Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six sigma black belt certification is the best way to become an expert who can describe the principles and philosophies of six sigma, and they will get the complete knowledge about the tools and support systems. It provides us the best ways to get the idea of fundamental aspects, which is used to explain, measure, develop, manage, and analyze the model with six sigma principles. We can get the basic idea about the concepts of lean enterprise, and we can recognize the elements and activities of non value and particular tools. To get certified in six sigma black belt, we require proper training, we are conducting an online training for six sigma black belt certification program.

What is a Six Sigma Black Belt?

Six sigma black belt concentrates more on shaping, measuring, and analyzing the problems of performance. Its roles are fully controversial to the other roles of six sigma. The main aim of back belt experts is to offer leadership for the projects. The six sigma black belt professionals are getting trained in the results of developing art by using the latest statistical analysis concepts and techniques. They can understand the team dynamics, and they have the ability for the roles and responsibilities assigned to the team members. They gain the knowledge of various concepts, and many other leaders neglect those concepts. Those variations work like the main source of making emotional decisions and are like an enemy for quality. 

What is six sigma black belt certification?

Six sigma black belt certification from CSSC includes the complete idea of the complete knowledge of the six sigma body. It also includes the combination of both principles and philosophies of sigma and supportive tools and systems. The certification of six sigma black belt also displays the idea of team leadership, ability, team dynamics, successful assignment of team members responsibilities, and roles, etc. finally, the people with this certification of the black belt can display the the good understanding of the DMAIC model along with the principles of six sigma. The basic idea of lean enterprise concepts and the required skills to recognize the non-value-added activities with high speed. 

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Who suits this certification?

Developers and experts of the organizations with enough work experience and knowledge may take the certification program of six sigma black belt. It maintains full-time six sigma framework positions only, and the following are some essential aspects of the recruiters.

  • The skills and capabilities of the organization for task assignment to various departments.
  • The capability to identify the proactive and speed measures for the performance development.
  • Skills for problem solving and identification.
  • Get an idea of team dynamics to initiate the projects.
  • To work on databases to find our patterns.
  • Be advanced with new industrial trends
  • Contains the technical skills, knowledge of DFSS and DFX methods.

Types of six sigma black belt certification

This six sigma black belt certification includes two paths, and one is for the people who have the confidence that they have the complete idea about the topics discussed in the certification program if six sigma black belt like the body of knowledge, know they are ready to take the examination of standard comprehension of black belt. And the other one is for those wishing to use various exams shorts as they want to develop various sections instead of using the single comprehensive or the free self-study guide. 

As an advantage, those who choose the second phase of certification gain different levels of standard certifications as they develop throughout their certification journey without the need for any extra fees for examination. So it founds better to take the multiple exam path for freshers, who are new to the methodologies. It is also best for experts searching for refreshment and those who want to reduce their entire examination. Let us discuss them in brief.

Path 1

This is a standard exam with single certification, and this is for those who already have touch with a body of knowledge. 

Ideal for candidates: 

  • Who already have the training and gains the complete idea of the body of knowledge.
  • For those who want only single certification.
  • Who would like to take their 3 hours exam?


  • Its price is Rs.16,769.88

What to expect

The official certification exam of the black belt includes 150 questions.

  • It is in the format of an open book.
  • We have 3 hours .time to complete the examination.
  • The questions are multiple choices and true or false questions.
  • We can write it either online or offline in the designated testing centers worldwide.
  • The current examination fee is Rs 16,769.88.
  • It provides three attempts to complete the exam successfully.

Certification requirements

  • Individuals need to complete the CSSC six sigma black belt certification exam by gaining the score of 420 for the 600 points.
  • There are no special requirements for this certification except the general prerequisites like fee payment.
  • When we pay the examination fee, we gain one year to complete the exam.
  • There is no special need for a special project for certification.
  • But this certification works as a prerequisite for level 2 certification and needs the project.

Awarding of certification 

  • Candidates receive official certification from the CSSC six sigma black belt after completing the six sigma certification council requirements. 
  • This certification has no expiration date or any renewals; it is like a master's degree with no expiry date.

Path 2

It is a self-study examination, a flexible choice for individuals who want to achieve various standard certifications. There is no need for any extra fee payment and provide more comprehensive paths towards their certification aims.

Ideal for candidates

  • It is for those who are using the free self-study guide, and it may be independently or through training.
  • It is for those who are searching to gain a different level of belts without any extra fees.
  • For those who require more than three chances to complete the examination successfully.
  • Those who need timeless examination.


  • Its price is Rs 25,557.58

What to expect

  • Individuals need to give each chapter of the self-study guide for the corresponding exam.
  • After completing each chapter of the self-study guide, they need to take the short test online.
  • The exams are available 24/7, and it provides both non-timed and open books.
  • It needs atleast 70% for each exam, and after all of them, the certification of six sigma is awarded.
  • The certification of six sigma black belt includes 33 chapters for exams, each exam consisting of 10-15 questions.
  • The present fees of assessment for the self-paced exam is Rs. 25, 587.46
  • Individuals have unlimited attempts to complete their exam successfully in a registration period of 12 months, extensions also provided if necessary, but individuals need to request before the time ends.

Certification requirements

  • To gain the expert designation successfully, through the certified six sigma black belt from the six sigma certification council. Individuals need to complete all 33 exams of the six sigma black belt.
  • They are required to gain atleast 70% for each exam.
  • There are no special prerequisites for self-study eams taking.
  • There is no need to complete any special project for this self-study exam of the six sigma black belt certification.

Awarding certification

  • Six sigma certification council award the certificate to the individual after the successful completion of required exams.
  • This council of six sigma certification is the best accrediting company in the industry of six sigma.
  • There is no date for expiration and any renewals, and it is like our master's degree, which doesnt have any expiration date.
  • There is a facility for individuals who wish to get the latest date certification to resit the certification exam.
  • After completing all required fields, individuals are awarded the six sigma black belt certification officially.

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Self-paced online training and certification

When individuals wish to choose the self-paced option, but they require extra training videos to learn. And to apply them in a particular industry to develop their further qualification use also. Various institutes provide the online option for self-study, which has no facility for the body of knowledge to add the advantages of video training, templates, supplemental materials, and other tools. During the black belt program's enrollment process, they can also gain other belt certifications like white, yellow, green through the six sigma black belt certification program. These certifications are accredited through the six sigma certification council, which doesnt have any date for expiration. Online six online sigma program provides different certifications and training programs in six sigma organizations, and they are like as given below.

  • Industrial nonspecific six sigma
  • Call centers six sigma
  • Construction six sigma
  • Customer service six sigma
  • Distribution six sigma
  • Ecommerce six sigma
  • Engineering six sigma
  • Field service six sigma
  • Finance six sigma
  • Foodservice six service
  • Government six sigma
  • Healthcare six sigma
  • Hospitality six sigma
  • Human resource six sigma
  • IT six sigma
  • Logistics six sigma
  • Manufacturing six sigma
  • Marketing six sigma
  • Defense six sigma
  • Retail six sigma
  • Sales six sigma
  • Supply chain management six sigma
  • Warehousing six sigma


  • This online method's cost is nearly Rs.3,661.55, which is more than the present cost of their program that is Rs. 29,219.13.
  • To gain the benefits provided, individuals can utilize the discount codes while the checkout process is going on.
  • Individuals are also provided with extra information and links for enrollment.

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How to prepare for the six sigma black belt certification

Individuals may prepare for the successful completion of the official CSSC certification exam. They have two choices for preparation: they can train six sigma from a qualified provider of the training, or they may go with the free guide of self-study by the six sigma certification council. For those individuals who are already experts in the six sigma black belt methodology, the better option for them was following both the free guide of self-study and the correspondence of body of knowledge.

Benefits of six sigma black belt certification

By getting certified in six sigma black belt, its applications and methodologies provide us many benefits for any business future. It maintains various cost reduction methods, revenue development, streamlines business processes, employee buy-in development, better development, and profit. This certification is like an achievement as it is not a simple task to gain this certification. This certification improves the ability of individuals to help them in various fields, as given below.

  • Solving the problems of quality.
  • It Develops decision-making.
  • It Develops the entire enterprise performance.
  • Control the practice processes and performance development.


It is a kind of management qualification, which is used for the latest competence of problem-solving. The experts who gain the certification from the six sigma black belt can deal with business's complex problems and solve those problems through teamwork. Six sigma black belt supports the green belt experts to solve the problems; it requires having the complete idea of problem-solving aspects and management changes. The six sigma black belt's official certificate includes various techniques such as happenstance building, data experiment, and the pedestal of quintessential for development for the business analytics domains.

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