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Not sure which is the best platform to learn Kubernetes? No worries. We have the best trainers to provide you with the best training in Kubernetes. They are skilled and experienced professionals with immense knowledge. They would teach you all the concepts and assist you in learning them clearly and quickly through real-time use..... cases. Apart from the live sessions, you would also get practical knowledge through the assignments and real-time projects. You also get guidance and assistance in all these aspects from our trainers. Enroll now in our Kubernetes certification training and enhance your career to the next level. Read more

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Why should I learn Kubernetes ?

Popular cloud service providers including GCP, AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud have .....announced that they would incorporate Kubernetes into their cloud platforms. Read more

On average, the certified kubernetes professional can expect a salary of $144,28.....8 across the industry-ZipRecruiter. Read more

The Kubernetes orchestration engine powers some of the world's largest and most .....complex deployments. Read more

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Kubernetes course overview

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration software which offers an API to manage the way and the place those containers will execute. It enables us to execute the docker containers and the workloads and assists you in tackling the operating difficulties when moving to scale various containers deployed over a number of servers.

We possess seasoned Professionals to provide you with Kubernetes Training. You would have engaging sessions on the concepts of Kubernetes like Kubernetes basics, architecture, installation, deploying the application on Kubernetes Cluster, Services, Labels, Replica sets, troubleshooting the cluster, etc. Not only these concepts, but we also aim to deliver you the best training teaching you all that is required as per the current industry needs. When you complete your Kubernetes certification training, you will be able to tackle the industry challenges. You would gain the job-ready skills to work on Kubernetes. So, Enroll now and boost your skills through our Kubernetes online training.

Kubernetes course Content Download Curriculum

Kubernetes Online Course Module:

To attain the best out of the training sessions, the trainers are focused in providing a clear and deep understanding on Kubernetes to the candidates. These professionals have also curated the course curriculum, designed to cover all the concepts. The Kubernetes course curriculum has been divided into multiple modules. Below represented are the modules in the Kubernetes course.

a.       Introduction to Docker and its essentials

b.      Differences between containerization and Virtuaization

c.       Story behind the evolution of Kubernetes

d.      Purpose of Kubernetes

e.      What is the difference between Kubernetes and Docker Swarm?

f.        Use cases of Kubernetes

g.       Case study

a.       Understanding about the architecture of Kubernetes

b.      Briefing about Kubernetes Master and its components

c.       Node components introduction

d.      Case study

a.       How to install and configure Kubernetes?

b.      Process of creation of Kubernetes cluster in AWS cloud and Google cloud

c.       What is the process of creation of 2 VM’s in a Virtual box?

d.      Listing of the nodes within the clusters

e.      Sample deployment

f.        Deletion of cluster

g.       Kubernetes dashboard and how to work with it?

h.      How to create a Kubernetes cluster in Google cloud and AWS?

a.       Pods introduction and its lifecycle

b.      How to work with Pods for the management of multiple containers?

c.       Pods deployment

d.      Case study

a.       What is a service, label and selector?

b.      How to perform load balancing, auto scaling, deployment using replicas?

c.       Updates – roll out status

d.      Usage of service for app exposure

e.      Case study

a.       What are the POD management policies?

b.      What is a cluster DNS?

c.       How to work with Statefulset?

d.      What are the strategies used for Rolling and OnDelete?

  • Troubleshooting application failures
  • Troubleshooting cluster failures

HKR Trainings provides Kubernetes Interview Questions, Kubernetes Tutorial and Python sample Resume for clear understanding.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Kubernetes Training Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with Kubernetes Certification Training Certification course.

Kubernetes online Training objectives

Kubernetes training is a training on Kubernetes Concepts. It is designed for professionals interested in developing skills in Kubernetes. Kubernetes training offered by HKR Trainings will equip you with all the skills that you need to obtain the best job opportunity.

Upon successful completion of kubernetes training at HKR, you will learn the following things.

  • Understand Kubernetes Core Concepts.
  • Deploy a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Secure cluster objects using TLS Certificates.
  • Leverage Kubernetes Networking Concepts.
  • Deploy Services and Load Balancers to route traffic.
  • Implement different Pod Scheduling techniques.
  • Use various Controllers to manage your applications.
  • Create and use Persistent Storage for your applications.
  • Secure your cluster against unauthorized access.
  • Monitor and log your cluster events.
  • Troubleshoot application and cluster failures.

The kubernetes course benefits for the following list of professionals.

  • Professionals aspiring to clear the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program by CNCF
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Individuals looking to establish their career as Kubernetes Administrators
  • Principal Software Engineers
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Technical Leads

To start with this Kubernetes training, you need to either click on the Enrol Now icon at the top of the screen, or contact us at our customer care number, or just enter your details in the pop-up and submit it. Our Team will contact you as soon as possible and give you more information regarding the training process.

When you complete your Kubernetes training along with the assignments and Real-time projects, HKR Trainings will issue you the course completion certificate. This certification will help you to get hired very quickly.

Our trainers for Kubernetes training are professionals with more than ten years of work experience. They will provide you with Kubernetes Training. They have a flair for making learning fun and easy. So you will get the best Training on Kubernetes.

Getting Kubernetes Certification will differentiate you from the non-certified people. It will boost your skills, confidence, and career. It will help you to get a salary hike. It will also help you to obtain better job opportunities with the best package.

Yes! Right from the first day of your Kubernetes training, our trainers make sure that you understand all the concepts and provide you with complete guidance to reach your dream job. And when you complete your course, you will also get assistance in resume preparation which gives you the confidence to clear your interview. Moreover, We are also tied up with some corporate companies. So when they have a requirement, we send your profiles to them.

Some of the other Courses offered by HKR Trainings are Docker training, DevOps training, Microservices, Jenkins, etc.

Interested in our Kubernetes Certification Training program ?

Kubernetes Training Options

We follow four Kubernetes training formats for the flexibility of our students.

Live Online Training

  • » Interact live with industrial experts.
  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

1:1 Live Online Training

  • » Dedicated Trainer for you.
  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.


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Self-Paced E-Learning

  • » Get E-Learning Videos.
  • » Learn Whenever & Wherever.
  • » Lifetime free Upgrade.

Corporate Training

  • » Customized Training.
  • » Live Online/Classroom/Self-paced.
  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.


Certifications carry an added advantage to your resume. It will differentiate you from the non-certified peers. HKR provides certification that covers all the skills required to become an expert as a kubernetes administrator and help get a job in top MNCs.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam(CKA):

This Certification helps to showcase your expertise in basic and advanced concepts of the kubernetes. This certification was created by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in collaboration with the Linux Foundation to help develop the kubernetes ecosystem.

HKR effectively designed the kubernetes course by covering all the concepts required to clear the certification exam mentioned above. Once you are done with your complete training and working on the real-time projects, HKR will provide you with a course completion certificate. Join HKR Trainings today to improve your tech skills as a kubernetes administrator professional.

HKR Trainings Certification

Interested in our Kubernetes Certification Training program ?

Kubernetes projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

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After attending HKR Kubernetes Trainings, I would like to thank Trainer for the enhanced training pr.....ovided for my preparation. He has extensive knowledge in Kubernetes a constant motivator and a brilliant person. Trainer has been available to support when ever we needed. Also he had been following up days before my exam to clear my doubts and evaluate my preparation for the exam. HKR Trainings system had make our life easy. Amazing!!! Read more



Great experience!!! Trainer was really good. Thanks for providing an online learning platform where .....courses can be taken from anywhere and anytime as per convenience. I attended Kubernetes training the course were really good. I would definitely recommended HKR Trainings. Superb.. training!!! Read more



The instructor has in-depth knowledge in Kubernetes. He explains the each and everything very clearl.....y, thank you so much HKR Trainings will give best online training compare with all other trainings. Read more


Kubernetes is open-source software for the deployment, management and scaling of those containers. Kubernetes is also known as "k8 s" or "k-eights." It has a huge, expanding ecosystem. Services, assistance, and tools for Kubernetes are broadly available.

While Docker Swarm is the other option in this domain, Kubernetes is one of the best options when considering Orchestrating huge distributed applications with tons of connected microservices that include secrets, external dependencies and databases.

Kubernetes is accustomed when it comes to container orchestration besides deployment management. If you are one who is familiar with conventional development environments and hosting, Kubernetes could be hard to learn for you.

To learn Kubernetes, you need to have some basic knowledge of Linux, cloud, and DevOps tools and methodologies.

For various modern operational roles like DevOps and site reliability engineering jobs, Kubernetes skills are in high demand. These are the jobs that pay the most as well. DevOps Kubernetes engineers in the US earn more than $150,000 per year on average.

At present Kubernetes, project ideas are having high demand. Besides this, the career is very bright for the professionals interested in Kubernetes. And DevOps experts who are proficient in Kubernetes also work as Kubernetes experts. So Kubernetes is a good career option for freshers.

Every class is recorded. If you have missed your class, you can learn those concepts from the recorded sessions of the missed class. So, No worries!

Yes! Right from the first day of your Kubernetes training, our trainers make sure that you understand all the concepts and provide you with complete guidance to reach your dream job. And when you complete your course, we will also assist you in your resume preparation which will give you the confidence to clear your interview. Moreover, We are also tied up with some corporate companies. So when they have a requirement, we send your profiles to them.

At HKR, we provide a free demo session for training seekers so they can check our quality and method of education before they enroll.

You can contact our customer care number if your query does not belong to any of the questions we have addressed in this article. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

HKR Trainings assures that the learners get a quality course from our trainers. You (the learners) will have lifetime access to recorded sessions. So in case of any doubts, you can watch these recorded sessions or even can ask your trainers to clarify them. Moreover, you will also be working on a real-time project which will help you understand the concepts more clearly. So there is no question of not being satisfied.

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