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HKR's NetApp Training will enable you to prepare you for a career in Hybrid Cloud Data Services. Our NetApp Online Course will help you gain advanced-level knowledge of the fundamental concepts like NetApp ONTAP 9, NetApp e series, Storage Systems, SAN Management Techniques, SAN Administration, LIF Management, Aggregates, SVM Ad.....ministration, GUI Management tool, and many more. Evidently, you will master the concepts that are needed to become a NetApp Professional! Further, you will be working on real-world projects and case studies to get hands-on experience. So, jump-start your career in NetApp, No.1 global leader in hybrid Cloud Data Services. Read more

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Netapp Training

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Evidently, there is a growing demand for NetApp professionals in many organizati.....ons all over the world. Read more

There are a number of job openings for NetApp professionals in the current marke.....t. Read more

The average salary offered to certified NetApp professional is around $97,000 pe.....r annum in the United States. Read more

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Netapp Course Overview

NetApp is the most prominently used disk storage device. It delivers all the proven capabilities to build your unique data fabric. NetApp plays a key role in building private clouds for agility and speed, simplifies and modernizes IT, and fuels the data-driven innovations of your choice of clouds. NetApp Storage device is used by many enterprises to store a large amount of digital data across hybrid and physical cloud environments. 

Netapp Course Content Download Curriculum

Our NetApp Course Content is in-lined with certification to help you to prepare for your certification journey. HKR's NetApp Course Syllabus covers all the latest concepts as of industry standards and measures. The following are the various course modules that we are going to cover in this training.

NetApp is the most prominently used disk storage device. It delivers all the proven capabilities to build your unique data fabric. NetApp plays a key role in building private clouds for agility and speed and fuels the data-driven innovations on your choice of clouds.

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Why NetAppKey Features of NetApp
  • Applications of NetApp
  • Advantages of using NetApp 
  • Basic concepts of NetApp

NetApp Storage systems are both software and hardware-based data retrieval and storage systems. Their main operation is responding to the requests received from the clients and fulfill them. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Key components of a Storage system
  • Introduction to Data ONTAP
  • Use of WAFL ( Write Anywhere File Layout)
  • Key features of Data ONTAP
  • Components of a Data ONTAP-v Storage System

Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (BNCA) will help you gain knowledge of configuring basic tools available in Data ONTAP functioning and OS Cluster. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • NetApp System Manager
  • Running commands from a remote host, on console, and system manager.
  • How to connect to a NetApp remote and console
  • Configuration of auto support for FAS Systems
  • NetApp Cluster mode

NetApp Storage Architecture directs you to know how the Data ONTAP provides data storage resources to a client or host applications and systems. In the Architecture, Data ONTAP distinguishes between the logical layer of the data storage resources and the physical layer of the data storage resources. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Overview of NetApp Storage Architecture
  • Key components in NetApp Storage Architecture. 
  • Introduction to Data ONTAP
  • Data Storage resources

Disks provide the basic unit of storage for storage systems that are running Data ONTAP by using native disk shelves. In NetApp, Aggregates are the containers for the RAID disks managed by a node. They are used to isolate workloads with various performance demands. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Need for Disks and Aggregates in NetApp
  • Disk Shelves for NetApp
  • Data Tiering
  • Fabric Pool
  • Storage
  • GRID
  • SSDs
  • Storage files

Physical Storage devices such as disks, Flash Cache, System Alerts, etc are managed using System Manager. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Aggregates
  • Flash Cache
  • Nodes
  • Storage pools
  • Arrays
  • LUNs

In NetApp, Volumes are the data containers. They contain file systems that mainly holds user data and can be accessed by protocols. These Volumes in Storage are supported by Data ONTAP including FTP, CIFS, NFS, etc.

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • FlexVol volume
  • NAS Environment
  • Difference between LUNs and Volumes
  • How to add volume on NetApp

A qtree in NetApp is a logically defined file system which is a special subdirectory within the internal volume. Qtrees are mainly used to partition a FlexVol volume into more manageable units. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • FlexVol Volume
  • Benefits of using NetApp Qtrees
  • Role of Qtrees in NetApp
  • Key features of Qtrees 

Logical Unit Number (LUN) is a basic identifier and a unit of storage in a SAN Protocol. The Windows host can see LUNs as virtual disks on your storage system. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Need for LUNs in NetApp
  • LUNs vs Volumes in NetApp
  • Advantage of LUNs 
  • Key features of LUNs

In this module, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of security administration.

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Configuring security for administrative access
  • Manage groups and users
  • Manage User logins
  • Role-based access controls

Network Configuration is a process of configuring networking components of the cluster during and after setting up a cluster. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Network Interface Configuration
  • Routing
  • Implementation of Virtual Lans
  • DNS configuration
  • Name Resolution Services
  • Network setting configuration

Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) is tunned specifically for NFS. It is a proprietary file system that mainly supports high-performance RAID arrays. WAFL is used mostly inside an NFS appliance.

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Consistency points
  • RAID management
  • Different storage levels
  • Read and Write data mechanisms on a WAFL file system

Common Internet File Service (CIFS) is a primary protocol used mainly by Windows systems for file sharing. CIFS used TCP ports 445 and 139 and UDP ports 137 and 138. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Server Message Block (SMB)
  • TCP and UDP protocols
  • CIFS shares
  • CIFS Configuration

In this module, you will know in detail about Storage Virtual Machines and Storage Manager. SVMs mainly contain data volumes through which they serve data to the clients. 

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Use of Storage Virtual Machines
  • System Manager GUI
  • Storage Manager
  • Command Line Interface
  • Role of SVM in NetApp Storage Architecture

In this module, you will learn in detail about SAN Management and Administration.

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • Fundamentals of SAN
  • SAN protocol
  • Ports and Nodes
  • SAN Management techniques
  • Troubleshooting access issues in SAN Environment
  • Target and Initiator

ONTAP 9 product is mainly used to unify data management across Disk, Flash and cloud to correct and simplify your own storage environment.

Topics Covered in this module are:

  • ONTAP Storage
  • Overview of ONTAP Data Management Software
  • NetApp FAS
  • Different NetApp ONTAP versions
  • Key features of NetApp ONTAP
We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Netapp online training Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this NetApp online training, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the following:

  • Overview of NetApp Storage Equipment and its key features
  • Administer and Configure the NetApp AutoSupport tool
  • Storage efficiency techniques
  • Configuring a client machine
  • Read and Write request using WAFL
  • Overview of Data ONTAP 9
  • Managing Storage virtual Machines and SAN
  • Common Internet File Service (CIFS)
  • Configuring Network 

This NetApp training is best suited for the following job roles.

  • Database Administrators
  • Software developers IT professionals
  • Support engineer
  • Administrators
  • Aspirants who want to build their career in Hybrid Data Cloud Services

There are no specific prerequisites for learning this NetApp Course. Having a basic knowledge of Linux is an added advantage.

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NetApp Certification validates the candidates’ skills and expertise in Hybrid Cloud Data Services. In the IT world, the value for Certification is high and the demand for certified professionals is more. By enrolling in HKR training, you will gain a strong foundation in NetApp concepts. You will also acquire knowledge of the latest developments and trends in the industry that is specific to this domain. By this, you will be in a position to clear your NetApp certification exam in your first submit itself.

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Netapp Projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

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