SAP Simple Finance Tutorial

It is an essential tool that helps to maintain the accounting power and finance of the SAP, it also helps to conduct the operations and the real-time accounting, BI tools reporting of finance. This SAP simple finance is very helpful for the experts who are interested in learning the SAP simple finance ropes and put them into practice, particularly it is useful for consultants who are the main reason for financial accounting maintenance and its cost through the solution of SAP. It is used to analyze the company's financial status in the market, our HKR team providing SAP simple finance tutorial. which includes important topics like what is SAP simple finance, Finance value map, audience, prerequisites, components of sap simple finance, and the key facts of the SAP simple finance.

What is SAP Simple Finance

The proper procedures of finance permit people and organizations to work together with more proficiency and to utilize the insights that help to stay in competition; it also manages the procedures of financial and operational execution. The financial value map recognizes the priorities of business and solutions which classifies them into the procedures of the logical, the products of the finance gave the support for the span portfolios such as SAP ERP financials, SAP solutions for EPM, SAP solutions for GRC, and the BI. 

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Finance value map

The solutions of its portfolios are based on innovations of technology like SAP and its customer experiences, their innovation helps the finance companies by allowing them to offer value for the instant insight businesses. It made the IT landscape with the change of replication reduction and provided advantages to the CIO that is included in the capability end to end procedures. It has the capabilities of analysis, simulation, and also the finance procedures used to recognize the best options for business strategy, to provide an immediate team of finance, timely instances, and also the decisions of the financial. Its abilities are created to make the procedures of the finance, for the customers of the suit thorough SAP power leveraging. that may be helpful for both the finance through process prospect and IT through architectural perspective.

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Benefits of SAP simple finance

The given below are some essential benefits of SAP simple finance:

  • we can have real-time analysis of data.
  • We may delete the unwanted hardware complexity.
  • There is no chance for database latency because of ELT jobs.
  • It provides the database which is in memory.
  • Its column keeps the calculations supported with the run.
  • It conducts the procedure which is parallel.
  • It is used for the compression of data.

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Essential features of the SAP simple finance

The given below are some essential features of SAP simple finance

  • Financial planning and analysis: By using this company may utilize the plan, forecast, budget, etc. while the process is going on, with this, we may forecast the effect of organizations' decisions in the company's financial reports. 
    Accounting and Finance: Through its latest feature of finance and accounting companies may satisfy the legal terms and finish the reports of finance on time.
  • Financial risks management: with the help of this predictive analysis, companies may identify the problems of the financial procedure at an initial stage and various ways for their migration. It is simple to identify suitable investment rates according to the standards of the market.
    Risk and compliance management: With strong financial procedures, we can eliminate unauthorized access simply for companies' sensitive information. We can also identify the abuse and fraud which companies may manage the risk of complete financial procedures.
  • Technical system landscape: It is developed by using NetWeaver of SAP and the business suit of SAP ERP. Below is the minimum backend landscape of the system. It includes the updated version of ERP 6.0 as SAP ep8 for SAP ERP 6.0 which can integrate with other applications of ERP such as distribution, management material, sales, etc. 
  • There is no requirement of special prerequisites as this is a tutorial of elementary, we can understand its concepts that are explained simply without any strain, they are like the basic understanding of financial deals, it is more useful for you to have more knowledge like account exposure and to know the financial information.

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Key facts of sap simple finance

  • SAP simple finance displays the power of one. The posting on a journal of one unified replaces the posting it on different individual ledgers like a material ledger, assistant accounting, co, etc.
  • The table of a journal entry is designed through the transitions of organizations in SAP general leader, old general ledger, co, FI-AA, and also the components of the cost determination.
  • SAP decreases its data redundancy instances and duplication among the modules of the FI, and the extension of ACDOCA contains the coding block but one of the difficult tasks FI implementation in any company to reconcile the postings of FI.
  • By using this SAP simple finance we can report and transact at a time as our system houses the system of SAP BW which deletes the offloading report requirements and the analytics for our system of SAP BW.
  • We can also say that there is no requirement of ELT for our SAP BW instance so there is no place for delays in reporting with that we can report in real-time which units the data of transactional and historical, that permits us to design both tactic and strategic decisions that are based on earlier information. 

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In traditional applications, the SAP database is used to store the complete data to conduct the calculations and expose the result at the layer of the application. Almost most of the time is spent on these calculations and the aggregation. But when it comes to SAP simple finance, its applications offer an excellent performance of applications into the database. All the information is stored in a database in memory that is much faster than the old one. It helps to replicate and delete the waste data load in real-time. If you have any queries or questions that need to be answered, please make comments below to get your question answered quickly by our HKR expert trainers.

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