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SAP JVA Training Overview

  • Get SAP JVA skills from basic to advanced level.
  • Learn SAP Joint Venture Accounting skills hands-on with expert support.
  • HKR Trainings trained over 3500+ students and professionals in IT on different Courses.
  • Our SAP JVA trainer holds over 10+ years of industry experience with good domain knowledge of accounting concepts.
  • We provide real-time SAP JVA projects, assignments, case studies, practice exercises, etc., to gain expertise in this platform.
  • Our IT courses are very affordable and have easy payment methods. We also provide occasional discounts. Also, we offer flexible Training options to our learners.
  • This Course provides free access to our SAP JVA learning materials, Training videos, blogs, tutorials, interview Q&A, and more.
  • We will provide you with an industry-relevant Course completion certificate on SAP
  • Joint Venture Accounting by the end of this Training.
  • Our Training can be covered within 25 to 30 hours of industry-oriented skills.
  • We also help our SAP JVA learners by assisting them in preparing an updated resume/CV and preparing them for certification exams.
  • Our modern training methods have helped many corporate learners get trained in different IT skills depending on business needs.
  • So, enroll now in this SAP JVA Training to gain expertise and become job-ready with expert skills.


To apply for the SAP JVA Training, you need to either:

To learn SAP JVA skills, you should have basic knowledge of SAP modules such as MM, FICO, and Project Systems.

SAP JVA Course Content

The SAP JVA Course content is designed to provide in-depth skills in joint venture accounting and its various aspects. It covers all the key elements of JVA along with a theoretical and practical approach. Let us explore multiple topics of JVA.

  • Overview of SAP Oil and Gas
  • Understanding JVA Basics and Principles

  • Recovery Indicators and Corporate Data
  • Operator_402 File Creation
  • JV Number Range and Class Configuration
  • Corporate Data and Equity Types
  • Recovery and Billing Indicators
  • GV Global Data Management
  • Overview of JV and JOA Concepts
  • Cost Object Posting and FSV (Field Status Variant) for JVs

  • Managing Multiple Equity Groups
  • Resolving Equity Adjustment Issues (GJ19 and GJ19_2)
  • Equity Adjustment Process
  • Applying fixes for Equity Adjustment Challenges

  • Field Status Variant Setup for JV Operations
  • Handling Cutback Errors and Resolving Number Range Issues
  • Posting Cutback Procedures and Rules
  • GJCB Cutback Transaction
  • JV Tables for Cutback Management
  • Advanced Cutback Mapping Techniques

  • Understanding Overhead Concepts
  • Applying Recovery Indicators for Overheads

  • Processing Suspense Transactions
  • Unsuspending Ventures
  • Unsuspending Specific Partners within Ventures

  • Configure and Manage Starkey Overheads
  • Handling Statistical Drilling Overheads

  • Managing Actual Stepped Rate Overheads
  • Resolving Errors with Stepped Rate Overheads

  • VBA Switching for Balance Sheet Management
  • Applying GJBA Balance Sheet Splitting Procedures

  • Implementing Escalation Overhead Processes
  • Understanding Overhead Posting Best Practices

  • Conducting JVA Assessments
  • Managing Manipulation Rules for Distributions

  • Distributing Assessments within JVs

  • Managing Payroll Burden with BDN2

  • Exploring Direct Partner Posting Methods
  • Understanding JV Form Inputs and Outputs

  • Understanding Carried Interest Concepts and Calculations

  • Overview of JV Billing
  • JV Billing Tables and Structures
  • Billing Formats and Structures
  • Exploring JIB/JIBE Codes for Billing
  • Handling Hard Copy and Soft Copy Billing
  • Non-Operated Billing Procedures
  • Implementing SDS (Supplemental Detail Sheets) for Billing

  • Utilizing GJNO (Journal Entry) for Reporting
  • Conducting JADE Audits (Joint Audit Data Extraction)

  • Exploring RXD (Revenue Distribution) and UXD (Unitization) Processes

SAP JVA Course Projects

Project - 1 Asset Management Initiatives

Project and capital portfolio management are examples of asset management activities crucial to enterprise asset management (EAM)...... Read more

Project - 2

Accounting For Joint Venture Suspensions

Cutback postings stop when a partner, project, or equity organization is suspended. Under no conditions can the WBS element be lef.....t incomplete in SAP JVA. Read more

SAP JVA Training Options


  • Interactive sessions
  • Learn by doing
  • Instant doubt resolution
  • Expert's Guidance
  • Industry-ready skills
Batch Start Date Time
Weekend 23-Jun - 23-Jul 09:30 AM IST
Weekday 27-Jun - 27-Jul 11:30 AM IST
Weekday 1-Jul - 31-Jul 01:30 PM IST


  • Exclusive training
  • Flexible timing
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Simplified Learning

Exclusive learning from industry experts


  • Skill up easily
  • Learn in no hurry
  • Less expensive
  • Unlimited access
  • Convenient

Hone your skills from anywhere at anytime

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Harshad Gaikwad

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SAP JVA Training Objectives

The SAP JVA Training is a detailed learning of various concepts of joint venture accounting with real-time scenarios. It includes all the relevant topics and modules with a practical approach that makes you a skilled SAP JVA professional. 

  • Finance Professionals
  • Accounting Experts
  • SAP Consultants
  • Anyone interested in learning SAP JVA also can attend.

  • Overview of SAP JVA.
  • Setup and configuration process.
  • Cutback processes and equity adjustments.
  • Suspension transactions.
  • JV billing concepts.
  • Concepts of overheads,
  • Understanding distributions and assessments in JV.

  • SAP JVA Consultant
  • SAP JVA Analyst
  • SAP JVA Developer
  • SAP JVA Expert

SAP JVA Training FAQ's

SAP JVA, or joint venture accounting, is an application from SAP that captures multiple joint venture transactions & expenditures using various functions from SAP. They include SAP FIC & CO, SAP AM, SAP MM & PM, etc.

You will get a recorded video of the SAP JVA class you missed during this Course for your revision.

You can contact our learning support executives for the additional queries you have on SAP JVA that are addressed here

You can attend our free demo session of the SAP JVA Course by enrolling in it. It helps you know our Training methodology, faculty expertise, course content, and practical approach.

  • The self-paced Course in SAP JVA costs Rs. 9,000.
  • The 1:1 Training in SAP JVA costs up to Rs. 49,000.
  • You can contact our sales support representatives for the live online batch of JVA.

The average salary of a skilled SAP JVA Consultant is up to Rs. 3.5LPA, and these experts earn up to $155K p.a in the USA.

You can access our SAP JVA Course by clicking on the “Enroll Now” option by going through our website. Further, you can contact our support team directly for details or drop the required information through the popup you see on our website. 

For Assistance Contact: United_States_Flag +1 (818) 665 7216 Indiaflag +91 9711699759

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