Servicenow Integration With Jira

Many companies use ServiceNow as a cloud platform, but they later shifted and used it in controlling ITSM processes. Teams later embraced Jira in developing agile applications. Most companies are integrating several platforms or tools to achieve a particular functionality in their workflow. For example, if you want Jira and ServiceNow to work together, probably ServiceNow and Jira are the best integration to go for. It improves customer service and makes the collaboration and communication between the development and customer care teams easy. The article will cover several aspects of how to integrate ServiceNow and Jira.

Why Should we Integrate ServiceNow with Jira

Many companies use Integrate ServiceNow for service management, while Jira helps improve agile cultures. Jira helps software development teams manage their projects and any problems. Jira works well with other Atlassian tools making it suitable for project management. It makes the integration of the two easier.

Examples of the applications include software teams using ServiceNow to manage users under one portal. it improves reporting and makes it easy for the teams to work on different issues and projects. It improves collaboration between the developers. In case the teams experience any issues, all they do is send the problems to ServiceNow. Most businesses use ServiceNow as ITSM and the provider of one or more software packages. It monitors all the issues the customer may face when using the software. Integrating them helps in receiving faster updates from the applications.

How Can We Choose the Right Technology to Set up the Integration?

There are several factors you put in place when selecting the best technology for helping you integrate ServiceNow with Jira. It is good to look at several criteria when integrating. The main factors to consider include:

Decentralised Integration (Autonomy)

You have to control both sides of the applications when you integrate them. It has ticketing tools that control the interpretation of incoming information. You must ensure that changes between the tools do not affect the integration. You also have to control the movement of confidential information to improve the privacy of the data.


You must ensure it works well for the users without any issues, even during maintenance. You have to eradicate the problems like downtime, and in case of such, you have to develop ways to recover and come back online without spending too much time. The integration prevents other issues like crushing, which can be dangerous to the customers.

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Flexibility in the Configuration

When you integrate the two, you remove the differences that exist. When dealing with information, you will find more helpful information and less useful information. It enables you to adjust to allow you to exchange the data easily. When dealing with two platforms, you use different specifications to view the relationship between each other. It makes it easy to use the method in your working methods and promotes collaboration.

ServiceNow Integration With Jira

A Step by Step Process to Set up a ServiceNow Jira Integration:

When integrating ServiceNow and Jira, you must follow steps to make the integration successful. The steps are listed below:

Step 1: Installing the Exalate app On ServiceNow Instance

Go to the Exalate website and go to the integrations page. Locate ServiceNow and click on it. It will prompt you to enter your first and last name, organisation, phone number, and email address. Find your ServiceNow XML file that has all the information. Log in to the ServiceNow account and upload the file. After the installation, let's go to the next step.

Step 2: Installing the Exalate app on Jira Instance

Now we have Exalate on Jira platforms installed. You must install it on both platforms. There are different Jira versions, so you must be careful when looking at your version. Go to your Jira Cloud or Premise it depends on the one you are using. Under the administration menu, click on the Addons option. Click on the search the marketplace option and search for Exalate and Enter. There will be several versions of Exalate, Choose Exalate Jira Issue Sync & More and click on Try it free to start the free trial. The final detail is to click the Get started” button to confirm you have finished the installation.

Step 3: Look at the Exalate Console

Under the ServiceNow, locate the General settings and choose configure to finish the process. Go to the Jira platform and do the same under the settings. You can check the two applications' errors and Sync queues. It makes the integration between ServiceNow instances and Jira easy.

Step 4: Establishing a Connection between Jira and ServiceNow

After having the Exatale on both platforms. Let's now configure the connections. In Jira, click on the initiate connection button found under the Connections section after creating connections. You will get a prompt asking you to fill the destination url, if you are under Jira, input the ServiceNow url and vice versa. Choose the type of configuration you want, either basic or script, and click Next. For basic, you can't change the configurations, while script one has more advanced features. After selecting one of them to initiate, there will be a verification by Exalate.

After verification, you'll get redirected to the destination url of your choice and click Confirm after selecting the project under the dropdown. Input the issue key and click Exalate. Wait for a few minutes for synchronisation.

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Benefits of Integrating ServiceNow and Jira

There are several benefits you get when you integrate ServiceNow and Jira to help the development and customer team. The benefits include:

Eliminate Manual Work

Most companies that deal with manual work have high cases of repetitive issues, leading to errors. When a customer raises a problem, one must move all the issues from ServiceNow to the Jira platform, which can be exhausting. Integration of the two improves communication and automates all the processes that handle information flow, eliminating the manual processes. It improves efficiency, and the team uses less time to solve issues.

Increase Collaboration

When the development and customer care teams work in different environments, it can lead to delays affecting the customer experience and increasing costs. The ServiceNow and Jira integration makes the team work on several tasks simultaneously. If there are any issues in one of the applications, it gets reflected in any of them, making it easy to solve all the raised concerns.

Teams Work in Preferred Tools

When working with the team on different projects, you should not assign them tools they should use. Give them the freedom to choose tools that they are proficient in working with. Recommending them new tools will waste time as they need to learn how to use them. Integrating the two enables the team to work with the tools they like. It promotes a good flow of information between the teams pushing for a good customer experience.

Increase Visibility of Ticket Status and IT Workflows

It increases the visibility of all the processes taken by the teams during the life cycle. It shows the status of all the steps taken from when the customer raised the issue to the customer team up to when it gets solved. It helps in removing delays and ensuring that the company makes good decisions that improve customer satisfaction. It also enables teams to reduce their time on resolving customer issues.

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There are several ways professionals can integrate Jira with ServiceNow apart from using the Exalate app. They can use REST API to make the two work.  Jira has different versions, and you have to be careful with the type of Jira you use to avoid facing issues during the connection. Many teams have embraced ServiceNow as their ITSM providers. Interactions between customers and businesses are essential, and the systems play an important role. The aspects we have discussed above are essential to put in place.

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It is easy and fast to integrate ServiceNow with Jira. Some of the common methods of integrating the two involve the use of the Exalate app. The integration has improved productivity and timely solving of customer issues.

Jira is better than ServiceNow, all the tech professionals from small and big organisations can use Jira in their applications. It is easier to learn for any IT worker than ServiceNow. ServiceNow is mainly for big enterprises, and it manages ITIL.

Jira has a marketplace that integrates with over 1,000 integrations and applications. Some applications include Zoom, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Github, PowerBi, and SAP.

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