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Oracle EXADATA Course Overview

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is an advanced computing platform used to effectively optimize Oracle Database. An advanced software algorithm in Exadata injects database intelligence computes, stores, and lowers the cost of management by improving the speed. 

In this Oracle Exadata training, you will be covered with all the essential concepts to make you an all-rounder in this Platform. Our Expert trainer will cover concepts such as  Exadata cell software,  developing flash-based smart flash logs, grid tasks, etc. Get the best Oracle Exadata training from the industry experts. 


To apply for the Oracle EXADATA Training, you need to either:

  • Understanding on computer hardware like processors, memory, storage and input/out services
  • Understanding of computer networking concepts like network topologies, network protocols and network security.
  • Basic knowledge on command line interfaces in different OS like Windows, Unix and Linux

Oracle EXADATA Course Content

With an aim to equip the learners with the industry demanded skills we follow the professionals designed Oracle Exadata course content. The following are the Oracle Exadata modules that we are going to cover in this training.  


  • Course Objectives
  • Course Contents
  • Audience and Prerequisites
  • Additional Resources
  • Terminology
  • Overview of Laboratory Environment


  • Introducing Database Machine
  • Understanding of Exadata Storage Server
  • The architecture of Exadata Storage Server
  • Overview of Exadata Storage Server
  • Database Machine Capacity
  • Exadata Storage Server Features
  • InfiniBand Network
  • Racks of Exadata Storage Expansion 


  • Database Machine Architecture 
  • InfiniBand Network Architecture
  • The architecture of  Database Machine Network 
  • Scale Capacity and Performance 
  • Spine and Leaf Topology
  • Overview of X2-2 Full Rack Leaf
  • Disk Storage Relationships and Entity
  • The architecture of Database Machine Software


  • SQL Processing Model and Classic Database I/O 
  • Smart Storage Capabilities of Exadata 
  • Exadata Smart Scan Model
  • Exadata Hybrid Columnar 
  • Exadata Smart Flash Cache
  • Database File System
  • Storage Index with Partitions
  • I/O Resource Management


  • General Configuration
  • Database Machine Implementation
  • Selecting the Appropriate Protection Level
  • Configuration of Enterprise Manager Grid Control
  • Installation of Database Machine Hardware
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine configuration 
  • Choosing the Database Server OS
  • Implementing Solaris on the Database Servers


  • Exadata Storage Server Management 
  • Using CALIBRATE to Test the Performance of Storage Server 
  • Developing  Flash-Based Grid Disks
  • Exadata Cell Server Software Configuration 
  • Exadata Storage Security
  • Creating Smart Flash Log
  • Exadata Storage Security Implementation


  • I/O Resource Management
  • Getting Started with IORM
  • IORM Architecture
  • Intra Database Resource Management
  • Specifying Database I/O Utilization Limits
  • Exadata Storage Server Flash Memory
  • Database Roles and Inter database Plans


  • Optimizing Performance
  • Compression Usage
  • Flash Memory Usage
  • ASM Allocation Unit Size
  • Index Usage
  • Minimum Extent Size
  • Database Performance Optimization with Exadata


  • Smart Scan Requirements
  • Exadata Smart Scan
  • Managing Smart Scan in SQL Execution Plans
  • Bloom Filters for Smart Scan Join Processing
  • Various situations Interpreting Smart Scan
  • Wait for Events of Exadata Storage Server
  • Statistics of Exadata Storage Server
  • Using the Smart Scan


  • Introduction to Consolidation
  • Various Types of  Consolidation
  • Best Practises for Configuring Consolidation
  • Isolating Management Roles
  • Cluster Configuration Options
  • Alternative Storage Configurations
  • Maintenance Considerations
  • Schema Consolidation Recommendations


  • Performing Capacity Planning
  • Migration Best Practices
  • Considerations for Database Machine Migration
  • Logical Migration Approaches
  • Selecting the Right Migration Path
  • Post-Migration Best Practices
  • Physical Migration Approaches
  • Migrating to Databases Machine with Transportable


  • Loading Bulk Data with Oracle DBFS 
  • Staging the Data Files
  • Preparing the Data Files
  • Configuring the Target Database
  • Configuring the Staging Area
  • Loading the Target Database
  • Loading Bulk Data 


  • Technologies and Standards Employed for Monitoring 
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)
  • Thresholds and Alerts
  • Exadata Storage Server Metrics
  • Enterprise Manager Grid Management 
  • Enterprise Manager Database Monitoring 


  • The architecture of Enterprise Manager Grid Control
  • Grid Control Management 
  • Configuration of Grid control Monitoring 
  • Implementation of Oracle Management Agent
  • Configuring Oracle Database Targets and  ASM
  • Switch
  • Appropriate Plug-in Deployment Strategy
  • Introduction to System Monitoring Plug-ins


  • Alerts Architecture and Exadata Metrics
  • Using Alerts to Monitoring Exadata Storage Server
  • Using  Metrics to Monitoring Exadata Storage Server 
  • Using Active Requests to Monitor Exadata
  • Grid Control to Monitor Exadata Storage Server
  • Looking After Exadata Storage Server Availability
  • Analysing the performance of Multiple Storage Servers


  • Monitoring Database Servers
  • Monitoring the Operating System
  • Monitoring Hardware
  • Monitoring Oracle Database
  • Controlling Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Oracle Management Agent Monitoring 


  • InfiniBand Network Monitoring
  • Manual Monitoring of  InfiniBand Switches 
  • Using Grid Control to Monitor the InfiniBand Switches
  • Monitoring of InfiniBand Switch Ports
  • Subnet Manager Master Location
  • Network Topology and Link Status
  • Subnet Manager Master Location


  • Following are the functional areas monitored:
  • Cisco Catalyst Ethernet Switch
  • Avocent Merge
  • Point Unity KVM Switch
  • Sun Power Distribution Units


  • Exachk: Overview
  • Exachk Output
  • Running Exachk
  • DiagTools 
  • Imageinfo
  • OSWatcher
  • Image History
  • Exadata Storage Servers with ADRCI


  • Common Recommendations for RMAN
  • Implementing RMAN with Database Machine
  • Disk-Based Backup Plan
  • Tape-Based Backup Plan 
  • Tape-Based Backup Architecture
  • Using Ethernet to connect with Media Server 
  • Database Machine Software Backup and Recovery 


  • Database Machine Maintenance
  • Changing a Damaged Physical Disk and Flash Card
  • Closing a Single Exadata Storage Server
  • Transforming Cells from One Cell to Another 
  • Implementing the Exadata Cell Software Rescue Process 

Oracle EXADATA Projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease. Read more

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Oracle EXADATA online training Objectives

This Oracle Exadata Course has been designed in a way to equip the learners with the industry demanded skills. Our expert trainer will simplify your learning process through practical training methodology. This Oracle Exadata Course covers essential modules such as Exadata overview, Database management, Architecture, types of configurations, resource management, storage optimization, backup and recovery, etc. During this Oracle Exadata certification course, you will gain practical experience by implementing real-world projects.


  • The architecture of the Exadata storage server and features
  • Configuration of Exadata database machine
  • I/O resource management
  • Exadata Storage Server administration
  • Smart scan requirements
  • Database performance optimization
  • Statistics of Exadata storage server
  • Oracle Exadata recommendations and  consolidation options
  • Exadata database machine platform management Backup and recovery
  • Migrating a database to Exadata database machine
  • Exadata database machine Management 

Following are the professionals who can advance in their career by learning this skill: 

  • Storage Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator

No, as such there are no special prerequisites to enrol for this course anyone who is interested to start their career in this field can join this Exadata online training.  

Upon the completion of this course you will be familiar with the below concepts:  

  • Key capabilities and architecture of Exadata
  • Optimization of Database Performance with Exadata
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine Servers 
  • Migration from other databases to Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
  • Database recovery and management 


Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

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