectures, you'll learn everything there is to know about Power Query and DAX in this Power BI online course program.

  • Understanding query Editor?
  • Regarding the attached data
  • Using Power BI Desktop for connecting data
  • Rows Editing
  • What are Append Queries?
  • Columns Editing 
  • Replacing Values
  • Formatting Data
  • Pivoting & Unpivoting Columns
  • Splitting Columns
  • Creating a new Group for the queries
  • Introduction to Star Schema
  • Queries Duplicating & Referencing
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Merging Queries
  • Index Column Creation
  • Duplicating Column and extracting info
  • Creating Conditional Columns
  • Performing Mathematical Operations at a Basic Level
  • Improving Performance and Loading Data into Data Model
  • Summary of the Module

This Power BI Certification Course module will teach you about the structure of modeling in Power BI and the relevance of relationships. Also, learn how to use DAX to generate customized calculations.

  • Why is the Query Editor & the data model different?
  • Introduction to relationships
  • Editing relationships
  • Concepts are cardinality
  • Cross Filter selection & Many to many relationships
  • Active properties
  • How are M-Language & DAX different?
  • DAX, Measures & Calculated Values
  • DAX complex functions 
  • Calculate
  • SUM
  • SUMX
  • DIVIDE, and many more.
  • Categorizing Data

Any business intelligence application's front end is data visualization. This online Power BI training module covers the most common forms of Power BI visualizations, such as bar charts, line charts, and so on. You'll also learn about some of the most common tools for structuring visuals, as well as some best practices for using Power BI Desktop.

  • Viewing Reports interface
  • Creating visuals
  • Add tooltips and interactions/markings
  • Data color
  • Hierarchies & Drill-down
  • Formatting charts & Sorting
  • Introduction to slicers
  • Treemaps & Tables
  • Types of filters
  • Multi-row cards
  • Combined visuals & waterfalls

This Power BI course module will teach you all you need to know about Power BI Service and Power BI Mobile. It covers topics such as how to develop interactive dashboards, complex data connection choices, how to use a data gateway, and more.

  • Why Power Bi Service?
  • Comparison Power BI Free & Premium
  • Logging into Power Bi Service
  • Overview of Interface
  • Importing data from Desktop to Service
  • Dataset menu
  • Working on reports
  • Overview of Dashboard 
  • Workspace & Gateways
  • Installation of Gateways - Personal & On-premise
  • Working alone or collaborating with colleagues
  • Collaborating in App Workspace
  • Sharing the results
  • Publishing the app
  • Content packs from online services
  • Power Bi Mobile Overview
  • Excluding dataset from sharing

The types of data sources available in Power BI are discussed in this module.

  • JSON Data
  • Importing data from the rest of the APIs
  • Setting up a SQL Server
  • Importing data from SQL Server

Finally, with the help of a practical example, you'll see how the PowerApp may be used with Power BI in this module.

  • Overview of PowerApp
  • Basic Concept of Power App 
  • Canvas Apps, Navigation & Customisation
  • Contents
  • Galleries
  • Data Cards
  • Forms
  • Triggers
  • Functions & Formulas
  • Edit Forms
  • Text Boxes

At HKR, we provide practice tests at the end of the course along with Power BI Tutorial, Power BI Interview Questions, community questions and answers, Sample Resumes, etc to crack the interview.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Power BI Training Course Pune - Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with Power BI Training in Pune Certification course.

Power BI Online Training In Pune - Objectives

When you finish your Power BI course, you will be:

  • Understanding Power BI, it's working in various scenarios
  • Power BI Services, Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Generate meaningful reports & visualizations, extract real-time information and deploy it when requested.
  • Visualize & Analyze data and draw insights from Spreadsheets and Local databases.
  • Create, share, collaborate, and use business insights with specially crafted dashboards.
  • Work on real-time projects to get practical experience.

Any person or professional willing to pursue a career in the following can take advantage of our Power BI Training course: Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Business Administrators, Accountants, Sales professionals, Developers and any other persons dealing with data and statistics on a day-to-day basis.

You can learn Power BI in a span of 30 days. Our instructors adopt comprehensive teaching methods by elaborating details clearly and precisely, leaving no room for doubts.

To join our program, you can either click on the ‘Enroll Now’ icon at the top of the screen, contact us at our Customer care number or simply submit your details in the pop-up, and our team will get back to you with the details. 

Enroll now to avail the 30% discount on our top trending courses.

The Director of HKR Trainings issues the Course Completion Certificate.

Our instructors are highly qualified and certified in Power BI. They have several years of experience working on Power BI, and they would provide you with Power BI training.

Power BI certified professionals are in great demand on the market. Power BI certification distinguishes you from non-certified people and helps you to get the best job opportunity.

Our institution does provide guidance and assistance after the course completion so you can get the job you always dreamt of.

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Power BI Training In Pune Options

We follow four formats for Power BI Training Pune for the flexibility of our students

Live Online Training

  • » Interact live with industrial experts.
  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

1:1 Live Online Training

  • » Dedicated Trainer for you.
  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.


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  • » Lifetime free Upgrade.

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  • » Customized Training.
  • » Live Online/Classroom/Self-paced.
  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.

Power BI Certification

Certification plays an important role in achieving your dream job. It demonstrates that you have acquired all essential skills to handle the critical tasks in real-world with little or no assistance from your subordinates. Organizations are preferring to hire candidates with certifications and are offering huge salary packages.

We at HKR training help the learners in achieving appropriate certifications. Moreover, we also provide a course completion certificate for every course we offer. This certification shows that you are trained enough to handle real-time tasks and also sets you apart from the crowd. HKR certification is well recognized across all top MNCs and help you get into a job easily.

HKR Trainings Certification

Interested in our Power BI Training in Pune program ?

Power BI Online Training Pune - Projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

Our Learners

Siddarth Ayush

Siddarth Ayush

When my boss told me to create a dashboard in Power BI to keep track of our sales, I was scared. We .....were in a traditional business and were accustomed to only using Excel. I searched about Power BI and its working on the web and realized it was a much better way to categorize our data and represent it to the boss. When I searched for ‘online Power BI trainings in Pune,’ I came across HKR Trainings. I contacted their number and was explained about the course, curriculum, timings and prices. I liked their program and enrolled immediately. Read more

Akanksha Poonawalla

Akanksha Poonawalla

I always dreamed of working in the US. So, I searched for jobs that were in demand and found that Da.....ta Analysis was the right one for me because I loved puzzles and mysteries. I heard about HKR Trainings from my classmate in college who was enrolled in their Python training program. I joined a batch the next day and chose a customized timing to balance both my college work and my Power BI online training. I was impressed with the instructor’s patience and courteousness because I asked a lot of doubts. Learning from HKR has definitely been a good experience. Read more

Kalpana Acharya

Kalpana Acharya

I was a housewife wishing to restart my career as a business analyst. I was behind on the news about..... business intelligence tools. I re-connected with my previous colleagues, and they recommended HKR Trainings. I enrolled in their Power BI program and even received assistance from the mentors for my job! I’m glad I chose HKR Trainings! Read more

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Our online Power BI trainers for Pune are experienced professionals with a knack for making learning time easy and enjoyable.

Power BI has become an essential tool for many businesses and is a must-know for people working in sales & Marketing, Business Administration, Business Management, Business Analysis and Data Analysis. 

Professionals with an equipped knowledge of Power BI are paid a handsome salary in many companies.

No, Power BI is not difficult to learn as it does not involve much of coding. But if you find a topic difficult, alert us of your concerns, We’re always happy to help.

To pass the DA-100 Exam, you must be perfect at the following skills: 

  • Preparation of the data.
  • Modeling the data.
  • Visualization of the data.
  • Data analysis.
  • Deployment and maintenance of deliverables.
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