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To obtain a job position in the capacity of .Net programmer, where my programming skills and abilities can be utilized by the organization to achieve excellence in the field of software development.

Experience Summary
2.7 years of software industry experience which is further divided into:

·         Development and support of windows/web-based Applications.
Primary skills Include C#,VB.NET,DB2 and Microsoft SQL ServerWell versed with

·         .NET technologies like ASP.NET, ADO.NET and AJAX.

·         End-to-end software development life cycle experience (SDLC).

·         Hands on experience in database technologies like DB2 and Microsoft SQL server.

·         Knowledge in WCF and WPF.

·         Hands on experience in Code Analysis tool customization like Fxcop and StyleCop

Employment History

RGB Services, Software Engineer June 2009 Till Date

Education Qualifications

B.E(Computer Science & Engineering)- 75.0%- Anna University.

Technical Skills

Windows Family and Windows CE 5.0
Languages : C#, VB.NET, VC++, C, C++,HTML, XML, JAVA SCRIPT, JAVA.
Frame Work: .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5
IDE: Microsoft visual Studio 2005, 2008.
Database: Microsoft SQL Server, DB2.

Relevant Project Experience

1.UltraCab II Utility Program

Environment : .NET Frame work 2.0, Windows XP.
Technology: .NET(C#-Win forms)

·         UltraCab II is an on-board Automatic Train Protection ( ATP ) system , which detects speed limit information from the track & accordingly enforces speed.
Ultra Cab Utility Program:

·         Ultra Cab Utility Program is a diagnostic tools to work with Ultra Cab II equipment.

·         LogViewer:Log Viewer system is a functional development for the UCII to support viewing translated log file information after downloading from the UCII equipment.

·         Translator:It translates the log file generated by UCII equipment which contains logged event.

·         Program UCII:Software for UCII designed using c by embedded team is uploaded to UCII using this utility.

·         Downnload:Files generated by UCII are downloaded for analysis using this utility.

·         TerminalDisplay:The data flow in UCII equipment are displayed on PC using this utility.

·         Responsibilities:Enhancement,Design, Coding.

2. Fxcop & Style Cop Rules Customization.

Environment : NET Frame work 2.0, Windows XP.
Technology: .NET(C#-Win forms)

·         Code Analysis tool by Microsoft like Fxcop and Stylecop provides us with a set of in built rules for code analysis and review to meet coding standards.

·          It also provides an option to built there own custom rules to meet the standards.

·          Fxcop takes the executable program and parses through MSIL to check whether   coding standards as defined in rules are met.

·         Unlike Fxcop , Stylecop parses through each instruction in source code and looks for any discrepancies in standards.

·         Implemented set of rules in Fxcop and Stylecop to meet the organization .NET coding standards.
Responsibilities:Design, Coding,Testing.

3.Automation Tool

Environment: .NET Frame work 3.5, Windows XP.
Technology: .NET(C#-Win forms)

·         The tool is used to automate various tasks involved in outsourcing thereby reducing time, improving performance, accuracy and meeting client requirements on a cost effective basis.

·          Tasks Automated:

·         For Image document processing where in the documents to be processed are in image format the application process the image gets the text from image and copies to clipboard from there again we search for a particular string and get the string value and load the values to share point .

·         To copy strings from clipboard to text fields in web application.

·         To copy around 12 fields from one web application(RAPID) to other application(People Soft)in single user click thereby reducing the end user effort and assuring better accuracy

·         To interface with PDF documents and to automate the daily activities (i.e.) arranging PDF pages based on the waybill number in excel columns provided thereby saving 30 min per transaction per user.
Responsibilities:Design,Coding, Testing.

4.Timing Tool

Environment: .NET Frame work 3.5,Windows XP and DB2
Technology: .NET(C#-Win forms, ADO.NET,Linux Server)

·         Timing Tool is a tool come from TVC-Time Volume Capture which is widely used in IBM BPD teams. 

·         The timing tool will be adapt to IT delivery operations.

·         Parallel activity processing and recording the total number of days user has involved in the task the time actual spend on this activity in this duration.

·         Master data information that is key to the operation of business, which often turns out to be non-transactional in nature. In timing tool, the master data includes taxonomies, Customers, and users.

·         Super user and Admin user need login web pages to do master data creation before system could be used by agent users. During the daily operation, super user and admin can do change on master data, the change will be reflected on client side application when user log in client tool.
Responsibilities:Coding, Testing.

5. Time Volume Capture.
Environment: .NET Frame work 3.5,Windows XP and SQL
Technology: .NET(C#-Win forms, ADO.NET,ASP.NET)

·         This project is used to calculate the seat utilization of IBM employees and to submit their daily activities in to a server so that the user's data is tracked and the individual performance and the team's performance is measured.

·         Windows Tool (Lean tool bar): Used by employees to clock time on activity they work on .

·         Tool automatically opens as soon as the user log's in to system and sits on top of desktop overriding all other applications -Tool has transparency control option thereby providing an option to see the application behind the tool as it sits on top of desktop.
Web Application: Used by managers to pull reports and to manage team.
Responsibilities:Enhancement cum support,Involved in problem solving, testing, coding.

Personal Information
DOB: 12/May/19...
Languages Known: