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HKR ELK Stack training has been designed to make the learners Expert in running and operating their own search cluster using Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana. Our experienced trainer will make you professional in using Logstash to load data into ElasticSearch, execute various operations and data visualization with Kibana. Dur.....ing this training, you will also work with live projects to gain practical knowledge. Get world-class training by enrolling into experts designed ELK Stack certification course. Read more

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The adoption rate of ELK Stack by global organizations has been increasing over .....the years.  Read more

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According to Indeed.com, the average salary received by an ELK Stack professiona.....l amounts to  $126,982 per year  Read more

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ELK STACK Course Overview

ELK is an acronym for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Elasticsearch is a data analytics and search engine. Logstash is a server-side data processing pipeline that simultaneously ingests data from numerous sources, transforms it, and delivers it to a "stash" like Elasticsearch. In Elasticsearch, Kibana allows users to visualize data using charts and graphs. The ELK stack provides centralized logging for detecting server or application problems. It lets you search through all of your logs in a single place. It also aids in the discovery of issues across numerous servers by connecting logs during a certain period.

HKR trainings delivers the best industry-oriented ELK Stack training course, that aids the aspirants to learn and implement ELK Stack concepts, and assists in clearing the certification exam. This ELK Stack course provides you in-depth knowledge of the content required for learning ELK Stack which incorporates the concepts such as ELK Stack overview, architecture, CRUD API, multi-node cluster, Logstash parsing, Elasticsearch, data aggregation, data modeling, etc. Enroll today at HKR for accepting the new challenges to make the best outcome out of our ELK Stack online training course.

ELK STACK Course Content Download Curriculum

We have developed the best ELK Stack Training content by keeping in mind the current industry requirements. Following are the ELK Stack course syllabus modules that we are going to cover in this training. 

This section will introduce you to the core concepts and techniques used for developing it. You will learn about ELK architecture and how it would be helpful for organizations. 

  • Overview of ELK Stack 
  • Architecture of ELK
  • Why ELK?
  • Detailed overview of  ElasticSearch, Kibana, and Logstash

Learning outcome: Upon completion of this chapter you will gain a complete understanding of ELK Stack architecture, familiarity with terminology, basics of ElasticSearch, Kibana, and Logstash, and usage of ELK Stack in companies.

  • Creating Index 
  • On the Fly Index Creation 
  • List down the indexes in Elasticsearch 
  • Anatomy of a document 
  • Create a document in Elasticsearch 
  • Searching documents from Elasticsearch 
  • Deleting documents in Elasticsearch 
  • Update documents in Elasticsearch
  • Handling concurrency in Elasticsearch 
  • Introduction of programming concepts 
  • Connecting the Elasticsearch through using programming interface •
  • Bulk Request 
  • Bulk Indexing 
  • Bulk Retrieval 
  • Strategery followed while using Bulk Indexing
  • Different types of node 
  • Configuring the Nodes – Window/Linux

In this section you will learn the basics of Logstash, the procedure to install Logstash, creating an advanced pipeline, and the process to stitch various input and output plugins to unify data from diversified sources.  

  • Introduction to Logstash
  • Installation of Logstash 
  • Stashing an event 
  • Configuring a log file
  • Parsing Logs using Logstash
  • Execution Model
  • Plugins 
  • Stitching together various input and output data.  

Learning outcome: After completion of this chapter, you will have gained hands-on experience in the areas such as Logstash installation process, execution of an event, creation of advanced pipeline, unifying data gathered from various sources, etc.

This section has been designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the ElasticSearch component. 


  • ElasticSearch Overview
  • Installation of Elasticsearch 
  • Searching a Document 
  • Indexing Documents
  • Retrieving a Document

Learning Outcome: Once this chapter finishes you will be able to retrieve information of an employee, perform a structured search, gain knowledge of full-text search, etc.

This section has been designed to provide in-depth knowledge of ElasticSearch. Here you will learn data and run search queries through it and you will learn how to index and query data allowing you to take advantage of partial matching, word proximity, and language awareness. 


  • Structured Search
  • Complicated Search 
  • Full-text Search
  • Highlighting our Search
  • Phrase Search
  • Proximity Matching
  • Partial Matching
  • Multi-field Search 

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this section you will be able to  Perform Structured Search, full-text search query, multi-field search, associated words, and partial matching query.

This section helps you solve various problems such as singular and plural words, typos, tenses. You will also learn how to deal with human language improving performance.                 


  • Getting Started with languages 
  • Normalizing Tokens
  • Identifying Words
  • Words reduction to their Root Form
  • Performance versus Precision
  • Typos and Misspellings
  • Synonyms 

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this training you will be able to improve search performance, look for misspellings or alternate spellings,  identifying words, typos and misspellings.

This section is designed to provide you knowledge of data sets and query performance on data sets to get real-time answers.  


  • High-Level Concepts 
  • Time Analysis
  • Introduction to Aggregation 
  • Filtering Aggregations and Queries 
  • Approximate Aggregation
  • Sorting Multiple Buckets 
  • Doc Values and Field Data 

Learning Outcome: upon the completion of this chapter you will be able to gain complete knowledge of concepts such as buckets and metrics, bar charts using buckets,  Date Histogram, Sort multi-value bucket, Filter queries, and aggregation.

It is very difficult to perform the joins between various entities that reside on different hardware. It is very expensive and very challenging. This module teaches you how data modeling is done in ElasticSearch.  


  • Handling Relationships
  • ElasticSearch vs RDBMS
  • Nested Objects
  • Designing for Scale
  • Parent-Child Relationship   

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this section you will be able to get the best search results with Denormalizing Data, use Nested Objects, gain knowledge of Parent-Child Relationship, and knowledge of other data modeling concepts.

The great advantage of Elasticsearch is that it allows you to combine geographical location with structured search, full-text search, and analytics. In this chapter, you will gain complete knowledge of how geo-location works for providing the best possible results to the users based on the given criteria. 


  • Geo Point
  • Geo Aggregations
  • Geohashes
  • Geo Shapes 

Learning outcome: Upon the completion of this module you will be able to Aggregate Geo Distance, understand different Geo shapes and aggregate geohash grid, and gain the complete knowledge of Geo points.

These modules teach you the process to search, view, interact with data stored in Elasticsearch indices. This allows you to analyze and visualize data using various tables, charts, and maps. This module will help you learn how to visualize data using Kibana. 


  • Introduction to Kibana
  • Loading Sample Data
  • Installing Kibana 
  • Visualizing your Data
  • Discovering your Data
  • Working with Dashboard 

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this chapter you will gain hands-on experience in the concepts such as Kibana installation, Ingesting.Json files into Elasticsearch, creating visualization in different ways, and dashboard summarization. 

In this section, you will be learning how to explore data from the Discover page.  You can access each document in every index that suits the chosen indexed pattern. Here you can also learn the process to submit the search results, search queries, and view documents. This section provides you with complete knowledge for implementing ELK Stack.  


  • Setting the Time Filter
  • Filtering by Field
  • Searching your Data
  • Viewing Field Statistics
  • Viewing Document Data
  • Dashboard
  • Data Visualization
  • Live data analysis with ELK stack 

Learning outcome: Upon the successful completion of this chapter you will gain hands-on expertise in the Time Filter, Creating a Dashboard, and Document Context.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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ELK STACK Training Advantages

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ELK STACK Online Training Objectives

This ElasticSearch training offered by HKR training will make you industry ready professional by equipping real-world skills. Our expert trainer will make you understand each module of ElasticSearch with detailed explanation. During this ElasticSearch certification course, you will get the knowledge of various modules such as ElasticSearch CRUD API, Mapping, Search process, Advanced searching, Nodes, ELK stack, designing pattern, etc. Upon the completion of this ElasticSearch course, you will gain full confidence to execute any type of tasks in ElasticSearch.    

Upon the successful completion of this ELK training you will be able to: 

  • Gain knowledge of ELK stack with multiple use-cases
  • Learn each individual component in detai
  • lAble to install the stack components
  • Understand the process to load data into ElasticSearch using ELK Stack
  • Using ELK stack to analyze real-time data

ELK Stack enables you to find answers for the following questions: 

  • A number of users signed up this week?
  • What would be perfect to schedule maintenance?
  • Reasons for the slowdown of the database?
  • What is the procedure to search the logs that have inconsistent data in different formats?
  • The process to deal with various TIme Formats?
  • What is the process to search logs that have spread across multiple locations?

Following are the professionals who get benefited from taking this course:

  • Web Administrator
  • Big Data Analytics Engineer
  • System Log Analyst
  • Web Analyst
  • Full Stack Technical Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Manager

To gain proficiency in ELK Stack one should have a basic knowledge of: 

  • JSON Data Format
  • ​​Restful API
  • ​​SQL​

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Enhance your professional visibility by getting certified in ELK stack. Certification will open doors for a large number of opportunities. Global organizations are looking to hire certified candidates and are offering huge paychecks. Click here to know more about the ELK Stack certification Exam.  

At the end of this training, you will be awarded ELK Stack course completion certification form HKR training. This certification is well recognized across all top MNCs and acts as proof that you have undergone a good amount of training to acquire all the skills.  

HKR Trainings Certification

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ELK STACK Projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

Project 1: Visualizing a Pandemic Around the World

Relationship management, nested objects, scale design, geoshapes, geo hashes, and token normalization are some of the subjects learned in this project.

Project 2: ELK Monitoring

Using Logstash and Kibana to monitor a web service.

Project 3: A Case study on Visualizing the data

Tech Analyst: A 9.5-year-old, high-energy IT services firm formed by IITians that offers a complete 360-degree solution to clients all around the world. One of the company's key responsibilities is to analyze large amounts of data. They chose ELK stack, an open source platform with a number of powerful capabilities, for their analysis.


The employee's job is to fetch the relevant data from the source into Logstash, conduct elastic search queries, and then visualize the data using Kibana.

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