Data Science Certification Training

Data Science Certification Training

Course Duration : 30 Hours
Certification : Yes
Assignments : Yes
Interview Questions : Yes
Resume Preparation : Yes

In the HKR Trainings Data Science course provided by the experts. Data science is software here distributing and processing the large set of data into the cluster of computers. This duration, of course, make you upgrade your techniques and forward in a software career. It covers basic data science to Hadoop big data and python.

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Training Content


Brief explanation of data science and machine learning language Discussion of various tools and techniques of data transformations
Different algorithms used in machine learning
Practice on real time data science project


Who Should Attend

• Developers aspiring to be a ‘Data scientist’ • Analytic manager who are maintain a team of analytics • Who want understand machine learning (ML) techniques


Prerequisites For Data Science Certification Training


Curriculum for Data Science Certification Training

What are data science, link to data mining, machine learning, big data and statistics Motivating examples
Why is it interesting?
Several data science settings
Introduction to the WEKA tool
Practical information

From data to features Interactive group discussion
Representing problems with matrices
Representing problem with relations
Example: Text with TFIDF
Computing simple statistics
Means, variances, standard deviations, weighted averaging, modes, quartiles
Example: Political predictions
Simple visualizations
Time series
Spatial data
Case studies
X & Y examples
Medical data

The prediction task Definition
Format of input / output data
Prediction algorithms
Decision trees
Rule learners
Linear/logistic regression
Nearest neighbor learning
Support vector machines
Properties of prediction algorithms and practical exercises
Combining classifiers

Experimental setup Training, tuning, test data
Holdout method, cross-validation, bootstrap method
Measuring performance of a model
Accuracy, ROC curves, precision-recall curves
Loss functions for regression
Interpretation of results
Confidence interval for accuracy
Hypothesis tests for comparing models, algorithms

Attribute selection Filter methods
Wrapper methods
Data discretization
Unsupervised discretization
Supervised discretization
Data transformations
PCA and variants

Introduction Probabilities
Rule of Bayes and Conditional Independence
Naive Bayes
Application to spam filtering
Bayesian Networks
Graphical representation
Independence and correlation
Temporal models
Markov Chains
Hidden Markov Models

Introduction to Exploratory Data Mining Association discovery
What is association discovery?
What are the challenges?
In detail: Apriori
What is clustering?
What are the challenges?
In detail: agglomerative clustering
Hands-on: clustering in WEKA

Eve, the Pharmaceutical Robot Scientist: Data Science for the Drug Discovery Data science for sports analytics
Data science for the sensor data

Introduction Hands-on by participants
Discussion of results

Modes of Training

Self Paced
Self Paced
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Fast Track
Fast Track
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Instructor LED Live Training.
Instructor LED Live Training
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Corporate Training
Corporate Training
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One-One Training
One-One Training
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Trainings Features

Instructor LED Sessions
Instructor LED Sessions
Get Live Instructor LED interactive Sessions.
Total training will be followed by practical assignments for practical understanding.
Lifetime access
Lifetime access
We give a life time access to the recorded videos of your training.
After Completion of training you will receive a course completion certificate from HKR Trainings.
Convenient Timing
Convenient Timing
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Real time Examples
Real time Examples
While training in progress get real time scenarios with examples for clear understanding.


Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

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Certification Process

After Completion of training you will receive a course completion certificate from HKR Trainings which adds a value to your carrier and this is the entry to build a carrier with this certificate.