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Oracle Database Training Course Overview

Oracle database administrators (DBAs) use Oracle database software to organise and store data. Oracle database administrators help businesses and enterprises handle their data efficiently and securely. Oracle DBAs oversee all aspects of an Oracle database, including installation, configuration, database design, and data migration, capacity planning, evaluating database server hardware, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery.

HKR trainings deliver the best industry-oriented Oracle Database training course that aids the aspirants to learn and implement Oracle Database concepts, and assists in clearing the certification exam. This Oracle Database certification training course provides you in-depth knowledge of the content required for learning Oracle Database which incorporates the concepts such as architecture of oracle 12c, oracle storage structures, memory and process architecture, alert and trace files, database security, database resource manager, etc. Enroll today at HKR for accepting the new challenges to make the best outcome out of our Oracle Database online training course.


To apply for the Oracle Database Certification Training, you need to either:

  • Understanding on computer hardware like processors, memory, storage and input/out services
  • Understanding of computer networking concepts like network topologies, network protocols and network security.
  • Basic knowledge on command line interfaces in different OS like Windows, Unix and Linux

Oracle Database Course Content

This Oracle Database training Course Content's objective is to provide trainees with a thorough understanding of the Oracle Database technology. Our Course Content includes all of Oracle Database's modern concepts and keeps you up to date with the latest innovations. To improve your Oracle Database skills, take a look at the following course modules.

  • What is the Oracle database?
  • Functioning and prerequisites
  • Oracle database
  • Multiple non-CDB’s shares nothing 
  • Installation of Oracle Database 12c 
  • Architecture of multi-tenant 
  • Non-CDB Oracle system data mixed with user data
  • Multitenant container database
  • Pluggable database

  • The Architecture of Oracle server
  • Key components
    • Oracle Instance
    • Oracle Database 
  • Various file types
    • Data files
    • Control files
    • Redo log files
    • Benefits of CDB
    • Easier management of the database
    • Support for Oracle database resource manager
    • Pluggable database (PDB)
    • Database instance
    • Contents of CDB and pluggable DB
    • Control files and redo log files
    • Shared Oracle supplied metadata
    • Root container
    • Data dictionary
    • Creation of PDB’s
    • Seed PDB
    • Limit PDB

  • The basics of Oracle Storage structures
  • Logical storage units Tablespaces
    • Data blocks Extents and segments
    • Database Schemas
    • Schema Objects
    • Operating System blocks
    • Table statement and way to check “create table”
    • The instanceThe CDB Containers
    • Root containers
    • PDB
    • Local user and common user
    • Local privileges and common privileges
    • Steps to create a container database
    • Creating a container database using sqlplus
    • Database configuration assistance

  • The Oracle Instance
    • Background processes
    • Memory structures
  • Oracle process and memory architecture
  • Shared pool
  • Redo log buffer and buffer cache
  • Different methods of creating PDB
  • Steps involved in PDB
  • Synchronization, 
  • Plug a non-CDB to CDB
  • Plug a non-CDB into CDB using DBMS_PDB
  • Clone PDBS
  • Plug and unplug
  • Plug unplugged CDB into CDB

  • Monitoring errors with Trace Files and Alert Logs 
  • Deploying Trace Files and Alert Logs for Oracle Administration and support

  • The methodology of starting a database instance
  • Initializing parameter files
  • Preparing for a startup
  • Serving user requests Understanding of the Server process and user process
  • Administrative activities on PDB
  • New views associated with PDBS Determining PDB
  • Four functions
  • Opening
  • Closing
  • PDBS modes Altering
  • Configuring a PDB's default and temporary table locations
  • Altering the system from within a PDB
  • Impact of instance parameter change

  • Automatic data optimization
  • ILM components
  • ILM challenges
  • Automatic data optimization
  • Heat map and ADO
  • DBA heat map segment view
  • Monitoring statistics
  • Creating compression policies
  • Creating storage tiering policy, 
  • Preparing evolution and execution

  • Powerful Oracle database security features
  • Data privacyRegulatory compliance
  • Process of “create user” Altering and dropping users
  • Generating profiles and limiting resources
  • Auditing
  • Activity monitoring and blocking

  • Understanding of Database Schema objects
  • Various types 
    • Views
    • Tables 
    • Clusters
    • Indexes
    • Sequence
    • Database links
    • Packages and procedures
  • Data Storage in database tables
  • Creating temporary tables Creating external tables

  • Resource manager. 
  • Resource manager and pluggable database
  • Managing resources between PDBs 
  • Basics of CDB resource plan:
    • Share
  • Basics of CDB resource plan:
    • Limits 
  • Creating a CDB resource plan
  • Creating a CDB resource plan:
    • SQL example
    • Enabling a CDB resource plan
    • Managing PDB resource plan

  • Database Schema objects 
  • Materialized View
  • Deploying user-generated schema object for generating sequence 
  • Balanced search tree index structure for placing and locating files
  • Data concurrency  in multi-user databases
  • Data consistency in multi-user databases
  • Locking and Deadlock concepts

  • Client/Server Network Environment 
  • Network Configuration
  • Connecting to the Database
  • The Oracle Network Environment and database link
  • Starting up an instance 
  • OPEN
  • PDB
  • OPEN
  • Clone PDBS

  • Deploying Oracle database ecosystem backup and recovery 
  • Database testing
  • Database standby 
  • Media recovery options
  • Backup in offline mode
  • CDB backup and recover
  • Challenges and solutions in a database archiving
  • Security and performance:
    • Audit architecture 
  • Consolidation: 
    • Unique audit trail 
    • Extended audit information
    • Data pump audit policy
  • New administrative privileges:
    • SYSDG
    • SYSKM

  • Oracle Recovery Manager Significance
  • Performance deployment
  • management and restoration of entire databases, 
  • SQL Loader 
  • Oracle Data Pump for import and export 
  • Oracle Data Pump for the support for External Table

  • Oracle Data Dictionary related to database privileges
  • Objects
  • Users and roles
  • Dynamic Performance Table for identifying instance-level problems 
  • Working with Oracle DBA
  • Connection access DBA
  • Data dictionary views
  • After CDB creation
  • Alert log file
  • Provisioning new pluggable databases NOARCHIVELOG mode
  • Media failure
  • Flashback CDB
  • Data dictionary views

  • Database tuning
  • Skills needed to lower response time
  • Increase throughput for time-sensitive applications
  • Optimizing the storage space
  • Deploying SQL scripts
  • Index Statistics and Selectivity 
  • Tune the database 
  • Chained Row and Lock in Oracle
  • Understanding Oracle database tuning
  • Shared pool tuning 
  • Improving the performance with data dictionary
  • Tuning the data dictionary
  • PL/SQL code implementation
  • Reusing the code and database buffer

Oracle Database projects

Project 1

Database Tuning

You'll work on optimising the Oracle database. You will be able to comprehend how to upload a database after completing this proje.....ct. You'll gain experience with space monitoring and SQL scripts. You'll be working on database and SQL tuning, among other things. Read more

Project 2

Creating A Website For Airline Ticketing

This project will teach you about the Oracle Database's features and provide you the opportunity to deal with Oracle Storage Struc.....ture, Architecture, Server Processes, and User Processes. You'll also learn how to deal with user inquiries. Read more

Project 3

HR Management Powered By Oracle Database

You will gain hands-on experience with table construction, Oracle storage structure, database security, and regulatory compliance .....through this project. You'll also learn how to make Oracle database schema objects. Read more

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  • Industry-ready skills
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  • Personalized curriculum
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Oracle Database Certification Training Reviews

Harshad Gaikwad

Harshad Gaikwad

Practice Head

I had an insightful experience with HKR Trainings while participating in the ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer offered detailed insights into various ServiceNow ITOM modules and practices. Throughout the course, the support team was consistently available, and the trainer adeptly clarified all my inquiries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of ServiceNow ITOM concepts.
Balaji Gnanasekar

Balaji Gnanasekar

IT Analyst

I had a comprehensive learning journey with HKR Trainings while undertaking the PostgreSQL Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer delved deep into various PostgreSQL functionalities and best practices. Throughout the training, the support team remained attentive, and the trainer skillfully addressed all my questions, facilitating a solid grasp of PostgreSQL concepts.
Amit Singh

Amit Singh

Technical Lead - Service Now

I had a rewarding experience with HKR Trainings while delving into the ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer provided comprehensive insights into various ServiceNow ITOM modules and best practices. Throughout the course, the support team was consistently available, and the trainer adeptly addressed all my queries, ensuring a robust understanding of ServiceNow ITOM concepts.

Oracle Database Certification Training Objectives

The following concepts of Oracle Database training will be mastered with our training:

  • Concepts of Core database 
  • Database Administrator role
  • Concepts of SQL and PL/SQL 
  • The physical and logical structure of a database
  • Introduction to tablespace
  • Configuring and managing Oracle Network
  • Database configuration and programming
  • Cloud and storage management installation and utilization

The Oracle Database Training course is ideal for:

  • IT Professionals and Software Developers
  • Administrators and  Database Analysts 
  • Architects and SQL Programmers 
  • Project Managers
  • Those interested in pursuing a career as an Oracle DBA

This Oracle DBA training is open to anybody. However, having a basic understanding of databases might be beneficial.

To start with the Oracle Database training course, you need to check with the best institute that delivers knowledge. Before proceeding to join any training, take suggestions from the experts who had already learned the course. We at HKR, with a team of industry experts, are ready to fulfill your dream career to achieve a job in desired companies.

Once you complete the entire course along with real-time projects and assignments, HKR delivers the course completion certification. This certification helps to get a job in any company very quickly.

Our trainers are highly qualified and certified with many years of industry experience with a technical background in Oracle Database.

Certification differentiates you from the non-certified peers, and you can demand the best salary in the leading companies.

We, at HKR, provide complete guidance to reach your dream job. But your job will be based on your performance in the interview panel and the recruiter requirements.

Oracle Database Certification Training FAQ's

Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

Yes, we don’t assure 100% placement assistance. We are tied up with some corporate companies so when they have a requirement we send your profiles to them.

Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

Our trainers are real time experts who are presently working on particular platform on which they are providing training.

You can call our customer care 24/7

Max of the students get satisfied with our training, if you are not then we provide a specialised training in return.

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