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Master IAM skills in real-time with our professionally developed program on CyberArk.

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CyberArk Course in Delhi Overview

  • Best training for the upcoming techies and advanced learners.
  • Get trained in the IAM tool with hands-on expertise in real-time.
  • Learn from industry experts with over 9+ years of domain experience and security skills.
  • More than 9550+ students were trained and satisfied with HKR Trainings.
  • Most advanced skills in IAM and other security tools delivered by experts.
  • 24/7 access to LMS, course contents and materials, videos, interview questions, etc.
  • Virtual training and exercises to practice, along with real-time projects, are offered.
  • Pay affordable training fees and explore world-class training with full support.
  • Prepare for certification exams through expert guidance and relevant materials.
  • Complete all your job-oriented training in 30 hours.
  • Technical assistance from experts to resolve all your complex queries.
  • Enroll today in the best CyberArk Training in Delhi to explore your dream job offers in IT.


To apply for the CyberArk Training in Delhi, you need to either:

  • Professionals interested in learning IAM and PIM skills to build a solid career can enroll.
  • Learners with basic networking knowledge and programming skills can attend our training program.

CyberArk Training in Delhi - Course Content

The curriculum of the CyberArk Training in Delhi is curated with the help of industry experts. This program includes all the relevant and key concepts to make you an IAM expert. Learn the below modules of this IAM tool:

  • CyberArk Solutions - Overview
  • CyberArk Tool - Install and Configure
  • Learn PAM principles & PAS-Privileged Access Security
  • Explore various Best Practices

  • CyberArk Functions
  • Real-time examples of CyberArk Functioning

  • Needs of Installation (Network and Software and OS)
  • Port Awareness
  • Install CyberArk Vault and CPM.
  • Integration of AD-Active Directory
  • Install PVWA and PSM
  • Installation on Vault Client

  • Understand the creation of Master Policy
  • About Scheduled Task
  • CPM Platform Policy and Services

  • Overview of CyberArk PIM
  • Pain Areas of Organization
  • Solutions Estimated

  • Overview of CyberArk Policy
  • Configure CyberArk policy using best practices.
  • PAS-Privileged Account Security
  • Compliance policy

  • Overview of CyberArk Components
  • What is CyberArk Vault?
  • Privileged credentials handling
  • PSM Concepts - Privileged Session Manager
  • Password Vault Web Access Manager
  • Understand Central Password Manager
  • Concept of CyberArk Vault Client

  • Backup considerations principles
  • Install Vault backup
  • 3rd-party backup system

  • About Safe Creation
  • User Access Matrix
  • LDAP Concepts - User addition
  • Dual and Object Level Access Control

  • Concepts of Windows and Unix/Linux
  • About Network Device & Security Device

  • Concepts of DR Vault and DR CPM
  • Concepts of DR PVWA and DR PSM

  • Understand the User Onboarding Process
  • Privileged SSO skills and Dual Access Control
  • Password Reconciliation
  • 2-factor Authentication System
  • PAM User Accounts Access privilege
  • Auditing & Reporting
  • Session Recording and user off Boarding process

  • Build an encrypted credential password file for pvwaapp and gw users
  • Encrypted credential password file creation for users like psmapp
  • Encrypted credential password file creation for psmgw and managers
  • Password Reset & Unlocking of all the system users above

CyberArk Projects

Project - 1 Develop A System To Analyze Network Traffic

Using this tool, build a robust system to analyze the moving network traffic. You will prepare Pcap files, analyze them, and the digital attacks. Read more

Project - 2 Build A System To Rotate Password Automatically

This project will teach you to develop an automated system to rotate passwords frequently and enhance compliance and security in t.....his platform. Read more

CyberArk Training in Delhi Options


  • Interactive sessions
  • Learn by doing
  • Instant doubt resolution
  • Expert's Guidance
  • Industry-ready skills
Batch Start Date Time
Fast Track 21-Jun - 11-Jul 09:30 AM IST
Weekday 25-Jun - 25-Jul 11:30 AM IST
Weekend 29-Jun - 29-Jul 01:30 PM IST


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  • Exclusive training
  • Flexible timing
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Simplified Learning

Exclusive learning from industry experts


Pay installments with no cost EMI


  • Skill up easily
  • Learn in no hurry
  • Less expensive
  • Unlimited access
  • Convenient

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Pay installments with no cost EMI

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Harikrishna G

Harikrishna G

Cyber Security Technical Specialist

It was a great learning experience at HKR Trainings where I completed CyberArk Training online. I took instructor-led training where the trainer helped me to understand various concepts of CyberArk in a detailed manner. The team supported me well during the training and the trainer also resolved all my queries in time.

CyberArk Training in Delhi Objectives

This program helps you learn the following skills in-depth:

  • Overview of PAM skills, PIM concepts, etc.
  • Get hands-on skills in using the identity access management platform.
  • Understand PSM concepts, password vault, safe management, etc.
  • Learn about compliance policy, access controls, etc.
  • Work on real-time projects using the IAM tool to gain expertise.

  • Professionals in Cyber Security
  • System Architects
  • Admins in IT
  • IT Professionals
  • Individuals interested in learning IAM skills to grow their careers.

  • Our skilled and expert trainers will ensure that you understand all the concepts of IAM, privileged accounts, etc., in detail in this course.
  • They will help you with relevant training and guidance to achieve your career goals.
  • Hence, our practical and real-time training will help you become skilled and placed in top MNCs.

We have skilled, experienced, and well-qualified trainers who will teach you each concept of PIM and other topics in detail. They make the learning engaging and interactive for the learners.

After completing this training and real-time projects, we will provide you with a course completion Certificate in CyberArk.

You can learn this course online from places like CyberArk Training in Mumbai, CyberArk Training in Chennai, etc.

CyberArk Training in Delhi FAQ's

If you miss any online classes during this training period, you will get recorded videos of the classes. It will help you review your lessons and clarify doubts with the trainer.

You can contact our learning support team for all your queries and doubts that are not addressed here.

  • There is no chance of getting dissatisfied with our training program in this IAM tool.
  • Most of the learners enrolled and trained with us in different courses and were satisfied.
  • Our practical and industry-relevant training has helped many students and working employees in their careers.
  • Also, our real-time projects and practice exercises help you gain expertise and further enhance your skills and career.

Yes, you attend a free demo class before joining our online program. It will help you know about the instructor's profile, training approach, and other aspects.

  • Get industry expert's support and guidance in real-time practically.
  • Learn each concept of the IAM platform with multiple scenarios.
  • Practice hands-on skills, gain experience in this tool, and enhance your knowledge.
  • Explore various career offers through different online platforms.
  • Flexible options to learn easily and in-depth through experts.

It is a type of security storage that stores sensitive data and crucial company information. It helps store this data for security and access control to keep it safe from outside threats.

IAM helps to enhance security and offers great user access control within a company. Further, it allows companies to minimize the chances of data theft, security threats, and unknown access. 

IAM is a popular security management platform that locates and allows users to access company data. In contrast, PAM is a subpart of IAM that deals with unique accounts and related systems.

A CyberArk solution engineer's salary is around Rs. 12.48 LPA in India, and in the USA, this salary ranges between USD 141K and USD 220K per annum.

There are the below-fixed costs of this training:

  • For Self-paced Course: Rs. 9,000/-
  • For 1:1 Training: Rs. 49,000/-
  • For live online classes, contact our support team executives.

The cost of CyberArk certification stands between Rs. 10K and Rs. 20K, and in terms of USD, it is between USD200 & USD400.

The Defender and Sentry certifications are considered the best, following the Trustee.

The CyberArk certification in PAM is helpful for those who are experts in Access Management and implement its best practices. It also helps you implement, configure, and manage CyberArk systems effectively in large companies.

It is considered difficult to clear the Trustee Certification exam as only a few individuals achieve it. Comparatively, the Defender and Sentry certifications are considered easier to pass.

A 70% or above score is required to pass this Defender certification exam.

A CyberArk solution engineer's salary is around Rs. 12.48 LPA in India, and in the USA, this salary ranges between USD141K and USD220K per annum.

For a Software Engineer, the average hourly rate of CyberArk is up to USD75 per hour.

  • CitiGroup
  • Cisco
  • Barclays
  • Asian Paints
  • IBM
  • Fidelity Investments
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • AT&T

CyberArk is a popular identity and access management platform that provides security to business users' identity and password credentials.

CyberArk is the best tool in the market as it protects the passwords, user identities, and other sensitive data within a vault.

CyberArk uses potential cybersecurity measures, including access controls, password management, etc., to secure company data and vaults from unknown threats.

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