Square Root in Java

One of the notions that are applied in many real-world applications as well as programming ideas is the square and the square root of a number. For instance, binary exponentiation, prime factors of an integer, etc. One of the most fundamental concepts in mathematics, the square and square root, will be covered in this article. We will also discover how to use these ideas in Java. We will also understand the fundamental techniques for finding squares and square roots. Using a Java built-in function, we will also learn how to find squares and square roots.

What is a Square?

Square is a simple multiplication of an integer by itself. The result of multiplying an integer (not a fraction) by itself is a square number. A two-digit integer is always used to denote the square term. In other words, it is the result of multiplying a certain integer by itself. For example, 

Square of a= a*a

To understand better with an integer value, 

Let us assume a=3, 

Hence the square of it will be

3*3 = 9

What is a Square Root?

Any integer's square root equals that same number, which, when squared, yields the original number.

Let's assume that m is a positive integer and that  √(x.x) =  √x2) = x.

A square root function is a one-to-one function in mathematics that receives a positive number as an input and outputs the square root of that number.

f(a) = √a

For instance, if x=9, the function output value is returned as 3.

Note: Complex numbers are represented by the square root of a negative number.

Simply put, if a number X's square is S, then X is the square root of S.

A few properties to understand before working with square root are:

  • There is a perfect square root if an integer is a perfect square number.
  • A number can have a square root if it has an even number of zeros at the end (0's).
  • It is possible to multiply the two square root values. For instance, if you multiply 3 by 2, you should get 6 as the answer.
  • When two identical square roots are multiplied, a radical number should be the outcome. This indicates that the outcome is not a square root number. For instance, the outcome is 7 when 7 is multiplied by 7.
  • Any negative number's square root is undefined. because a negative perfect square is impossible.
  • The perfect square root does not exist if the final digit of a number is 2, 3, 7, or 8.
  • A number will have a square root if the unit digit is one of the following: 1, 4, 5, 6, or 9.

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What is Java?

Java is both a platform and a programming language. Programming with Java is high-level, reliable, object-oriented, and secure.

Sun Microsystems, a company that is now an Oracle subsidiary, created Java in 1995. The father of Java is thought to be James Gosling. Its previous name was Oak. The name Oak was changed to Java by James Gosling and his team because Oak was already a recognized business. It is used for a variety of things, including games, database connections, web servers, desktop applications, mobile applications, and much more.

Java has concurrent execution, allowing you to run multiple statements simultaneously rather than one at a time. It is an object-oriented, class-based programming language. It is an Independent programming language that adheres to the principle of "Write once, Run anywhere," meaning that the compiled code can be executed on any platform that supports Java. It can be described as a computing platform where applications can be created.

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What is a square root in java?

The double-typed value that is supplied to the java.lang.Math.sqrt() function as an argument is returned as its square root. The argument must be NaN or negative in order for the result to be NaN. Positive infinity is the result of the argument is positive infinity. The result will be the same as the argument if the argument is positive zero or negative zero.

The syntax for the square root in Java is as follows:

public static double sqrt(double x)
Parameter :

x is the value whose square root will be returned.

Return Value: This method returns the value of the argument that was supplied to it as a positive square root.

Let us see the working of Square root in Java with a simple Java program below:

Method 1: Using math.sqrt()

import java.lang.Math;

class JavaSquareRoot {

public static void main(String args[])


double x = 30;


x = 45;


x = 60;


x = 90;




The output of this Java program is:




Method 2: Using  java.lang.Math.sqrt() method 

Now, let's look at another Java application to demonstrate how java.lang functions. Using the math.sqrt() method with a NaN or +infinity argument.

import java.lang.Math; 

public class Square {

public static void main(String[] args)


double positiveInfinity = Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;

double negativeVal = -4;

double nan = Double.NaN;

double res;

res = Math.sqrt(negativeVal);


res = Math.sqrt(positiveInfinity);


res = Math.sqrt(nan);




The output of this Java program is:




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In this article, we have covered the fundamental concepts in mathematics, the square and square root.  We will also discover how to use these ideas in Java. We will also understand the fundamental techniques for finding the square roots. Using a Java built-in function, we will also learn how to find the square roots.

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Yes. There are 2 major ways of finding the square root using Java.

We multiply 2 by itself to find the square of 2.

The java. lang. Math class contains methods for performing basic numeric operations such as the elementary exponential, logarithm, square root, and trigonometric functions

It is java.lang package

The Math method that returns the square root of the specified number is sqrt().