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Alteryx Training Bangalore - Course Overview

Alteryx is an enterprise analytics solution that empowers users to gather insights and make better business decisions faster. It includes self-service features, so data analysts can prepare, analyze and share data without time-consuming processes. The solution’s interface supports both a code-free and a code-friendly environment, and it can also be deployed at scale on-premise and in the cloud. Alteryx enriches consumers to transform data into actionable insights, resulting in better business decisions with enhanced data analytics.

HKR delivers the best Alteryx training in Bangalore intended for the enterprise in alignment to clear the certification exams. Our Alteryx certification course in Bangalore covers all the key concepts such as Alteryx Designer,  Data Joining from Different sources, restructured data processing,  handling data, static reporting, Spatial Analysis, Analytical App, Clustering, Regression techniques, etc. You will get full assistance and real-time project support from professional experts during the training process. Enroll today at HKR for accepting the new challenges to get the best out of our Alteryx training course in Bangalore.


To apply for the Alteryx Training in Bangalore, you need to either:

  • Overview of Machine Learning working process
  • Basic knowledge of Python programming
  • Knowledge of predictive modeling
  • Basic knowledge of AlterYX’s latest version

Alteryx Training in Bangalore Objectives

Professionals or students who want to improve their career graph can take Alteryx training and get benefited. The following professionals can opt for the Alteryx Course.

  • Data Scientists.
  • Data Analysts.
  • Project Managers.
  • Analytical Leaders.
  • Database Architects.
  • Software Professionals.
  • Candidate/students who wish to build their career in advanced analytics.

The following are the highly recommended prerequisites to learn this course. 

  • Basic understanding of python knowledge.
  • Overview of Machine learning working process .
  • Predictive modelling knowledge. 
  • Basic knowledge of the latest version of Alteryx.

To start with the Alteryx training course offered in Bangalore, you need to check with the best institute in Bangalore that delivers knowledge. Before proceeding to join any training, take suggestions from the experts who had already learned the course. We at HKR in Bangalore, with a team of industry experts, are ready to fulfill your dream career to achieve a job in desired companies.

Alteryx Training Bangalore - Course Content

A team of professionals at HKR designs the Alteryx course curriculum to expedite the learning experience. The below modules present comprehensive course details for Alteryx Training in Bangalore.

  • Understanding Alteryx Designer
  • Alteryx designer Interface
  • User and Workflow settings

  • Alteryx designer overview
  • Components
  • Configuration
  • workflows

  • Split data, skip records, use a record as field headings, pivot and unpivot data and trim and split fields
  • Input Data
  • DynamicRename
  • Text to columns
  • Transpose
  • Cross Tab
  • Formula
  • Directory
  • Comment
  • Sample
  • Tool Container
  • Select
  • Filter
  • Output Data
  • Record Id
  • Unique

  • Filter
  • Summarize
  • Browse
  • Union
  • Join Multiple
  • Input Data
  • Formula
  • Join
  • Output Data
  • Data Filter
  • Generate Row

  • Impute Values
  • Data Cleansing
  • Formula
  • Append Field
  • Random Sample
  • Unique
  • Running tool
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We deliver the right skills to the aspirant from day one that meets today's business requirements. It also helps to increase the productivity of the employee. So, joining HKR Trainings means becoming extremely productive to achieve goals in real-time.

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Alteryx Training in Bangalore FAQ's

Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

Yes, we don’t assure 100% placement assistance. We are tied up with some corporate companies so when they have a requirement we send your profiles to them.

Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

Our trainers are real time experts who are presently working on particular platform on which they are providing training.

You can call our customer care 24/7

Max of the students get satisfied with our training, if you are not then we provide a specialised training in return.

Alteryx enables the analyst to prepare, blend and analyze data with a number of low code building blocks which will allow highly configurable workflows that can be repeated.

Alteryx is a visual analytics tool. Generally, users need not write the code to use Alteryx, but if a company’s business intelligence system needs python to be added, then users need to write code.

The Alteryx engine features a C API. Thus, any programming language which can interact with C programming can interact with Alteryx.

If you are a data analyst, data scientist, or any other professional working on Excel, you must definitely try Alteryx. Alteryx is a very powerful tool that can simplify data cleaning, data wrangling, and even modelling processes.

Alteryx is user friendly and easy to learn. If you are working with the data, then Alteryx is very easy to learn. However, even if you want to start from the beginning, you can learn it very easily.

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