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CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets”, and are used to control and manage font styles, font sizes, and website color combinations that are used in a web page. In order to retain continuity of “look and feel” throughout a website, all pages within a website will often refer to a single CSS file.

1. What do you mean by CSS File? What is the use of this file?

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets”, and are used to control and manage font styles, font sizes, and website color combinations that are used in a web page. In order to retain continuity of “look and feel” throughout a website, all pages within a website will often refer to a single CSS file. The CSS file is typically contained in a separate file from the website, and the various web pages retrieve the CSS file each time a web page is displayed. CSS files make global appearance changes easy — a single change in a CSS file will mean that any pages using that CSS file will automatically display the changes

2. How do I make an Image as a background on my web pages?

Point the body background to the name of your image you wish to use as the background as shown below. This body line should be the first line of your

< / head> tag.

< body background=”picture.gif” >

You can also have the background image fixed, so it does not move when using the scroll bar in the browser. To do this add the BGPROPERTIES tag as shown below.

 < body background=”picture.gif” bgproperties=”fixed” >

3 . How to add scrolling text to my page?

Keep in mind not all browsers support scrolling text. however to do this add a tag similar to the below example. < marquee >THIS WOULD SCROLL< /marquee> The above example would create the below-scrolling text. If your browser supports scrolling text the below example should be scrolling. More examples can be found on our main HTML page that lists most of the HTML commands.

4. How do I make it so that someone can mail me by just clicking on text with a subject?

Use the mail to command in your A HREF link tag as shown below.

<a href=”mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Enquiry” “>Click here to mail Computer Hope</a>.

5. How do I align pictures so that one may be higher or lower than the other?

Use the align statement in your IMG SRC tag as shown below. < IMG SRC=”http://www.computerhope.com/chguy.gif” align=top > Also, instead of align=top you can do align=middle, and align=bottom. .

6. What is external Style Sheet? How to link?

External Style Sheet is a template/document/file containing style information which can be linked with any number of HTML documents. This is a very convenient way of formatting the entire site as well as restyling it by editing just one file. The file is linked with HTML documents via the LINK element inside the HEAD element. Files containing style information must have extension .css, e.g. style.css.

< HEAD > < LINK REL=STYLESHEET HREF=”style.css” TYPE=”text/css”> < / HEAD>

7. Is CSS case sensitive?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is not case sensitive. However, font families, URLs to images, and other direct references with the style sheet may be. The trick is that if you write a document using an XML declaration and an XHTML doctype, then the CSS class names will be case sensitive for some browsers. It is a good idea to avoid naming classes where the only difference is the case, for example div.myclass { …} div.myClass { … } If the DOCTYPE or XML declaration is ever removed from your pages, even by mistake, the last instance of the style will be used, regardless of case.

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8. What are the five possible values for “position”?

Values for positionstatic, relative, absolute, fixed, inherit

9. How does the browser determine where to place positioned elements?

How does the browser determine where to place positioned elements?

10. What are JavaScript types?

Number, String, Boolean, Function, Object, Null, Undefined.

11. What does is NaN function do?

Return true if the argument is not a number.

12. How do you convert numbers between different bases in JavaScript?

Use the parseInt() function, that takes a string as the first parameter and the base as a second parameter. So to convert hexadecimal 3F to decimal, use parseInt (“3F”, 16);

13. What is negative infinity?

It’s a number in JavaScript, derived by dividing a negative number by zero.

14. What does “1”+2+4 evaluate to?

Since 1 is a string, everything is a string, so the result is 124.

15. What is the difference between an alert box and a confirmation box?

An alert box displays only one button which is the OK button whereas the Confirm box displays two buttons namely OK and cancel.

16. What is a prompt box?

A prompt box allows the user to enter input by providing a text box.

17. Explain what is Information Architecture?

 Information architecture is often referred to the structure and navigation of an entire site.

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18. Why will you use CSS float?

In CSS float is used very commonly, We use CSS float when we want to make an element of our web page be pushed to the right or left and make other elements wrap around it.

19. What is doctype?

doctype is an instruction to the browser to inform about the version of HTML document and how a browser should render it.

20. What is the difference between span and div?

div is a block element and span is inline element.

50 Web Developer Interview s To Get A Quick BreakthroughInterview s Web Development  PublishedFebruary 24, 2017  Meenakshi Agarwal 

In this tutorial, we’ve listed down 50 web developer interview s covering HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. These are the three primary skills where the companies will evaluate the candidates appearing for the interviews.

Front end web development requires a solid understanding of many languages. And the scale of s asked during the interviews could go past beyond your expectations. So you must extend your preparation and cover all the leading web technologies such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript/AngularJS/Node.js.

 However, there are several factors like Work experience, Flexibility, Attitude that influence the selection process. Hence, feel free to research for a resume template where you can competently portray these influencing factors. Everything else rests upon you and the way you deliver.

21. What Are The New DocType And Charset In HTML5?

The DocType element communicates the HTML version to the browser. It usually appears in the first line of code of an HTML page. Unlike the earlier versions/standards of HTML, DocType has got a simplified format in HTML5.

The CharSet is a new meta tag attribute in HTML5 which configures the character encoding.

22. What Are The New Form Elements Introduced In HTML5?

Here is the list of new form elements available in HTML5.

– It specifies a list of options for input controls.

– This tag generates an encryption key.

– It defines the result of an expression.

23. What Are The Various Elements HTML5 Has Added For Media Content?

Following HTML5 elements supports media content.

24. What Are Various Elements That Provide Better Structuring In HTML5?

Following HTML5 elements focus on improving the structuring.

  • This element allows to specify an article.
  • It allows to view content other than the page content.
  • It lets a part of text getting formatted in a different direction from other text.
  • It displays a button element which processes a command upon user action.

– It adds additional details that a user can show or hide.
– It initializes a dialog box or popup window.

  • This element can show illustrations, diagrams, photos, and code listings.
  • It adds a caption for the image specified by  

  • This tag appends a footer to a document.
  • This tag inserts a header into a document.
  • If a page includes multiple headings, then this tag groups them into a set of

25. What Is SVG And Why Do You Use It?

SVG is an acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics as recommended by W3C.

Its purpose is to display the vector-based graphics over the Web.

The graphics use an XML format.

SVG graphics are of higher quality and does not lose it even when resized.

All elements and attributes of SVG support animation.

26. What Is A Canvas? And What Is Its Default Border Size?

Canvas is an HTML5 element which can draw graphics on the fly with the help of JavaScript. The By default, It has no border. However, it allows using CSS to change the border style.

27. How Does Canvas Differ From SVG?

Here are a few points elaborating the differences between Canvas and SVG.

1. Canvas depends on the resolution whereas SVG doesn’t.

2. Canvas does not allow event handlers whereas SVG does provide the support forevent handlers.

3. Canvas is ideal for graphic-intensive games whereas SVG doesn’t intend for gaming.

4. It works well for small rendering areas whereas SVG may perform better for large rendering areas like Google map.

28. Does HTML5 Provide Drag And Drop Facility? How Do You Set An Image As Draggable?

To set an image as draggable, initialize the draggable attribute with true.

29. What Is HTML5 Web Storage?

HTML5 brought this new ability to store web pages within the browser cache. This web storage is not only faster than the cookies but secured too. It is capable of storing a large amount of data without compromising the performance of the website.

Also, note that the cached data is not must for every server request. Instead, it gets utilized only when the page asks for it. And only the web page which gets the data stored can access it.

30. What Is The Difference Between LocalStorage And SessionStorage Objects?

Following points describes the differences between the localStorage and sessionStorage objects.

The object doesn’t have an expiry for the stored data whereas the object keeps it only for a single session.

The object doesn’t have a provision to delete the data upon closing of browser window whereas the object clears it simultaneously with the window closing down.

31. How Does CSS3 Differ From CSS?

CSS3 is the most recent version of CSS. It has introduced a bunch of new tags to give better user experience. Some of the features are rounded corners, animation, custom layout and media queries.

32. How Does CSS3 Support The Responsive Web Designing?

CSS3 has come up with a media query feature. It supports RWD (Responsive Web Design) and does help in making a website responsive.

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33. What Is A CSS Selector?

CSS selector is an expression following the CSS rules and used to select the element we want to style. And CSS selector syntax means how we write or use those selectors in the CSS editor.

Please note that a CSS selector can help you find or select HTML elements based on their name, id, class, attribute, and more.

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34. What Are Different Types Of CSS?

Below are the different types of CSS.

Embedded – It adds the CSS styles using the

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