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In India, many industries contribute to the social and economic growth of the country, with IT Companies playing a key role. With technological advancements, the need for innovative software has also greatly grown. The IT (Information Technology) industry is vital to India's economic growth with the latest software production and supply. The economy of India started rising when the top IT companies in India made their mark worldwide. Among the many IT companies, the industry giants like TCS, HCL, Infosys, TechMahindra, Wipro, etc., outperformed others to stand in the top IT companies list. Out of the above, many other companies contribute much by adding more value to revenue generation. These IT companies work on the latest technologies like cloud computing, ML, AI, blockchain, automation, web technologies, etc. In this blog, we will discuss the top IT companies in India in 2023 and their revenue.

Top IT Companies In India - Table of Content

Top IT Companies In India

The following is the list of top IT companies in India that offer many users secure, reliable, user-friendly, and robust IT services.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS is one of the top 10 IT companies in India, a Tata Group company, and is well known across the globe. The company offers various IT services to many of its clients. TCS was started in the year 1968 by Tata Sons. Currently, TCS is headed by Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan, but soon Mr. K. Krithivasan will take over the position of MD and CEO of TCS by Jun '23.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an Indian Multinational company headquartered in Mumbai. The company operates worldwide, covering 46 countries with 150 locations under the Tata Group. Many leading news reports informed that TCS is recognized for its employee-friendly workplace, developing the best talents across the company through multiple skill development programs and initiatives. It is an equal-opportunity employer and offers the best salary packages.

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) currently holds around 5,56,000 employees in 150 locations. It also includes more than 2 Lakh women employees contributing to its growth. Moreover, the company's net margin by the March '23 quarter stood at 19.3%, and the revenue increased to Rs. 59,162 crores. The total market cap of TCS is around Rs. 11.52 trillion.

A skilled Software Engineer in TCS company earns a decent salary of Rs. 3.6 to 13.5 lakhs p.a. with an annual average salary of Rs. 6.3 lakhs, according to AmbitionBox.


Another one among the top list of IT companies in India is Infosys. It was founded in 1981 in Pune and is HQ in Bengaluru. Infosys emerged as a global leader in providing digital and consulting services, business outsourcing, and IT services for next-generation. Mr. N.R. Narayana Murty, Nandan Nilekani, and others started it. Moreover, Infosys is an NYSE-listed IT company with over 3 lakh employees. It generated a revenue of USD 18.21 billion in the fiscal year 2023 with a market cap of USD 72.35 billion.

It is the first IT company from India which is listed on NASDAQ. Infosys has spread its wings to more than 190 companies across the globe. The company primarily provides various IT services in cloud computing, data analytics, IoT, testing, app development, cyber security, and more.

A software engineer at Infosys in India earns between Rs. 3.5 to 20 lakhs per year with an average annual salary of Rs. 7.7 lakhs, according to Ambitionbox.

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Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited is among India's top 10 IT companies, leading in offering in-demand digital transformation services. Also, it looks after various customer needs across the globe. However, Wipro is the short form of Wester India Products, established in 1945 by MD Premji. Initially, it was established as a manufacturing company of vegetable and refined oils, gradually entering into diversified businesses. Now, it is one of the best IT companies in India, with a market cap of more than Rs. 2 lakh Cr and possesses more than 2 lakh employees.

Wipro offers multiple IT services in Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Digital Operations, AI, Consulting, and more.

Further, the company's net worth stood at 24.21 Billion USD in 2023. It offers equal employment opportunities across different sectors, including IT. A software engineer at Wipro earns a salary of Rs. 3.6 to 12 lakhs per year with an average annual salary of Rs. 7 lakhs p.a.

HCL Technologies

Hindustan Computers Limited, or HCL Technologies, is among India's top 10 IT companies. It was established in 1976 by Shiv Nadar and is headquartered in Noida. HCL Tech has 180 global locations and nearly 1,70,000 employees working here.

The market cap of HCL Tech is around Rs. 2.85 trillion. By the end of March '23, the company has crossed the revenue of Rs. 1 lakh crores by growing its industry-leading services by 16%. Moreover, HCL Tech helps in business transformation with a wide range of services like digital workplace, networking, hybrid cloud services, cyber security, etc. Apart from IT services, it also offers BPO, infrastructure, etc. It contributes more towards the country's economic growth by providing an industrial and startup ecosystem for new IT services.

The salary of an SDE (Software Engineer) at HCL Tech ranges between Rs. 4.8 lakhs to Rs. 17 Lakhs p.a. The average annual salary of an SDE at this company is around Rs. 9 lakhs per annum. However, the pay may vary with the position and experience level.

Tech Mahindra

It is another Indian MNC that offers IT consulting and services. Tech Mahindra provides a wide range of services through its diverse businesses like farm equipment manufacturing, financial services, utility vehicles, IT services, etc. Further, it offers customer-centric, innovative digital services. It was founded in 1986 by Anand Mahindra, with headquarters in Pune as a part of the Mahindra Group.

The total revenue of Tech Mahindra is more than Rs. 38,600 Crores. Moreover, Tech Mahindra offers a wide range of IT services such as cloud services, IT consulting, AI, data analytics, cyber security, next-gen managed services, 4G/5G services, networking services, BPS, etc.

The salary of a Software engineer at Tech Mahindra ranges between Rs. 4.2 to 9.5 lakhs per year with an average pay of Rs. 5.4 lakhs p.a.

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MindTree Ltd

Among the best IT companies in India, Mindtree Ltd. comes under the top 10 IT companies. It is also an IT services and consulting company with headquarters in Bangalore. It was established in 1999 by a group of IT professionals. Further, it was acquired by L&T in 2019, and later, by merging with L&T Infotech, it became LTIMindTree in 2022.

LTIMindtree has nearly 40,000 employees in India. After merging with LTI, it became the 5th largest IT company with USD 5.25 Billion in revenue in 2022. Currently, it is headed by Debashish Chatterjee (CEO).

LTIMindTree offers various IT services, such as digital transformation, IT outsourcing, cloud services, consultancy, analytics, AI/ML, IoT, and many others. A skilled Software Developer at LTIMindTree earns an annual salary of Rs. 4 lakhs to 11 lakhs p.a. with an average pay of Rs. 6.9 lakhs p.a.


MPhasis is one of the top IT services and consulting companies which is an Indian Multinational founded in 1998. Its current CEO is Nitin Rakesh since 2017. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, with nearly 30,000 employees working there. Further, Mphasis holds a total of 65 branches across the globe. This company also offers various IT and consulting services, including cloud, blockchain, cyber security, automation, DevOps, BPS, and more.

The company MPhasis generated a total revenue of Rs. 9,700 crores in 2021. It's a mid-cap company in the IT sector with Rs. 42,149 Cr. The salary of a Software Engineer at Mphasis is between Rs. 4 to 12 lakhs per year, with an average annual salary of Rs 6.3 lakhs.

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies is one of the Top IT companies HQ in Navi Mumbai and was founded in 1990. The company is into a wide range of IT and BPS companies, where 30,000 people work to scale digital transformation quickly.

It is creating great value for its customers with innovative technology services. It helps its employee stay productive and engaged with happiness. The company has crossed its first 1 billion US$ in revenue in 2022.

The various IT services it offers customers include IoT, cloud services, autonomous testing, data visualization, app security, and more. Moreover, the average annual salary of a Software Engineer at Hexaware Tech is around Rs. 5 LPA, ranging between Rs. 4 to 10 lakhs p.a.

Quess Corp

Quess Corp was founded in 2007 as a leading business services provider which offers a wide range of tech-enabled services like staffing and managed outsourcing. It provides services for multiple processes such as sales and marketing, telecom operations, security management, IT services, HR operations, etc. The company is HQ in Bengaluru, and CBSS (Conneqt Business Solutions) is its subsidiary.

It operates with more than 25 branches globally, with over 3 lakh employees. The revenue of Quess Corp is around Rs. 11K crores. It offers multiple roles and responsibilities to individuals with relevant skills and qualifications.


eSparkBiz is one of the top IT companies in India that offers various IT and digital transformation services. It provides services to multiple companies and unique software and IT outsourcing services.

It was founded in 2010 and emerged as a web and app development company HQ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is a popular web designing company with a great team of 300+ employees. Compared to other giant IT companies, the salaries paid by eSparkBiz are low. The average annual salary of a professional at eSparkBiz ranges between Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs p.a.

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Bottom Line

We have discussed the top 10 IT companies in India that are into a wide range of IT and consulting services. Many other best IT companies are operating in India. These include IBM, Accenture, Cognizant, Genpact, etc. These companies also provide a variety of IT and Non-IT services to their clients across the globe. We can see multifold growth in the IT industry in the last decade. Also, with the growing number of internet users, IT services may increase. However, the top IT companies in India dominate the global IT sector.

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