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Linux Certification Training by HKR Trainings is the most popular industry-oriented Linus training designed by industry experts. This training will help you to master the Linux Operating System, including Linux installation, administration, booting process management, networking, etc. Also, get hands-on experience on Linux with assignments, real-time projects, etc. Join HKR Trainings for hands-on Linux Certification Training and launch your dream job. Read more

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The demand for Linux certified professionals in the market is very high and are .....paid with huge salary packages. Read more

Learning Linux shows that you are competent enough to survive in the current mar.....ket, thereby decreasing the total cost of ownership. Read more

Mastery in Linux helps to achieve your dream career and enhance your future Read more

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linux course overview

Linux system administrator is mainly responsible for running Linux OS on the computers. The Linux administrator plays an active role in compiling, securing, and troubleshooting on the Linux servers. He makes sure that the systems have updated with the latest technologies. 

HKR delivers the best industry designed Linux online training with the support from expert trainers. The course covers all the concepts required to become a certified linux professional. During the training period, you can get full support and real-time project assistance from experienced professionals. Enroll today at HKR for accepting the new challenges to make the best outcome out of our Linux online training.

Linux Course Content Download Curriculum

Linux Online Course Module:

The Linux course curriculum is structured to streamline the learning process by a team of experts. You can find the complete course details in below-mentioned modules:

In this module, you will learn about the various Linux concepts, as follows: History of LINUX, Different types of operating systems, Flavors of the Open-Source OS, Difference b/w RHEL, Centos and Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc…

Here you will learn the topics like, The architecture of Unix/Linux, Advantages of Linux OS, Application of Linux OS, Installation methods, File system hierarchy structure, Type of consoles and types of desktops etc.

In this module, you will learn about the Basic commands, Filter commands, Different editors and Man pages.

In this module, you will gain proficiency in types of files, Hard link & Soft link, File system types, Difference between file systems, Mount techniques and Characteristics of a file system

In this module you will learn about the need of Partitioning, , Partition techniques, Partition creation tools, Normal partition creation, Swap partition creation and Partition troubleshooting.

In this module, you will learn about the topics like, PV create, VG create, LV create, LV extend/reduce, More about LVM, User administration, Group administration, Password parameters, and Password aging policies.

In this module, you learn about the basic file permissions, write execute, advanced file permissions, and access control lists etc.

In this module, you will learn about the topics like, backup tools and types, grub and password recovery, SElinux and IP tables etc.

In this module, you will learn about the telnet, SSH, Redhat package management and yellow dog updater modifiers etc.

In this module, you will learn about the network file system and file transfer protocol services, and SAMBA services.

In this module, you will learn about the basic concepts like, Httpd, Mod_ssl self-sign SSL certificate installation, Shared/Dedicated IP based Hosting, Port-Based Hosting, DHCP an dDNS services etc.

In this module, you will learn about the mail server and syslog server with real-time examples.

In this module, you will learn about the installation and configuration of MarieDB.

We at HKR training provide practice test papers for each and every topic discussed in the classrooms. Moreover, our experts design the interview questions based on the industry needs and frequently asked questions in the interview panel.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Linux Training Highlights 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Linux training Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with Linux Certification Training Certification course.

linux online training objectives

Upon successful completion of Linux training at HKR, you will gain knowledge of the following things.

  • You can learn how to install, configure, maintain Linux servers, and workstations.
  • Learn how to file security system management.
  • Learn about the server configurations, shell scripting, samba, mail services.
  • Also learn about advanced security systems and database concepts etc.

The Linux course benefits for the following list of professionals.

  • Linux Professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Who wants to seek their career as a Linux professional
  • Software Developer

The following are the prerequisites for taking up this Linux training course.

  • Anyone with interest in the field can join the course and basic knowledge of operating systems is an added advantage.

You need to look for the right platform where you gain full knowledge; one such as HKR training, provides excellent support for Linux training by illustrating real-time scenarios and use cases. And gradually that helps you to build your career in this field.

Once you complete the entire course, HKR issues the course complete certificate, which will help you get your dream job.

Our trainers are highly qualified and certified with many years of industry experience and technology background in linux.

After getting certified, you can expect a better position and the best salary in your working company.

We don't provide any jobs, but we will provide complete guidance to reach your dream job.

Moreover, your job has based on your performance in the interview panel and the recruiter requirements.

Interested in our Linux Certification Training program ?

Linux Training Options

We follow four Linux training formats for the flexibility of our students.

Live Online Training

  • » Interact live with industrial experts.
  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

1:1 Live Online Training

  • » Dedicated Trainer for you.
  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.


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Self-Paced E-Learning

  • » Get E-Learning Videos.
  • » Learn Whenever & Wherever.
  • » Lifetime free Upgrade.

Corporate Training

  • » Customized Training.
  • » Live Online/Classroom/Self-paced.
  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.


Certifications carry an added advantage to your resume. It will differentiate you from the non-certified peers.

LPI-Linux Professional Institute:

LPI is a multi-level certification program that helps to perform various job roles such as Linux administrator, Linux engineer, Linux enterprise professional certification, etc. Once the certification is complete, you can handle multiple roles in Linux.

HKR effectively designed the Linux administration course by covering all the concepts required to clear the certification exams mentioned above. Once you are done with your complete training and working on the real-time projects, HKR will provide you with a course completion certificate. Join HKR Trainings today to improve your tech skills as a Linux system administrator.

HKR Trainings Certification

Interested in our Linux Certification Training program ?

Linux projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

In this project, you will work on installing Lamp Stack on Centos7, and also you will create a WordPress database. Centos7 is a Community Enterprise Operating System, a Linux distribution and a computing platform with free community support. Here, you will learn WordPress installation and configuration along with the Centos server installation process.

In this project, you will build similar hosts for more than two different machines with the same applications. You can enable the sharing of data and perform similar actions for both systems by matching their IP services. Also, you need to make sure that one system should run continuously even if any of these systems have an issue.

This project will help you test your coding skills, where you will develop a messaging device using Linux OS. In this project, you will use the GSM module that helps to set up a connection through which you can send and receive messages. Also, you must manage and store the project data exchanged between the devices. The overall project requires understanding hardware system set-up and the network systems operation.

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I attended training on Linux Certification course. The experience was awesome. Every module was orga.....nized professionally with its unique content and assignments. Evidently it can be said, that time dedicated to this training is not a waste. The Instructors are sound and knowledgeable. HKR Trainings had done a great service for us – participants. Thank You! Read more



Very grateful to HKR Trainings for their support and understanding.Very very supportive.They helped very well by clearing doubts in Linux Certification course all possible ways. I recommend HKR Trainings for best Linux CertificationTraining. Read more



HKR Trainings support team is the best in answering queries. They completely justify 24*7 support an.....d believe in 100% customer satisfaction. I observed this in my Linux Certification Training. Thankyou HKR Trainings!!! Read more

Linux Certification Training Reviews


Linux is the most popular open-source operating system (OS), similar to Windows, Mac OS, iOS, etc. It is popular on mobile devices such as Android Phones, Tablets, ChromeBook, wearables, etc. Moreover, Linux OS is based on Kernel.

Yes, we don’t assure 100% placement assistance. We are tied up with some corporate companies so when they have a requirement we send your profiles to them.

Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

Our trainers are real time experts who are presently working on particular platform on which they are providing training.

You can call our customer care 24/7

Max of the students get satisfied with our training, if you are not then we provide a specialised training in return.

HKR Trainings offers the best Linux Training program, the most popular operating system for mobile devices. We offer this training through industry-experienced trainers with vast working experience on Linux. They are also able to deliver the training in a simple, understandable way so that you can gain more insights. Also, you will get hands-on project experience in real time by the end of this training. It will help you start your dream career in the IT field.

The following are a few of the many job profiles you can expect to get after the Linux Training-

  • Linux Administrator
  • Linux System Administrator
  • Sr. Linux Admin
  • Security Engineers
  • Linux System Developer
  • Technical Support
  • Application Developer

A Linux Developer is an expert in Linux Operating System and is responsible for many things. It includes creating, documenting, and debugging or troubleshooting system software for the Linux OS.

Many companies, including Programmers, Embedded Developers, and Server Admins, mainly use Linux OS. It is most popular because it is very easy to customize and useful to run servers, appliances, smartphones, etc.

HKR Trainings offers the best Linux Certification Training with real-time learning experience through expert trainers.

In the technology market, Linux is growing further with the latest trends. More companies are looking to adopt Linux OS in their systems to find their way to connect with many devices. Getting certified in Linux can enhance your career growth further.

There are no specific skills to start learning Linux OS. But if you have basic operating system knowledge, it will benefit you.

If you get expert skills in Linux OS, network management, and other skills will enhance your career growth. You can expect excellent career growth with companies implementing Linux for various purposes like IBM, Google, etc. 

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