Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt Certifications are simply the focal points to demonstrate as a specialist in the area of Quality Management. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification furnishes you with definite information on Six Sigma standards and DMAIC structure. In this post, we will cover what Six Sigma Certification is, Certification necessities, testing, Six Sigma Certification levels, how to prepare for the exam, the awarding of Certification, the learning benefits, and at last the benefits of Six Sigma Certification for individuals and associations. Let’s go through them in detail.

Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a bunch of instruments and methods utilized by organizations to enhance creation measures, dispense with imperfections, and assurance quality. The Lean Six Sigma certification helps in approving experts who are gifted in recognizing dangers, errors, or imperfections in a business interaction and eliminating them. Achieving a Six Sigma Certification typically expects people to have a specific degree of involvement and affirm their capability. The certificate can aid you to be an expert in interaction improvement and will upgrade your validity.

What is Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt can be called as an individual who has an intensive comprehension of upgraded critical thinking abilities, along with an accentuation on the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) layout. The Green Belt Certification assignment mirrors the information by the person to fill in as a prepared colleague inside their capacity in the explicit region of the association. It permits the Green Belt to deal with little, painstakingly characterized Six Sigma projects that need not exactly be a Black Belt's full-time obligation to Six Sigma all through the association.

Certification Necessities 

To accomplish the expert position of IASSC Certified Green Belt (IASSC-CGB™) from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, competitors should attend the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam and accomplish a base score of 70%. There does not exist any essentials needed to attend the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam.

Certification Testing

The IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam includes 100 questions, is a closed book, delegated test with a 3 hour designated time. A few types of this test may likewise incorporate up to an extra 10 non-reviewed questions. The Exam includes around 20 MCQ and T/F  inquiries from each significant segment of the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge and is managed in excess of 8,000 Testing Centers situated inside 165 nations all through the world and around the IASSC Web-Based On-Demand testing framework and by many IASSC Accredited Providers. 

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Six Sigma Certification Levels

The Six Sigma certificate is available in different ability levels: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. The Certifications can be achieved by a certification unit similar to the American Society for Quality (ASQ). 

Six Sigma White Belt: It is the essential degree of affirmation which manages the fundamental Six Sigma ideas. White belts uphold alteration management in an association and draw in with local critical thinking groups that help projects. 
Six Sigma Yellow Belt: In this Yellow belt level, you have understanding of the particulars of Six Sigma, where and how to utilize it. You will uphold project groups on critical thinking undertakings. 
Six Sigma Green Belt: In this level, you have the comprehension of  progressed examination and can face and solve issues that influence quality. Green belts guide ventures and help black belts with information assortment and examination. 
Six Sigma Black Belt: Black belts are specialists and problem solvers. They give preparations along with guiding undertakings. 
Six Sigma Master Black Belt: This is the most significant level of Six Sigma accomplishment. In this Master Black Belt level you will alter procedure, create key measurements, go about as an advisor, and mentor black and green belts.
Exam Preparation

The individuals who desire to attend the test can be suggested, yet not needed, that Lean Six Sigma preparation is achieved through a certified organization, Lean Six Sigma coach or corporate program. It is likewise suggested, albeit not needed, that those attending the test have some level of certifiable Lean Six Sigma work insight and venture application experience. IASSC provides a non-delegated (casual) Green Belt Evaluation Exam which may assist you with deciding whether you are prepared to attend an authority administered Certification Exam.

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Awarding of Certification

Professionals will get IASSC Green Belt Certification given by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification™, a genuine autonomous third party Certification Association inside the Lean Six Sigma Industry as an accomplishment. IASSC Certification is perceived ceaselessly and as per the IASSC Recertification Policy, successful from March 1, 2017, a classification framework perceives accreditations as "Current" for a time of three years and characterizes guidelines for keeping up such Status. 

An IASSC Certified Green Belt is given a Certificate (PDF) which incorporates a Certification Number, an identification (.png record), linked to the Official IASSC Certification Register and conceded the option to utilize the IASSC Certification Marks and Titles; an expert position which might be utilized in CV’s and public profiles like LinkedIn, steady with the IASSC Marks Use Policy.

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Benefits of Six Sigma Certification for Individuals

  • Guarantee Compliance: Six Sigma asks for exceptionally great standards. Thus, countless sellers, procurers, and associations execute Six Sigma principles while assessing items or records. Experts having Six Sigma Green Belt Certification can help their association in keeping up productive agreements and consenting to global principles.
  • Assist your association decrease the risk and diminish defects and errors: Gaining a Six Sigma affirmation and Project Management Software like Celoxis empowers a person to get significant to an association's capacity to recognize and dispose of errors. For instance, Six Sigma measured General Electric with dispensing $350 million in investment funds in 1998, and Motorola to allot their most elevated investment funds of $17 billion in the year 2005. GE's investment funds expanded above $1 billion sometime thereafter. 
  • You can be considered worthy in each industry: Six Sigma methods are used in aviation, telecom, hardware, banking, IT, and monetary administrations, HR, advertising, and a lot more ventures. People certified in Six Sigma are educated in many various strategies which can be used to smooth out business measures, enhance representative acknowledgment, decrease expenses, and increment income, all of these could lead to a superior main concern, regardless of the business. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification allows you to actually want to situate yourself as a change specialist inside any association. Initiating quality improvement all through your group or association will support your leadership abilities, creating you significantly more important.
  • Good Salary : Turning out to be Six Sigma guaranteed is no little accomplishment. The tests are difficult to pass. Along these lines, starting with one belt level then onto the next needs placing in long stretches of real work. It is not amazing that experts having six sigma certifications are generously compensated. As per a review done by, Six Sigma certified people fall in the $100,000+ pay section and are among the most generously compensated experts around the world. 
  • Enhance Business Methods and maintain Quality Improvement: After completing six sigma green belt accreditation courses, you will actually want to break down an organization's assembling and business cycles and find a way to enhance them. You can direct a total survey of current practices and see what they mean for quality execution. Certification displays that you could accomplish the degree of supported quality improvement which associations need for observing cycles nearly guarantee that there is next to zero deviation from the mean and take restorative measures to bring in an undertaking that might be wandering from the way.
  •  Ascend to Managerial Positions : By completing your Six Sigma course and getting your accreditation, you would attain an unmistakable comprehension of estimating and measuring monetary advantages from implementing any Six Sigma project. Six Sigma affirmation assists experts with getting hazard assessment and monetary administration abilities. These abilities are exceptionally esteemed by middle, and high level administration for senior administrative positions.
  • Achieve hands-on experience in Quality Management : The Six Sigma preparing methods contain hands-on work mainly in the industry projects and the execution of hypothetical standards to genuine situations. Starting a Six Sigma course causes you to acquire more experience even prior to joining the labor force.

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Benefits of Six Sigma Certification for Associations

  • Achieve Credibility along with Trust of Stakeholder : Stakeholders and Clients trust an organization whose representatives have significant capabilities. In the event that countless of your workers are Six Sigma qualified, it implies that their main requirement will be quality. An organization which is carried forward by quality is serious and along these lines imparts trust in financial backers and accomplices. 
  • Enhanced Productivity : Allen medical utilized DMAIC approach and lean apparatuses to improve the creation pace of Arm boards as they were forced for space to fabricate new items. Using this new methodology, they could save 45 seconds overall, per arm board, and expanded the quantity of arm boards delivered every hour from 5.3 to somewhat more than 6. 
  • Lifts Clients Confidence in Business : Executing Six Sigma can assist with smoothing out cycles and diminish consumer loyalty. For example, by using the cross functional process mapping (CFPM) approach, Citibank had the option to distinguish inefficient strides in their cycles and right them, with incredible outcomes in consumer loyalty levels.
  • Diminished Costs : Deformity reduction limits squander, consequently brings about a minimal effort of production and much more benefits. Inability to make a quality item can be expensive. Making an unacceptable item or administration can fundamentally decrease its expense. It is the genuine cost of value.
  •  Lessen Training Costs and Employee Turnover : The DMAIC technique can likewise be applicable in HR management, as verified in a distribution on the research entryway. Inside the article there is a contextual analysis of a global organization which was losing a huge number of dollars because of representative turnover of 35% each year. They needed to diminish this amount to 25%. In the wake of executing Six Sigma, they recognized a few contributing elements, like: helpless career prospects and low pay. To cure the circumstance, they presented new recruiting cycles and other training methods for new workers, with extraordinary outcomes: representative turnover diminished by 10% and brought about reserve funds of $1.1 million.

Learning Benefits

  • Develop abilities for statistical induction based dynamic and information driven critical thinking abilities.
  • Achieve the expertise to investigate, dissect and tackle management issues utilizing 20+ administration apparatuses.
  • Access 33 PDUs (Professional Development Unit) which are needed to keep up your PMP accreditation.
  • Hones business sharpness and obligation to enhance methods.
  • Get valuable data from information utilizing different factual and logical devices.
  • Study fundamental management and administration abilities.
  • Achieve the expertise to make client driven activities at each stage.
  • Comprehend the science to grow top notch items and administrations. 
  • Build up the capacity to look past the current field with this area and industry-autonomous approach. 

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As should be obvious, the significance of Six Sigma affirmation couldn't be more important. For people, staying competitive and having a job in a world where there is lack of job possibilities is indispensable. As a businessman, you will surely have true serenity realizing that your creation lines are controlled by experts whose essential center is quality.

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