What is CPM in Digital Marketing

In the digitalized era, everyone is interested in purchasing online rather than visiting stores in person. As the way of living has changed, we see that the online buyer count has rapidly risen recently. Here comes the question of how everyone knows that online products and services are available. This is taking place through brand awareness, visibility, and promotions of products. Organizations have focussed on using advertising strategies to reach customers and spread awareness. Likewise, many marketing strategies and pricing methods are used in digital marketing. In this blog, we are here to discuss one of the pricing methods in digital marketing called CPM. Digital Marketing Training and certification help you master the skills required to become a skilled professional in DIgital marketing. Let’s get started!

What is CPM in Digital Marketing?

CPM stands for cost per mile in digital marketing.

  • The organizations are involved in paying a certain amount for free for every 1000 impressions obtained by an advertisement which is sponsored advertising under the CPM model.
  • An impression is called an impression whenever the user views the campaign on search engines, social media, or other marketing platforms.
  • The organizations are involved in making payments for impressions based on the typical internet marketing statistics using CPM.
  • The CPM model is used for web traffic, online, and any other advertising. Google Ads is one of the amazing solutions which illustrates a clear view for business stakeholders.
  • The CPM and CPC figures are calculated in thousands as a small imprint is also a small thing.
  • This uses the cost-per-click approach, which uses a thousand impressions to evaluate brand awareness.
  • In simple terms, CPM or cost per mile is a metric defined to assess how the inventory of the publisher is performing when it is sold on a CPM or CPC basis.
  • With the help of the CPM model, it is possible to calculate the profits obtained for every 1000 impressions. It also helps in comparing the incomes across different channels with traffic.


  • AB Fashion stores and AV Fashion stores are two different banners
  • Both banners will be available for the users to view for a whole week.
  • When the user clicks, the revenue generated for the publishers is $1.
  • 2000 visitors looked at AV Fashion stores, and 20 of them clicked on it.
  • 2000 visitors looked at AB Fashion stores, and 30 clicked on them.

Advantages of CPM:

CPM is one of the popular digital marketing strategies which helps gain publishers' profits by posting the advertisement on the website.
a. A few publishers have revealed that there is successful monetization when there is a huge amount of traffic coming from different platforms or sources and passing through your website.
b. The publisher will gain profit because they are not earning when they view, but the income would arrive from the posted advertising.
c. The CPM model provides the publisher with the steam of money without requiring the need to develop certain strategies for connecting the audience with the advertising or clicking on the promotion links, which is considered as one of the main benefits.
d. CPM has become one of the high sources of income if you clearly know the volume of the traffic and their sources.

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How to Maximize CPM ROI :

These days, we see that many social media platforms and other resources help offer CPM advertising services on the website. Irrespective of the platform that you use, we need to follow the below steps to maximize the CPM return on investment:

  • Target the right people: Targeting the right people and refining the target audience along with segmentation will help you spend the amount only on the relevant leads.
  • Watch the frequency Level → rnsure to focus or make the ads visible only less than three times.
  • Use attention-grabbing copy and visuals → Ensure that the brand is visible on your ad, which will help the users to keep a note of your brand.
  • Add Social Proof → Provide the customer or the audience with the useful offers or discounts you have on your website and a successful endorsement from a customer who is positively satisfied.

Understanding the cost per thousand:

Cost per thousand is one of the pricing methodologies for web applications in digital marketing. It is purely based on impressions which is considered a metric that keeps the count of the digital views or the engagement that takes place for an advertisement. Impressions are also called as ad views. The advertisers are responsible for paying the website owners a certain amount of money for every 1000 impressions made on the ad. The impression keeps measuring the number of times an ad is displayed on the site but does not measure how many times the ad was clicked on.

We also have a term called click-through rate, also called CTR, which represents the number of people who have viewed the ad and clicked on it. It is represented in the percentage format and advertisement of the campaign's success using the CTR rate.

How to Evaluate CPM?

CPM is calculated but dividing the ad spend by the number of Impressions multiplied by a thousand.

Evaluate CPM

The formula to evaluate CPM = Ad spend/ impressions *1000

In this strategy of pricing, the advertiser is responsible for paying the website owner a certain amount of money for the cost per thousand separations for their ads. The cost per Mile pricing strategy has become a popular advertising pricing methodology which helps identify the advertising cost and the pricing of web ads since the campaigns started.

The campaign strategists and the analysts will have clear data on the metrics available to calculate the Impressions, user engagement, digital views, etc. The CPM methodology provides benefits for the advertising to keep track of the ad Impressions for their ad inventories.

A certain set of advertisers focus on brand awareness and brand visibility. For such kinds of advertisers, this CPM digital marketing strategy is the common methodology used for raising the brand profile.

What Is A Good CPM?

Based on a single value, estimating that the CPM is defined for an effective cost is impossible. Certain solutions help you evaluate the impact of the cost per mile on your return on investment. The solutions like benchmarking results and past campaign analysis help determine whether the Impressions are a good pricing model for your advertising requirements.
A lower value of CPM is not considered a positive indicator for an advertiser. It means that there is no traffic to his website. In the same way, high CPM value for publishers would not work out. It will not translate to earnings as some of the inventory may not be sold.

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Why is CPM Important?

CPM is important as organizations focus on using them to compare the effectiveness of the different media channels. Let us consider an example in which the CPM value is low in social media when compared with the advertising on the search engine, then, it is good to go with social media as a better investment because it costs less to reach 1000 people.

Terms Related to CPM:

CPM is not only the term used to assess a campaign's effectiveness. There are many other terms that are used in digital marketing advertising strategies. Let us discuss a few of them.

  • CPA: CPA stands for cost per acquisition. CPA refers to the amount of money the organizations spend to acquire a new customer when the campaign starts. It is helpful in measuring the impact that the campaign will have on the revenue of the organization. There is no benchmark value for CPA. Based on the organization's prices, margins, and expenses, it is possible to determine whether the cost required to acquire a customer is good.
  • CPC: CPC stands for cost per click. CPC refers to the amount of money that you pay for every click on the ad when the marketing campaign has started. The cost-per-click approach occurs during the display and social media ads. It is also determined based on certain factors like bidding the keyword, maximum bid value, quality is core, etc.
  • CTR: CTR stands for click-through rate. The CTR rate refers to the ratio of the number of users clicking on the link to the total number of users viewing the page or a particular ad. In simple terms, it is defined as the ratio between all the people who have viewed the ad and the people who hit on the ad. It is one of the key metrics that help measure the marketing campaign's success rate. If the CTR rate is high, it means that all the people who are going to the ad our considering it as highly relevant to them. If the CTR rate is low, it is less relevant for the people viewing the ad.
  • ROI: ROI stands for return on investment. The term has become a greatest concern for most of the organization's stakeholders and managers. They focus on seeing the return on investment for the money that they have spent generating sales and leads. During the sales process, there is one drawback which requires multiple touches for a long period of time. However, it will take time to view the return on investment.
  • PPC: PPC stands for pay-per-click. In the PPC model, the advertisers will need to pay a certain amount of fee when the user clicks on the ad every time. Earning the visitors organically is one of the strategies in which the payment is made for the visitors to your sites.

History of CPM:

Let us know more about how CPM has come into existence.

a. A Banner ad was the first Internet advertisement that was published on a website on October 27, 1994.
b. The first advertisement was made on the website, and then the online advertising has officially started.
c. A Banner advertisement is referred to as a rectangular, long visual display that appears on the top or the bottom of the website.
d. ATNT has paid a total of 30000 for the banner to show up on the top of the page on the website for 3 months.
e. The Click through rate of this advertisement was around 44% which is comparatively high when compared to the other industry standard, which was around 0.05%.
f. The percentage of the number of visitors who have clicked on the advertisement on the website is called as click-through rate

What is a typical CPM?

It is easily understandable if you would like to know if the CPM rate is good or not, but it is very hard to identify if the CPM rate is in typical mode. A wide range of factors will keep affecting the CPM pricing models. Some factors include the country in which you are targeting a certain topic and the quality of the sites on which the advertising is taking place. The CPM could also be affected by season and also some influential factors when there is no standard. In some scenarios, contextual targeting methods will help result in lower CPM value.

Is higher or lower CPM better?

We need to think in two different ways over here. Regarding the advertiser view, the advertiser makes sure that they spend less as they have to pay for the advertisement. However, CPM is a complex methodology, so it will not be preferable. It will also indicate low traffic. When it comes to the higher CPM, it is considered a positive indicator.

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What factors influence CPM?

There are many factors that would affect the CPM values for a particular marketing campaign. A few factors include the device they are viewing and the time of the year in which the ad is being placed. Let us discuss the broad categories that help us understand the factors that influence the CPM.

1. Context: Context here refers to the quality of the ad space, the visitor depth, audience intent, etc. Audience intent is usually referring to the potential buyer. Any target audience close to making a purchase is considered the highest CPM as they decide to make a purchase. There are multiple factors that keep affecting social media advertising as well. For some social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook, CPM will be high compared to non-social sites as the users often spend on social media sites.

2. Audience: There are some factors that have to be considered with respect to the audience. Some of them include the demographics - the location they are viewing the ad and the device they are viewing. Some of them use a desktop computer, or some of them might use a mobile phone. Geography definitely makes the difference. The User experience and interactions will vary based on the device type set they are using. As we see that mobile use has been on a higher pace when compared to the desktop or computers, consumers are most likely to place orders using computers only. It could be either because of the screen size, connection speed, or limited data values. However, this is resulting in a higher CPM value.

3. On-page elements: Some of the important factors which need to be considered are the on-page elements which include the ad placement and the ad viewability. The ad need not be at the top of the page. Also, the size of the ad matters. The ad size has to be a bit high though it is expensive, which helps grab the user's attention. A video advertisement is also considered a factor that helps in drawing attention. However, generic ads are more likely to be used when compared to video ads.

4. Environmental factors: Don't you think it will affect the CPM? It is definitely a yes. This season and the type of service you are advertising for are some of the factors affecting the CPM. Some other environmental factors that help include the Economic Outlook. There could be a change in the sales value or the leads due to economic factors, which may need to lower CPM.

When Should Advertisers Use CPM Campaigns:

CPM campaigns are the best choice when the website owners are interested in improving brand awareness and interest among the customers, enabling them to make a Purchase Decision. CPC advertising is the best for advertisers looking to promote a product and is interested in making sale conversions.

How Does CPM Relate to Digital Marketing:

As digital marketing includes multiple elements and factors like low Awareness of a particular brand or company, then the CPM strategies will help boost digital marketing efforts to the next level.

The CPM strategies are the best choice for those who would like to improve brand awareness and visibility.

Let's take an example of an organization that is working on creating a new type of ballpoint pen for users. Once the pens are ready, they have been running some campaigns across multiple websites to bring awareness among the people about this. As most of the people have already started using them, the organization has to take necessary steps to increase Awareness of a different pen in the market. And after the required people have gained awareness about the pen, they can start running from target ads which can help convert into leads.


Irrespective of the website that you are working on, you need to know the marketing strategies to help you attain growth and development in a business. Pricing methods and marketing strategies help you in terms of advertising and reaching the potential audience. CPM marketing is the best choice for those looking to improve their brand awareness and visibility. Digital marketing training and certification will help you learn all the concepts in terms of advertising and strategies clearly and help you in mastering these skills to become a skilled professional in digital marketing.

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 An ad impression takes place when a particular ad is displayed on the advertiser's target audience.

There is software like Google ad Manager which helps forecast the Impressions and the traffic to a particular website.

CPM cannot be defined or measured. The higher value CPMs will result in negative outcomes like the inventory not being sold, whereas the lower value CPMs will result when there is a poor quality traffic