Informatica Sample Resumes

Informatica Sample Resume 2-5 Years’ Experience


  Professional Summary:


·         3  years  of  experience  in  Data  Warehousing.  Sound  technical

 Over  background  and  hands-on  development  experience  in  Data  Warehousing

 platforms like ETL .

·         Presently working extensively in ETL phase of Data  Warehousing  using

·         Informatica 8.x, Informatica 7.x.

·         Used Client Tools  Designer,  Workflow  Manager,  Workflow  Monitor  in

  Informatica Power Center.

·         Extensively  used  Expression,  aggregator,  Lookup,  Update  Strategy,

  sequence Generator, Router, Unions, Joins .

·         Implemented Various Performance Tuning techniques on Mappings.

·         know the Partition PointsOverview, CheckInn's&CheckOut's. Involved in Unit Testing .

·         Worked on extracting  data  from  Oracle,  Flat  Files,  transform  and

 loading into data warehouse.

·         Experienced in working on developing  Oracle  PL/SQL  to  write  stored

·         procedures, oracle functions, packages and triggers.

·         Experienced  in  writing  shell  scripts  for  multiple  tasks  to  be performed.

·         Strong communication and Inter-personal skills with the ability to work

 in  fast  paced  team  environment  and  quickly  learn  new   software



Technical Skills:

  Business Intelligence: Informatica 8.x, Informatica 7.1

 RDBMS                     : Oracle -9i/10g.

  Operating System     : Windows XP / 2000,and UNIX

  Languages                :  C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL

  OLAP Tool's              :   Cognos 8.4


·         B.Sc (Computer Science) From AacharyaNagarjuna University (2002-2005)  with an average of 74%.

·         M.C.A from BharathiDasanUniversity,Trichy(2005-08) with an average of 80%.

 Work Experience:

·          Working as Software Engineer for Prodapt, Bangalore from Oct 2009  to


·         Worked as Developer for Tavant Technologies,  Bangalore from June 2008

  To Sept 2009.

Project # 1

Title               Banking and Finance services Data Collection

  Client            Old National Bank, Evansville (Indiana)

  Role               ETL Developer

Duration        Aug 2010 to tilldate.



Old National Bank is a  multi-billion    dollar,  multi-state    Financial    Services     company Headquartered   in    Evansville, Indiana.   As   the   largest   Independent   banking   company   Based   in Indiana,  It is providing  to customers  with  a   comprehensive   range  of financial  Products   and  services,   including   Commercial   and   Retail Banking,   Credit  Card  Services,  Electronic   Banking,  Trust  and  Asset Management, Brokerage and Insurance Services.


This bank involved  in  amounts  for  various  purposes like Personal Loan, Vehicle Loan,  Housing  Loan,  Consumer  Durable  Loans, etc. The  company  requires  different  level  of  analysis  regarding  loan amount, type of  customers'  type  of  payment  schedules,  interest  rates, defaulters  list  and  the  penal  interest  calculations,  etc.  The   data warehouse, basically it is a Data Mart as it covers only one domain  of  the business and captures data from their Historical Database.


This system is required to  extract,  transform,  and load  data  from  the  different  client  system  into  a  relational  table environment that can be accessible for reporting purposes. A set of  reports will be developed against the relational tables to deliver  the  information to its customers in the form of PDF  files.  The  data  from  the  different systems will be extracted into a set of text-based and Graphical reports.




·         V  Extraction,  Transformation  and  Loading  (ETL)  of  data  by  using

·          Informatica Power Center.

·         V Extracted source data from flat files, Oracle and loaded to an Oracle.

·         V Developed mappings in Informatica Power Center Designer to  load  data

·          from staging environment to warehouse.

·         V Created  mappings  using  the  transformations  such  as  the  Source

·          qualifier, Aggregator, Expression, Router, Filter, Sequence Generator,

·          and Update Strategy.

·         V Created and Monitored Informatica sessions.

·         V Checked and tuned the performance of Informatica Mappings.

·         V Involved in Creating Sessions, Workflows Using Workflow Manager

·         V Involved in testing the mappings (UNIT testing).

·         Environment: Windows NT, Informatica Power Center 8.6.1, Oracle 9i, UNIX.

 Project #2:

Title             :        Telecom Services Information Systems

 Client           :        Vertech Telecom Services Inc., Texas

 Role             :       ETL Developer

 Duration             Nov 2009 to Aug 2010.

Description :


The main purpose is to develop high-performance data warehouse infrastructure that integrates data from a variety of source systems and provide client with information. The main process that is performed is Extraction, Transformation and Loading. The reporting tools provide on- demand reports to business users who use the information to study service usage patterns, design more competitive, cost-effective services, and improve customer service.



·         Created  mappings  using  the  transformations  such  as  the  Source

·         V Involved in requirements study and understanding the functionalities   

  V Used heterogeneous data sources like flat files and Oracle.

·         V  fier, Aggregator,  Expression,  Router,  Filter,  Rank,  Sequence Generator, and Update Strategy.

·         V Created and Monitored Informatica sessions.

·         V Checked and tuned the performance of Informatica Mappings.

·          V Identified and created different source definitions to extract data from input    sources and load into relational tables using Informatica

·         Power Center.

·         V Analyzed Mappings and Sessions for better performance.

·         Environment:   Informatica Power Center 7.1, Windows, Flat Files, Oracle8i .

Project # 3

Project Name  :        DWH for Motor Insurance

Role                 :        ETL Developer

Duration           :        June 2008 to Sept 2009

Client                :        Abbey National, UK

Project Description:

Abbey National is UK based Insurance Company, is  one  of the largest insurance providers for Home insurance, Motor insurance,  Travel insurance and Card insurance. This project involves building of   data  ware housing for Motor insurance.


The source data, which includes

·         V Types of policies

·         V Information about policy holder

·         V Policy covered item details

·         V Premium Payment details V Types of claims like fast claim payments, fast repairs claim



·         V Analysing Source System data and Information.

·         V Worked on Informatica - Source Analyzer, Warehouse  Designer,  Mapping

Designer, Mapplet and Transformations.

·         V Involved in the development of Source to Target Mappings.

·         V Developed data Mappings between source systems and warehouse

components using Mapping Designer

·         V Used most of the Transformations such as Source Qualifier, Aggregator,

Lookups, Filters, Sequence generator, Update strategy etc.,